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Ah, from the distance it looked like the 3D printed bridge I had seen.  Unfortunately I cannot find the topic with the picture of that bridge.  The guy who did it shared the file with my agent.  Those turrets do look very nice.

The guy actually scaled the bridges to 1.75in hexes for me and printed them. His original file was on thingaverse at one time.
I have played games with my son and three other players and finished in four hours. You have to tailor the game to the time you have. Again, I fail to see how this is the fault of the game.

You seen to be missing the whole point of this conversation.
Whether you who are already a player of this game find it long or the right amount of time is not relevant to the discussion.
If the game can't find an audience in the current gaming industry outside the veteran players it all ready has then it is on the slow path to oblivion.
You can not keep a game going if you don't draw in new players on a regular basis, that's just a fact of life.
For the last so many odd years Battletech has survived on the backs and wallets of the veteran players with vary small influxes of new players, but as this player base starts to vanish due to, lack of time, loss of interested, other games, or just not being around anymore the game will start to fail. If CGL can't make enough money to continue providing support for the game, then they will either severely curtail their support or stop supporting it all together. And I would not fault them for this as they are a company here to make money.

I would have to say contrary to a lot of veteran players belief that Alpha Strike has single handily saved Battletech up until this point. From what I have observed, it has been the main product that has been bringing new players into this game. So, hated it as much as you like, but it IMHO is the product that has keep alive the universe to this point.

If I look at the players I have introduced to Battletech over the last 10 years, and the different products I have used, RPG 2nd and 4th ed, Classic game, Alpha strike. And looked at how many are still playing the numbers say it all. (Numbers only include players still playing the game they learned on.)

RPG 2nd: 12 players with 5 still playing.
RPG 4th: 20 players with 2 still playing in my 2nd ed games.
Classic: 34 players with 1 still playing.
Alpha strike: 15 players with 12 still playing not including classic players that switched to Alpha strike.

Now this is in my experience and mileage my very, but the fact that most of CGL's products are supporting Alpha strike tends to bear out these numbers.
Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Alpha strike is the better then Classic, I like them both. Both have their flaws and perks.
Classic Battletech
1. Give you the feeling of being in the cockpit in the thick of the battle.You get the feeling of being the mech warrior and how observing the battlefield can change the engagement.
2. Makes every mech important to the outcome. Since you are limited in material the loss of one mech can be important.
3. Makes the choose of equipment important. You could be winning the fight and your AC/10 or LRM 20 runs out of ammunition effectually turning the tables in the fight.
1. The game is in no way strategic or tactical in a military operation sense, Classic for the most part a slug match. While there are some tactics involved with light to low medium weight mech, anything over that become a shoot it till it drops game.
2. Is limited in scope to only a few mechs (4 mech lance) in its effective play. Classic Battletech is a battlefield movie type game. You are a in the military strategic/tactical operation sense unimportant squad gunfight. The game makes it so the sides are even something that will rarely if ever happen on a real battlefield.
3. The game makes winning/surviving the only option for victory in the standard game. While we all like to win, on the battlefield this is not always the only option. In an example from in-universe, during the battle of Tukayyid one of ComStars main tactics was a Mech wall defense designed to bleed the Clans dry. So, in a Classic Battletech game this would mean the ComStar side would lose in most of the battles, but would cause as much damage and ammo usage as they could. So in the end, even though the ComStars units would lose the engagement, they would severely reduce the Clans ability to win the overall battle. While you could set-up scenario rules that simulate this, In the long run you don't get to see the results outside of you won because you achieved the arbitrary scenario objectives.
4. While you can play King of the Hill or Capture the Flag games. The Battlemech is at its core a military battlefield unit, and this type of game is not using the mech for what it was designed to do.
5. Its slow. That's it its just slow. The game takes to long for most pick up-games which tend to be the common type of games these days. With Alpha strike provides a more grandiose game for the same amount of time and the ability to due shorter pick-up games if the time is not there.

Alpha strike
1. This game allows you to play with what would be the true operation levels of units used in the Battletech universe in a reasonable amount of time. At this level you get to see the strategic and tactical level of play.
2. Alpha strike provides the feeling that every move you make can make or brake the whole operation. You get to see the results of ComStars plan, as the Clans slowly work their way thru you units, but don't have the firepower at the end to take the city.
3. You see how sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice some units on the alter of victory. An example being, sometime in battle just holding an enemy in one place for a time can be the key to a successful campaign. You don't have to win. Times like this are where this game is superior.
4. you can truly see the effectiveness of combined arms tactics that are sorely missing from Classic Battletech.
5. Due to its fast play a large company on company game can be done in a few hours, and larger battalion/regiment games can be handled in the time it takes to play a company size game in Classic Batteltech.
1. You lose the feeling of each individual mech and its own perks and flaws.
2. The units become pawns on a chess board to move around to achieve you objective, and not the lives of brave mechwarriors.
3. The feeling of being in the cockpit in the thick of the battle is lost as you become the armchair general strategic and tactical of the overall battle.

While I'm not saying Classic Battletech is a bad game and Alpha strike is better. I am saying that IMHO we need an in-between game that has some of the speed of Alpha strike and the in the cockpit feel of Classic Battletech. A game that if I have 2 hours to play I can reliably pull it out, And play it with some of my friends and not lose the purpose and feeling of the mechs we are playing. At least here in my city, when you go to a game-store, You will find few people willing to play one game for four hours. And I'm not taking about play magic or x-wing all day. I'm talking about playing one fight that last 4 hours.

That said, this is all MHO so play how you like.
Ok, guys, elaborating.

Tagging a thread so that it shows up in your new replies is not kosher. I fully understand how convenient that feature is, but tagging clutters the thread with garbage and is an unacceptable workaround to following a thread. Yes, Notify subscribes you to a thread and sends an email. Yes, I understand that this is not a great solution for you all. However, it is the only solution and you're going to have to put up with it by either notifying, actively participating (unless I've barred you from doing so), or simply being diligent about reading the thread. I'm sorry if that isn't an optimal experience, but there's nothing to be done about it.

Please don't post anything more on tagging, alright?
for those of us who just use Notify, all the pointless 'tagging' posts just annoy as well..

What does catalyst defaulted mean exactly?
as i understand it, it means that by not having responded to the summons, CGL basically has been locked out of the proceedings. if HG wins the ruling goes against CGL automatically. if PGI wins CGL (in theory) has the abiltiy to petition to have their default lifted and the case against CGL dismissed.
Fan Articles / Re: MOTW - RD-1R Roadrunner (Emerald Harrier)
« Last post by marauder648 on Today at 12:29:21 »
I really like this style of write up where its an in character one, and I love what you did here :) The Road Runner's a cute little thing, a great harasser but god help it if you get hit.
Fan Financing 2.0 / Re: Bonus Fan Funding - Swordsman SWD-1
« Last post by Spaceman on Today at 12:25:20 »
I'm in for $25.
What exactly would you want on it?  It can't under any circumstances afford to close with enemies, so a one ton weapon with a range of 15 is really the perfect fit for it.
I added one final detail, thanks to a suggestion on the Ogre Facebook group.

"Lazarus," indeed.
Why does this or anything else that follows in your text cause you to restart the entire campaign, especially if you got 4 new mechs in the process? I'm not following.

I was describing the second campaign.  It was cathartic to actually be successful, even if barely so, on this particular mission.  I tried and retried 4 or 5 times in the first campaign and just got utterly roflstomped by the AI.  I stumbled across the mission in the first campaign fairly early (IIRC it was my 3rd post-storyline mission).  Early enough that I worried this was the level of difficulty I'd see all the time.

In restarting, I didn't get Search Denial offered for a good long while (I'm guessing it may either be rare, or you have to be inside the Fed Suns to see it offered) and have a much better idea of what's "normal" for opposition.  Search Denial isn't "normal"... it offers what still appears to be unparalleled rewards for what's still been in my experience unparalleled difficulty.  (I've never seen 7/28 salvage possible on any other mission)  It's "only" two lances but the pilots are all elite and in my first campaign's case there was no opportunity to engage the opposition piecemeal.. in the second case I had opposition on me straight from deployment but at least I only had one lance on me for 3 or 4 turns.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Need Help - Broken LAM miniature
« Last post by ColBosch on Today at 12:03:30 »
Now... anyone else have good close up pics of the first run PH-LAM to help me determine best way to file these two halves back together?

I'll check my photo archives, but I sold mine some time ago. The only one I kept (indeed, my only Unseen at all) is my Crescent Hawks Inception version. ;)

Remove the damaged parts, file them flat, hopefully it's just the joints.   Drill holes for pinning, pin the parts and then use green stuff or some other putty to go over the pinning and sculpt as jointing.

Solid advice. Like a wise man once said, "it's only new once." If you try for a perfect repair, you'll just frustrate yourself. Start filing, drill for pins, and test-fit until it looks right to your eyes. Then glue and fill the gaps.
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