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MegaMek games / Re: MekHQ: Weird Zombie Pilot Problem
« Last post by Kailan Eidyia on Today at 07:04:55 »
Did that unit have a previous pilot that was killed? We had a bug where some of the crew status was not being cleared as the end of a mission. It's been fixed now and I think the fix is in the lastest release, but that may not clear out the old status. Try removing the unit and GM-adding a replacement.

Actually, yes, the mech was salvaged and cobbled together out of like 5 different Griffins after a battle. It actually still was listed as "crippled" even after I completed all the repairs on it, until I put a new pilot into it and it corrected itself.

It looks like a save and restart fixed the issue for me, but this is a fresh campaign with 43.10RC4 that wasn't imported from an earlier version, so I might just upload the save and customs to the github if you think it would be helpful. Thanks a lot for your quick response and all your help!
And you can change it by editing a single text number. Change it from 0 to however many local contracts you would like available.
Fan Fiction / Re: Project LEGION: From the Shadows
« Last post by Kasaga on Today at 06:28:46 »
So think about this. Simon died and Richard was sketchy. So the Duchess’ Hegemony faction kept his codes in play Incase anything happened until the First Lord reached his majority.
Going to luck awesome when there finished! :thumbsup:
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Nation of Hastur - Hasuta
« Last post by avon1985 on Today at 06:27:31 »
Sweet! :thumbsup:
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Clan Burrock Night Gyr D
« Last post by avon1985 on Today at 06:27:10 »
Sweet! :thumbsup:
Beautifully done! :thumbsup:
Off Topic / Re: Han Solo: A Spoilerrific Star Wars Review
« Last post by Triptych on Today at 06:05:38 »
I seem to have enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than Triptych.

Though it's no Rogue One, it's a hell of a lot better than The Force Awakens, and more fun than The Last Jedi.

And I love that they had Sam Witwer voice Maul.  :thumbsup:
Why didnt they use the original actor for Darth Maul again?
Those are beautiful. Thank you for sharing
That's a fantastic restoration and paint job. 
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