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The Inner Sphere / Re: Orion or Zues
« Last post by Getz on Today at 06:41:50 »
Funnily enough, I was using a Zeus 9S in a game on Wednesday evening.  That was also killed by a PPC to the face (admittedly it had already been tagged on the head by a cluster of LRMs).

It was an odd game, all four of my mechs took at least one hit to the head and I lost both the Zeus and an Axman to headshots - despite neither of us packing any headchoppers.
Despite being Age of War era technology, Warship Transit Drives and Compact KF cores were both lostech by 3025. Comstar had actively suppressed both technologies (Operation HOLY SHROUD et all) to prevent the Successor states from retaining either. Furthermore, no successor state had a capacity to build such (The only yards left that could build a Warship were in the Terra system) or even yards to handle Warships. It was stated in several sources that the only reason that the Successor States were able to start Warship programs in the 3050s was because Comstar gave them the technology to do such.

Just because technology is Age of War era doesn't mean that it can't be LosTech. The Compact KF drive and transit drive were the product of a very different era of technological development and economics to the Succession Wars.

The surviving warships of the Succession Wars era (Such as the aforementioned Samarkand) were inoperable veterans who's transit drives and/or KF drives were nonfunctional with the Successor States having no capability to repair them.
Fan Fiction / Re: Davion & Davion (Deceased)
« Last post by SCC on Today at 05:36:47 »
It's a pretty consistent 8:30 pm local for for me, and as it's past 7:30 now, that means only an hour to go and about one and a half when you posted. Due to the need to get to bed before work I miss the update until the following day if it a work night, but when I read it then depends upon how much sleep my body decides it needs, if it thinks 0400 is a good time to wake up I've got over an hour before I need to leave, so I read it then. If on the other hand I get 8 hours of sleep that means I don't see it until 1430 and if the following day is non-work, that means I've got a chance to read two updates on the same day.
FM:3145 only lists notable mercenary units; its possible that many of those listed still exist but weren't mentioned for whatever reason. For example, the 21st Centauri Lancers were active as late as 3139.
MegaMek games / Re: Deadborder's MegaMek camo collection
« Last post by Deadborder on Today at 05:22:47 »
The OAM is missing camo schemes most of its units. Half of that comes because the odds are they don't have any because the OAM are poor and can't afford to have colour schemes. The other half comes from their odd pacifisim and the idea that a military is something you sort of kind need, maybe. Kind of like their approach to government, really.

Note that this only covers the Outworlds Alliance. The Snow Ravens were covered separately in the Clan section.

To use these, place them in your /data/images/camo folder.

Units missing colour schemes:

  • 1st Alliance BattleMech Regiment
  • Alliance Borderers
  • Alliance Grenadiers
  • Avellar Guard
  • Baliggora Fusiliers
  • Blommestein Demons
  • Cerberus Watch
  • 1st Long Road Legion
  • 2nd Long Road Legion
  • Onverwacht Guards
  • Pitkin Lancers
  • Ramora Regulars
  • Santiago Carabiners
  • Trader Sentinels

Fan Fiction / Re: Davion & Davion (Deceased)
« Last post by Sharpnel on Today at 05:06:23 »
very correct, the best thing in the morning is an update on this topic
It is a mere two hours or so away.
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 24: When Will It End?
« Last post by Sharpnel on Today at 05:04:59 »
That really is a for who question.

TRO3057 ships were to a degree, min maxed for Battlespace when conventional weapons really were king.

NAC30s. ERLLs or ERPPCs. 3/5 or 4/6. No small craft. Only ASF. Hodge podge of weapons chosen for flavour over effectiveness.

If I was designing for effectiveness in the time period? Fox is a good place to start. A Tatsumaki is probably of that time period too.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Orion or Zues
« Last post by mrbooth on Today at 04:51:49 »
So after taking the advice on the Zues I went with that for my first game out. It was working very well with the lance right up until it a PPC  in its face ended this particular debate. We did salvage the machine but now need a new pilot and some spare cash for fix it.

Novel and Sourcebook Reviews / Re: Fiction influences on BattleTech
« Last post by Kidd on Today at 04:35:19 »
Reread parts of Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers. Besides giving us the general battle-armour design, drop coccoons and the drop-ship, I realised it might be the origin of another, somewhat annoying BT trope...

Rasczak's Roughnecks
Jelly's Jaguars
Blackie's Blackguards
Willie's Wildcats
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