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Author Topic: Field Manual: 3085  (Read 26471 times)


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Re: Field Manual: 3085
« Reply #90 on: 24 May 2013, 19:45:23 »
PDF, pg. 43:

In the fluff on this page, the First Genyosha is described as being deployed to Marlowe's Rift, and the Second Genyosha is described as being deployed to Lapida II. However, on both the deployment tables on page 50 and the deployment map on page 124 (listed as 'ii' in the PDF), they have swapped places.

Suggested correction: correct the deployment tables on page 50 and the deployment map on page 124 by swapping them back.
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Re: Field Manual: 3085
« Reply #91 on: 05 October 2014, 12:33:33 »
p. 194, Record Sheet Source Table

replace "Vehicle -- FPR35022p -- Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex" with "Vehicle -- E-CAT35RS21p -- Record Sheets: Vehicle Annex, IndustrialMechs and Exoskeletons"
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Re: Field Manual: 3085
« Reply #92 on: 17 January 2018, 16:07:22 »
Field Manual 3085, PDF edition

Issue: The maps in Field Manual: 3085 all show the Minette Operational Area of the Federated Suns as still being "live", with Minette marked as an Operational Area regional HQ, including the inset map in the top corner of the two-page map of the inner sphere (pages iii, vi,  vii). However, the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns listing for the Crucis March on page 71 doesn't include the details on the Minette Operational Area - instead, all three remaining Combat Regions associated with the Minette and Chirikof Operational Areas after the formation of the Periphery March (the Remagen, Point Barrow and Tsamma CRs) are listed under Edgeward Combat Theatre (Chirikof Operational Area). This also means that the details for the Theater Commander and Aide for the Minette Operational Area are missing. However, given that the Chirikoff Operational Area is listed as the Edgeward Combat Theater (rather than Edgeward Alpha Combat Theater) might mean that the intention was to merge the two OAs together, prior to them being split out again in Era Report/Field Manual: 3145.

Solution: If the two theaters were meant to have merged in 3085 into one theatre, then the maps in Field Manual: 3085 need to be amended, thinning the line depicting the broder between the Remagen Combat Region and the Tsamma Combat Region, to show just one combined region, with the symbol for the Minette system being replaced with the generic system white circle. In addition, the inset map and key on page vi needs to be amended, adjusting the lines, numbering and key to remove the Minette Operational Area. Alternatively, if they are still two distinct Theaters/Operational Areas, as per the maps, then the AFFS listing on page 71 needs the header details inserted for the Chirikof Operational Area to be amended to read Edgeward Alpha Combat Theater (Chirikof Operational Area) and the header details for Edgeward Bravo Combat Theater (Minette Operational Area) need to be inserted.
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