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Author Topic: Sharing my Campaign  (Read 1389 times)


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Sharing my Campaign
« on: 25 October 2011, 19:06:23 »
Okay, not sure if this is the right place to put this, so let me no if it isn't. I'm running a Battletech campaign using AToW rules with my friends, and I've decided to post our adventures up here so that all may read them. Just so you know, I'm using a faction of my own creation, so you can go here to read up on it for a short backstory.,11689.msg278161.html#msg278161

And now, the characters.

Kiva Sanders - (played by me)
Nicole 'Nikki' Tithel (played by me, again)
James Stevens (aka, something Septimus)
Gustav Ilianovitch

Out of respect to my buddies, who aren't members of the forum (cough - heresy - cough) I have declined to post their names. Anyways, James is a tech, everyone else is a mechwarrior, and Brom used to be a secret agent. James is also a drug addict, but that gets taken care of. So, onwards with the story!


The game began with Gustav, who was onboard a dropship landing on Koran, the main planet. The area he emerges into is a desert, and for those who have played Halo: Reach, the military base is something like the firefight level unearthed. There he meets the other team members, except for Brom, who's player was absent due to work issues (in real life, not the game).

Gustav then gets taken around the base by Nikki, while Kiva takes James to her office and busts his drug addiction secret wide open. So, he gets the option to either take rehab, or he can get squished under a battlemech. He chose to take rehab - kind of a bummer, I was hoping I could squish 'im - and then they meet for their first mission.

The basic outline of the job, an outpost went dea, they're supposed to find out what went wrong with it. So they board a King Raven VTOL and head out. Just outside of a guard station covering one of the routes to the outpost, some dude (they never took the time to see if they could tell who he worked for) shoots a missile at 'em. Well, the pilot took evasive manuevers, and James shot the missile with one of the side guns. Unfortunately, he whacked a control fin and sent the missile into our engine. And from there, it's all soooo predictable. boom. crash. burn.

Well, everyone got out, and then we managed to get some four-wheelers, and we zipped along the canyon to the outpost. Just to make things interesting, I rolled up a few enemies for them - and boy, I've seen better days, cuz' I rolled a 1 on both dice. ah, well. They got rid of one okay, I had to take out the other one with the friendly NPCs since they couldn't hit 'im woth  a darn. We had to end the session once we reached the outpost.


Overall, I thought it was fun. For those expecting mech combat, it will be coming. My printer was on the fritz, so I couldn't get the mech sheets printed for the session, otherwise I mighta used them. We're getting together thursday for another session, so I will be posting more. Leave comments to let me know if you want to read more, and also to ask for details or just ask me to do something different in my writing.

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