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Author Topic: Ontos Anyone?  (Read 3445 times)


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Re: Ontos Anyone?
« Reply #30 on: 18 February 2013, 16:41:35 »
I think it's possible to fit 6 RRs on a small support vehicle... Anyone want to try? :)

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Re: Ontos Anyone?
« Reply #31 on: 19 February 2013, 02:00:05 »
I thought the BattleMech version was the Black Hawk and the Komodo.

Either that or Awesome -9Q. -8Q is ofcource Shreck equivalent.

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Re: Ontos Anyone?
« Reply #32 on: 20 February 2013, 10:23:31 »
The Ontos LRM variant is another LRM boat that I prefer over the
standard LRM carrier .

It's like an LRM carrier with more armor,a turret , and more ammo
for the LRM-20s .

The only thing I don't like about it is that if the sheets I have are correct
it only carries 1 ton of ammo to be shared  by 2-LRM 10s . It tries
to make up for it by carrying 5 tons of LRM-20 ammo and some extra armor .
That means that the LRM-10s are empty after 6 rounds but the LRM-20s
last for 15 .
This odd ammo layout with different sized LRMs is why I usually use a
Partisan LRM variant  instead . The Ontos is  still WAY better then an LRM carrier
and tougher then a Partisan  .


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Re: Ontos Anyone?
« Reply #33 on: 20 February 2013, 11:58:17 »
Well, the original version had a pair of LRM 5's with one ton of ammo backing up the LRM 20's which shared a whopping 10 tons of ammo between them.  I guess when they redid the design they upped the launchers but kept the ammo the same.  Personally i still prefer the original as those deep ammo  bins let me bring a variety if specialty ammo without cutting into it's endurance.

Even with the current model I'll keep the extra ton for the 20 launchers so I can bring at least one ton of special ammo if I need it.  It just means I have to hold my fire on lousy shots.


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Re: Ontos Anyone?
« Reply #34 on: 20 February 2013, 12:56:48 »
Actually that IS weird, the sheets I have still show LRM-5s. I didn't realize that had changed... I'd rather keep the 5-racks and those wonderful ammo bins, useful even in the Jihad-era for delivering dirty tricks to the battlefield  ;D
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Re: Ontos Anyone?
« Reply #35 on: 20 February 2013, 14:19:14 »
It is a sweet tank. I like pairing the LRM version with Schreks or Alicorns and the ML version is one of the most brutal forces in built up terrain that the budget conscious commander can field
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