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Clan Chatterweb / Re: Choosing a clan
« Last post by Nemesis on Today at 15:39:14 »
I counted that I'll be getting 25 mechs in the star packs (Clan Invasion box, Command Star, Heavy Striker Star, Fire Star and Support Star) and a total of 8 salvage boxes with random mechs. Still a little uncertain if the Support Star is a good choice or not.
You could always swap the Support for a Heavy, which gives you two of the finest mechs the Clans make even if they are second line, as well as a Hunchie for that warrior that needs to redeem their honor the hard way. The Jags did tend to favor heavier units.

If you want something more useful, maybe a Retaliation to double up on some of the core designs, or a Striker for some great light/medium mechs, though I'm not sure how well that would fit the Jaguar touman.

What you need most will really depend on what's in your salvage boxes, and you won't know that until it's far too late. I hope you're lucky enough to have enough backers near you for a salvage swap meet. ;)
I'm thinking i'll get some metallic "elemental"-series BA to go with the box set Elementals. Say, 2x Gnome, Salamander, Undine, Sylph each. And also one or two Elemental Star Packs.

This would conveniently also cover pretty much all of my favorite Clan battle armors, with only the Rabid (Clan Medium Battle Armor) missing.
I kind of bet IWM having to produce more Fortress than they have sold over the lifetime of that product
MegaMek games / Re: Coming Soon to MegaMek
« Last post by Schugger on Today at 15:32:35 »
Yup, very nice. Still looking at the image ;)
Fan Articles / Re: MotW Schedule Thread 2017
« Last post by Firesprocket on Today at 15:29:19 »
Well I inferred quite a bit from Klondike.  If stats are available can someome pm them to me?  Sarna has nothing on it yet because of their moritorium and buying a PDF right now isn't in my budget.  The MUL didn't even have an AS card to compare against fluff :(
MegaMek games / Re: Campaign Rules: Against the Bot Thread #4
« Last post by Schugger on Today at 15:29:18 »
About XP in training lances: MHQ handles it automatically, but only if your are deployed in a contract.
About SPAs in multi personal vehicles:
It's complicated :D
I have an LRM Carrier with a crew of four. If I give two gunners the same skill (Cluster Hitter for example) it will not count. If one of the gunners is the vehicle commander (the guy which picture is shown in the TOE) the skill will count. If the driver is the commander of the vehicle and doesn't have the skill, all three gunners must have the skill to make it work in MM.
So you really have to plan ahead who you will make the commander and which skill you give to each crewmember.
Sometimes it’s out of your hands. You can learn to avoid another accident by not checking your texts while driving but someone can still run a red light and tbone you.

Something IS going to go wrong. There are too many parts, many of which don’t exist yet. The only thing you can hope is that cgl avoids as many unforced and self-inflicted errors as possible and that enough time has been built in to absorb the others.

Ultimately though if your name is on the box and you’re collecting the money, you shoulder the majority of the blame. Only so much can be passed on before there’s only one party remaining to point the finger at
Debase the Elementals so I get a binary.

This, just because they're supposed to come in groups of 5, and you don't get enough Elementals for the price of a box.

To go slightly offtopic, the kickstarter bonus should have been 5 points just to keep things canon, and the Elemental box set should have been 10-15 points. There's less plastic in Elementals than a mech model, and it's a single mold instead of five so economies of scale and simplified box assembly kick in. If they came in larger amounts I think most people would buy a box or two and keep them intact, instead of carving up the 2 bonus points into all the BA you'll ever need.

Fan Fiction / Re: The Quest, Part 2
« Last post by cawest on Today at 15:25:59 »
I wonder how the SR are going to settle in.  looks like the Wolves and Coyotes are packing some production.  wonder how long they will keep it.   
Well, hopefully they are going with the same supplier (if they have capacity available). They are about to start a 4th printing of the AGoAC box according to yesterday's AMA, so it seems like they are competent and capable of delivering.

Edit: We will see. I'll keep my confidence high until there is a reason not to.
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