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Author Topic: AnarchyCon 2013 - Brisbane - Lots of Pics  (Read 1708 times)


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AnarchyCon 2013 - Brisbane - Lots of Pics
« on: 25 June 2013, 10:50:30 »
Sooo Out here in "The Colonies" the weekend of June 8th is a holiday where we celibrate the birth of the Queen (even though her birthday is 21st of April...)  The local battletech players take adavantage of that to throw a 3 day Battletech tournement.

With enough badgering we even get some people to fly in for the weekend.  If you're from out of town you're guaranteed a min of 9 games and then there's the Grand Melee game.  It's lots of fun.

IMG_0458 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Anyways this year I decided to do AAR's of all 9 games I played this year, the rules for the tournament are in the links above.... and here's the result.

Day 1:
Clan 180 Tonnes
Forcer Selecton:
Ryoken A       2/4
Cougar Prime    3/4
Karhu D       2/4
Ryoken Piloting Upgrade
Karhu Piloing Upgrade

Day 1 Game 1:
Enemy Forces:

Turn 1:
Win Init:

Game1Turn1 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

All Fire on Karhu and miss.
Karhu Fires 1 ERPPC and hits Cougar
         CT Crit... Engine (YAY!) what a way to start the weekend

Turn 2:
Win Init:

Game1Turn2 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Ryoken (enemy) fires on Ryoken for 10pt damage to RT
Cougar (enemy) fires on Cougar LRM 10 does 6 pt to the LA
                        2x LRM 20 hit, but only 2 pts of damage taken due to Partial Cover saving my legs a massive 20pts of damage.

Returing Fire the Cougar fires on the MadCat doing 10pts with a LPL to the LA
Karhu fires on Madcat with 2 ERPPC's hitting and a smattering of damage from the SRM6

Turn 3:
Win init:

Game1Turn3 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Karhu gets targeted by everything in retaliation, but the Cougar Misses everything
                                      but the Madcat does manage to Hit with an LRM20 and 12 missles hit, including 1 Hit to CT with a floating crit chance but fails to make the crit roll.
With the enemy distracted the Cougar lays into the Madcat with 1 LPL and an LRM 10 both hitting, as well as the Karhu again hitting with 2ERPPCs.

Karhu's secondary target of the enemy Cougar gets the SRM 6 with the missiles again criting the Engine of the enemy Cougar.

Turn 4:
Loss Init (was +3 against):

Game1Turn4 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Realizing we were about to run out of time, all the forces looked to get the one kill before the clock ran out.

The other side focuses on my damaged Ryoken, with the Cougar hititng with the LPL, Ryoken Hitting with the LPL, and the Madcat hitting with 2 ERLL, but fail to kill it.

In return the Ryoken fires 4 MPL into the Cougar, and manages to finish the job as the clock stops the battle.

Win.  35T killed, vs. 0T lost
Luck on my side with the init wins, but so is the Karhu doing an amazing amount of damage.  I've run into Karhu's in tourney's before, and figured it was time to share my pain.  I expect to see alot more in the future after today's performance.

Day 1 Game 2:
Enemy Forces:
Masakari C
Septicemia B
Coyotl Prime
No upgrades

Turn 1:
Lose Init

Game2Turn1 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Striding forward the Karhu fires 2 ERPPC into the Masakari, with one becoming a Headshot.  Opposition uses it's edge point and rerolls location for it to the CT.
Cougar puts 1 LPL into the Masakari
Ryoken puts 12 pts of damage into the Masakari as well with it's missiles.
In return the Septicaemia puts an LPL into the Cougar, almost stripping all the armor off the RA

Turn 2:
Win Init:

Game2Turn2 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Karhu gets the focused fire as it retreats, this turn taking an LPL from the Masakari, 2 LPL from the Septicimia and 1ERPPC and SRM 4 from the Coyotyl.
In return the Karhu only manages to put 1 ERPPC into the Coyotyl, but it's enough to knock out the Coyotyl's big gun, the PPC.

Turn 3:
Win Init:

Game2Turn3 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

The Ryoken puts 2 MPL's into the Masakari, trying to hole punch, but in return gets hammered with 2 ERPPC hits and an LPL hit.  The Septicimia decides to join the party and puts 3xLPLs and a 3xSPLs into the already battered Cougar.  Not wanting to be left out of the party the Coyotyl puts it's SRM4s to use and hits the Cougar with 2 SRM4s and a SPL.  Surprsingly enough it's the Coyotyl who does the most damage with 2 SRM's to the Head, of which the second causes a fail on a consiousness check.  But I use my Edge point to get a second chance and stay standing for now.

In return the Karhu puts 2 ERPPC's into the Speticimia, and the Cougars adds an LRM 10 to the damage on the Septicimia, but nothing manages to crit.

Ryoken who edged his consiouness check failes piloting check and falls... not in a good place to fall.....

Turn 4:
Win Init:

Game2Turn4 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Masakari Hammers the Karhu with a full alpha strike of 2ERPPC's and 2LPL's, and all the damage spreads across the Karhu's legs seperating the Left Leg from the Hip and an auto fall.  Septicimia tries for the Cougar and misses.  Karhu as it falls over and running a little hot tries to kill the damaged Coyotl, and whiffs on everything.   The Ryoken in a last ditch attempt to try and kill the Masakari as time runs out kicks the beast in the back, causing the armor less monster to fall on it's back.  Crit chances abound and the Masakari takes 2 engine crits, but it's not enough to kill it.

Time is called:

Game2Turn4a by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Tie.  0T killed, vs 0T lost.
Should have tried to foucs fire more, but the Coyotyl was just whilely enough to escape.  Other attempts at damage, just couldn't manage to get though the Masakari (who's both arms were hanging on by threads- and the Crit gods weren't smiling on me - though if they did it would have been a sitting duck).  The Septicimia continues to be a Tournament Favorite (last tourniment -CanCon- the finals were 2 Septicimia B's against each other.)

Day 1 Game 3:
Enemy Forces:
Nova Prime

Turn 1:
Lose Init:

Game3Turn1 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Standard Run in, with the Enemy Ryoken hitting the Karhu with a LPL, the fireoth hitting the friendly Ryoken with an MPL and a SRM6.  The Karhu pegs the enemy Ryoken with an ERPPC, and the Friendly Ryoken nails the enemy Firemoth with  2MPL causing a lost arm.

Turn 2:
Win Init:

Game3Turn2 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

The Karhu splits it's fire with the ERPPC's hitting the Ryoken, and the SSRM6 into the Firemoth, finishing it off.  The Firemoth puts all it's fire into the friendly Ryoken -2xMPL but misses with the others- before it is destroyed.  The Friendly Ryoken puts fire into the Firemoth as well, but misses.  The Cougar puts 2LPL and and LRM10 into the enemy Ryoken, and the enemy Nova puts 3MPL into the Ryoken for its' troubles.

Taking out the Firemoth

Game3Turn2a by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Turn 3:
Lose Init:

Game3Turn3 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

The Cougar goes defensive after getting pummled by the upgraded Ryoken last turn and hides behind the hill but it doesn't help.  They Ryoken stalking a wounded mech tries for the kill, but wanders into a fire zone infront of the Karhu and falls.

Game3Turn3a by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Turn 4:
Lose Init:

Game3Turn4 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Loosing Initiative the Karhu has over extended and the faster lights get chances at back shots, while the Ryoken gets janked by initative order.  The Nova puts 3xML into the Ryoken, and the Ryoken puts 2ERML and 2ERLL's into it's twin, the Ryoken returns the favor with 2xMPLs and 2xSSRM6.  The Karhu puts an ERPPC into theNova, and an SSRM6 into the Ryoken, causing a Head Crit, but fails to do any serious damage.   

Turn 5:
Win Init:

Game3Turn5 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Realizing this is last turn the lights try to run to escape the Karhu, but they're too close.  Gambling that the Karhu can kill the Ryoken the friendly Ryoken focues on the Nova for extra points, but gets robbed by Gyro hits not killing the the Ryoken.  The enemy Ryoken and Nova try to fell the Karhu knocking it down but failing to kill it.

Win? 20T vs. 0T lost
By this time my memory is fried, and I forget that 2 Gyro hits don't count as a kill in this tournement (a functional but non standable mech is a pet peave of the tourney organizer, and there's some history there, but dem's the rules for this tournement).  As a result I give up 55T.  If I'd known I'd have hammered the Ryoken for an additional kill as opposed to getting greedy and trying for the Nova as well.  Opponent is a young player, and is playing for fun, not to win.  He will be a contender next year.

Day 1 Game 4:
Enemy Forces:
Arctic Wolf II Prime
Huntsman H
Kingfisher B

Turn 1:
Lose Init:

Game4Turn1 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Nothing hits, no lines of sight

Turn 2:
Lose Init:

Game4Turn2 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Excellent manoeuvring by another younger opponent has a short-range brawler of a Arctic Wolf in close, and sheltered from the big assaults, It puts 2MPLs into the Ryoken, the Ryoken retaliates with 2MPLs and a SRM6, but partial cover removes some of the damage.  The Kingfisher hammers the Karhu with a UAC20 double tap, one to each arm.  The Huntsman also hammers the Karhu with an LPL.

Turn 3:
Win Init (+2):

Game4Turn3 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

The Kingfisher has really put the hurt on the Karhu with the UAC20 but the friendlies are out for blood now in return, and the Karhu figures they can wipe the Artic Wolf out of Existance just in case.  The Cougar puts 2xLPL and 1LRM20 into the Kingfisher, the Ryoken puts  2MPL and 1 Streak into the Kingfisher, while the Karhu puts 2ERPPC's into the Artic Wolf.  In return the Kingfisher puts 2MPL into the Ryoken, the Artic Wolf puts everything into the Ryoken and the Huntsman puts a HML into the Ryoken.

Game4Turn3a by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Not muchs survives going directly infront of a Twin ERPPC + TC monster

Turn 4:
Lose Init:

Game4Turn4 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Loosing Init hurts and the Kingfisher is out for revenge, it's also a tough nut to crack.  It lines up on the Ryoken, the friendlies line up on the Kingfisher, and the huntsman lines up on the Cougar, and the Karhu lines up on the Huntsman.  But the dice gods smile on me as the enemy Kingfisher missies, as does teh Huntsman, while on my side the cougar and Karhu miss while the Ryoken puts 2MPL into the Kingfisher finally stripping armor an exposing the arms of the beast.

Turn 5:
Lose Init:

Game4Turn5 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

Lots of very good maneuvering this game.  UAC20 on the Kingfisher is a beast. but gets removed this turn by a ERPPC from the Karhu, while the Cougar gets pounded, but survives a backshot from the Huntsman.

Turn 6:
Win Init:

Game4Turn6 by cambo_prime, on Flickr

It's a slugfest.  The Karhu combined with the Ryoken and the Cougar knock down the Kingfisher, removing it's leg, but it's still alive.  The Huntsman fires into the almost dead Ryoken, but still doesn't manage to kill it, and the Kingfisher fires on the Karhu, but doesn't manage do do much now that it's UAC20 is gone (not that it mattered as it was almost completely out of ammo anyways).

Time is called:
Win with a kill of 40T vs 0T lost.

Again another young opponent.  And again another future contender,  she's mastered the art of tactical movement, but just needs to figure out how to compose a better force to become a terror to be recognized.  The dice started off against me with some of the rolls that AC20 made, but they swung back my way in the second half.


I'll sign off for now as this has grown to a massive post, but once I write up the next two days of battles I'll post them here too.  It shouldnt' be too long as I've already processed the images (which is the hard part), I just need to write them up.


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Re: AnarchyCon 2013 - Brisbane - Lots of Pics
« Reply #1 on: 25 June 2013, 11:12:48 »
Great!  O0

Looking forward to the rest.


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Re: AnarchyCon 2013 - Brisbane - Lots of Pics
« Reply #2 on: 28 June 2013, 21:57:19 »
Awesome write up Cam.

Can you post some close ups of my 'mechs  :D

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Re: AnarchyCon 2013 - Brisbane - Lots of Pics
« Reply #3 on: 30 June 2013, 05:15:25 »
It must have been fun to get that many games in during the day.  :)


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Re: AnarchyCon 2013 - Brisbane - Lots of Pics
« Reply #4 on: 18 July 2013, 04:53:44 »
Some fabulous maps there.
All kinds of love went into their creation.

Glad you enjoyed the Karhu so much it is a stonking Mech.
Also the enemy force in game two was just mean. I hope you flayed that technician for getting above his station.


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Re: AnarchyCon 2013 - Brisbane - Lots of Pics
« Reply #5 on: 24 July 2013, 05:41:59 »
He he he, ;D

That was my force or at least my mech's and a copy of the force I used at CanCon earlier in the year - although I used the Coyotl A instead of the Prime. I was unable to play in this tournament due to work and our mutual friend borrowed them because he was still unsure what to play.

CanCon was in January and the Coyotl surpised a few people since the mini only came out in December. Mike from IWM was awesome in getting it to me ASAP. Thanks again Mike!

The only thing flayed was my enemies  >:D

Rob "The Technician"
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