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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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This placed is  all screwed up. After rolling over the Protectorate Militia depot we met up with the Tikonov Resistance, but instead of being unleashed we're holding position. Holding and waiting, tucked up in our hillside fastness.

The supplies we brought in is apparently the first munitions and such the rebels have got in more than a year - and sure, they're expending them, but they're not letting us at the Word. It's like they're afraid of damaging the hired help.
And that's pretty much how they treat us. I'm sharing a room with two other lieutenants who barely speak to me and when they do, they're very keen to mention my pay cheque or how I'm getting paid for this.

I dunno, I just don't get it. The rebels seem to actually resent our help.
- Taigh Barrett

Right. So I finally got unleashed - and I mean "I". It was a solo job.
We are working alongside the 2nd Guard Brigade - "Glorious Victory", along with some irregular infantry. To the north, another brigade is busily running near constant hit and run raids against the Blakist Militia. They call them "brigades" but they're mixed battalions at best.
And the CapCon doesn't seem to really care about these guys: I've seen whole squads sharing ration packs, and most of them are carrying only a magazine each.

Anyway, high command eventually found a job they were willing to throw to the hired killers - murder a Word of Blake Protectorate officer. Seems, a Major Sean Yargus aka The Butcher busily shot up a civilian protest last year and since then has personally led several retaliatory raids.
But the rebels don't want to do the deed - so it falls to us. The Colonel asked me to do it.
Yargus Is inspecting a couple of listening posts and minor firebases nearby and they want me to slip in discreetly and kill him. Not just defeat him. Kill him
- Taigh Barrett. 

It saddens me to report the death of one of the Tikonov Protectorate Militia's finest: Major Sean Yargus. The major was on a surprise inspection trip of several Militia facilities last night when he was ambushed and killed by rebels.

ATTACHED IMAGE: 2D image of a burnt out row of pre-fab buildings, an unmanned machine gun lays in the foreground, its barrel pointing skyward.

At approximately 2300, as the Major arrived at Fire Base Echo, a lone Thug emerged from the nearby hills. The area is well known for its high magnetic content and rebel activity is high in the region.
The Thug eluded one mobile patrol and quickly assaulted the base - destroying a gun turret and several buildings.

At this point, Patrol 2-5 turned back in an effort to stop the attack. The fact that the rebel attack waited until patrols were out answered managed to find a weak point in the perimeter points to an inside job.

ATTACHED IMAGE: it's a grainy, black and white 2d image of an 80 tonne Thug. One huge foot has punched right through the roof of a flimsy building, the other is partially obscured by the ruin
Both arms are up, the maws of the twin PPCs aimed at the camera.

Major Yargus then moved to intercept the intruder and was sadly killed. As patrol 2-5 returned to base, the Thug fled - firing several shots in the patrol's general direction.

ATTACHED IMAGE: An Orion lays on its back. Rents and craters pockmark its torso and its head is smashed in - possibly by a giant foot or fist. Picked out in black stencil just under the ruined cockpit is "YARG-"

While the Thug was engaged by a perimeter turret and briefly by elements of Patrol 2-7, it managed to slip back into the badlands.
Patrols from both the Militia and the 1st WoB Division were scrambled but the area is thick with caves and the enemy managed to elude us.
- Captain Milton Hewes-Yang, 1st Tikonov Protectorate Militia

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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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" Ya put your right foot in, ya pull your right foot out...
Ya put your PPCs in and shoot them all about... "

~ sang Barrett as he waltzed in...

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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Finally something to do. We have been dragging our heels here on Tikonov for months as the rebels do a whole lot of nothing. But finally we are getting thrown at the Word.
Three objectives: one week. It's all part of a grand scheme to throw the Word off guard and draw them away from the big Ceres plant and the capital.

First I took first company and Amber's fast hovers in to blow a power plant and pumping station. It had a small Protectorate Militia force dug in, but we rolled over them and knocked out the plant. As we set charges to ruin all the pumps, Amber's scouts spotted a quick reaction force coming down the highway: a couple of those super up Lightning rocket boats, some APCs and a pair of Hussars and a Wolverine. A little further back looked like a whole Level II of Demon wheeled tanks.

So we set a little trap - the fast hovers came screaming in, opened up and then kept running. The Wobbies reacted like amateurs and started off after them - only to find Command Lance in their rear. Both Lightnings were burning and one APC was rolled when the mechs crashed into us.
Except Battle Lance had also arrived and very quickly all three mechs were down. We faced down the Demons on the roadway - by now, the remaining APC had fled, leaving a squad of BA to get burned down on the pavement.

Those Demons were tough but made the mistake of trying to charge us instead of hanging back.
After we killed two, the rest fled. Except for one that suddenly found itself stuck and surrendered.
Like I said... amateurs.

A day later, Asha led 2nd company in a raid further south. This time it was a supply depot they trashed. Except for the minefield and some dings from the static defence they got away. Lean.
Two successful raids without any losses.

Now it's a big POW camp and munitions works just outside the capital. This one will be harder - intel seems to indicate the Precentor running the show freaked out after and demanded the 1st Division actually, y'know... do something. Sounds like they're deploying to a lot more critical spots.
So it'll be tougher defenders time time.

When I mentioned it to our partisan liaison, Rim, he just shrugged and said the attack would coincide with a big push by rebel forces.
You'd swear these bastards didn't care if their all their money soldiers got killed.
- Felix Cavalli, September 20, 3074

The Sankalin Re-Education Through Labour Facility (better known as the Sankalin Gulag) was the site of numerous Blakist atrocities and serves as a reminder to man's inhumanity to man to this day.
Audiovisual guides (5 Stones for a day rental) can fill you in on the full list and the site's brutal history during the Jihad
The crux is: in 3071, desperate for munitions the Word expanded a small missile factory on the banks of the Volga and staffed it with criminals, political prisoners and other "undesirables". By 3074, a series of crackdowns had swelled the workforce to more than 5000.

It was dangerous, dirty work and a cheap way for the Word to make dissenters go away. Much of the assembly work was done without proper safety measures and anyone too sick or weak to work simply vanished.

In 3083, council workers discovered a mass grave nearby estimated to hold sow 300 bodies belonging to Gulag workers.

While the main factory was destroyed during the Jihad, revetments, bunkers and even gun towers that formed the plant's defence remain to this day.
- Tikonov History Guide 3094 edition

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Sang-Wei Hamish Basara desperately tried to get lower as the ground shook beneath him, deafening explosions - seemingly one after the other - left him deafened.
And then nothing - except for the high pitched ringing in his ears.
The young partisan next to him raised his head to peer over the edge of the shell crater but Basara knocked him down.
"Stay put!"
A second later the earth shook again, sending the Sang-Wei sprawling again.
This blast was longer and more sustained, more like an earthquake.

Cuffing blood from his chin the young officer now looked over the crater rim.
It was a scene from hell: the muddy ground ahead had been churned by explosions, the occasional string of razor wire or hunk of concrete the only remains of what seconds ago had been series of walls and fortifications.

Rolling on his back Basara fished the flare gun from his webbing. Like all his men he was clad in a mishmash of Capellan Army surplus and whatever gear was available: in his case Liao green fatigues and armour, complete with plasteel vest and vambraces. His webbing was Protectorate Militia issue looted a year ago and his boots were from a civilian hiking store.

The bright red flare hung in the air as it slowly arched over the battlefield.
"That's the signal, boys," he said.
"Everyone fall out!"
As infantrymen rolled out of their shelter the heavy "crump, crump" of Mech footfalls started.
First a lithe Wolfhound, its right arm laser shifting and moving constantly, then a pair of Commandoes.
Already travers we're starting to flicker out from across the churned up landscape

So that was the dress rehearsal. The partisans are building to a big final push on the Ceres plant, but first wanted us to smash open this work camp.
And smash we did!
First up, Aubrey Ito-Hostigos and her infantry overran an outlying post -. Pinned them down and then ambushed the relief column as it rolled out from the camp.

Then we let them have it -partisan artillery pounded the minefield and bunkers, clearing us a path.
It was still tough - we grounded the droppers nearby and advanced with a battalion or so of partisan infantry - a couple of Level IIs made us pay for every inch.

But we managed to pull something like 600 prisoners out and blow all the machine sheds and heavy equipment.
- Felix Cavalli

Dark smoke hung over the ruins. Several firefighting crews were still housing down hot spots and occasionally something would cook off with a series of explosions.
Clad in her long white robe, Spectre Precentor Delta Charlotte Logan barely noticed it at all. She didn't notice the black smut staining her robe or the smoke that forced most of the crews to squint their eyes shut
Instead, her oddly silver eyes were looking for other details: the giant Mech tracks, the entry and exit site through the minefield.

"Precentor, err... Precentor," the young Adept said.
Logan turned on the underlying, barely noticing him start and almost step back
She knew the frails found her disturbing - she was beautiful, with chocolate coloured hair, a heart shaped face and a shock of white hair.
But her eyes disturbed them.

The voice also got the frails: deep and buzzing. Like a machine.
"Precentor, we estimate we have rounded up most of the prisoners who weren't snatched from the facility. Although we believe there's still some stragglers in the forest. But we have patrols out," he said.

The Precentor Pushed her hood back, exposing both hands as chrome replacements
"How many do we have in custody?"

The Adept consulted his wrist 'puter. "Looks like 300 more or less. We have them all in the main mess area before we ship them somewhere else."

"No," the buzzing voice was low and chilling
"Liquidate them all. This place must be purified."

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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September 20, 3074
Government Tower, St Katherinesburg

"So we can't do anything?" Precentor Robert Haversay roared, slamming both meaty fists down on the conference table.
Flicking his limp black hair back from his face, the head of Tikonov's security looked about - glaring at each face in the meeting room.
Civilian and corporate leaders, along with those from his Protectorate Militia and the 1st Division faced him - all desperate to avoid his eye.
The only person who would was the most disturbing. Precentor Logan sat, legs crossed and her white robe pulled close about her small trim body
"It can easily be fixed, Precentor," She said.

Her voice was oddly buzzing and harsh and set his teeth on edge.
Obviously he'd said nothing, one didn't complain the Hands of the Master irritated you.
She spun around to look at Haversay: her eyes were glassy like spheres of silver.
That always terrified him.

"These mercenaries seem to be the key to the resistance.
"Precentor, I suggest we set a trap and wait for these mercenaries to come to us," she said in that buzzing voice.
Haversay grimaced but pretended to look out at the sweeping window facing him - it showed the sprawling grey Ceres plant. His to protect.

"My problem is, Precentor - every time I plan to track or attack the rebels, it seems to leak out - almost straight away!"
The Word administrator brought a heavy fist down on the table.

"Easy". The woman said that one word and stood, her Robes not even making a noise as she extended one hand - Haversay noticing it was encased in chrome past the wrist - that suddenly flicked down at an alarming angle.

There was a soft cough and the Protectorate Militia colonel's head exploded in a fountain of brains and blood. The woman turned slightly and pointed at another officer who was clawing at her sidearm. The top of her head exploded off.

Slumping back into her chair, Logan smiled.
"I'm assuming no one else will talk."

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Nothing like a few MDs to ruin everything
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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Newly promoted Major Piotr Novakowski flipped a series of switches and grinned with genuine pleasure as a glowing Heads Up Display filled goggles. The main feed showed the six lane highway that led directly to the St Katherinesburg's EarthWerks plant. Using his eyes he was able to flick through several other feeds - sites high in the mountain the plant was dug directly into, a feed from the sprawling, chaotic Minetown and even an eye in the sky fed from a drone above the adjacent open cut Stoya Mine.
It was truly a sophisticated system - heavily upgraded and advanced by the Word of Blake, since their arrival.
A former EarthWerks security officer before he joined the Protectorate Militia Novakowski was uniquely suited to operating the security system. Or breaking it

The officer slipped off the glasses as slipped them back into their protective case.
"Everything looks good Lieutenant, that will do me," he said, nodding at his subordinate.
The Major's early morning inspection had been a surprise, but his dedication was well known among the static defence troops and no one had grumbled as he went through every system

Little did they know his inspection had been triggered by an even earlier coded message ordering him into action. Or that he had introduced two seperate viruses into the security operation system during his shakedown.
Patting the lieutenant on the shoulder, Novakowski turned to leave the control room when a sudden voice blared over the PA.
"Major Novakowski, please report to briefing room three. Major Novakowski to briefing room three."
Had the lieutenant or control room technicians been faxing the Major they works have seen his jaw clench and his eyes widen dramatically at the summons.
Moving quickly he pulled on his jacket and opened the control room door - to walk straight into a pair of Word of Blake infantrymen in armour.
They were 1st Division regulars - not Protectorate Militia and both had wicked looking, snub nosed SMGs slug casually.
"Major, we were sent to escort you - Precentor  Logan is here and wants to see you. Right now."

It was a thousand meters of rocky broken ground from the bunker's lip to the beginning of the treeline. Protectorate Militia Lieutenant Stanislav squinted through the IR scanner and frowned in puzzlement. "Bravo 3-3, are you sure you've got no contact? My ultrasonic detector is going off the charts - there has to be something moving around out there," he bawled into his helmet mic.
"Bravo Six, this is 3-3. Just some deer and stuff, over."
The platoon commander sat back from the scanner and sighed. What the he'll was going on?
Suddenly, there was a flurry of movement in the trench next to him and a soldier dropped down next to him.
"Sir! Sir! Runner from 3-3," one of his headquarters troops barked.
The runner had pushed his helmet visor up, exposing a sweat drenched you face scarred by some sort of childhood disease.
"Sir! Bravo 3-3 reports major enemy contact to our front. We have infiltrators and what looks like heavy weapons teams flanking us," the runner blurred out.
Stanislav hurled his IR scanners to the ground. "What?! I just spoke to Hauber a second ago and he said it was nothing!"
The young private shoot his head. "Nossir! We are totally jammed up ahead - can't get a message in or out."
The realisation that he'd been speaking to the enemy - or a machine - hit the lieutenant about a second before the first shell dropped directly on his bunker.

This plan is way to complex - typical amateur partisans - but with a bit of luck it might actually work.
The Cavalliere will push down the main road, supported by what is optimistically called a motorised infantry brigade of rebels - really a company of tanks and about a battalion of infantry riding everything from captured APCs to civilian trucks.
We make lots of noise and slog our way through static defences and whatever the Militia throws at us.

The good news is that we have an inside man - a traitor has introduced a dead switch which will turn off the main mine field and ring of turrets. Sure, we'll still face a hell of a lot of infantry in bunkers and even some manned turrets and static guns, but for the most part the way is clear.

Meanwhile, the rebels supposedly elite Spetsnaz regiment has infiltrated the company town to the south east. They'll move in and sow some havoc and then with support from a leg infantry brigade (again... the name is much grander than it's real size) will assault through the town to hold a blocking position just outside the EarthWerks site while we directly hit it.

The rebels are also throwing as much artillery as they can - on both the main attack and the one through the town. I saw saw seriously large guns on the way in

The best part is the Comms - our mole in the hole has ceased communication for the Militia and even set up false broadcast

A lot is riding on that guy having down his or her job - I sure as hell do t want to be stuck in a mine filled when we discover we got double crossed...
Felix Cavalli

Knight six: We are clear from that initial minefield, rolling into the second ring now.  Still mopping up casualties from those damn towers. Over

Knight 1-2: Six, dropping off our BA. They're clearing house inside that damn chokepoint - still plenty of Wobbie PBI.

Six: Roger that. All knight elements, keep pushing forward. Leave the infantry for the Rebs. Out

Redleg: knight lead, this is Redleg - standy. Firing NOW!

Six: Redleg, Six. Drop 400! Say again drop 400.

Redleg: Rodger, drop 400. Bingo!

Six: Red, Six. Fire for effect! Let 'me burn! Six, out.

Cossack Major: all unit, all units. This is Cossack - setting is Cobra, say again - Cobra. Assume Comms are compromised and Proceed with code words from now. Out.

Cossack: Ben Bella, this is Cossack. What's your status? Over

Ben Bella: Cossack, this is Ben Bella. We are WHITE NIGHT, say again WHITE NIGHT. We are taking major major casualties pushing through here - snipers and heavy weapons teams and these bastards are making us pay for every building. We are-


Ben Bella: Cossack! Dammit Cossack, this is Ben Bella. Come the hell in, over.

Cossack: Ben Bella, this is Cossack. Go. Over.

Ben Bella: we are stuffed, man! They're waiting for us - it's a trap! The minefields are back on. Half my troops are stuck out there in the mines, THEY JUST GOT CUT APART! The rest of us are stuck here getting chewed up! It's bloody murder! We are getting-

Cossack: Pull yourself together, dammit. Hold position. Code is STALINGRAD! Do you hear me? STALINGRAD. Over.

Ben Bella: hold?! Hold with what? I have maybe a company of viables left? The leg infantry has already broken and I'm supposed to hold?

Knight Six: Mauler 1-1, are you sure? Over

Mauler: Boss, I'm more sure than anything. Those are 1st Division suckers coming out of that bunker. Yasmin stuck around just long enough to get vision before they took off her arm. Feeding you the tape. Over.

Knight six: roger. Lad, your code is SAXON. Say again - SAXON. You'll have help in a couple mikes. But don't do anything heroic. Out.

Knight Six: All unit, this is Six. I want all Alphas to execute HUSSAR, say again, HUSSAR. Mauler and his boys are stuck out there in the shit and need help.

Darkness 1-1: Boss, this is Darkness. We just ran straight into a minefield. The minefield is alive again and I can see multiple turrets targeting Mauler. Looks like the rebel armour just walked straight into the mines too. Over.

Knight: ok, sit tight, Black. We'll peel you out. Code is um, STALINGRAD - but don't get too comfortable. Six out.

Knight Six: Falcon, this is Six. We have guys who desperately need your help. How far out are your birds? Over

Falcon: six, this is Falcon lead. We are in bound - five mikes. Feed me the coordinates. Over.

Knight: you understand the situation? Feeding you coordinates

Falcon: roger! Mauler is stuck but ordered to advance and has all fire priority. Darkness is digging in awaiting support. Over.

Wolf Six: I see 1st Division regulars! These guys aren't Militia!

Cossack: report!

Wolf: Codes CORNUCOPIA an' HEPHAESTUS. The above ground warehouse and smelter areas are ours. Objectives sure but forces are not advancing Knight Force has our back but we can't find the underground Movement liaison and we are rapidly getting pushed back.

Cossack Keep looking, have to evacuate our people.

Wolf: Sure, sure, I'll keep looking. Bloody ****** hell!

Cossack: Problems?

Wolf Half my troops are dead in the ****** mines! The mines were supposed to be off!

Redleg: That's a negative Wolfhound, Redleg is moving to a new position. We can't comply with your request. Your code is SIDEWINDER. Out.

Wolfhound: Thanks, Redleg. This the revolution? Screw the revolution. Have a nice friggin war! Out!

Cossack Minor: All Marshall elements, Wolfhound is deserting the fight. Any elements that make it through the minefield are to be eliminated. Out.

Ironborn: Any units, this is Ironborn! My boys are burning out here! Anyone? Can anyone hear me? All units this is -

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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This fight is taking a hell of a lot longer than I thought. So far, Cavalli's Mech elements, with armour and infantry support have pushed almost all the way into the factory complex, only to be held by first line Blakist regulars. Several breakout attempts have spread the attackers out but as yet they've failed to break through

Meanwhile, partisan infantry have been stopped cold in the adjacent urban ruins - two hours of fighting have turned the mine town into a twisted ruin of bombed out and shattered buildings.

With this, the Word springs it's trap.

Thin fog hugs the twisted landscape -  mud and earth has been churned up - which is pockmarked with craters and bits of dropped equipment.
Several Battle Suits cling to the lip of a nearby crater, tracers flicker and spit from an unseen enemy but die off as a massive mental figure strides into view.
It's a Battlemaster, picked out in grey and maroon - although it's armour is rent and burnt in several places.
It pivots and fires its arm mounted gauss rifle into the gloom and is rewarded with a distant explosion.

The image shifts as WLF03 moves forward. A flight of rockets surge past on thick contrails.
This time the image shows several bunkers built into the earth. Fortifications have been thrown up around them and infantry and armour can be seen dug in.
Suddenly, giant bay doors on the bunker's sides roll up, unveiling Battlemechs.
The first that steps forward is huge and hunched over, both arms ending gun barrels.
Twisted looking battlesuits pour out of the bay at its feet.
"Lead, we have Mechs pouring out here. Lead, I see one Archangel"

Tamarind SAFE report P00017X-MERC-0069

As discussed, the following information was gleaned from intelligence sources on Tikonov and from second hand sources in the Mercenary market.

After their advance into the EarthWerks facility stalled, Colonel Cavalli and his men found themselves in what appeared to be an untenable position. Supported by a battalion of Liao partisan troops they had become entangled between two minefields when the Blakists unleashed a further two Level IIs of Mechs and Battle Armour.

Nearby, a push by partisan infantry and special forces had found themselves stopped by dug in and determined Protectorate Militia and mainline regulars.

Colonel Cavalli then ordered a breakout, calling in his air support to perform several close support bombing runs, he cleared a narrow path through the mine field to his unit's front and engaged the newly arrived Word forces.
Among the Word troops was at least one augmented "Hands of the Master" using a Celestial design.

With their greater numbers, the mercenaries were able to breakout and encircle the Blakists, forcing them into a fighting withdrawal almost all the way into the factory gates.
Colonel Cavalli personally engaged the Celestial - his Marauder II well suited to the Archangel until he finally scored a killing shot with a PPC through its cockpit.

At this point, we expected the rebels to seize and hold  the factory - instead, we are informed the Liao partisans and Mercenary allies only briefly secured the facility  before retreating.
Several nuclear blasts were detected a short time later and it's understood the Liao rebels unleashed WMDs on both the Blakist garrison and its factory site.

SAFE's recommendation is to reach out to Cavalli's Cavaliere for future missions, despite our earlier bad blood with the unit. It's skill on Tikonov highlight how it has become a dedicated anti-Word unit and would be well worth employing for the Duchy's further operations.

They blew it up. We slogged through minefields and defensive nets, went toe to toe with MD.... and they blew it up.
After we breached the perimeter, the resistance high command put out the call - dig in and hold fast.
I was watching my sensors, so I saw it: one large multi stage rocket building speeding faster and faster from out back at the artillery park.
And it came right down on the main bunker in the middle of the factory - command and control and field hospital.
These rebels are cold blooded and I'm glad we are free of them.

On the other hand... lots of salvage.
- Felix Cavalli

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Smells like you could use a new OpFor soon...

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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Clipperton is an advanced world, originally settled by a mix of South American environmentalists keen to go back to living as one with nature. On Clipperton, they found the sort of paradise they were seeking: soaring mountains, thick, dense jungles and shining seas.
Subsequent immigrations from Terra's Spanish and French regions took place, followed by a mass influx of immigrants from Gibson's African populations several hundred years later.

Since that day, Clipperton's residents have done their best to keep their footprint to a minimum: cities are built directly into the rockface of mountains or in the heart of jungles, while tens of thousands of people live in small jungle huts - their simplistic exterior hiding high tech satellite TV, high speed LinkNet connections and air conditioning. The majority of these communities either telecommute using the high speed connections or physically commute via VTOL.
This spread out population spared the planet the true horrors of the Sucession Wars- with little to target on world, Raiders were rare.

The climate is warm and humid, with a lengthy wet season. Tropical cyclones and storms are common, but locals have learned to adapt. The lightning storms are a well known tourist attraction.

In an effort to preserve Clipperton's beauty, most heavy industry is located on the two moons, Socorro, Revillagigedo including nickel, gold, silver and platinum mining and several manufacturing centres.
Clipperton probably has the potential to be another Marik breadbasket, but it's population never sought to exploit the planet's resources that much.
Of course, Clipperton's major industry is the orbiting Irian shipyards locates at the  L1 point. The sprawling orbital site dominates Clipperton's sky, complete with spider-like gantries and superstructure that manufactures everything from Jumpship cores to whole Dropships. The Irian plant is the size of a medium sized city and has annex facilities on both moons.

Clipperton is governed by a republic and technically a planetary duke, but the noble role has laid open since 3067. More focused on personal freedoms, voter apathy is a major problem and voter turn out is notoriously low.
The Word was a welcome guest in the late 3050s and did find local adherents (its mix of worship of technology and dedication to helping others proved especially popular in Clipperton's urban areas). More importantly, its technological gifts and knowhow was appreciated by Clipperton.
By the dawn of the Jihad, Clipperton was essentially a Blakist client kingdom in the same way as neighbouring Gibson.

Precentor Ogden Wiles tucked his magnetic boots into the railing and let out a contented sigh. Below him hung a scene to send the heart soaring: a glittering net of stars against the inky black and the greenish-blue ball that was Clipperton.

And most of all - the metal skeleton form of the shipyard. Jumpship sat tethered to the sprawling station, Dropships and shuttles moving back and forth on trails of ion.
Every day was hustle and bustle amid the stars above Clipperton.
Wiles eyed each of the ships before him: a cargo hauled making the run to the second moon, a Union-class security vessel, those shuttles making a hard burn for the station.

Wiles' eyes snapped back to the trio of 72A Buses accelerating towards the station at high speed.
"Alarm! Sound the alarm!"

Julian Dekker was desperate to not throw up in his helmet. Each bump and shock seemed to rattle through the entire cargo bay, now packed full of marines.
"Ten seconds!" The cargo master yelled as the whole craft gave a massive shudder.

You're no marine, what the hell are you doing this for? Dekker thought as he snapped the plastic visor down.
On either side of him former Eagle Corps troopers were also running last minute checks on their equipment. Alys Marik's resistance was going all out in its attempt to steal several Leopard Pocket Warships from the Irian yards.

With a sickening crash, the shuttle slammed into the station, throwing Dekker hard against the restraining straps.
Electronic bolts blew, blasting a hole directly into the floating dock.
It was show time.

Just thought I'd run a little space scenario, based off the TRO: 3075 entry on the Leopard PWS entry in the meantime.
Good fun and it introduces a character who will cross paths with the Cavalliere down the track.

Meanwhile, Cavalli and co are taking a short break before returning to Marik space.

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Felix Cavalli - November 8, 3074

So, we're back in the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey. I didn't think they'd be welcoming us back after we ran out on them a few years ago. Ok, so after we ran out on them because the Lyrans held our dependants hostage and forced us to raid the Word of Blake for them.

Either way, they're offering excellent rates for an aggressive garrison contract on the Circinus Federation border. Those pirates have been acting uppity again and it's now more than obvious they have help from somewhere - up gunned Mechs and equipment and more gear than a two bit pirate kingdom should have.

Either way, we can expect to face down some Federation raids at some point.
The strange thing is, the Duchy doesn't seem to be overly keen to get us into action - we are stopping on Tamarind to meet with High Command and make nice before even heading to our garrison on Edmonson.

The liaison officer is shuttling over to the Dropship shortly. Gotta go.

Grolliers' Guide to the Inner Sphere, 3067 edition.

Edmondson  is a feudal autocracy that has been fighting a losing battle to stay that way.
Planetary First Lord, Count Franco Nevarre rules over the planet and is sworn to the Duchy of Tamarind but is facing increasing public sentiment pushing for democratic reform. Numerous neighbouring planets transitioned to republics decades ago and Count Nevarre's regime makes liberal use of internal purges and secret police to keep order.
The planet also maintains a large Militia, including a Mech company staffed exclusively by young noble scions.
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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Zanzibar, Tamarind
Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey
November 30, 3074

I still can't get over how beautiful is here. From the Dropship it just looked like deserts and rocks - apparently the planet has been so torn apart by constant war nothing grows here.
But when we got into the capital I was totally blown away - the city looks like an inverted cyclone, with each street closer to the centre higher and grander, all wrapped in glass and steel. And inside, all the buildings are so beautiful with split levels and floor to ceiling murals and hanging art.
It's like literally an oasis.

I heard the Colonel even met with the Duchess and her son Photon. He still looks super hot despite being way old.  This contract is going to be heaps better.
There's a rumour we are going to be shipped out to garrison an academy or something on the other continent. Which would suck - but at least there will be cadets there.

Greta Krame holo diary entry

I don't like being spread out so much like this, but the Tams are paying us top dollar and treating us nice. So what can we do?
Still no word on when we are supposed to move up - Marshall Brett-Marik (although I hear he's dropping the Brett now...) told m he wants us to increase security along the perif border, with the option of striking several known pirate strongholds.
But for now, they're shifting both Mech companies to Mal Kham to garrison the major refit and repair depot.
Of course, facilities are very basic over there so we are actually going to be billeted in what will eventually be the Jeremy Brett Memorial Academy or some such - at the moment it's some modular housing shipping container, mech bays and a lecture hall, so we'll be living rough on what is essentially a construction site.
We'll also be bunking in with the engineering battalion and civilian crews building the school.
That means we are leaving our dependents and armour here in the capital.
Like I said, I don't like being spread out.

- Felix Cavalli

Garrison and mercenaries... it always ends like this. For the past, I dunno... four years we have seemingly been in constant combat.
Now with down time, the troops are bored and getting into mischief.
There's been four brawls and a stabbing in the last fortnight and every Sunday the tavernkeepers and brothel owners of nearby Mal Kham present me with a bill for the broken furniture and smashed property as my people blow off steam

Normally I don't mind if they play rough (no murder, no rape, no that - ill hang you myself. Broken bones and furniture is ok) but it's started to have an effect. Barrett and Mo managed to get into a nasty blue over Ginnifer, one of the newly promoted apprentice Mechwarriors. Moses had a massive thing for the girl and didn't realise his lance commander was already secretly seeing her. I had to break that up and personally chew both of them out.

I'm also desperate for us to make a good impression on our paymasters here. The liaison officer Force Commander Zoe del Toro is very, very by the book and I don't want her reporting back we are a bunch of thugs.
- Felix Cavalli
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"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Oily black smoke rises to blot out the dusk sky. The camera is shot down a road that leads straight towards a chain link fence topped with razor wire and the shattered remains of a steel gate and guardhouse.
Beyond the wire the scene is abrupt desert, brown crags and jumbled rocks jutting up suddenly amid the sand

The gate is a mess. A white hovervan has smashed through the fence and now rests several metres inside the wire, the gate's remains still wrapped around the van's nose.
The vehicle is now a wreck, an explosion has gutted it, leaving backend and twisted metal and the body peeled open. The cabin's glass windscreen is shattered and starred by bullet holes.
The adjacent guard house is pretty much gone - one wall has collapsed and the roof has given way. Two bodies lay spreadeagled on the  roadway.

Tracers flicker near the fire, a large amount of ordnance is pouring out into the badlands and there's the occasional flash of explosion.

There's an explosion nearby, stirring up a whirlwind of gritty dust that obscures the camera's view. When the picture clears the camera is laying on its side, partially obscured.
Striding towards it is a hulking figure: he's huge, well over two metres and his muscles strain against his leather jerkin and Battle dress.
Black, geometric tattoos cover both cheeks and reach up the shaved sides of his head to the Mohawk.
But it's the cybernetic enhancements that are the most shocking - the left eye has been replaced by a bulbous, chrome replacement with a flickering red optic. Steel and wires run down the trooper's jaw and into his mouth.

The giant totes a light machine gun like it's a toy as he strides forward, one giant foot crunching down on the camera.

Zanzibar Now - BREAKING NEWS ALERT December 3

The screen shows a shot of a military base amid a desert landscape, the image appears to have been shot from a hovering VTOL.
Smoke and flame pour from the front gate and at least four of the pre-fab buildings are well alight -  tracers spit back and forth between several buildings.

The image pans to an adjacent refit and factory site - there's a smoking crater where the front gate once stood and and several smaller fires can be seen behind the main building. A hulking Archer in grey with maroon trim stands guard. There's black smudges around its LRM missile ports.

The crawl reads: Mercenaries repel raid on Vankateswara BattleMech Refit Facility, heavy casualties

The image is now directly over the refit facility. There's a row of bodies - all of them huge, bulky types who look... odd. Several Battle Suits stride up to the row and one casually flicks an arm up and sprays the corpses with machine gun fire.

The image changes again. This time it's an urban scene - a broad avenue of soaring glass and steel buildings. A Galleon light tank rests on its side, burning.

The crawl reads: Tamarind forces push raiders out of Zanzibar. Civilian death toll feared in hundreds.

The next shot shows a podium set in front of a bullet scarred building. It's a grand government building with towering columns in white marble. But that beauty is now marred by scorch marks and holes.

A tall, rangy man with a shock of black hair and wearing a FWL dress uniform strides forward holding a sheet of paper. He looks visibly distressed as he settles behind the podium and looks around.
Behind him stand four grim faced troopers wearing dark, hunter's green combat coveralls and green helmets marked with a single white stripe over the crown.
All keep their laser rifles held firmly.

The crawl reads: Marshall Photon Brett-Marik to address situation.

SAFE agent report-000021TYR-877-BRAVO
FRC-CMMDR Zoe del Toro


Attached is my report on the attack on Cavalli’s Cavalire as part of the wider assault on Tamarind. At approximately 1800 the mercenary compound was attacker by mortars and recoiless rifles.
A level of sophistication or inside intel is suggested, with the fire directed at the headquarters building and living quarters occupied by the unit’s CO, XO and infantry commander.

At approximately the same time, a vehicle-born suicide bomber attacked the compound’s front gate, killing two infantry troopers on guard duty.
With the compound now in chaos, the raiders commenced their attack on the adjacent refit and repair facility. Another truck bomb struck the main gate, while a smaller one attempted to plough through the fence on the eastern side.

It’s to Colonel Cavalli’s credit that he had concentrated the bulk of his defenders around the facility. Battle Armour and infantry managed to destroy the eastern truck attack and suppress an infantry attack that came in its wake.
The main truck attack caused major damage to the facility wall and killed a mercenary Battle Armour trooper and several civilian technicians.

The main attack then commenced.
Colonel Cavalli and I were in the headquarters building when the initial attack occurred. Despite the building sustaining major damage, he quickly had the non-combatants evacuated to nearby bunkers and started trying to coordinate the defence.

With a mixed squad of dismounted Mechwarriors, Techs, infantry troops and support personnel he established a perimeter around the building.
At this point, an estimated platoon of raiders pushed through the main gate.
The raiders were also still dropping mortar rounds into the compound, in an effort to keep the Mechwarriors from reaching the main bay.
The next three hours saw a mix of dismounted and irregular mercenaries support troops work with infantry and BA to push back approximately a company or so of raiders.
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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Sounds like I might need to make a Free-FWL! militia OpFor...

Groovie man! O0

Khan,Clan Iron Dolphin
Azeroth Pocketverse

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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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After those Circinus Federation crazies hit us we got the old "hurry up and wait" routine. Full alert, sally out. Then back to barracks. Rinse and repeat.
Then a month ago we get the word - we are going to go kick some Feddie arse, get moving out.
I gotta say, the parade through Zanzibar, all those cheering civvies made me feel like a regular hero.

Then we sat on the Tarmac for four days after we got Word the Ramses had a helium seal crack. But the Duchy were all very accommodating and had us transfer to a merchantman waiting at the nadir while our ship settled into the dry dock.

And more waiting. Instead of going over the border and smashing the bastards who killed Aubrey and the others we landed on Edmonson on the border and... waited.
The Colonel said the Marshall changed his mind as we burnt for orbit - now we are protecting Edmonson in case of another attack, but I can't get over the feeling something more is going on.

- Taigh Barrett

Edmonson. I much preferred Tamarind. Or anywhere else. It's decent enough, Terran type planet - mostly jungle, desert and swampland. And it's hot and humid as hell.
But technology-wise, it's something from centuries ago... or the deep periphery.
The planetary count seems paranoid and fixated on a revolution, so he's desperately hoarding anything better than personal computers and vidphones for himself.
The rest of the planet is living in the 19th century, regularly dying of the plague or malnutrition.

We left our Armoured company on Tamarind to protect our dependants, meanwhile 1st Company is situated in Edmonson's capital and the rest of us are out guarding the water purification plants on the edge of the swamp. Fun.

The only interesting thing is how close the Colonel is getting with our liaison. I mean real close - the way they were all touchy after the Federation.
Force Commander del Toro is a total doll, but surely he's got to realise she's SAFE, right?
- Taigh Barrett

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Meanwhile, across the border...

Anyone remember this guy?

January 2, 3075
Enlightened Thought training camp, outskirts of Great Brown Desert

Gideon Larsen  centred his crosshairs over the man-shaped target and squeezed the trigger. The locally made Bell-3 SMG had a kick like a mule and while he put two rounds over the target's heart, the third and fourth were high and to the right as the recoil pulled his muzzle up.

Swearing under his breath he flicked on the safety and slung the weapon.
"Not bad, kid. Learn that in the AFFS?"

The Mechwarrior turned to face the hulking, dark skinned man. "Something like that, boss. Any chance the Major is going to unleash us on the League or Marians?"

For two months Barton's Boozehounds had sat on Circinus training and waiting. The rumour was they'd be training local recruits soon.
But Larsen wanted action - he's participated in one of the biggest military actions of recent history in the form of OPERATION SOVEREIGN JUSTICE, but since then he'd felt like he'd been sitting idle.
A stint in military prison and then three years scratching out a hand to mouth existence as a Mercenary not withstanding. Hell, Barton had plucked him out of a Galatea dive just as he was spending his last few credits.

"The word is we are taking in a new lot of local recruits today. Something big is being cooked up - hell kid, a couple tens of light years away people are fighting and dying? And for what?"

As his lance leader said those words, a sudden cloud of dust appeared on the horizon. Within minutes it had formed into a convoy of low slung hover trucks - each with a tarped over rear section packed full of people.
"Guess our work is about to commence."

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #346 on: 28 September 2017, 19:08:44 »
i remember
"For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill, And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #347 on: 02 October 2017, 21:14:55 »

BREAKING NEWS: Circinus raiders assault Poulsbo, Duchy forces scramble to respond.

Raiders from the Circinus Federation have assaulted and occupied Poulsbo, as well as several Lyran worlds in a string of overwhelming attacks over the border. Duchy authorities are yet to comment, only confirming this morning via a statement, that we are under attack.
The invasion comes only months after a Circinus sponsored terror attack on Tamarind itself.
More to come...

Recording: Edmonson Planetary Spaceport, Edmonson
Control room camera
2142 local time
May 2, 3075

Sensor tech: sir, that's another EMP surge - I would say that's another Jumpship. That makes four of them now. Someone has jumped a full on fleet on top of us.

Officer of the watch (Taige Barrett): well, if this equipment wasn't two centuries old we could probably tell more. Anyway we can up the power on those scans?

Series of clicks from the computer.

Tech: at this point we are getting only-

There's a whoosh as the door opens.

Two people enter: the man is short and heavy set with dark hair cut close and starting to grey at the temples. His beard is thick and dark. He's wearing jeans, boots and a flannel shirt that's half tucked in. But there's a large calibre pistol holstered at his waist.
The woman is petite and dark haired with her FWL undress uniform half buttoned up and in disarray.
The pair look very sheepish and are desperate to avoid eye contact with each other.

Cavalli: what's the situation?

There's a series of clicks and beeps.

Barrett: we detected multiple jump signatures at the nadir point a short time ago. Looks like a big fleet.

Del Toro: any IDs? Is it the Federation?

She steps into the frame: she's beautiful and very fine featured with dark hair and a heart shaped faced.

Tech: dunno. This system is so old I can barely make anything out. Ah! There!

A string of alphanumerics run across the screen. The tech starts typing quickly.
Cavalli leans in over his shoulder.

Cavalli: "Pride of Buena, Eisenburg, Bruno Heinmann" - these are Lyran ships. What the hell is Steiner up to?

Del Toro: Esos hijos de puta!

Tech: they're hailing us! Colonel, they want to speak with you!

I guess this means we are part of something historic. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to stand on Terra and kick the shit out of the Blakists... but this is good to.
A joint Lyran-FWL counter attack to retake worlds overrun by these Feddies in March.
And we finally get a little pay back.

When I say joint Lyran-FWL, that's not exactly true. It's the Tamarind Duchy's forces for one and dribs and drabs from the Buena Archonette.
We are burning in for Khon Kaen along with elements of the 1st fusiliers and the 4th Alliance Guards. We are a merry little multi-national team.
And down on the surface... who knows what awaits us
- Taigh Barrett

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #348 on: 03 October 2017, 22:04:40 »
Khon Kaen burns. It is The Master’s will.

While our forces are strong and loyal - not one of my men will retreat in the face of the heretics unless ordered - we face overwhelming odds.

Our mission was to unite humanity - at least we seem to have accomplished that. A joint Lyran/FWL Force is now tearing through our Federation allies.
The Precentor estimates the unbelievers brought a full Mech battalion, a light brigade of armour and a brigade of infantry against us, plus maybe close to a regiment of mercenaries. And their fighters... we have nothing to match the sheer amount of fighters raining death down on us.

They took Pattaya - the capital - after dropping almost right on top and smashing the Circinus battalion there. My people had spent months working and training those new recruits and now most of them lay dead before the unbelievers. Our mercenary companions - these Barton’s Boozefighters managed to fight their way free from that trap but took heavy casualties. I hear their XO was captured and they abandoned most of their armoured company when they ran into blocking forces.

I led my II out and we managed to briefly stall the Lyrans, but there were so many of them. Hornsby died when his Exterminator went critical and Leeza’s ejection was fouled.

Now the Precentor has pulled us back. Our Federation allies are still holding out around the main spaceport and along the industrial sector, but he’s already looking ahead. To defeat.

He took one battle group - mostly Circinus recruits and some of those ROM types - and skirted around the Waeng Ya port. I’ve got the other - the remains of my II, What’s left of the Boozefighters and maybe a Level II of brand new Feddie recruits. None of hem have received the “upgrades”.
We are to fall back into the badlands and start moving back to the hidden droppers.
Let the Word know what happened here.
We will have our revenge - the Master’s will will be done.

- Adept IX Markus Black
Khon Kaen, June 21 3075

That was rough. Real rough.
City fighting is never pretty - but when you're facing fanatics that won't stand down, won't give an inch, its brutal
When you're facing those kinds of fanatics in a city... and they're cyber'ed  up with combat implants and battle drugs... it's hell.
- Taigh Barrett

I'm sick of writing letters to families and loved ones that tells them their son/daughter/etc died under my command.
What's worse is when they're tied so closely to the unit like Ginnifer. After we rotate back I'll have to see her adoptive mother every day. The same woman who also lost her wife fighting for me.

Ginnie and two of our newly hired BA troopers fell taking that wretched city. All up, Big Bear also lost his Assassin and Electra's Dervish is gone. And all of us took serious damage. I think 2nd Company was more spare parts than Mech after their slug through the eastern suburbs.

We dropped directly into the Freddie positions - the Lyran RCT commander decided mercs would go in first with heavy fighter cover, smash out a beach head and clear the way for his troops. Meanwhile, the Tamarind troops dropped just outside and cut off any escape.
We might all be on we happy family but the Steiners and Hawks aren't exactly cooperating.

Anyway, us and two battalions of O'Gordon's Rifles came in hot but the drop was all fouled up - we were all mixed in and I ended up using Command, Fire, Hunter and Pursuit lances to push into the city. We faced a mixed battalion of Circinus troops - all dug in and willing to die.

Every block we smashed through - bombed out and burnt buildings - we found more of them holed up.
Battle Armour got Gin - pulling her from her Firestarter and shooting her in the street, Kramer got downed tangling with a Shootist and Electra was shot to pieces as we came down.

By the next morning we linked up with the remains our the Cavalliere and a battalion of Rifles and pushed deeper in.
Finally, our Lyran friends arrived to save the day. Meanwhile, we spent 40 odd hours fighting and dying.
- Felix Cavalli

The only upside is those O'Gordon's Rifles boys gave us first chop at the salvage. We picked up a Kintaro and a Falcon Hawk. Both Blakist jobs.
Plus a couple of Royal model Demon assault tanks.
My techs are already in there fixing both Mechs up. Word is that after we finish mopping up, we are going to scour some unpopulated planets the bosses think might hold more Feddies.
- Angella Rizzo

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"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #349 on: 08 October 2017, 20:19:03 »
Things are moving. Fast.
After smashing the Freddie raider, we were gearing up for another couple of attacks - take the fight to them.
Instead, we got an urgent message and the Colonel met with some guy - all,very hush hush.

Next thing I know, we're told our contract has been bought out.
Someone must have had damn deep pockets to buy our year-long contract from the Duchy of Tamarind - plus, whoever it is would have had to impress the Duchy significantly that the contract was against the Word.
- Taigh Barrett

When most people say "corporate gig" they usually mean defending offices and company headquarters. Maybe some close personal security for VIPs.
Mostly, nice and easy duty. Not this time.

Maybe an hour after the service for Gin and our BA troopers, the Colonel gets a message. Me and him were required to shuttle back to what was left of the capital where I thought we were going to get new attack orders from the higher ups.
Instead we met Morten Chandler - little guy in a crumpled suit with a chain smoking habit. I'd never heard of him but Felix said he's some sort of legend in FWL intel circles.
A spook, an information broker.

He was representing Irian Unlimited, who were discreetly working with Alys Marik's resistance.
Seems our contract has been bought out - and a substantial sweetener offered to Tamarind - and we are off to Irian.
Yeah, that Irian where we got our arses kicked not so long ago.
Now all we gotta do is help the on-world revolution kick the Word off planet.
- Joe Paige 

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #350 on: 09 October 2017, 20:53:01 »
Tower Control: roger that Sky Tracker, moving you to secondary.

Blessed Vision: Tower, this is Blessed Truth on final,approach. Submitting final clearance now.

Tower: we see you Blessed Vision. Wait one... your clearance checks out. We'll be taking manual control from you now. We are taking control remotely, now.

Vision: Roger. Thanks for the lift.

Lion: All units, this is Lion. We have IPL contacts in the wire. This is a general alert. Say again, we are on a general alert.

Vision: Err, tower? Are we coming down in the middle of a gunfight?

Tower: all good Vision, just some Irian Partisan League pukes. Security will deal with it in a second.
Now, lay back and take it - we are guiding you in.

Vision: we are down! Thanks for the ride, tower. Commencing pre-embankment checklist. Out.

Watchdog: Blessed Vision, this is Watchdog. Prepare for boarding for a routine customs and border clearance check. We are two minutes away. Please undo the T5 hatch and await further instructions.

Vision: roger that.

Felix Cavalli rested his chin in his hands as the last message came in. Like everyone in the Overlord class Dropship's bridge he worn the light grey coveralls stitched with IrTech across the breast.
"Let's hope the IPL know what they're doing," he said.
On the main screen, he could see a party of four people walking across the retractable bridge leading from the main building to their dropper.
Three were clearly classic corporate security in bulky armour and helmets, the fourth was rotund and wore a richly dressed blouse and cloak despite the extreme heat.
Beside him his hulking XO shrugged.
"If not, those people are going to get on board and find two companies of Mechs and an infantry company instead of water purifiers," he said.
Joe Paige stood and readjusted his pistol belt. The 10mm TK Enforcer looked tiny next to his bulk.
"And in that case, this is going to be the fastest rebellion ever."

So, we did it. We snuck in right under the noses of the Word of Blake thanks to the Irian Partisan League. It seems the IPL has the planet pretty well worked over.
Apart from the three divisions of Protectorate Militia keeping the Broadsword flying overhead.
We came in on a Marik ship with codes bought by Alys' resistance to say we were a regular resupply mission.
Our dependants, our own ships and the Armoured elements all remain on Tamarind - this is the sort of op that makes me worry about having to make a fast getaway and while I'd like to have the Ramses in orbit and our own Droppers nearby, it's just too dangerous.

Technically, we are employed by Arcadia Mining as an auxiliary security element. We landed on Irian at Kirin River as merchants and then marched off our equipment into a Maglev bound for a neighbouring Arcadia facility. The IPL are masters of manipulating the on world computer networks.
My only concern is that so are the Word.
- Felix Cavalli

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Tales from the Jihad on Irian

Saul Uriel smiled and nodded at the big man behind the cafe's counter.
"You need a copy?" The hulking server said, gesturing to the payment terminal. The man was huge and grossly fat, his stomach hanging well over his greasy trousers and straining the limits of his stained shirt.

Saul shook his head. "No thanks," he said reaching forward to tap his payment chit against the machine's side.
In a second there was a chime and the "PAYMENT APPROVED" message flashed up.
Stalling for a second and shifting awkwardly Saul looked around.
Beyond the greasy ball of lard the female cook hurriedly about the kitchen.

Pity, the food was actually really good.

"Well?" The fat man growled, crossing meaty arms across his ample gut.

Saul raised both hands, "all good, thanks again."

It could be any mid town Kirin River cafe, complete with scrambled Gruai eggs and Irian smoked bacon and surly service.
Except, Saul knew the fat owner was named Shrin Maldive and in addition to regularly clearing the cafe for Protectorate Militia troops he also passed on any information he had to his Blakist masters, selling out neighbours and customers for cash.

The customer pointedly didn't glance back at his recently vacated table or the bag he'd left there.

Stepping out into the street, Saul only paused to light a cigarette - shielding it from the light drizzle.
He was half way down the street and had already merged into the morning foot traffic when the blast tore through the cafe.

"GO! Go! GO!"
The apartment's door exploded off its hinges as the breaching charge went off in a cloud of dirty smoke.
Instantly, the crouched trooper leap forward and surged through the portal.
There was a brief chatter of automatic gunfire and then calls of "CLEAR!" From inside.

Commander Neko Stephens was the last to enter the breached apartment - although none of her troopers would ever consider her a coward. Five years leading Irian Technology's Hostage Rescue Team Two and she had proved her courage under fire repeatedly to everyone of them
There wasn't a man or woman on the team who wouldn't throw themselves on a grenade or take a bullet for their boss - knowing she'd do likewise.

Neko slung her AX-22 to use both hands to open up her helmet - clamshell style, with the advanced optics package shoved up onto her head and the breathing mask sliding down past her chin.
Her crew had taken positions about the apartment - each of them bulky to the point of ridiculousness in their armour and bulbous helmets.
IrTech's HRT and SWAT elements utilised the heaviest unpowered armour around and were equipped with a dazzling arrange of weapons. Two Gauss teams had been keeping overwatch and each of her troopers were loaded to bare.

Even Neko's AX-22 was a specially built upgunned model - computer jacks straight into her night vision goggles/HUD that fed her targeting info and told her how many rounds she had, flash suppressor, underslung 40mm grenade launcher and the extended 30 round magazine.

And all of it to do something the ****** Militia should be doing, she thought as she entered the room. Faced with a seemingly omnipresent and highly effective revolution, the three regiments of Protectorate Militia seemed reluctant to fight. Instead, while they managed the "planetary macro defence", the dirty work had been handed to IrTech's massive security agency.

While IrTech maintained a standing army bigger than some periphery realms and had long ago taken over the planetary police contract, Neko didn't like counter insurgency work.

Take this for example, she mused.

The front room of the flat was a mess: a Tri-Vid player resting on a stack of mouldering pizza cartons, a battered lounge and an overturned recliner were the only furniture. Empty beer and whiskey bulbs and bottles were scattered across the floor.
Neko strode over to the overturned chair - sprawled in it lay a man wearing old grimy shorts and three bullet holes puncturing his torso.
A fourth had taken off the top of his head, spattering blood and brains across the cheap carpeting beyond him.

Just out of the corpse's reach - presumably kicked aside by the clearing trooper - lay a compact pistol
Thor 7mm, Neko noticed absently. Used by cops and corp security across the FWL. And easy to buy on the black market

She passed through the kitchen and into one of the bedrooms. Two of her troops stood guard over a huddle of cuffed and shackled people while a third checked off names and IDs on a noteputer.
Staff Sergeant Vincent Wu had shed his helmet, allowing the commander to see the big man's eyes. They were pure silver, a result of his Cybernetic argumentation.
While cybernetics were heavily promoted by the Blakists, FWL prejudices ran strong and Neko was always slightly disturbed when she saw more of her countrymen embracing them.

The commander began her own survey of the prisoners - checking their names and faces against the images on her wrist comp. Each face was roughly pulled up to reveal a look of contempt and hate - or fear.
Two men - one in his 50s, the other about 35, a woman about the same age, two males about 19 and a girl who was maybe 15 or 16.
She stopped over the man in his 30s.

"Robert LeGraves, 37, mechanic, formerly of the Templeton District. Now Irian Partisan League bombmaker," she said, glancing at the screen on her wrist.
"You though hiding down here would save you, eh?"
She gestured and one of her men hauled the rebel to his feet and frogmarched him out.

Then her helmet chimed - it was a priority signal. Neko quickly took the call, dropping her visor back into place so she could watch the visual.
"Excellent work, Commander Stephens. LeGraves will be interrogated at once to determine what he knows."
Precentor Sharon DeSadt appeared to be sitting in her office, her white robe billowing out over the black office chair.

"We'll debrief the rest of the detainees here and then bring them in for questioning," Neko said, motioning at Wu to begin getting the prisoners up.

"That won't be required, commander. We only need LeGraves and the rest can't be allowed to talk. Dispose of them."

Neo began to protest when the image and audio went dead.

Wu and the other trooper had got the group to their feet when their commander told them to stop. And leave the room.

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Well, Jerome Blake came to Irian.
Militia took aim at me, though all I did was stare,
Blake’d Hang me for an IPL, so from Kirin River I took my leave o’there,
I fought those bastard on the ground, I fought them  bastards in the air,
Though Johnny Blake unleashed their nuclear flight, every man n woman will keep up the fight!

- Irian Partisan League popular song.
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"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Irian and the 37 martyrs: A blood soaked revolution
- Tamarind Catholic University Press, 3087

The prelude to Irian's December revolution started on November 17 with the arrest of Jian Carlo-Mindoro by IrTech security services as part of a random traffic stop.
Carlo-Mindoro was a metal worker at Dyson Steel and a longtime bootlegger and smuggler who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Stopped by IrTechSec, who were augmenting regular police patrols in Kirin River, Carlo-Mindoro pulled a snub nosed .38 revolver and opened fire as police stopped his car.
He injured one officer, before being pursued down an alley and shot 27 times by pursuing agents.
A later search discovered his car contained several kilograms of Oriente Black Brew coffee which had been illegally imported.

The death sparked widespread condemnation and triggered labour strikes and protests across Kirin River. The deceased was a member of the United Brotherhood of Metal Worker union, who walked out of numerous plants and founderies across the city.
Subsequent clashes between the UBMW and allied unions and government forces eventually saw the Protectorate Militia deploy several companies of combat troops.
In Kentwood, the sprawling western metropolis, strikers joined students and disgruntled citizens in a series of occupy protests that ground the city to a halt. Unable to escort strikebreakers into the primary garbage and recycling plant past hordes of jeering and often violet sanitation workers and students, a Protectorate Militia Stinger opened fire and killed 26 protesters.

That incident would trigger planet-wide protests and violent rebellion. Largely urban and well educated, Irian's population had previously been content to mostly allow the Word run their world as long as entertainer stayed running and climate control systems operated.
But now, thousand took to the streets - occupying Irian's Supreme Court complex, schools, universities and even government facilities
IrTech's production ground to a halt as workers rose up or walked out and vital systems across Kirin River and surrounds suddenly stopped running as technicians defected.
All of this was only further worsened as Irian Partisan League rebels launched sabotage and offensive operations - including sniper attacks and bombings against Protectorate Militia and WoB administrators.

Things came to a head on November 21. Ten IPL fighters had organised to meet unionists and students in a warehouse on Klein St, Kirin River to discuss the next move.
The Word of Blake would later allege the warehouse was a weapons cache and safe house and that the fighters were in the process of supplying weapons to rioters.
The IPL disputed this. Either way, as the meeting occurred Protectorate Militia troops struck, using infantry and Tornado power suits, supported by light tanks to assault the building.
The firefight would rage for five hours, required the deployment of Militia VTOL gunships and a lance of Battlemechs.
In the end, all 10 IPL fighters were killed, along with Dr Adolph Lee, a prominent union lawyer and organiser, and 29 Irian Protectorate Militia troopers.

The Militia and elements of the IrTech security would continue a string of anti-partisan operations throughout the  next week, rounding up thousands and burning homes and businesses deemed enemy safe houses
For the most part, rioters and rebels kept low until December 5 when an all out offensive struck.

When the uprising was triggered, the message was "remember the 37 martyrs".

The Comms were full of static. Static and false orders. After a week of relative calm, Commander Neko Stephens had almost convinced herself things had returned to normal.
Then this computer problem. Glancing at her comm screen set on her desk she could see a dozen contridactory messages flashing up. IrTech Security teams being ordered to muster at a certain place or stand down or do this or that.
And then the screen would descend into static and start all again.

It was 2300 and she was just about to call about the issue when her door crashed open.
Staff Sergeant Vincent Wu and two of her troopers strode in. She realised all three were in full armour and Wu cradled a Needler rifle.

"What's up?" She said. She'd worked with Wu for four years, sponsored his promotion to staff. Plus her sidearm sat on her desk in reach.
She wasn't worried.

Wu kept the rifle trained on her. His cyber eyes glowed silver in the light.
"IPL wants you dead ma'am. But it doesn't need to be that way. We are her to make sure you escape."

She was turning back to the comm screen when it hit her. This rebellion was everywhere - even her XO was in.
Nico spun back to the trio.
"But you... you're..." she inclined her chin at his eyes.

The NCO smiled.
"Don't let the cyber work fool you. It was just the best way to convince the Word I was onside', he said.
Then Wu reached out and cocked the ugly, blunt looking rifle.

"Nico, everyone on this team would follow you to hell. But this is our home, you come with us and we can get you outta here."

Nico nodded. She then dived forward and snatched her pistol off the desk. The 9mm caught briefly on the neo-leather holster. Just enough to add a second onto her dive.
The needler coughed - even this close up it just sounded like a dull grunt - and next thing she was flung backwards in her chair.
There was pain, White hot and tingling across her left side and shoulder.

Nico realised she couldn't make her limbs move, everything was so heavy as she tried to sit up.

There were heavy treads and Wu came into her vision. She realised she must have fallen off her chair because she was looking up at him.
Distantly, she could see his silver eyes were all clouded now, like a fogged up windscreen.
As Wu shot her again she realised he was trying to cry but those silver lenses had stopped him

Being held back to watch the transmitting towers while the rest of the unit rolls out to liberate Kirin River sounded really shitty last night.
Today, when the Protectorate Militia threw at company or so at my lance and a hodgepodge of IPL infantry... not so much.

We knew we had to keep those towers Broadcasting or this whole revolution was done. And so did the Word. About 0600, with the thick fog still hanging over the valley they tried to sneak their BA in. Luckily one of our pickets heard them and let rip
Otherwise, those Purifiers would have been all over us.

Next they dropped arty on us and tried to charge in from two directions.
I managed to bottle up a lance of their Mechs and some armour in a valley/canal, while we held off the BA on the left.
It was in close, but the jagged terrain helped.

In a couple minutes I'd holed a Bandersnatch and captured it and we drove off the BA. My ace in the hole was a couple of IPL Stygians we raced around their rear - we only had two but it convinced the Wobbies they were flanked and done.
And they fell back - leaving two tanks burning and the Bandersnatch in our hands.
Our IPL infantry buddies suffered, but otherwise it was clean and easy!
- Taigh Barrett

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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December 5, 3075

Precentor Bernard Schleyer hurled the monitor across the room in disgust. The cheap plastic casing cracked open, exposing the machine's inner parks as the screen went black with a puff of smoke.
Glaring around the room he snarled.
"You people are supposed to be the representatives of the will of Blake's word on Irian... and this... this is what you bring me?"
He stared at each of his subordinates gathered around the conference table.

The head of the Irian Protectorate Militia pointedly starred at his hands steepled on the hardwood table, the chief of IrTech Security - actual the 2iC, no one could find the head since this morning's uprising - avoided his eyes while Word's chief administrator kept looking straight ahead.
Only Precentor Tobias Stephens, Schleyer's legal attaché would meet his eye.
The short, stocky little man just smiled as he indicated the holographic display that took up the opposite wall.
"We could just shoot the all?" Stephens said

Irian's Word of Blake head ignored the remark and turned to the display. From floor to ceiling, the far wall was a holographic display, divided into a dozen images.
In the centre several Protectorate Militia troopers and a Galleon light tank were falling back down a broad highway. Fighters in a mishmash of clothing and combat equipment pursued them, tracers flickering back and forth.

There, a Spartan stood surrounded by burning buildings. The vision zoomed in on a pair of fighters. The woman looked young - about 16 - and was wearing a bulky flak jacket over her thin frame. She was helping the man shoulder a man pack SRM launcher, which he quickly spun towards the camera.

Further over, a flaming barricade had been thrown across an inner city road. Figures crouched near the barrier and adjacent buildings. VTOLs zipped over head.

"Get out of here. Fix it," Schleyer yelled.

He slumped back into his chair as the group filed out the door. The noteputer in front of him showed a map of Kirin River - red spotchs showed suspected enemy positions.
A big red splash down the main arterial highway, blotches scattered about it.

Cavalli’s Cavaliere were in the thick of the brutal fighting for Irian during the December uprising.
Cavaliere elements supported the main thrust into Kirin River, tackling several command and strong points. Another part of the unit carried out a raid on an IrTech facility on the edge of the city - apart from a small loyalist elements, IrTech had overwhelmingly sided with the rebels.
The Irian Protectorate Militia mostly stayed loyal but increasingly found itself cut off and pinned down by IPL elements or even locked in battle with disloyal elements.
This prevented most of the Militia from mobilising.

At 0930, IPL and Cavalli’s Cavaliere assaulted an IrTech warehouse facility, brushing aside occupying elements of the Militia and securing a full squadron of older model Transgressors. The fighters had previously been earmarked for the HeavyHell Raisers, but were shuffled into storage after their defection.
These fighters were used by the Raisers and IPL volunteers to devolved a crippling blow against the Word.

Meanwhile, Colonel Cavalli led a direct attack on downtown Kirin River, capturing command and control facilities. This assault - while costly - allowed the IPL to quickly break out and secure most of the capital.
- The Merc Trade: Jihad Edition, 3081

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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and to think, we held those streets while that crook Stephens ran. Later I heard him trying to tell people those brave boys from the 1st Protectorate Militia held the breach open while the wounded and civilians managed to escape, but all I saw was him and his cronies running while we died.
- The Jihad: The Word's stories. Vice Press, New Earth, 3091

Axxmann: By 1300 we were surrounded and desperate to break out. My platoon was down to maybe 12 effective and we'd run into some other odds and sods - more Protectorate Militia, some IrTech Corporate Security who'd stayed loyal - or hadn't managed to slip away yet - and even some Word civilians.
Most of us were reservists only equipped with a mix of stuff - equipment captured from the partisans, Word cast offs, even old Lyran surplus - and people were starting to slip off and try and return home when the next big push came.

Interrogator: But you held them together?

Axxmann: well I threatened to shoot anyone who broke yeah. At that point a Partisan Bulldog smashed through the opposite building. It walked right into our gun team who put a RPG through the side.
The blast was huge and the infantry behind the tank were totally stalled. It was another hour before they managed to push us out of those buildings. We ran with the Partisans hot on our heels.

Interrogator: How many were left?

Axxmann: Four of us broke out. I saw Bullard go down as soon as we broke cover. I dunno what happened to Penn.
I made it back to the next strongpoint with one other man.

Interrogator: And then?

Axxmann: And then they put me in charge of another 10 poor bastards and told me to get back in the line. A grenade went off about a foot from me maybe 20 minutes later and I went down. Then you lot picked me up.

- Log of interrogation with Lieutenant Eric Axxmann, 1st Protectorate Militia
Irian, December 12 3075

Captain Michal Ferić is to be commended for his actions in Kirin River, Irian between December 5-10, during which he led numerous assaults on heavily entrenched Protectorate Militia positions in an effort to liberate the city from the Word of Blake.
Piloting a Thunderbolt Battlemech and leading a battalion sized "commando" made up mostly of infantry and light armour, he was successful in capturing several Blakist Fire Control Centres that had been coordinating the city's defence. His bravery and quick thinking during this attack probably shortened the resistance's efforts by up to a week.
- Order of the Saber nomination submission submitted by IPL leadership.

Michal "Mike" Ferić (November 21, 3041- November 26, 3077) was a Free Worlds League soldier and rebel, best known fro his actions during the Word of Blake Jihad.

A graduate of the Legionary Training Academy, Newcastle-born Ferić was assigned to the 8th Free Worlds Legionnaires as a Lieutenant Senior Grade when the Word of Blake Jihad broke out. Despite chaffing under the Blakist yoke over the FWL, Ferić continued to take part in joint anti-insurgency work with the on planet 15th Division.

In 3070 he was promoted to Captain and personally awarded the Distinguished Service Award by Captain General Corinne Marik for his actions in destroying insurgent Knights of the Inner Sphere in conjunction with the Word of Blake.
However, shortly afterward Ferić became increasingly vocal about his distaste for the Word - his complaints became more frequent after watching Word troops open fire on protesting students in Atreus City. In October 3070 he was among 10 Legionnaire officers arrested as part of the "October plot", a planned attempt to kill 15th Division's commander Precentor Evelyn Jennings.

However, the Captain was spirited away from Word custody by his battalion commander and allowed to escape the detention centre. Later re-captured by Word security troops Ferić strangled a ROM guard and managed to escape again, later making contact with Alys Marik's Resistance.

It's believed he was taken to Augustine - the centre of anti-Blakist resistance in the FWL, trained in clandestine operations and took part in several actions against the Word over the next two years. In late 3073, Ferić was inserted into Irian to bolster the Irian Partisan League and to act as a liaison officer.

Ferić would participate in several actions as part of Devlin Stone's Coalition until returning to Atreus in late 3077 to take part in the eventual overthrow of the Blakists.
He was killed on the last day of fighting.
WikiLink entry

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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When I was a kid back on Andurien, there was this vid show I loved. Dear old dad hated catching me watching "that crap" and seemed to think I should be learning how to rule or reading The Prince, not wasting my time.
Anyway, this show had this cat who would just get beaten up - every time - trying to do something or other.
And after every beating, every defeat, this mouse would ask if he was ok. That cat would roll on its back, heave a great sigh and say: "Just catching my breath".

That's like us - we've been through the ringer, but we are just catching our breath.

After three days of fighting, the IPL had effectively pushed the Blakists out of Kirin River - there was sporadic resistance around the dropport and the western suburbs, but for the most the Word was packing up or surrendering as quick as it could.
High command sent us on an end run around and into the Soapstone Mountains fearing the Protectorate Militia was trying to set up defensive positions and duke it out again.

We brushed aside some road blocks and a handful of stragglers - there were no fanatics in the mountains. Just retreating troops. Our main issue was handling the sheer number of Protectorate Militia troops surrendering!

The Word was finished by December 8: of the three Militia divisions, two were so compromised with IPL sympathy or were simply handed the wrong set or orders due to our monkey around with their computer systems they could not mount much of a defence.
The 1st Division fought well but just didn't have the manpower - and when the Word leadership up and fled for the mountains they started surrendering fast.

The remaining Shadow Division was thought dead in the first day's big assault by the HeavyHell Raisers. Those guys dropped fuel air explosives on the Shadows and strafed the remains. As always when dealing with the Shadows... they fooled us.

Like I was saying, we thought it was all but done when we got word the Blakist leadership had escaped into the IrTech plant and it seemed not everyone at IrTech was pro-rebellion, with a handful of executives and a decent whack of their security troops now holding the facility.

This is where things get strange. Technically, we are employed by IrTech... not the IPL. We got orders to clear the facility - but that would mean firing on our employers. I'm no guardhouse lawyer and the right thing to do was obvious, but none the less I kept trying to contact someone from IrTech as we linked up with the HeavyHell Raisers.
Finally someone responded. The lady eventually gave us the go signal - turned out she was VP for like public relations and was holed up in an office while pro-Word security scoured the facility around her.

We smashed into the Soapstone mountains and things got ugly. It's literally a maze of Mech-sized tunnels, factories and rooms cut directly into the mountains and deep underground. Our BA and the Hell Raiser special forces teams were the most help - but it was bloody.

We lost Homer to one of those remaining Shadows. Big Bear lost another Mech, Benji's Battlemaster is a wreck and he's in intensive care, while both Black and Cezar's machines were salvaged but badly damaged.
****** Shadows - they'd survived and were ready to make us pay for every corridor and room.

Things went worse for the HeavyHell Raisers though - that unit's dead. Their CO, Manu tripped a booby trap and bought it, almost all their remaining Mechs were destroyed and their infantry is all but gone. I offered all of them berths with us.

- Felix Cavalli

I wonder if the Colonel is writing about this right now? I imagine his account is very different to mine. The end of this campaign was pure hell... and for a second I feared it would shatter the unit.
Not the combat, no - the fall out.

Antje Vermer quit the unit, taking with her her husband (it's going to be hard to replace a doctor!), and several techs.
After we cleared the tunnels she blasted the Colonel pretty much in front of everyone - said he'd wilfully endangered Homer, that he should have told the IPL to stick this mission, etc.
She finished by saying his hate for the Blakists was blinding him and getting people killed.

He took it and told her she was free to go - with her Awesome.

That fight, deep in the dark had a lot of us thinking. I was thinking about you and the kids, would I come back. But it also got me thinking about the evil we're fighting here.
We're being routed back to Tamarind by command circuit - seems the IPL are likely linking up with the rest of the FWL Resistance and we get to catch a lift.
I can't wait to see you again, my love.

- HPG message between Joe Paige and Amber Mori-Paige

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Six hours after Cavalli's Cavaliere liberated the IrTech facility in the Soapstone Mountains, the unit was burning for atmosphere. IPL leadership skilfully kept the hired help away as they started rounding up hundreds of collaborators in the government and defence organisation. As the Cavaliere's dropships departed, the Word struck back - unleashing a nuclear firestorm on the plant just liberated by the mercenaries.
- Irian's Struggle, Blacknett Stellar Press, 3091

New orders. We're sitting above Dubhe waiting to transfer across to another Jumper. We were supposed to be heading back into Tamarind, instead we're standing by to head into Lyran space.
It seems Stone put out an urgent call for help via the FWL Resistance and we're it
A command circuit is supposed to get us to Galatea by the end of December - seems Ole Dev Stone bit off too much to chew there.

We'll drop Vermer and some of the others along the way. Still less than pleased we've had to leave our Armoured company back on Tamarind, I don't like this split.
- Felix Cavalli

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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STATE OF EMPLOYMENT: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
DATE OF ISSUE: December 10, 3075

Cavalli’s Cavaliere
RATING: Veteran/reliable

The unit Cavalli’s Cavaliere currently consists of two Battlemech COMPANIES, plus a dedicated command lance, a Battle Armour PLATOON, a fighter SQUADRON and an oversized Armoured COMPANY with infantry support.

EMPLOYMENT: All Battlemech, aerospace and BA assets are now (as of December 10) contracted by private employee DEVLIN STONE (see contract holder statement 11/339-ZETA-000019).

The unit's infantry and armour assets remain contracted to the DUCHY OF TAMARIND and have remained on Tamarind since the start of September (see contract holder statement 01/878-OMEGA-1016619).
The Tamarind contract finishes at the end of December.

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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December 23, 3075
We're one jump away from Galatea, having linked up with the Knights of St Cameron. There's more mercs about a jump behind us.
These Knights are... interesting. But they have good tech and a hell of a lot of fighters. And we're gunna need them.
Word is the Blakists struck ack earlier this week and have come down on the Coalition troops. Hard. Reinforcements re-took the Bastion-class space station and are using it to support the ground troops.
Meanwhile, the Coalition's commander was killed in a head hunter attack.

We are to jump in and clear the system as the Tooth of Ymir arrive and commence an assault. After we retake that damn Bastion we follow down.
Normally, I'd say this space battle stuff is out of our league - but our BA troopers are experienced boarders and this time we have some help.
A Leopard class pocket warship is leading the allied forces with us - seems Alys Marik managed to swipe a few of the PWS in a recent raid.
This time, we have the fire power.
- Felix Cavalli

New faces:

Some of the following new hires came on board as the Cavaliere served the Duchy of Tamarind, others were hired as that contract finished and they shifted to Lyran space.
A new TO&E will go up shortly, but they form a new Battle lance (replacing the departing members), fill some holes in other lances and form a new medium pursuit/skirmished lance.
So far, both new lances have been kept out of combat - instead, being run through training exercises an so back up duty. That changes on Galatea...

Yevgeny Yulik served in the 4th Sucession War as a 15-year-old CCAF boy soldier, then the Republican Guards as a Mechwarrior, before losing his sight during the FedCom Civil War. Spending his entire life savings on advanced optics to replace his damaged eyes, he found the mercenary market his only option but seemed to continually pick the wrong backers. He was actually hiding from his creditors on his homeworld of TIKONOV when the Jihad broke out and eagerly joined the Capellan rebels. Now piloting a Victor as part of the Cavaliere's new Battle Lance.
A jovial giant, Yupik is very cautious, fearing his creditors are still after him.

As a child Isaiah 'Hammer' Hendrix only knew being a fugitive from the Draconis Combine - his family still practised the banned Jewish faith and were frequently forced to move.
In the late 50s, the 16-year-old Hendrix watched his parents be taken by the ISF, never to be seen again. While serving a lengthy stretch in prison for beating up the foster home guardian who touched him, young Isaiah was introduced to the Yakuzza. Fifteen years later he's a Chu-I in the 10th Ghost Regiment but their mutiny prompt him to flee with his AS7-K Atlas - and that dishonour prompted his Yakuzza clan to declare a price on his head. After all, they spent good money getting him into the Ghost Regiments, who said he could leave, regardless of their disgrace?

Yulri Nikolayev was practically raised in the EarthWerks plant on Tikonov. While employed as a tech, his real dream was to become a Mechwarrior. His parents were killed by the Blakists in 3071 during the brutal suppression of a strike and he fled to the rebels, initially serving as a tech and later a Mechwarrior. He was disgusted with the nuking of civilians by his comrades and defected to the Cavallari with his 7M Shadow Hawk.
He’s deeply anti-social and terrible with people, machines being his own true passion.

Adrianna King is the former XO of Blakist employed Barton's Boozefighters but surrendered and requested a position after the fighting on Kohn Kean. Cavalli doesn't exactly trust her but she's been assigned Barrett's old Warhammer and swears years of incompetence mixed with Blakist atrocities has seen her genuinely defect. She's a full on pin-up goddess with bleached blonde hair and lots of tattoos, a former glamour model who had a reality tri-Vid filmed about her as a celeb merc/bounty hunter. King is 50 but looks about 30 due to extensive plastic surgery and a frightening gym schedule.

Esmeralda Rico has probably been bounced from more units than anyone else in the FWL in an 11 year career that has seen her go up and down the rank ladder numerous times. Her insubordinate attitude and outright disrespect of her commanders eventually saw her muster out as a Lieutenant Junior Grade in 3073. The daughter of minor nobility of Tamarind, she arrived in the wake of the Circinus Federation attack and signed up with Cavalli.
She pilots one of the new Retrotech Icarus, purchased from the Tamarins government.

Helena Polo-Cruz is a Sierra native and part of a Mech owning family. Sheninherited her Hermes II at a young age after Her father died in combat. Delighted to leave the chauvinism of her homeworld, she served as a freelance mercenary for several years before she was dispossessed fighting during the 3067 FWL/Lyran War. Limping towards home she ekked out a living as a tech and sometimes bar tender before joining with Cavalli. She pilots the other Icarus

Janos Nguyễn is a former St Ives Sentinel warrior who saw action during the St Ives-Capellan war but found it hard to re-integrate back into civilian life after leaving the military. He spent several years as a labourer before being drawn into the criminal underworld. On Denbar in 3069 he was arrested in relation to an illegal smuggling ring. Nguyễn had served as the Tong’s muscle and was sacrificed so his bosses could escape. A year later, the imprisoned former Mechwarrior was offered work by the Mask - drop into Tikonov as part of an expendable unit. He readily accepted but found the prospect of return too much and joined the departing mercs. He’s taken over the in stock Vindicator.

Eli Moss is the cousin of Elton Moss, a Cavaliere member who was critically injured fighting on Savannah in 3071. Recovering on Savannah with a very generous payout package from the Cavalliere, the older Moss spent the remaining of his savings salvaging his destroyed PXH-3S and shipping it to his distant relation who he had shared a close bond with. He then calmly killed himself by switching off the cybernetic stimulator that powered his two prosthetic legs and wading into the ocean.
Despite being 26, Moss is as green as grass when it comes to war and has given up his career as a journalist on Concord to finally embrace his dream of becoming a Mechwarrior. He caught up with the Cavalliere as they prepared to engage the Federation raiders.
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"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067