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Title: Minas Ithil
Post by: Cannonshop on 14 March 2020, 15:19:57
Somewhere rimward of the Chainelaine Isles and coreward of the Inner Sphere...

Devaux paused, listening intently.  The footsteps were fading up the avenue, his pursuers had missed the gap between the colony outpost's buildings-somehow.

His uniform was no longer the proud symbol of his Clan, clean and pressed and sharp.  They had landed here on the basis of navigation data taken from one of the worlds conquered in the march toward Holy Terra.  the map data corresponded with data from Kerensky's own records.  A Star League base, this far out? It had to be investigated, it had to be reclaimed.

Resistance, initially, had been nonexistent. 

That was ten days ago, and he and his cluster mates had presumed the lack of resistance was acceptance.

It wasn't.   

"You should not be here."  a croaking voice spoke, and he turned to look, in the moonlight.  "You should be indoors. Mommy told me good people are inside after dark."

child sized, in tattered, filthy clothes, shriveled like a mummy, fingers like claws. 

it moved with unnatural grace, and he already knew-he'd seen it before-that under that mummified skin was something mechanical, something inhuman.  He raised his sidearm, and fired at it.

"Play with us." another one spoke from his side.

"It's not so bad, Devaux."  Kirith's voice was distorted, he'd seen her when the larger ones had torn the cockpit of her Hellbringer open and dragged her screaming from it.  "It only hurts at the start..."
Title: Re: Minas Ithil
Post by: Daryk on 14 March 2020, 16:09:23
Heh... rather more than nanites going on here...  ^-^
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Post by: mikecj on 15 March 2020, 15:00:47
Nice and creepy.  Thanks~!
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Post by: DOC_Agren on 16 March 2020, 19:09:24
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Very Borgish