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Author Topic: C&J Collectibles open 15,000 BV game 4/20/12  (Read 1237 times)


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C&J Collectibles open 15,000 BV game 4/20/12
« on: 23 April 2012, 13:29:24 »
This was an open ~15,000 BV per force game. This wasn't a canon scenario per se, but my force was painted as Warrior House Dai Da Chi and configured as such. I played against too opponents, one with a self-described Wolf's Dragoons Assault lance, the other a RoTS force.

I apologize as there are no pics this time.

"Except for the minor detail that the enemy was not defeated, the engagement was a complete victory!" - Official Maskirovka sanctioned summary of the battle.

Capellan - Warrior House Dai Da Chi (Average skills 3/5)
Command Lance
Cyclops CP-11-A
Lao-Hu LHU-2B
Grasshopper GHR-5H

Recon Lance
Stinger STG-3G
Raven RVN-4L
Sha Yu SYU-2B
Vindicator VND-4L

VTOL Support
Mantis Light Attack VTOL
Mantis Light Attack VTOL
Warrior H8
Cavalry Attack Helicopter


Opposition (Mixed Republic/Wolf's Dragoons)
Skills unknown

Assault Lance Wolf's Dragoons
Atlas AS7-D?
Imp (variant unknown)
Annhilator ANH-2A (most likely)
Archer (Either ARC-2R or ARC-2K)

Republic Lance
Shadow Hawk (SHD-2D2 or SHD-2H)
Savage Wolf (Mad Cat IV)
Locust LCT-6M?


Terrain - custom hex board similar to the river valley sheet.


The version of events are from my point of view and told as such.

My opening tactics were to have the LRM carrying Command Lance duck out of sight, and have the VTOLs hover at an elevation of 10 levels to ensure visibility. The idea being that they could spot for indirect LRM fire. I had my recon lance prod and probe a bit and to put out ECM bubbles to disrupt any pesky C3 networks that the enemy might have.

My Recon Lance had split, with the Sha Yu and Vindicator taking up sniping positions in the North West quadrant. The Dragoons Archer moved up a rise to attack them, with the Atlas and Imp following behind.

The Shadow Hawk moved in from the South East towards my Command Lance in the South West quadrant, still out of sight. My Stinger and Raven moved to intercept with a Mantis buzzing the Shadow Hawk with its 5 ER Small lasers. The Dragoons countered by using the Anhillator's LBX AC10's in cluster mode to fire at the VTOLs. My first Mantis took heavy damage and lost a laser but still managed to remain in the air.

Meanwhile the Republic Locust engaged MASC and moved at blinding speed across the board to flank my snipers.

Well the snipers managed to scrape lots of paint an armor off the Archer before the Sha Yu took an engine hit and heavy damage. Engaging Stealth Armor saved the Sha Yu from several long range attacks, but made it tactically useless. It would spend most of remainder of the game in evasive maneuvers while being pursued by a mind-bogglingly fast MASCed Locust. The Dragoon's commander rotated the Archer out once the Atlas and Imp advanced over the rise to have LOS to the snipers.

After an ineffective attempt at indirect LRM fire, the Dai Da Chi Command Lance advanced over a hill to attack the probing Shadow Hawk.

Dai Da Chi VTOLs continued to "buzz" enemy forces. Although they did not manage to inflict any serious damage, they require the Annhiliator to expend a lot of Cluster ammo!

With the Raven, Stinger, Grasshopper and two Mantis VTOLs concentrating their fire upon the Shadowhawk, the Lao Hu and Cyclops turned their attention to the advancing Atlas. Meanwhile the slow Annihilator began advancing to assist the Shadow Hawk, but would not make it in time...

The first casualty of the engagement was the Cavalry Attack VTOL, the second being the Shadowhawk after being knocked down twice. The undamaged Mantis took a guass hit to the rotor, absorbing the hit with only two points of damage and remaining in flight!

While trying to withdraw after destroying the Shadowhawk, the Stinger and Raven were summarily wiped out by the Annihilator and Savage Wolf.

By now, the Lao Hu and Cyclops had converged with the Sha Yu and Vindicator in a "ravine" with a direct line of sight to the Atlas. Forgoing heat concerns, the Sha Yu joined in the effort to bring down the Atlas. The Warrior H8 joined its firepower against the Atlas as well.

Meanwhile the Grasshopper advanced to wreak havoc with the rear forces of the Savage Wolf and Annihilator. Heretofore pristine, it took considerable armor damage in one turn by concentrated fire from the Archer, Savage Wolf and nearly ammo depleted Annihilator. The Grasshopper turned its laser against the already damaged Archer.

In the final moments of the game, the Atlas was knocked down twice and would have surely been destroyed had the game continued. Both Mantis VTOLs advanced bringing their ER Small lasers to bear before being simultaneously destroyed due to having their rotors vaporized. The Vindicator however was knocked down with a gyro hit by combined fired from the Imp and Atlas, knocking the pilot unconscious!

Despite successfully flanking Dai Da Chi forces and getting into the rear arc of the Sha Yu, the Locust failed to inflict any serious damage.

This was a Republic/Wolf's Dragoons phyrric victory by attrition.
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Re: C&J Collectibles open 15,000 BV game 4/20/12
« Reply #1 on: 24 April 2012, 00:35:56 »
Is this played with the "full set" of rules? As opposed to Quick Strike? How long did it take?


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Re: C&J Collectibles open 15,000 BV game 4/20/12
« Reply #2 on: 24 April 2012, 14:00:13 »
We used the full set (Total Warfare). The engagement took approximately three hours.

If you're ever in the Fremont, CA area, this is a somewhat regular casual gathering. Next game I believe is 5/11 starting at 6pm
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