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Author Topic: Corporate power versus hired Mercenary power.  (Read 1011 times)


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Corporate power versus hired Mercenary power.
« on: 04 April 2013, 00:03:28 »
I have a fresh new Battletech Battle Report for your reading pleasure complete with story and pictures.P lease enjoy the battle report and add some feedback if you will.

Battletech Battle Report

Somewhere in the Galedon district of the Draconis Combine close to the borders of the Periphery a corporation is under military contract to help study advanced battlemech variants and weapon systems.

The corporation has access to military and political channels to acquire battlemechs and weapons systems, but has also used companies suck as the Quickscell company to purchase vehicle assets. A large quantity of varied battlemechs and vehicles have been shipped to and from the planet over a period of time.

Splice information of one the Corporation's latest acquisition orders was intercepted and sold to another entity.

**** Acquisition Order ****


Grasshopper/6K/LexaTech Industries/Draconis Combine - Gal District  - Hun Ho
Thunderbolt/RLA/Federated Suns/Federated Suns
Panther/12A/Wakazashi Enterprises/Draconis Combine - Gal District - New Samarkand

Delivery imminent.


Manticore/LBX/Hesperus II/Quicksell Company

Delivery delayed.

**** Acquisition Order ****

The entity which purchased the spliced acquisition order information wanted to learn more about the Corporation's operations. The Corporation's sale was their only lead for further information and they would act on the upcoming Manticore delivery. The entity summoned hired mercenary mask to the selling location. Giving the mercenary command specific reconnaissance mission orders.

Quickcell Company stated there would be a delay for the Manticore as they had to retrieve it from secure location. Corporate security forces requested to purchase an additional variant from the dealer as he had another advanced variant in stock with a Large Pulse Laser. The vendor would not sell it stating it had other buyers which outbid the corporation at the time. The vendor's dropship lifted off with a different weight cluing in the CSF of possible trouble.

The corporation has two major facilities nestles in the surrounding city. Both have various functions of importance and value. Both of these buildings would be a prime target for raids. The Corporation was unaware of which facility would be targeted.

Civilian defense spotted unknown military units approaching the northern city limits. The units were projecting a course heading towards the corporation's large skyscraper. The approaching split apart without heading to any certain area. A single battlemech leading lance of vehicles kept advancing towards the northwest. A trio of battlemechs changed course and advanced northeast.

Civilian defense forces are not equipped to deal with military units so the civilian defense forces passed the knowledge on to the corporate defense forces. Civilian defense force personnel initiated city wide alarms and bulletins to notify all inhabitants to proceed to designated safe areas.
Corporate defense forces well aware of the approaching unknown mobilized local corporate security force defense assets. A newly combined battlemech testing lance was  near the southern city limits so corporate deciding to bring them in for combat testing.

Battle Setup




Mission Objectives:

Enter local civilian area to draw corporate test units to civilian area.
Observe and confirm corporate testing facilities for the presence of a Grasshopper heavy class battlemech.
Observe and confirm corporate testing units for the presence of TSMs.


Mapsheet Selection

Map Set 6

Four City mapsheets

Mapsheet Layout

City Skyscraper - Northwest mapsheet
City Residential - Northeast mapsheet
City Suburbs - Southwest mapsheet
City Downtown - Southeast mapsheet

Battle Forces


Mercenary Forces

Mech Lance

Black Hawk-KU (Primary Configuration) - G3/P3
Hunchback KBK-4P 'Swayback' - G3/P4 (Hunchback 01) Silverback
Hunchback KBK-4P 'Swayback' - G3/P4 (Hunchback 02)
Centurion CN9-D - G3/P4

Vehicle Support

Manticore (3055 Upgrade) - G3/P5
Laser Carrier - G3/P5
Scorpion 317 (SRM) - G4/P5
Scorpion 005 (SRM) - G4/P5
Maxim (SRM4) - G4/P5

Battle Armor

Grey Death Squad (Standard w/ Light Recoiless Rifles) - G4


Corporate Forces

Mech Lance (Field Testing Unit, FTU)

Thunderbolt TDR-60-RLA - G4/P3
* Purchased for testing the advanced abilities of TSM in urban environments.
Grasshopper GHR-7K "Gravedigger" - G4/P3
* Purchased for testing the advanced abilities of TSM in urban environments.
* Purchased as a 6K variant and heavily modified to match the loadout of the Gravedigger pattern which closely matches the Thunderbolt's loadout and abilities.
Hunchback HBK-6N (3 Tons of Precision ammunition) - G3/P4
* Loaded with Precision ammunition to raise the already excepted effectiveness at urban combat.
Panther PNT-12A - G3/P5
* Purchased for testing the advanced abilities against various support roles in urban environments.

Vehicle Support (Corporate Security Force, CSF)

Manticore (LBX) - G4/P6
* Purchased for testing various support roles in urban environments.
SRM Carrier 01 (3055 Upgrade) - G4/P6
SRM Carrier 02 (3055 Upgrade) - G4/P6
Hawk Moth Gunship (Armor) - G3/P5
Hawk Moth Gunship (Armor) - G3/P5


Jump Infantry Platoon (Flamer) - G4

Battle Report

Turn 1

Corporate forces detected a battlemech and vehicles advancing into the northwest city limits proceeding past the corporate skyscraper. A trio of mechs were detected advancing in the northeast city limits advancing through the various residential buildings.

Corporate forces mobilized CSF units with an attached lance of test battlemechs in a full spread across the Southern city limits to intercept the unknown military units. The CFU Thunderbolt on the left flank headed to the skyscraper area with haste. The CFU Hunchback took to defending the middle along with a CSF Manticore and SRM Carrier. The CFU Panther and Grasshopper kept to the rear right flank accompanied by an CSF SRM Carrier to defend corporate interests downtown. Two CSF Hawk Moth Gunships were airborne for additional support. A CFU corporate jump infantry unit was also mobilized to possibly help capture one of the unknown units.

Turn 2

The unknown battlemech leading the lance of vehicles emerged much further from the skyscraper than expected. The battlemech was identified as a Centurion which moved into a large cross section of streets. Two slower vehicles identified as Scorpion Light Tanks split paths and advanced past the Centurion. Two heavier tanks identified as a Manticore and a Laser Carrier moved in front of the skyscraper. A fast hover tank moving at full speed from the northern city limits into the southern city limits identified as a Maxim Heavy Hover Transport. The Maxim slowed and dislodged a squad of Battle Armor which took cover in a nearby building.

The Thunderbolt keep its fast pace towards the skyscraper area to combat the heavy tanks nearby. The Hunchback advanced upon the newly emerge battle armor hiding in a building. The Manticore kept a straight course to intercept the approaching Scorpion in the middle. The SRM Carrier remained in the area to await support requests.

The trio of unknown mechs in the Northeast advanced around the corners of the residential area. Two battlemechs advancing in a pair through a street leading to the southern city limits were identified as Hunchbacks. The other battlemech  jumping between buildings was identified as a Blackhawk.

Both the Grasshopper and the Panther moved closer to the trio of unknown mechs. The Panther remained hidden while the Grasshopper stood straight at the approaching Hunchbacks. The SRN Carrier kept in the area for support requests. The Hawk Moths kept to the southern city limits to help spot and identify the unknown units with one of them moving to a much higher elevation.

Corporate forces fired warning shots which did nothing to sway the unknown units advance. When warning shots failed, permission was given to defend corporate assets with force. The Hunchback taunted the squad of battle armor over open com channels and opened fire sending a hail of heavy autocannon fire into the building. One less blip displayed on the Hunchbacks sensors from the squad of battle armor.

Turn 3

The Centurion advanced slightly while the nearby heavy vehicles slowly rounded the fountain area taking cover from the Hawk Moths above. Both Scorpions advanced forward in their respective direction with one of them slipping and causing motive damage. The Maxim moved on using a building to hide from a deadly SRM Carrier using a long road to setup a chance to bring down a Hawk Moth. The Maxim's crew believed its speed would keep it safe and allow them to draw the Hunchback's attention from the Battle Armor. The Battle Armor abandoned the building and advanced towards a another building cluster with orders to neutralize the nearby SRM Carrier.

The Thunderbolt stopped advancing straight to the skyscraper, but held a higher position then the rest of the Corporate forces with an aim to block further advancing units in the area from breaching the southern city limits. The CFU Hunchback gave chase to the Maxim giving the Battle Armor some rest. SRM Carrier 01's crew placed  the vehicle with its forward firing arc towards enemy units and its rear towards a building. The CSF Manticore moved closer to its target Scorpion. Both Hawk Moths moved into firing positions.

Both Hunchbacks advanced closer reaching the southern city border. The Blackhawk continued advancing along side the Hunchbacks and finally shown itself.

The Panther moved to a forward position which gave it perfect view to the Scorpion which lost control earlier. Being a test unit and not knowing ether Hunchback's loadout, the CFU Grasshopper was ordered to move back and use its ranged weapons. SRM Carrier 02 crept into ambush position using a building to hide.

Combat was scarce while both forces continued to close the distance. The unknown units were not giving off any intention of what they were exactly doing besides attacking Corporate units in their paths. The Panther scored a hit on Scorpion 005 while the Battle Armor squad scored a single missile against the Hunchback. The Hunchback also took SRM fire from the Maxim with one striking the head. The Hunchback pilot not feeling the pain, loaded precision ammunition and let the Maxim have it. The Maxim's side armor was badly grazed from the heavy autocannon. A Hawk Moth scored a Light Guass Rifle hit against the Centurion which failed miserably to hit the fast gunship in return. The Grasshoper received a medium laser hit from a battery of medium lasers from the lead Hunchback. This showed the lead Hunchback was not carrying a heavy autocannon at all. Corporate advised caution to the Grasshopper's pilot concerning the possibility of the second Hunchback carrying a heavy autocannon.

The mysterious Cell Phone Class Dropship appears again.

Turn 4

Both heavy tanks moved down separate street paths which confirmed the corporate skyscraper was not their intended target. Both Scorpions advanced  Scorpion 317 moved into the Southern city limits while Scorpion 005 was slowed in the North. The Centurion moved up behind Scorpion 005 in support. The Battle Armor moved through buildings closer to the corporate SRM Carrier. The Maxim not taking chances with the Hunchback's firepower, moved at full speed to engage the SRM Carrier attempting to ambush the incoming Hunchbacks.

The Thunderbolt moved towards the northern border to engage a Scorpion which had hid behind a building for cover. The Hunchback too sow to catch the Maxim turned towards the newly arrived Scorpion. SRM Carrier 01 kept its distance from the Battle Armor as best it could. The Manticore crossed the North border and blocked its target's advance. Both Hawk Moths adjusted position.

The Hunchbacks were now in the central downtown area. The Blackhawk finally showed itself by moving to intercept the Panther attacking the Scorpion.

The Grasshopper moved closer to the first Hunchback. Once the Grasshopper had a better view he could make out insignia's, but the insignia did not stand out as a major house or periphery realm. Passing this information on to the other security forces and high command led to the conclusion the unknown units were mercenaries  The Panther moved closer to the Scorpion. SRM Carrier 02 readied for a fight.

The corporate Manticore and Scorpion opened fire on each other at point blank range along with the Panther in the distance firing upon the Scorpion. The Scorpion's machine guns tore apart the Manticore's motive systems causing heavy damage. Before the crew could return more serious return firepower a bright laser beam from the Panther blazed over the Manticore into the Scorpion. Laser fire burned through the Scorpion's front armor melting through its hull rendering it useless. Vehicle Destroyed! The Centurion focused its firepower against the gunship above with cluster ammunition and failed to score a hit. The corporate Hunchback loaded more precision ammunition and opened fire on the other Scorpion while it attacked with a few meager SRMs. The Scorpion's armor could not handle the heavy auto cannon's raw power and was ripped to pieces and rendered useless. Vehicle Destroyed!

The Grasshopper failed to damage the lead Huncback and took seven medium laser blasts in return causing the Grasshopper to topple to the ground. The Maxim and its target the SRM Carrier took to a street fight and fired at each other.  The Maxim's speed kept it safe from the majority of the SRM Carrier's launchers, but eleven SRMs stuck the hull severely damaging the drive and motive systems almost bring the Maxim ability to move to a complete halt. The Maxim did return a mix of SRMs and LRMs damaging the SRM Carrier's motive systems in return.

Dropship Destroyed!

This would be the beginning of a typical game of Battletech. Somewhere on the battlefield units on both sides eventually gather together in a glorious blood bath.

Mercenaries have a bad conscious indeed as they knocked Jiminy to the ground.

Turn 5

The Centurion back peddled while the mercenary Manticore arrived to block the intersection. The Laser Carrier moved towards the Thunderbolt which was too fast for it to stay within its sights. The Battle Armor squad moved for the SRM Carrier.

The Thunderbolt was ordered to pass the Laser Carrier and chase down the Centurion neutralizing the enemy Manticore if necessary. The CSF Manticore moved alongside the Thunderbolt heading towards the mercenary Manticore's position. Both Hawk Moth pilots moving at full speed seemed to lose control simultaneously and slipped out of effective combat use. The corporate Hunchback too slow to go around buildings, the pilot rammed it through two suburb buildings to hunt down the Battle Armor moving on the SRM Carrier.

SRM Carrier02's crew moved their vehicle forward blocking the Maxim and the nearby Hunchback's access  to the Grasshopper.

Bring It!

The Grasshopper got up and was ordered to move back to avoid direct confrontation with both enemy Hunchbacks. The second Hunchback's arsenal was still undetermined. The Panther jumped to place itself behind the undamaged Hunchback 02.

Both enemy Hunchbacks along with the Maxim surrounded the corporate SRM Carrier. The Blackhawk executed a jump to place itself between the Panther and the Hunchbacks.

The Centurion opened fire on the CSF Manticore. Its cluster ammunition failed to do anything while a combination of laser and LRMs caused some drive system damage along with damaging the SSRM6 on the turret. The mercenary Manticore focused on the approaching Thunderbolt offering it some damage.

The Thunderbolt and the CSF Manticore focused fire power on the mercenary Manticore, the Thunderbolt's laser fire caused some minor drive issues. The CSF Manticore's cluster ammunition caused major damage robbing the mercenary Manticore of its speed by completely immobilizing the enemy tank.

The corporate Hunchback fired all of its weapons at the Battle Armor squad smiling as two more blips vanished from his scanners. The final blip, the lone squad member shuttered as he stood face to face with an SRM Carrier. SRM Carrier 01's commander questioned if they should try to capture or offer surrender. The Hunchback's pilot interrupted "FIRE, YOU IDIOTS". Corporate high command replied to SRM Carrier 01's commander "We have no use for standard battle armor", the Hunchback's pilot smiled. SRM Carrier 01's commander told his crew "Fire".

The Grasshopper offered some laser and PPC damage to Hunchback 02 giving it a jolt while receiving another battery of medium laser fire. Now both Hunchbacks were known to be carrying energy weapons and not heavy autocannons.

SRM Carrier 02 ready to fire at the Hunchback directly in front was ordered to focus on Hunchback 01 to the right instead. The SRM Carrier opened fire at the Hunchback sending a hail of SRMs at the Hunchback registering 48 individual explosions. The Hunchback braced for impact as multiple explosions began to pepper the armor and eventually rip past and into the internal armor. The pilot painfully waiting till he could see through his cockpit window again. Amazed to no end his head was not hit even once, but realized the mechs heat levels were slightly raised and the piloting systems were off slightly. The SRM Swarm had damaged the Hunchback's armor enough to blast through to the internal armor and dame the engine and the gyro. The Maxim in return sent SRMs in return to the SRM Carrier. SRM Carrier 02's upgraded armor absorbed most of the damage, but it was not enough due to the previous blasts from the Maxim. SRM Carrier 02's front armor had been wrecked by missile fire and was rendered useless. Vehicle Destroyed! Mercenary Hunchback 01 was infuriated by losing its ability to strike the SRM Carrier back through the Maixim's return fire.

The Panther scored some hits on Hunchback 02 causing it to topple to the ground. The Blackhawk gave the Panther some laser damaged in return.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, ...

Hunchback 02 topples to the ground.

A Hunchback falls to the ground while the Maxim performs a disappearing act.

Turn 6

Mercenary command had reviewed enough data fed to them through the Centurion's sensors to determine the corporate Thunderbolt might be another test battlemech equivalent to the Grasshopper fighting the other mechs. Both mechs were giving off high heat levels and carrying energy based weapon systems and adding this information together helps draw to the conclusion both mechs might be carrying TSMs and were built for close combat.

Mercenary command advised the Centurion pilot to back off from the Thunderbolt as its speed and jump range can outclass its own. The mercenary Manticore with little ability to move stayed put to allow the Centurion to move away. The Laser Carrier rounded a corner and circled back to the Manticore's position to possibly draw off the Thunderbolt.

The Thunderbolt's sight were on catching the Centurion pilot and had no cares for the mercenary vehicles until their Manticore moved to block the path. The Corporate Manticore moved with the Thunderbolt although losing pace due to previous motive system damage. Both Hawk Moths adjusted positions.

Corporate command ordered the Hunchback to move to central downtown to support the Grasshopper and relieve the Panther from direct combat. SRM Carrier 01 had orders to move out to wards the Northern border to apply an ambush for escaping units.

The mercernary Maxim turned slightly to rest its heavily damaged side armor. Hunchback 02 got up in time for the Panther to jumped right next to it. Hunchback 01 advanced towards the Grasshopper. The Blackhawk tried to add more fire power to the Grasshopper in support of its fellow Hunchback.

The Grasshopper's pilot not in fear of a heavy autocannon moved in close combat range with the an enemy Hunchback. The Panther was ordered by corporate command to engage the enemy Hunchbacks.

The Centurion and the supporting Manticore tried to split fire between the opposing Thunderbolt and the supporting Manticore using everything from laser fire, SRMS and even LRMs, but nothing halted or at least paused their advance.

The Thunderbolt produced a trio of ER laser fire blasts along with a follow up pule laser shot into the opposing Manticore which tore through the Manticore's armor damaging the engine. The corporate Manticore damaged the mercenary Manticore motive systems even further along with hitting the driver. A Hawk Moth above score a it with its Light Guass Rifle at the Centurion again.

The Panther received a close range laser battery display from Hunchback 02 singing armor all over the mech  while sending some damage back in return.

The Blackhawk split its firepower with the majority going to the Grasshopper in support of Hunchnack 01. The Blackhawk's damage to the Grasshopper severely singed the right arm to the internal structure. The Grasshopper's pilot saw the smoke from his mech's right arm and upon glancing at his screen the system had reported the right arm actuator was damaged along with the right arm light PPC no longer active. The Panther absorbed the Blackhawk's damage at the cost of having some internal armor exposed. Hunchback 01 fire a battery of laser fire into the Grasshopper, but the it didn't do anything major except singe off more armor. The Maxim sent some SRMs to the Grasshopper causing the Grasshopper's right arm's final internal structure to tear and fall to the ground. The Maxim also managed to add a few SRMs to the Panther damage tally.

The Thunderbolt's pilot wanted to fully remove the opposing Manticore from its path to the Centurion. With the heat scale up and the TSMs working at full capacity, the Thnderbolt kicked the opposing Manticore. The Manticore barely had time to prepare for the Thunderbolt's onsalught. The tank commander yelled "BRACE FOR IMPACT" and tried to secure the tank gunner who was incapacitated. The mercenary Manticore's armor received a huge slam causing the vehicle's armor to cave in damaging multiple systems rendering the vehicle useless. Vehicle Destroyed!

The Grasshopper despite heavy damage moved to Hunchback 01 as it did the same. The Hunchback gave the Grasshopper a good kick to the left leg, however the Grasshopper's superior weight class and armor absorbed the blow. The Hunchback met the ground as the Grasshopper had heat built up and active TSMs to land a kick to the Hunchback's left leg like a scalpel surgically removing it. Hunchback 01 fell to the ground.

One up, one down, one back, one gone, lol.

Turn 7

The mercenary Centurion heeded the word of high command and moved away as fast as possible to avoid the Thunderbolt. The Laser Carrier caught up the CSF Manticore and prepared for a fight to pass.

The Thunderbolt now rid of the mercenary Manticore moved full speed towards the Centurion confident it should be able to catch it with ease. The CSF Manticore adjusted position and focus to the newly arrive Laser Carrier. Both Hawk Moths supported the Thunderbolt and Manticore separately.

SRM Carrier 01 moved at a snail pace towards the northern border.

The corporate Hunchback advanced at full speed straight into central downtown. The Grasshopper stayed put while the Panther attempted to jump away.

Mercenary Hunchback 01 was unable to get the mech upright due to the failing gyro. Hunchback 02 hide from the Grasshopper to look upon the approaching corporate Hunchback. The Blackhawk jumped to the Panther which was smoking from massive laser damage.

The CSF Manticore and the mercenary Laser Carrier exchanged weapons fire. The Laser Carrier produced a battery of laser fire only causing armor damage, but in return the Manticore caused drive damage along with a single medium laser malfunctioning. Benny a crewman in the Laser Carrier attempted to fix the malfunctioning weapon while the commander ordered Benny to leave it alone as it would take all of them at once to fix it. Benny, infuriated at the inability to fix the weapon raged momentarily. "What the ******?!  ****** sonovabitchin ... piece of Martian junk." The Laser Carrier was further tormented by a Hawk Moth Light Guass Rifle hit which damaged the stabilizers. The other Hawk Moth hit the Centurion with a Light Guass Rifle as well.

The Panther and the Blackhawk traded laser fire with the Panther. The Panther was too damaged to absorb the damage and suffered a damaged DHS in the left torso along with the entire right torso being severed silencing the ERLL and three DHSs. Corporate command ordered the pilot to eject from the mech.

The fallen mercenary Hunchback along with the Maxim continued to attack the Grasshopper damaging a DHS in the left torso along with the ECM. The Grasshopper focused on the previous downed Hunchback completely removing its left arm and left torso thereby silencing seven DHSs and a ML.

The Corporate Hunchback gave the Maxim some of its heavy autocannon firepower which destroyed the empty crew bay causing smoke to pour off of what ventilation it could escape from. Hunchback 02 in reutn gave the corporate Hunchback a meager laser shot in return.

The Blackhawk watched as the Panther's pilot ejected away. The Blackhawk slammed the un-piloted mech to the wall, as it slowly began to fall the Balckhawk kicked it ruining the center torso completely. Battlemech Destroyed!

The Grasshopper was doing the same thing kicking the downed Hunchback ruining the center torso armor to its last few remaining structure points.

Mercenary command issued  final orders

Mission complete:

Centurion: Retreat Northwest.  Regroup with Blackhawk. Proceed towards Extraction point.
Blackhawk: Retreat Northeast. Regroup with Centurion. Proceed towards Extraction point.
Hunchback 01: Eject. Await Blackhawk extraction. Hide if Blackhawk extraction fails. Await Extraction.
Hunchback 02 Recover Hunchback 01 pilot. Retreat Northeast.  Regroup with Centurion. Proceed towards Extraction point.

Maxim: Abandon and destroy vehicle. Retreat North for extraction.
Scorpion 005: Abandon vehicle. Retreat North for extraction.
Scorpion 371: Abandon vehicle. Retreat North for extraction.
Manticore: Abandon vehicle. Retreat North for extraction.
Laser Carrier: Abandon and destroy vehicle. Retreat North for extraction.

End Game

Carnage Report

Attacker Damage Report

Mercenary Forces

Mech Lance

Black Hawk
Light damage
Hunchback (Hunchback 01)
Engine damaged
Gyron damaged
LL destroyed
LT destroyed
LA destroyed
DHS x 7 silenced
ML silenced
Battlemech Crippled!
Hunchback (Hunchback 02)
Moderate to heavy damage
Light damage
Light Guass Rifle target

Vehicle Support

Motive system damage
Engine damaged
Driver damaged
Vehicle Destroyed!
Laser Carrier
Motive system damage
Weapon malfunction (ML)
Stabilizers damaged
Critical damage!
Scorpion 005
Motive system damage
Vehicle Destroyed!
Scorpion 371
Vehicle Destroyed!
Motive system damage
Critical damage!

Battle Armor

Grey Death Squad
Battle Armor Destroyed!

Defender Damage Report

Corporate Forces

Mech Lance

Light damage
RA Acuator damaged
RA LPPC damaged
RA Destroyed
LT DHS damaged
LT ECM damaged
Heavy damage
Critical damage!
Pilot Damaged (Head hit)
Light damage
LT DHS damaged
LT destroyed
ERLL silenced
DHS x 3 silenced
Battlemech Destroyed!

Vehicle Support

Motive system damage
SSRM6 Damaged
Heavy damage
Critical damage!
SRM Carrier
Motive system damage
Vehicle Destroyed!
SRM Carrier
Motive system damage
Light damage
Hawk Moth Gunship
No damage reported
Hawk Moth Gunship
No damage reported


Jump Infantry Platoon (Flamer)
No damage reported
Infantry Useless! :(

Collateral Damage

Medium Building
Medium Building

I know I am not the best at stories, but I kind of like what I have created so far. The coolest thing this game gave was watching the SRM carrier actually fire. I am now thinking abut how to advance the story line so any suggestions or thoughts or name for the corporation would be gladly appreciated.
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Re: Corporate power versus hired Mercenary power.
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If you want corp names. You should Tow the Line with the Company.

Nice Scenario Goals.
An interesting Job for the mercs to have to do.

And fighting a Regular Grasshopper in a city is unpleasant. So a TSM is just painful.