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I'm still laughing at the mental Gibbs smack.
Aerospace / Re: Raven Alliance - Cimmerian Assault OmniFighter
« Last post by Starfox1701 on Today at 03:45:16 »
Looks like the Ravens are adopting a USAF procurement strategy. Got a half dozen designs that need replaced, we can do it with one fighter design. Lol
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Green Ghosts
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 03:21:36 »
Waives hands,  whispers mumbo jumbo under breath.......   Arise my thread & be born again anew !!!

Ok, yeah, all jokes aside, I was looking up info given the new world event & found this.

Has anything new come to light about the Green Ghosts in the last 5 years now, especially with the new event going on this summer?

Who are they, where did they come from, why do they do what they do??
Non-Canon Units / Re: Help needed with merc company
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 03:00:55 »
I have all the models except the Unseen ones (PXH, WVR, WHM, MAD) so it won't be hard to fill the gaps. I may wait for the new box sets, then pick up a couple fan sculpts for the WHM and MAD that I really like. In the end, I am pretty happy with it because I get to field most of my favorite Inner Sphere mechs, and they all have designs in later tech eras that can be used which is nice. Might save the Vindicator and my spare Cataphract model for a Liao-based lance later!

I was actually going to comment on something with your make up that touches on this.
I know its a Merc unit but most of them have a history, where as, your mech selection seems to come down to "pick the best variant/chassis for the size".
Which I feel is fine for a pick up game but doesn't really fit the fluff unless your fluff is,  we are 12 random guys from all across the IS.
Assuming you have access to the basic boxed set minis, here are some suggestions I have for alternates that is more single faction feel.

Striker Lance alternatives for less minis to buy & more generic feel.
Jenner-7D,  its the base model, the F is supposed to be a rare prototype
Spider-5V,   Jump Jets & more speed is never bad
Assassin-21,  More Jumpjets,  some token LRMs,  and also in basic set
Vulcan-2T,  Snipe with the AC & the LRMs on the Assassin as the lance moves in for back stabs,  also the Flamer/MG are great for infantry

HQ (Fire) Lance Options  (Keeping the CO out of melee w/ plenty of LRMs)
- HGN-733
- ON1-K
- CN9-A

Battle Lance Alternatives

These options allow you to keep some of the more faction mech choices for if you want specific house lances.

Commando, Panther, Hermes-II, Vindicator, Enforcer, Zeus, etc etc are all very faction limited and make great choices for a faction heavy unit.
Fan Articles / Re: Mech of the Week HD-2F Hound
« Last post by VhenRa on Today at 02:50:33 »
This is the upgrade. It was originally designed with a ppc and ac10. I then looked at what could be easily upgraded from this leftover from Davion traders. Options were the lbx with a snubby and, rac5 with twin lppc were the options I came up with. Obviously we swapped them around and dropped the original.

PPC and AC10? I would have thought LL and AC10 myself.
Art style really comes down to taste, it's a endless discussion because there is no right answer. Just happy that we have enough mechs to please nearly everyone.

I really am a fan of the Classics like the new Battlemster and Griffin (hopping for a new Wammy though I got a nice proxy to hold me over) but I'm also looking forward to what comes next. The Lament looks amazing and the Jade Hawk with infernos is great nightmare fuel for friends and enemies alike.

Off Topic / Re: Gun Geekery VI: The grandson of Gun Geekery
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 02:37:26 »
When I was in the Army, as a novice I regularly hit man-sized targets at 300m with iron sights. 

Ditto, that is why I was asking how often its used further.

I've never had occasion to use mine any further than the 300 targets at the range.

My local range only goes to 200.

But I had hears that it lost a lot of effectiveness out at those ranges in both accuracy & power.

Good to know its got plenty of accuracy.
Off Topic / Re: Aviation Pictures Part Trois
« Last post by ANS Kamas P81 on Today at 02:34:42 »
Some neat concept work on 'what the X-32 might have morphed into' from

I rather like the less delta-winged look and the forward angled intake.  It also seems slimmer in the body, not quite got the hump of the X-32.
As long as they're not MWO models or even too much much MWO-like. While animation gives them some life, as in HBS BattleTech, they still don't feel right to me, being too stiff, too much like walking tanks, not BattleTech at all.

BattleTech's roots are in Robotech and other such anime, as such humanoid robots are very much part of BT's identity, and that humanoid-part does include certain degree of freedom of movement walking tank depictions don't have.

I would disagree, Battletech started the whole 'walking tank' idea.  It's a North American take on Japanese mecha.  To me Battletech was always more about walking tanks then acrobatic cartwheel robotech/japanesetech.

Just an opinion, we all have our own headcanon of course.  But what has always made battletech stand out to me is that it isn't japanese mecha by virtue of its machines being slower, and more attrition based warfare style then flashy sword swinging.
Fan Art / Re: Birth of a Battlemech - Lego meets Battletech
« Last post by dolgfer on Today at 02:08:07 »
Greetings MechWarrior's. A new Battlemech is ready Piranha
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