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Author Topic: Battletech RPG - PBeM or PBF, Recruitment  (Read 1182 times)


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Battletech RPG - PBeM or PBF, Recruitment
« on: 28 October 2012, 11:33:41 »
Sweat speckles your brow almost instantly. You had heard it was hot, but this is something else entirely. An entirely new world, foreign, alien, but you made your decision and now you're here. Your boots crunch on the arid, loose brownish-red dirt underfoot as you leave your home of the last few months, Homunculus, a Leopard-class dropship that was headed to Galatea.

Even as the doubts, worries and second-guessing come to the forefront of your mind, seeing the sheer number of men, women and families trudging around the spaceport--each one looking more down-and-out than the last, and none seeming to sport the apparent wealth that the Third Succession War had reportedly brought to this planet and its warrior class--they are immediately dismissed. You've spent too many Comstar-bills that you couldn't afford, and you had your reason for coming here. And now you are. A resident of Galatea, in the sweltering Galatean Summer during Standard November, 3025.

Welcome, Mechwarrior. The future is yours.


I am looking to start an RPG preferably via email or a board (not here) with devoted players. I'm also looking for a smaller group, something like 4-8, so it's more manageable and so that the speed can keep at a good clip, not waiting for each other's 'turns'. =)

Also, the game will begin individually, but as paths cross, it may grow as the PCs decide to come together (if they do).

To join, send me an email (, preferably with both your stated interest and your character's intro, something specific and detailed that can spin off of the above, generalized introduction you saw above. Then we can tailor it together, based on the needs of the game, and yours as a player, and we can go from there.

Good Hunting,