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So, as a matter of curiosity - do any ex-FRR players hang out here or is it just ex-Ghost Bears?
Well the 6 year old blindsided me with a Christmas request today. She asked for a beginner box! Since I have one all ready I said she could use mine.
 She asked for some minis so I'm looking for recommendations. I'm thinking a bear cub or a firemoth.
The new Ostol is LEAGUES ahead of the very very old and very very bad original art. Its closer to the TRO 3085 one but still has some aspects that make it different, but yeah its a massive improvement over the original art.
Aerospace / Re: Waterloo class Armored Cavalry Dropship
« Last post by Dragon Cat on Today at 06:22:07 »
Same issue as the other ones way too little cargo, it's trying to do too many jobs at the same time.

Vehicle transports don't need to move and fight like assault ships they need to get their cargo from space to the ground safely and keep them going at least until they can capture supplies on the ground or be resupplied.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Remote Weapon Stations (RWS)
« Last post by RifleMech on Today at 06:20:50 »
TechManual lists the shots/bursts for the weapons and the math doesn't equal a burst of 15.

Auto-Rifle (30/2)  15 round bursts no B
Rifle (Federated-Barrett M42B) (50/5) 10 round bursts has the B
Rifle (Imperator AX-22 Assault) (15/1) 15 round burst no B
SMG (Rorynex RM-3/XXI) (100/6) 16 round bursts no B
SMG (Rugan) (100/7) 14 round burst no B
Autocannon (Bearhunter Super-Heavy)(180/6) 30 round bursts has B
Autocannon (Semi-Portable)(200/8) 25 round bursts no B
Machine Gun (Light)(45/3) 15 round burst no B
Machine Gun (Portable)(75/5) 15 round burst has B
Machine Gun (Semi-Portable)(80/4) 20 round burst has B
Machine Gun (Support)(100/5) 20 round burst has B
Pulse Laser (Dragonsbane Disp.)(1-D) no B
Support Pulse Laser (21/4) 5 round burst has B
Support Pulse Laser (Heavy)(18/3) 6 round burst has B
Support Pulse Laser (Semi-Portable)(25/2) 12 round burst no B

The Ballistic Weapons all have greater burst rates than the Pulse Lasers yet they're hit and miss when it comes to getting the B modifier for Burst. Also the Support Pulse Laser (Semi-Portable) has a burst rate twice that of the other two pulse lasers yet it doesn't have the B modifier. All the Ballistic weapons I listed should have the B modifier. If a 5 round burst grants the B all weapons with a burst of 5 or more should have the B. Also AToW gives the first 3 Pulse lasers a burst of 15 and the last one a burst of 10. Something's out of whack.

Below are from the Companion. It doesn't say one way or another. I'm including them just because.

Machine Gun (Vintage)(90/9) 10 round bursts. This is from page 195. Page 172 has a burst of 15 so it'd be (90/6) Is there errata for this? B or no B?
Minigun (Vintage)(500/10) 50 round bursts. Should have the B
Gatling Gun (Vintage)(480/40) 12 round bursts. B or no B?
Aerospace / Re: Arracourt class Mech Dropship
« Last post by VhenRa on Today at 06:09:56 »
The lack of cargo means this thing is basically unusable.
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures VII: Underway, Shift Colors!
« Last post by Kidd on Today at 05:34:06 »
Speshul K hoodoo strikes again

Fire broke out on Kuznetsov's upper deck; three crew missing

Not bad for Society tech, but Nova CEWS is kinda their thing. I agree with your reasoning NT though and would prefer your way over canon.
Agreed, I tried to fit it in, but that would mean I loose the "one star vs one mech" due to its price... And at least they are swimming in iATMs which is a very society thing as well.
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures VII: Underway, Shift Colors!
« Last post by DaveMac on Today at 05:22:19 »
Out of curiosity, were the wrecks ever found on the Med's bottom?  Be interesting to see how close they are together.

You might find this site interesting (example of HMS Cressy)
Fan Fiction / Re: The Federated Sun's Reborn
« Last post by Chris OFarrell on Today at 05:18:58 »
Victor needs to take enough systems to make the war worth it to the people of the FedSuns. So he needs to take over a certain amount of worlds. He isn't looking to liberate or take over the Combine since that would shift certain factions against him instead of neutral or against the Combine.

Not what I meant; I was saying that he should look at taking planets later. Next year or the year after perhaps. His goal right now is to crush the Combines units as fast as possible as much as possible, meaning he shouldn't marry the ground right now. Once he's eliminated a huge chunk of the DCMS, then he can sweep back at his leisure and put troops down.

But that's not the way Victor is playing it, he seems determined to thrust straight at Galedon and Benjamin, which is a very aggressive choice. But then, it also concentrates his naval forces and simplifies his logistics while exploiting the HPG blackout with maximum agression, so it had definite advantages. But I really wouldn't be surprised if he simply hits them with heavy raids that destroy the defenders utterly, loot anything not tied down then pulls out. Trying to hold multiple deep salients would be a logistics nightmare.

Victors ideal 'win' scenario here (IMO) will be holding Dieron with some degree of depth around it to more firmly link the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns. Also holding Proserpina and Al Na'ir dito, with a cleaned up border (including every single Federated Suns world EVER lost, naturally) as a 'stop line'. With deeper strikes against key worlds like Galedon and Benjamin in the HPG darkness to hit critical strategic targets and cripple the enemy.
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