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The Griffin has an AS card in the Game of Armored Combat box. You're welcome.  :)
Alpha Strike / Re: Variable Damage discussion
« Last post by Papabees on Today at 23:07:17 »
I suppose we can walk around it all day, I just wanted to throw it out there because, again it's optional so if one doesn't like it they don't have to use it, and there ar e a number of players who like it.

I appreciate that a number of other players feel different and respect that. We all have differing tastes.
Alpha Strike / Re: Variable Damage discussion
« Last post by Papabees on Today at 23:05:11 »
At most, This could be handy as an alternate variable damage, in my opinion.  Just yesterday we played a game that saw four company level units, plus aerospace and support ground vehicles in play (1,520 PV total on the board).  We use variable damage (along with a glancing blows house variant).  Rolling a single to-hit isn't a terribly big deal, and then picking up a few D6's to roll damage doesn't slow stuff down too much, and certainly adds interest.  However I do not think we could have completed our game if I had to roll on average 4 attacks per unit (With a range of 1 to 9).  That comes out to around 200 2D6 rolls per combat phase.

It would be a neat option to use in lance on lance engagements, sure.  But I just don't see it scaling well.

I'd argue that rolling 50 rolls of 2d6 to hit and then picking up additional d6s for the current variable damage takes more time as you are rolling twice to determine damage rather than once rather than once. I think in the scenario presented you'd cut your dice time by at least a third.
Does the Griffin card from the MUL not work?

You got a printer for me to print it with? I certainly don't.
You sure about that?  Because IIRC it does occur and results in among other things the clocks on satellites becoming desynchronized from clocks on the ground if they're not regularly reset.
I just looked it up, the GPS satellites run a little faster than on the ground.... a whole whopping 1.7 seconds per century
For clan related product id salt drop from my saltship in my saltarmor ;)
 But seriously im glad its still has a chance and am thankful for a honest answer other than "go salt yourself"

And with be with A Salt Mech?

PUNS...I've got them too!
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Long standing House Units
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 22:58:42 »
Pretty sure 3 or 4 of the Warrior Houses got wiped in the Jihad, and if the book Aris Sung is introduced in is accurate Romano was the one that restored a few in the 3040s that had been wiped out earlier.
Does the Griffin card from the MUL not work?
re the "wormhole into the future... sorry it doesn't work that way
because people completely misunderstood what Einstein said.  yes there is some time distortion at c fractional speeds but the common misconception is that if you were to travel away from earth at 99 of the speed of light and then at some point you turned around and came back to earth everyone on the ship would have only aged months and decades or centuries passed on earth instead.
sorry that is not correct.  What actually would happen is that if you were pointing a telescope at earth your observational frame would make it appear that little to no time is passing on earth, while the ships clocks move at whatever rate they would move.  then when you turned around and headed back to earth suddenly time on earth would seem to rocket forward but the reality is that time on earth and on the ship were passing at close to the same rate (subject to any actual time distortion due to relative velocities.)

Consulting "Relativity" by A.P. French (which was the Relativity text when I was a physics major). If I took a 99% lightspeed trip for about a hour so and left in the morning.  By the time I got back to earth. It would be evening.  If you have access to it, reference pages 97 and 154.
OK, i brought this up again at the development meeting, unfortunately I don't have anything concrete to tell you.
They will be coming out, there isn't anything really keeping them from being released, other than they're exploring new ways to release the fiction, and so these are being held back until some of that solidifies (as opposed to just being released electronically). I was almost given a date, but tongues were bitten at the last minute. I'm sorry, but they are going to be released.
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