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General BattleTech Discussion / Re: 3145 Era unit discussion
« Last post by Sartris on Today at 09:15:51 »
you're arguing for a paradigm that no longer exists, sorry. from all indications your experience is not typical - the new product line bears that out.
BattleMechs / Re: Operation Ninja
« Last post by Gigastrike on Today at 09:15:09 »
Gotta love the TAG coming out of its eye.  Just so that the enemy knows when it's in the Ninja Atlas's sights.
*snip* we don't need new art because reasons

we're getting new art. people like it. this has officially moved to dead horse territory. the only reason something doesn't get redesigned is because it's not relevant enough.

The problem isn't aesthetics.

[sitcom laugh track]

I'd have to agree. Chasing the new and shiny is a bad thing.

y'all are allergic to CGL making money. there's a reason they shut down the line for a year. the business plan they were using was failing. or was i the only one noticing how small the print runs were getting? the current secondary market prices do not indicate anything cgl printed is widely available. 

the new normal is a stable box that can be reprinted quickly to meet demand and a line of products that chain directly off that box. we have to stop living under the delusion that cgl can water all the pots to keep the garden growing on all fronts. something has to get cut back and downsizing to a sensible core with a fresh look was the first sensible step.
Gaming Terrain / Leveling Up My Terrain
« Last post by Kibutsu on Today at 09:07:11 »
I have been busily building and improving cityscape terrain for some large battles recently, and have been admittedly inspired by Urban Warfare. Time to take things to the next level, literally and figuratively.

I started out with some pink foam I brought home from work. Aside from the actual buildings, which are from Hardware Studios, everything used for this project was cheap or free.

Foam cut and glued with construction adhesive.
Trimmed to fit elevated roads from Gamecraft

Cheap sheet plastic cut for the side walls

Notched for road ramp
Corners cut from the same plastic
Grey paint applied to hide any seems that might show through
Test fitting the base elements. The bases for the buildings are cheap vinyl floor tiles cut to size with a printed sidewalk glued down with spray adhesive. This gives the sidewalk areas a bit of relief and strengthens the whole piece. All the elements would be glued to the foam using Loctite spray adhesive.
Details! The sides were stippled with a few different colors to resemble concrete. Graffiti done using paint pens. Tunnel portals detailed using thicker sheet plastic.
Z scale street lights painted a metallic color from a rattlecan. The bag around the foam block is to keep the paint from melting the foam
Lighting tested and installed
All the elements together
I set up a small city diorama on my coffee table to take some "action" shots

BattleMechs / Re: Iron Chef Challenge: Compact Heat Sinks
« Last post by Luxan on Today at 08:50:14 »
On another note: Aren't Compact Heat Sinks just terrible?!

The idea of them is fine, but the implementation is just really bad. The cases where they provide an advantage are really far out on the edge and even then, the advantage they provide is really small (basically just saving a few critical slots). I feel like if they were still only 1 ton each, but were explosive (like 5 points per heat sink and 10 for a double slot) they would see more use.
Same here, hopefully I’ll have it in my greasy paws soon!
I think the key will be how much are we actually funding; not the art/CAD work, based on Anthony Scroggins Patreon (proud patron here, woo!) that is mostly in the can.  If we’re funding the production of molds+distribution, then it may not take that long or it may have a lower funding goal.
Ground Combat / Re: How do you drive a Shadow Hawk?
« Last post by Kit deSummersville on Today at 08:08:08 »
Does the Shadowhawk have access to a wheelbarrow and a holocaust cloak?  ;)
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Help with early 3050s Second-line 'Mechs
« Last post by ocherstone on Today at 07:58:29 »
Icestorm has Wolf on the MUL, so I'm confident there.

You are correct on the Snow Fox. Have a replacement? Specifically near the same speed, loadout, and more Nova Cat friendly?
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 26: What now?
« Last post by Sharpnel on Today at 07:44:50 »
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