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MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 25: The End of the Beginning
« Last post by Robroy on Today at 04:51:36 »
Aerospace / Argyle class Battleship: A ship without a country
« Last post by Liam's Ghost on Today at 04:36:53 »
Designed purely on a whim. I'm basically blank on fluff text beyond a few vague notions. It's a mass produced vessel, from a state with lots of industry but only modest technology. One that would probably exist in a timeline completely divorced from the canon battletech universe. The design is meant to evoke the Ships of the Line of the age of sail, and if I build a universe around it, I'd probably borrow the old Royal Navy rating system to classify it. Call it a 72 gun ship based on its main battery of naval cannons.

The name comes from a character on the episode of Perry Mason that was playing when I was designing it.

                    AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:  Argyle class Battleship
Tech:              Inner Sphere / 2750
Vessel Type:       WarShip
Rules:             Level 2, Standard design
Rules Set:         AeroTech2

Mass:              1,500,000 tons
K-F Drive System:  (Unknown)
Length:            1,169 meters
Sail Diameter:     1,384 meters
Power Plant:       Standard
Safe Thrust:       3
Maximum Thrust:    5
Armor Type:        Standard
   28 White Shark
   36 NL45
   36 NAC/25
   36 NAC/10
Class/Model/Name:  Argyle class Battleship
Mass:              1,500,000 tons

Equipment:                                                            Mass 
Power Plant, Drive & Control:                                      270,000.00
Thrust:  Safe Thrust: 3
      Maximum Thrust: 5
Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive:  Compact (Integrity = 29)               678,750.00
Jump Sail (Detachable): (Integrity = 6)                                105.00
Structural Integrity: 120                                          180,000.00
Total Heat Sinks:    7,080 Single                                    6,301.00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps:                                                   5,100.00
Bridge, Controls, Radar, Computer & Attitude Thrusters:              3,750.00
Fire Control Computers:                                                   .00
Armor Type:  Standard  (1,512 total armor pts)                       3,599.00
                           Capital Scale Armor Pts
   Location:                            L / R
   Fore:                                232
   Fore-Left/Right:                  262/262
   Aft-Left/Right:                   262/262
   Aft:                                 232

   Bay 1:  Fighters (36) with 6 doors                                5,400.00
   Bay 2:  Small Craft (10) with 2 doors                             2,000.00
   Bay 3:  Cargo (1) with 10 doors                                 104,552.00

DropShip Capacity:  6 Docking Hardpoints                             6,000.00
Grav Decks #1 - 2:  (150-meter diameter)                               200.00
Life Boats:  50 (7 tons each)                                          350.00
Escape Pods:  40 (7 tons each)                                         280.00

Crew and Passengers:
     84 Officers (84 minimum)                                          840.00
    283 Crew (261 minimum)                                           1,981.00
    136 Gunners (136 minimum)                                          952.00
    122 Bay Personnel                                                     .00
Weapons and Equipment      Loc        SRV    MRV    LRV    ERV  Heat    Mass
8 White Shark(80 msls)     Nose        24     24     24     24  120  4,160.00
8 NL45                     Nose        36     36     36     36  560  7,200.00
4 White Shark(40 msls)     FL/R        12     12     12     12  120  4,160.00
4 NL45                     FL/R        18     18     18     18  560  7,200.00
2 NAC/25(200 rounds)       FL/R        70     70     70     --  340 12,240.00
  2 NAC/10(200 rounds)                                          120  8,080.00
2 NAC/25(200 rounds)       FL/R        70     70     70     --  340 12,240.00
  2 NAC/10(200 rounds)                                          120  8,080.00
4 NL45                     L/RBS       18     18     18     18  560  7,200.00
2 NAC/25(200 rounds)       L/RBS       70     70     70     --  340 12,240.00
  2 NAC/10(200 rounds)                                          120  8,080.00
2 NAC/25(200 rounds)       L/RBS       70     70     70     --  340 12,240.00
  2 NAC/10(200 rounds)                                          120  8,080.00
2 NAC/25(200 rounds)       L/RBS       70     70     70     --  340 12,240.00
  2 NAC/10(200 rounds)                                          120  8,080.00
4 White Shark(40 msls)     AL/R        12     12     12     12  120  4,160.00
4 NL45                     AL/R        18     18     18     18  560  7,200.00
2 NAC/25(200 rounds)       AL/R        70     70     70     --  340 12,240.00
  2 NAC/10(200 rounds)                                          120  8,080.00
2 NAC/25(200 rounds)       AL/R        70     70     70     --  340 12,240.00
  2 NAC/10(200 rounds)                                          120  8,080.00
2 NAC/25(200 rounds)       AL/R        70     70     70     --  340 12,240.00
  2 NAC/10(200 rounds)                                          120  8,080.00
4 White Shark(40 msls)     Aft         12     12     12     12   60  2,080.00
4 NL45                     Aft         18     18     18     18  280  3,600.00
2 NAC/25(200 rounds)       Aft         70     70     70     --  170  6,120.00
  2 NAC/10(200 rounds)                                           60  4,040.00
2 NAC/25(200 rounds)       Aft         70     70     70     --  170  6,120.00
  2 NAC/10(200 rounds)                                           60  4,040.00
TOTALS:                                            Heat: 7,080   1,500,000.00
Tons Left:                                                                .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        8,154,458,000 C-Bills
Battle Value:      315,410
Cost per BV:       25,853.52
Weapon Value:      129,774 (Ratio = .41)
Damage Factors:    SRV = 13,805;  MRV = 13,805;  LRV = 10,877;  ERV = 4,212
Maintenance:       Maintenance Point Value (MPV) = 1,020,910
                   (199,445 Structure, 369,125 Life Support, 452,340 Weapons)
                   Support Points (SP) = 575,872  (56% of MPV)
BattleForce2:      Not applicable
Non-Canon Units / Ripple's Rangers
« Last post by drakensis on Today at 03:52:04 »
Ripple's Rangers


Previously Markham's Marauders, a poorly budgeted 'Mech lance taking minor contracts in the Aurigan Reach, this unit appeared to have entered a terminal decline after the loss of their commander as collateral damage during the Espinosa coup that deposed House Arano and established the Aurigan Directorate. Under the rather questionable leadership of Lieutenant Darius Olivera, a series of poorly thought out loans and unsecured contracts left the lance in effective thrall to local banking concerns.

Following one particularly disastrous contract, command was transferred to Qin "Ripple" Shen, a Capellan expatriate and former member of House Arano's Royal Guards, with Olivera retained in a solely administrative role. In and of himself, Shen was only able to stabilise the unit's precarious position until Kamea Arano's surprise reappearance with Canopian support. The self-proclaimed  'Sword of Restoration' was badly in need of troops not beholden to her sponsors or to the other Aurigan Founding Families and bought up the renamed Ranger's debts leaving Shen little choice but to comply with her wishes but also offering him the chance to avenge the presumed death of their mutual mentor, Raju "Mastiff" Montgomery presumed killed in the Espinosa coup.

The partnership worked out surprisingly well: no longer forced to pay crippling installments to service the debts and with generous salvage terms, the Rangers were able to improve their equipment and show the real quality of their mechwarriors. Under Shen's command they spearheaded several key operations against House Espinosa also taking short term missions for Capellan, Canopian and independent contractors during lulls in the fighting. Founding Families siding with Lady Kamea were also pleased to be able to contract anti-piracy work to the Rangers while their own forces were committed against Espinosa and their Taurian allies. During this period they adopted a distinctive blue and green paint scheme, with gold trim.

Ripple's Rangers served right the way through the seven year campaign to overthrow the Directorate, including the final invasion of Coromodir. Shen himself formed part of Kamea Arano's lance in the final confrontation with her treacherous cousin Victoria Espinosa and some credit the mercenary with striking the finishing blow. Following this, Arano and Shen appear to have parted company: the new ruler of the Reach's decision to honour her agreement to cancel the debts and even transfer ownership of the priceless dropship Argo to the Rangers led many to consider the mercenaries too highly placed and after she further presented them with her Lostech Atlas II as a personal reward it was no longer politically tenable for them to remain. In any event the Ranger's expenses weren't affordable in a peacetime regime still recovering from the war.

Since leaving Coromodir, the Rangers took a short term Capellan contract on Herotitus and now appear to be looking for employment by either the Canopians or the Free Worlds League. Time will tell whether they can prosper in the Inner Sphere.

Sample Personnel

Captain Qin "Ripple" Shen
KGC-0000 King Crab Custom
Tightfisted after seeing his family lose everything but the family Blackjack in the Confederation, Ripple tempered his youthful fire under the guidance of Raju "Mastiff" Montgomery. The Blackjack is long gone but improving fortunes moved him up into one of the Ranger's many Orions and finally into his custom King Crab. Precision fire from the two Class 10 autocannon has brought down many a Mechwarrior through the course of the last seven years.

Lieutenant Mirlande "Blue" Kinnunen
BNC-3M Banshee
A relatively recent hire who joined the Rangers during the push on Coromodir, Blue is a Canopian veteran hired on to take command of the unit's third lance. It's not clear yet if his personal style of command or aggressive piloting will gel well with the Ranger's propensity for accurate long range fire.

Mechwarrior Miranda "Behemoth" Aguilera
AS7-D-HT Atlas II
An ex-pirate from the Lyran Commonwealth, Behemoth is a ruthless and brutal fighter on the battlefield, typically acting as Shen's bodyguard. To the surprise of many, the captain assigned her to use the unit's advanced Atlas II, indicating the high value he places on the woman's skills and loyalty.

Mechwarrior Melanie "Ringo" Speulveda
HGN-733 Highlander
Hailing from the Tortuga cluster, Ringo had an abortive career as a ComStar Acolyte before entering the mercenary trade. Despite a hardscrabble origin and presumably sophisticated education she remains wide-eyed at much of what the Rangers encounter.

Chief Technician Yang Virtanen
A wounded veteran of the CCAF, Yang left them behind (along with his right arm) after a  debacle involving the Ceti Hussars. Despite a cynicism when it comes to Capellan nobles (which sometimes causes friction with Lieutenant Kowalski of the Recon lance) he gets on well with Ripple who is more than happy to provide supplies and equipment to fine-tune the unit's 'Mechs.

Full Roster

Command Lance
Captain Qin "Ripple" Shen (King Crab)
Mechwarrior Miranda "Behemoth" Aguilera (Atlas II)
Mechwarrior Jessica "Glitch" Chernovskaya (Stalker)
Mechwarrior Edmund "Noble" Ly (Awesome)

Striker Lance
Lieutenant Mirlande "Blue" Kinnunen (Banshee)
Mechwarrior Malinda "Garuda" Reid (Highlander)
Mechwarrior Chloe "Igor" Koren (Highlander)
Mechwarrior Melanie "Ringo" Sepulveda (Highlander)

Recon Lance
Lieutenant Amir "Dekker" Kowalski (Orion)
Mechwarrior Mohammed "Medusa" Benitez (Orion)
Mechwarrior Shahd "Osprey" Bozinov (Orion)
Mechwarrior Hallie "Tapper" Andreassen (Orion)

Command Staff
Lieutenant Darius Olivera
Chief Techican Yang Virtanen
Chief Engineer Farah Murad
Chief Pilot Sumire Meyer

Mechwarrior Apprentice Mollie "Spaniel" Bates (Orion)
Mechwarrior Apprentice Maryia "Bronco" McKee (Orion)

Notable 'Mechs
While the Rangers field two assault lances, their workhorses are six Orions, customised for their needs. Three "Desert" Orions were modified for desert environments, trading their standard armament for AC/5, three LRM-5s and two medium lasers in order to mount extra armour and heatsinks. In addition two were modified to mount an AC/5 and a pair of large lasers for sniping, the so called "Marauder" Orions. The final unit, the so called "Cannon" Marauder upgrades to a AC/20 at the expense of missile armament. This can come as a great surprise to mechwarriors who assume all Ranger Orions use lighter autocannon.
Alpha Strike / Re: Skill Ratings & Point Value - Feedback Wanted
« Last post by Elmoth on Today at 02:20:22 »
Maybe we can go for really quick and dirty and make each skill increase cost 0.1 of point value, round up or down normally. So a 26 PV unit will pay 3 points for each increase and a 54 PV unit will pay 5 points.
 I don't do a bunch of weapons upgrades, but I will customize a dropship to tailor it to what I need. I have a Union set up to carry a Clan Binary Nova, 10 Mechs and 50 Elementals. I even designed a Overlord to carry a Aero squadron, 30 Omni Mechs and 150 Elementals.

 Lion that hauls a Mech Company, 2 light Vehicle Companies and 2 Infantry Companies, yep did it. Perfect raiding Dropship.
Challenges and Gatherings / Re: BattleTech Long Island II
« Last post by eilidhdawn on Today at 02:01:48 »
Here at Drink Spirits we get a dizzying array of new products. Once in a while we get something that doesn't really fit into any category.This is the case with Solbeso, a new spirit that's made from cacao fruit. It would be a complete misnomer to say that because Solbeso is made from cacao fruit that it is a chocolate spirit. Solbeso isn't actually made from the bean part of the cacao plant (which is used to make chocolate) but rather from the fruit that surrounds the bean in the cacao pod. The fruit in the cacao pod is extremely perishable and only has a shelf life of about eight hours after a cacao pod is opened, so it is not a product that is often seen outside the cacao harvesting regions. Seeing the opportunity for a unique product, Solbeso works with cacao farmers to process this cacao fruit on site where it's both juiced and set out in the sun to dry. Solbeso gets its name from this sun drying process, as it's the fusion of the two Spanish words "Sol" which means sun, and "Beso" which means kiss. Solbeso is distilled locally near the cacao farms in specially designed hybrid column-style and cognac-style copper alembic stills.
Solbeso (80 proof, 40%ABV, 45 Ryu) is crystal clear in color and bottled in a stunning gold-kissed bottle. From the first nosing, it's clear that Solbeso has absolutely no chocolate aromas; instead the nose is much close to pisco, with a light, fruity, and floral quality. There's a little bit of funk and a steminess to the nose, which has a slight edge to it, the way that some single distilled spirits do (although there is no information on how many times this has been distilled). The entry for Solbeso is a lot lighter and less edgy than the nose would suggest. The initial flavors are light, tart berry and roasted sweet citrus, with the light floral qualities from the nose and a subtle earthy tone. In the midpalate we get a lot more of the steminess that was an undercurrent in the nose. We also get a touch of pepper and a dash of heat. The finish is fairly long and is a nice combination of the light berry note, slight steminess, slight spice, and a bit of earthiness. The mouthfeel of Solbeso is really pleasant, starting very soft and slightly lush, and then slowly drying out to the finish.
Solbeso may be enjoyed neat or over ice.
Ladies as Valentine's Day approaches please note the Chocolate Council has declared Solbeso an appropriate choice for both honmei choco and giri choco.

Non-Canon Units / Re: Irian Armored Fists
« Last post by Elmoth on Today at 01:59:55 »
She does not fall. Often.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Bloodnamed Freeborns
« Last post by MoneyLovinOgre4Hire on Today at 01:58:29 »
The Foxes are the only Clan that concerns itself with collecting wealth.  The other Clans operate under a planned economy (except for the Ghost Bears, who've given their merchant caste freer rein following the absorption of the FRR).  Heck, prior to invading the Inner Sphere, the Clans didn't even have an actual currency.
Aerospace Combat / Re: New Block Warships ?
« Last post by glitterboy2098 on Today at 01:57:40 »
i don't know.. the fact that slapping warship armor materials onto a mech results in damage reduction from attacks that hit suggests that there is more going on with warship armor than just pure ablation..
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 25: The End of the Beginning
« Last post by Elmoth on Today at 01:53:33 »
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