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Yes, the initial entries in this new Brush Wars PDF series and direction for the mini-PDFs would be built out of the work done by myself and others for what would have been Brush Wars II.

I don't know what it would take to make it happen, but is there any chance that some combination of those products might end up on the print-on-demand list at some point in the future?
Planets in battletech are sometimes isolated for decades or centuries . Unique orphan weapons should occur from time to time but become quickly extinct when the place becomes reestablished as place to trade at . So AC / 15 s or Med Gauss Rifle will happen just not last or remain only on that planet's militia . In a campaign I introduced the Med Gauss Rifle same range brackets as an ER PPC one crit and on ton less than an Inner Sphere Standad Gauss rifle and 12 shots a ton doing 12 pts of Damage . it existed on one deep perphery Jarn Folk world and no where else.  In an RPG setting it happens . The entire Clan based technology is an example of muliple weapon systems being improved or upgraded in isolation .
Sorry, these are printed on card stock, not salami.

Now we've got something to complain about.  Why no edible BT products?!?  How come there are no plans to produce mech sheets printed in icing on gingerbread cookies?   You'd get to nibble bits of the cookie off to match the damage your mech has received...
Sorry, these are printed on card stock, not salami.

<upends table>
I vote for these too. This is a very digestible product I could use in games.

Sorry, these are printed on card stock, not salami.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Long standing House Units
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 10:22:13 »
Yeah, and I think the whole thing with the broken up FWL Protector regiments messes with things b/.c of their name change.
Fan Articles / Re: Tell me about: The Solitaire
« Last post by Getz on Today at 10:19:12 »
I suppose I should mention that I had a Shootist with an ace gunner and a ton of precision munitions on board bodyguarding my big hitters.  I had brought it in the expectation of facing Vipers and it was most certainly a major part of his decision not to run in on my heavy forces.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: New Ostsol
« Last post by nckestrel on Today at 10:16:34 »
The one from Project Phoenix? Or are you talking about another re-imaging?

New Ostscout, aka Nuseen, aka Classic

Project Phoenix Ostscout

The most important thing about infantry and battle armor is if they are included in a combined arms offensive or defensive should they survive the battle then they the winning unit can salvage the battlefield at once without giving time for your opponent to do a counter attack for the battles salvage.  Urban combat of any kind and dropship boarding action is always nice .
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