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Fan Art / Re: for a personal project
« Last post by marauder648 on Today at 02:53:05 »
This is darn good! Nice job!
MegaMek games / Re: Mega Mek HQ issue
« Last post by 2ndAcr on Today at 02:42:28 »
 Look in It should be there and you can delete it.

 If you want to find it to buy etc, change your tech settings to unofficial
Actually, those are I think spot on for some LNG tanks.
What do call-sign do you use for your 'Mech based games?

Free is always good!
Lets not forget the free mech bay that comes with it...
Some more 3D prints to add:

This one comes from MyMiniFactory ( and was first brought to my attention by Ronin Actual in the following link:

The next one comes from I think the tanks are a bit too large (I would have preferred smaller), but it still looks okay. I think I will rescale downwards when I get access to a 3D printer again.
Gaming Terrain / Re: Battletech Scale 3D Print Buildings
« Last post by Mister_Bruce on Today at 02:17:36 »

Here's my print of the office building, with a battlemech for size comparison.

Thanks to your friend for putting this together. I've also posted this image on the MyMiniFactory community page.
MegaMek games / Mega Mek HQ issue
« Last post by Drifter on Today at 02:11:12 »
OK so I created a custom mek then deleted it and recreated it in mek lab through mek hq.   And it is telling me I cant use the name I want because its already in the database but I cant find it anywhere to load it so I can correct the modification.  So where is the database that holds the name so I can clean it up
I just saw Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory episode 1 - Happy go lucky days are over, crap just hit fan for the crew. I won't spoil anything but this looks like slow burn of building story.
Just watched the first two chapters.  Damn, this is sure no Fumofu!   I'm loving it so far but I foresee tears before it's all over.   :'(
Aerospace / Re: Design Challange: Society Aerospace
« Last post by marauder648 on Today at 01:05:24 »
Really nice design Maingunnery :)
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