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Author Topic: Weapons stat not explained  (Read 485 times)


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Weapons stat not explained
« on: 20 March 2019, 22:03:58 »
On the weapons lists for the pre-made stat sheets there is a stat associated with the damage number that I can't find an explanation for anywhere.

Simple example: Medium Laser Loc RA Ht s Dmg 5(DE) and so on

What does the "DE" stand for? I can assume it means "Directed Energy," but I have no way of confirming that one way or another. I can't even guess at most of these, like the AC5 and (DB,S) and the SRM6 (M,C,S) and Machine gun (DB,AI) and the Flamer (DE,H,AI)

I've only got the "Game of Armored Combat" rules because I've been having trouble just figuring out what I even need, but I would think the answers would be in there.

Would someone please explain to me what these mean?


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Re: Weapons stat not explained
« Reply #1 on: 20 March 2019, 22:16:31 »
Total Warfare explains them (or BattleMech Manual).  Usually they involve things outside AGoAC (like non-'mech units or interactions with advanced technology).
DE is direct energy. (direct determines if targeting computers work with it or not)
DB is direct ballistic.
M is missile. (this and cluster should be explained in AGoAC)
C is cluster.
S is switchable ammo. TW has options for different ammo types (like inferno).
AI is anti-infantry. It does better against infantry.
H is heat. It can add heat in addition to or instead of damage. (dependent on the weapon)
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Re: Weapons stat not explained
« Reply #2 on: 20 March 2019, 22:48:59 »
Here's a great thread explaining where to go after the box set:
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Re: Weapons stat not explained
« Reply #3 on: 20 March 2019, 23:10:01 »
Thank you, that was driving me up the wall