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Author Topic: It's Payday!  (Read 778 times)

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It's Payday!
« on: 06 November 2011, 16:39:18 »
Please forgive if this is covered somewhere else, I didn't see anything like it.

My little group has been going for a while, and Ive decided to have their characters get paid in the same manor as our own military forces, twice a month.

I understand the table the book provides, but I'm unsure how to modify for Rank and any other screwy modifiers these goobers have slapped themselves with.

Here's some examples (easy to difficult as crap):

Simple one:  Standard Infantry Trooper who's an E-5.  No extra stuff.

Compound one:  Capellan State Cop, E-4, Covert employee for ROM.

Advanced one: Davion MII0 agent, Special Forces trained, O-3, Minor noble (Property trait at 3, Title of 3).

I'm not worried about the Extra Income as that's straight forward.