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Title: The battle for South La Bron Island
Post by: Thorsdad on 29 January 2011, 15:09:56
Swamps, vast tidal plains and impassible pristine rain forests dominate the small bits of land above the of the vast oceans of La Bron in the Lyran Alliance.   The Lyrans looking to rapidly rebuild losses from recent actions arranged a transaction with Diamond Sharks to re-acquire a number of units traded to the Sharks by the Jade Falcons.  Where better to meet than the military proving grounds near the tropical resort on the South Island of La Bron, the Lyrans get to test out the Mech's the Diamond Shark wares and the families and officers get to spend some time in the nearby posh resort.

 Lacking immediate Mech assets and not completely trusting the Diamond Shark motives the Lyran's tapped a group of collaborative forces looking to depart nearby Skye.   In the course of making arrangements the Lyran's apparently attracted unwanted guests with a Blakist force claiming to be our now hired escorts crashed the party.  The Diamond Sharks sent scouts days earlier to monitor developments in the system and from the position of their scouting force coordinated the smashing the party crashers.

The tale of the Misery's Cavaliers assault on the South Island Spaceport.

The 15th WiE Artillery Support Trinary Mech elements fared somewhat better seizing the resort with minimal damage to the facilities.  Resort management states that once the Blakist Mech is removed from the central swimming pool the resort should re-open to reservations within two standard weeks providing planet side transport is available.  All of the 15th's deployed Mechs walked off under their own power but  the majority of their tank assets needed to be loaded upon the salvage vehicles and their capacity to follow up on their initial successes in question and if they were spheroid they would likely rest on their laurels.  But moving the 2nd Freemen forces held in reserve might take too long for their gains of the day to be built upon and the glory for the Exiled Wolves remains to be seized .   

The smoldering hulks of the heavy and assault elements of the 37th WoB Militia litter the beach with some units offering relatively quick and inexpensive means for replacing or building the strength of other units involved in the broader action.   Only the command Orion of the former Marik mercenaries was able to flee the field and then only due to actions of his three, now deceased, command lance mates, the last of which blocked the bridge across the harbor channel in the face of the weight of the pursing Wolves.

The Exiles and the Sharks coordinated to assault the Blakist and mercenary allies drop ships, Delta Star of the 15th, composed of five points of Elementals, landed on top of the Blakist Overlord and through the timely sabotage of the Lyran space port staff over took the Overlord and left the Marik Union without enough power to bring its weapons on line.  The remnants of the Marik force were able to retreat to their Union but with the Diamond Sharks smashing their aerospace forces their immediate course of action is not clear.
Title: Re: The battle for South La Bron Island
Post by: Thorsdad on 05 February 2011, 01:29:48
Tactical map from the action....

Next week the assault on the space port will reach its conclusion...

Elements of the WoB forces move to retake their dropship from WiE Elementals...

Elements of the 2nd Freemen intercept a Blakist force returning from an unknown mission...

WiE forces move on Jamestown proper.