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Author Topic: Quick BA Rules Question  (Read 1541 times)


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Quick BA Rules Question
« on: 08 February 2011, 03:41:24 »
Its been a long time since I've used battle armour, and I have two quick questions on how the new rules are formulated (apparently things get more complicated when you move away from Elementals).  What is the meaning of the swarm/leg/mechanized/AP?  I understand swarm and leg attacks, and I assume that mechanized refers to its ability to ride on an omni mech.  What does AP refer to?  As well, what are the rules for BA with AP weapons, ie when BA has an "ap mount" how is that damage calculated both against mechs and other BA?  And when you have a weapon, such as with the Ironhold, that is AP such as the AP Gauss Rifle, is that treated in a similar manner to the AP mount or treated like a standard weapon against mechs and other BA (ie. deals 3 damage and its range profile).  Thanks.


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Re: Quick BA Rules Question
« Reply #1 on: 08 February 2011, 04:54:30 »
Swarm and Leg simply mean they can perform leg attacks.
Mechanized means they can ride on Omnis

AP means that they get an anti-personnel weapon attack. What this actually means is it gets an attack with a weapon mounted on an AP mount.  You can find the rule on page 219, but the basic gist of it is you treat the BA like a rifle platoon (with a number of troopers equal to the number of suits), and make a single attack.

The AP Gauss Rifle is an anti-personnel Gauss Rifle, but doesn't fit on an AP mount, since its a standard scale weapon. That's just the fluff names conflicting. It does however have a special rule for damage to conventional infantry, similar to machine guns.