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Off Topic / Re: What movies are we watching: B-Movie Blitz
« Last post by Banzai on Today at 16:31:25 »
Ninja, 2009.   Scott Adkins as a different American Ninja that in American Ninja, even though his is British, and for no story reason.  Oh well.  It is a straight faced yet goofy throwback to the Golden Age of 80's Ninja Movies.   Starts out in a Ninja school that seems greatly lacking in ninja training.  Actually the first half of the film is greatly lacking in ninjaing, even though the villain, or at least one of them is a ninja who hates our main characters who are also ninja.  There is also a weird substory about a oil company with a killer's club/cult (they have both a brand as well as easily identifiable uniforms, which is nice) who hires the ninja to do something he was going to do anyway, but it wouldn't be a throwback without a conviluted subplot. The bosses for the firm (Temple Corporation) also wear cult robes over their suits.   It is as if the Illuminati bought a lot of stock in Shell Oil and took over, then brought their own cult of Red Shirts that they realized were crappy at their jobs, so they subcontracted a ninja consultant.  As I said, the first half lacks in ninjaness, but the fight scenes when Adkins takes on the mooks in their own club house take off, and it holds up from there. 

On a scale of 1 to 5 ninja throwing stars, i give it a solid 2.5, maybe 3 if I am really forgiving.   It came with the squeal which is supposed to be better, but the name, Ninja: Shadow of a Tear sounds more like a good Nightwish album title. 
Amphibious vehicles float on the water's surface.

Sealed vehicles are the ones that can drive along the bottom.
do you still play the first one any? it seems like with the launch of the 2nd one NY is pretty much empty. which is annoying if you are like me and finally have time and level to do some of the multiplayer stuff.

I just never did really enjoy the first one- I think part of it is that my interest in New York is limited to 'did Boston beat them in hockey last night?', and otherwise it can sink into the ocean for all I care. ;)

Nah, I mean I gave it a try early on and it just didn't do much for me. It's much better this time around- I'll admit the change in scenery to a city I know well was no small draw, but it does feel like across the board it's a better experience- the AI's improvements are noticeable in particular, and that there's actual sunlight and not constant gloom and grayness helps to break up night/day/weather.
hello there,

Any specific reasons why the Ravens are not expanding outwards? there are a lot of planets in the Wastes that could do well and contribute to the collective with some Outworlds re-colonialism. This has puzled me for a while.
Who says they haven't?  The Ravens are known for subterfuge.  They may have five galaxies, a naval star of Leviathans, and millions of citizens waiting in secret.
The consensus on the forums is that the IlClan is going to go on a rip roaring rampage of revenge through the Great Houses.

Failure to bend the knee will paint a target on you. Clans have long memories and neither the Alliance or Dominion is as strong as a Great House. Just saying...
MechWarrior Hall / Re: CBT Rock Opera: The B Side.
« Last post by Banzai on Today at 16:14:25 »
Oh I want you, Oh I want you... like a kangaroo.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Howitzers and balance
« Last post by Suralin on Today at 16:05:08 »
Maybe i was overthinking this.You know how the tank guns get downgraded to BT equivalents against BAR 6 and above? Let's just have the howitzers act like Mortar 1's below 120mm, and Mortar 2's above that, and call it a day.
^ Make exceptional khan, Mr. T would...^
~ Yoda

Off Topic / Re: Star Trek Discovery
« Last post by Dragon Cat on Today at 16:00:03 »
Eating pizza and enjoying each new episode every friday.

A captivating story is going on, with some interesting twists and character developments. It's not just "reset like previous episode didn't happen".

Yeah I like the arc storylines

Who knew Saru could sing
Amerika ~ Rammstein

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