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Challenges and Gatherings / Event @ Mepacon In Scranton PA.
« Last post by Diamond13 on Today at 20:50:34 »
There will be 3 Events At Mepacon- 1 each day.
April 27th-29th in Scranton PA.
Convention Website:
Off Topic / Re: Aviation Pictures Part Trois
« Last post by Feenix74 on Today at 20:41:25 »

but a lot of the problem from what I've observed, is guys with engineering degrees saying "Sure, you can make it do that!" without knowing what 'that' really is.

What the engineers are saying is true. We can pretty much do anything, the real questions are how much time, money and resources do you have to make it happen?

Quote from: Cannonshop
I've actually watched the young guys from the contractors get gray hair and age like presidents dealing with the shifting demands from the management.  poor kids, make more than me, but they're putting the hours in on nightmare mode.

Yep, I do not miss being a consultant one bit.

Quote from: Cannonshop
we're still (amazingly) on schedule for test flights. Take that, 787!!!

That is an awesome picture and great news  :thumbsup: I must admit I am a big fan of evolutionary design development over revolutionary design development.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Triskelion
« Last post by Weirdo on Today at 20:38:57 »
Yeah, I just glued one leg to the hip(eyeballing the angle), and once that was dry, I glued the other ones on one at a time ago that their feet were all flat. Once the legs are done, the rest is easy.
Fan Fiction / Re: Davion & Davion (Deceased)
« Last post by snakespinner on Today at 20:29:23 »
Did the CCS Korvix surrender.
I don't think the FS will willingly give up Tikonov, too great a prize.
Strategic Combat / Re: Factory Output
« Last post by Tyrchon on Today at 20:27:23 »
You also have variance when looking at the different factories/companies themselves.  We know that Corean Enterprises was able to maintain a production rate of 130 Valkyries a year from their automated factory on New Avalon throughout the Succession Wars era.  Defiance Industries also began producing the Valkyrie in 3025 but at a considerably slower rate that never grew to match Corean's efforts given some random bits of fluff text.  However, Defiance was able to produce more Mechs overall as their factories had far more lines producing different Mechs than Corean so not producing the same number of a specific mech didn't seem to bother them.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Operation Scorpion when did Focht find out
« Last post by Tyrchon on Today at 20:19:44 »
In Lost Destiny we get a chapter(42) at the end of the Battle of Tukayyid where Focht and Ulric Kerensky discuss the results of the battle.  During this discussion Ulric brings up Operation Scorpion, calling it "an annoyance" that did not distract from the battle.  In reply Focht remarks "I give you my word, had I known, I would have warned you."  Given Focht's nature, detesting underhanded methods and knowledge that acting in good faith with the Clans was the only way he could get them to agree to the Battle of Tukayyid and the Truce of Tukayyid, we can accept, with reason, that he is being honest with Ulric on the matter.  As such, if we had to guess on when he learned the details of and the launching of Operation Scorpion it would most likely have been at some point during the battle, most likely at a point where he couldn't do anything about it and trying to do anything about it would undermine what was happening on Tukayyid.
Gaming Terrain / Re: Alpha Strike Mech Repair Base WIP
« Last post by Crimson Dynamo on Today at 20:14:41 »
I really like it!
"For you it was the most important day in your life.  For me it was Tuesday."-M.Bison Street Fighter

The beta was pretty awesome so I'll be having trouble waiting until Tuesday for it to actually go live.  Though I do wish they had let us test out a few more things in beta, like the Mechlab.
Off Topic / Re: Mods are Awake, Post Our Little Ponies!
« Last post by DarkSpade on Today at 20:09:45 »
Anyone catch today's episode.

Very impressed with how they managed to do an episode about coping with your parents' divorce without ever once mentioning or even hinting at divorce.
Nah.  Ludicrous speed.
I've gone to plaid.
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