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Can anybody see what the names on the MechWarrior cards are?
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 24: When Will It End?
« Last post by Sharpnel on Today at 14:29:40 »
Off Topic / Re: linux distro
« Last post by Bedwyr on Today at 14:18:47 »
What about Lindows?

"That's a name I haven't heard in a long long time." - Ben Kenobi

Last I heard MS owns that name and the company (Linspire) got bought by Xandros and even Linspire has been abandoned as a name. I think they do Freespire? Either way, I'd steer away from them as I'm unsure of the support vs. Ubuntu.
Off Topic / Re: linux distro
« Last post by Matti on Today at 14:08:45 »
To make it overly simple, if you prefer OS
OS = Operating System ?

If you are used to Windows, Mint's Cinnamon interface is more comfortable.
What about Lindows?
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: "Next Generation" weapons
« Last post by phoenixalpha on Today at 14:08:30 »
I think there should be a time jump. Reset the universe a bit. Reset the rules with a smaller number or mechs/weapons. If you time jump to 3250 for example you can still play pre ilClan, but anything post ilClan uses new tech, simpler rules. You used to be able to play BT easily without a manual the size of a telephone directory.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Who killed Morgan?
« Last post by Mendrugo on Today at 14:06:30 »
Speaking of... i remember a passage during TF Serpent's trip.  There was a sensor operator who thinks he saw an odd EM signature when the Invisible Truth made a jump.  I remember that his internal monologue remarks that in the course of the journey, he'd seen the Truth's jump signature from just about every angle. When was this in relation to Morgan's death?

The Jihad had been proposed very early, but the first draft was just a throwdown between ComStar and the WoB, without the massive upheaval the Jihad eventually became.

The odd EM signature, I believe, was a reference to a close call as the Ghost Bears were migrating their entire population to the Inner Sphere.  The Bears were jumping in just as SERPENT jumped out.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: "Next Generation" weapons
« Last post by Vehrec on Today at 14:06:07 »
No, I was in earnest about it-look at some of the other 'newtech' people are pushing in this thread, like 12 damage medium lasers with 12 heat?  This is a power-creep zone, so let's indulge ourselves and rub the power-creep all over ourselves like some kind of gross instructional video on how to apply suntan lotion.

I mean, if the aliens are breaking your suspension of disbelief, that's too bad, but it's not like they would affect the political underpinnings of the setting-the aliens are all dead.
Off Topic / Re: Armored Fightning Vehicles MK III
« Last post by Matti on Today at 13:55:29 »
Yes a modern tank will always carry some type of HE for dealing with bunkers/hard points, canister for dealing with infantry, and probably both types of anti armor round.
What about flechette?
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Custom miniture work
« Last post by Scraplet on Today at 13:55:06 »
I used neither for the most part.  I designed almost everything in place.  Before starting on this project I spent quite some time analysing various imagery for the Hatchetman mech, and figuring out the scaling, spacing, and over all volumetric needs of the various aspects of the mech (ie arms, legs, chest, etc). I have several pages in my sketchbook devoted to understanding the proportions and alignment of parts, both in detail and in the abstract. From there I was able to block out the general shapes as individual groups, which I could then go into individually and modify.  In sketchup there is an option to change weather or not an item outside of a group is visible while working in a group.  I routinely work with the option to turn all objects outside of the group invisible. This keeps other items from obstructing my view and reduces the need to move parts out of place to work them.

There were times when I needed to pull copies out of place when I was not happy with the particular geometry of a part so I could work on it next to the original, or even a third or fourth copy where I worked out various ideas. In those times I would space things out a certain amount along a specific axis so I could easily move the part back into the original work.
Off Topic / Re: What movies are we watching: B-Movie Blitz
« Last post by (SMD)MadCow on Today at 13:51:28 »
Recently watched:
Thor Ragnarok - very entertaining, lots of fun.
Number 9 - weird, but intriguing as it takes you through the discovery of its post apocalyptic setting.
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