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Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
« on: 27 June 2012, 17:45:11 »
A while ago I posted My Alternate Timeline with Thanks.  It was a barebones timeline where I've posted some mini stories coming off of it.  While on OurBattletech site I was asked to post the whole thing.

I want to share it with the whole community - it's a bit big.  I will update the timeline thread in time and finish the Cat and Bull story threads but this will have the entire thing.  A little slow to start with but gets interesting as the Clan War progresses


What happens when History goes a little different...


Cyclops, Potemkin-class Troop Cruiser
Unexplored Deep Periphery System
96 Light-years Core-ward Cirincus Federation
14th August 3040

   Exploring deep space was part of parcel with being part of ComStar’s Explorer Corps some of the things that were found in deep space were amazing and some finds were so much different from others.  Captain Isabelle Cain had been a merchant JumpShip Captain once upon a time but ComStar had bought her JumpShip and her service, she’d begun serving as a Explorer Corps officer commanding the Merchant-class JumpShip, Spirit of the Periphery, and a ComGuard Union-class DropShip, the Blessed Mission, with one spare Docking Port for a civilian DropShip which would help the JumpShip blend in as a regular vessel prowling the space lanes.  Luckily for them on this particular jump they were not transporting a civilian vessel on this mission and they could keep this find a secret for ComStar‘s eyes only.

   The Spirit of the Periphery had jumped into the system with the Blessed Mission attached and almost immediately been surrounded by small craft, fighters and DropShips of various pirate bands.  The near defenceless JumpShip had been ordered to surrender to Queen Jennifer Briton II the leader of the Cyclops.  Not knowing what this was and being totally surrounded by the pirates the ComStar Explorers had no choice but to surrender with Captain Isabelle Cain taken into custody aboard the Cyclops.

   Following nearly a week in custody inside the unknown pirate base, known as Cyclops,  which appeared to be a massive uncharted Spacestation likely cobbled together from space junk Isabelle Cain had been able to finally meet Queen Jennifer Briton II, a beautiful woman in her early thirties with a beautiful well kept body and striking long black hair.  “Captain, it is so nice to meet you.”  Jennifer said moving slowly, although this area had stronger gravity than the area Isabelle had been held in it was still less than one standard gravity in strength, she was dressed in a long red and black dressing grown, which perfectly fit her trim figure, her long dark hair flowed over her shoulders.

   “Queen Briton, it is nice to meet you.”  Isabelle said quietly “very interesting indeed.”  She said again

   “Likewise captain, it appears that you are not the merchant your papers claim you are” she said rounding her desk looking at Isabelle Cain, who hadn’t cleaned in a week and was still dressed in her standard well worn merchant jump-suit uniform, all part of her cover she had nothing to show she was from ComStar.

   “We are explorers as well as merchants, there were rumours that the Star League Defence Force had come this way when they destroyed the Rim Worlds Republic during the Reunification War, I take calculated risks in our journeys to see if they left any relics behind.”  Isabelle said keeping generally to her cover story.

   “And who would you report these finds to?  Captain, the Star League has been gone for centuries, no-one cares where their army is now or what they did back then before we were just figments of our mother’s wrenched imaginations.  We care about the here and now.  Now here and now you have delivered me a new JumpShip and a new DropShip both in near perfect condition, even with the recent discoveries from the Helm Memory Core at NAIS, and across the Inner Sphere, these are very rare finds, especially for people like me.”

   “You’re base is a rare find for me also.”  Isabelle said without thinking, knowing she’d stepped over her bounds slightly she knew she’d have to say more.  “You are correct Queen Briton we are not purely merchants, though we do make a side profit on such things our main work is more complex. I work for an organisation that is interested in exploring space, we chart new worlds for colonisation, Star League finds and worlds that have previously fallen off the grid.  We could use a base such as this.”

   “This base has been in my family’s name since we found it centuries ago, it will be ours as long as we bring breath to our lungs, no-one will ever take it from us.”  Jennifer Briton said suddenly there was an edge to her voice, she was angry.  From the way she spoke of the base and the lighter than norm gravity Isabelle knew they were on a ship or space station but little else.

   “Of course, we would never want to control this station, it is yours and you are quite welcome to maintain control over it and the system, our resources and expertise do not stretch that far. However, we would be interested in perhaps using it as a supply base?  Perhaps an information centre as well?  We could come up with some arrangement I’m sure…”  Isabelle said her voice drifting away inviting Jennifer to make the next move.

   “Yes, we could perhaps, but what would be in it for me and my family?”

   “Well I’m guessing that this station is a relic of the old Star League?”  Isabelle asked Jennifer didn’t speak so Isabelle continued along those lines “and I’m guessing you cannot find as many spare parts as you once could?”  Jennifer nodded briefly “my organisation has access to Star League-era parts, supplies and other essentials.  You allow us to use this base as a re-supply base and information gathering point and we will bring a constant flow of parts allowing you to keep this base operating for generations to come, we could also assist you with dealing with threats to your station.”

   “We have no enemies.”  Jennifer said proudly and confidently “the man who found this place and built this base from its bare bones, my great-grandfather Paul ‘Mad Dog’ Briton knew that the only way this place could survive was if everyone respected its neutrality, his control over the station and this system and the Station’s status as a free port.  We have maintained this for centuries it is the number one rule of the Cyclops, no-one except my people have weapons on board this station and anyone who tries to use their ships weapons does not last long.  Your organisation would be held to the same rules.”

   “Rules we’d happily follow, having a base in this region and an ally would be very helpful for us in our explorations.”

   “We are not allies” Jennifer warned “we are business partners, nothing more.  I owe you no loyalty and you owe me none either.”

   “I think we can deal on that” Isabelle said quietly she knew that ComStar had the resources to take most objectives it needed, but that would mean showing more of their cards than they were ready to.  With access to this base they wouldn’t have to spend resources on it.

   “Or something like it.”  Jennifer said smiling “now I think it is time to show you and your people around.”  She said stepping forward pulling Isabelle to her feet “and perhaps get you a bath.” Jennifer continued a smile appearing on her face.  They then headed over to the windows where Isabelle was treated to a wonderful, amazing sight.   They were in space as she thought onboard a space station of some description on one of the Gravity Decks rotating around a long core, with dozen of DropShip Collars and around them there were several other Gravity Decks all of various different sizes and dimensions, obviously more had been added over the years.

   “Amazing” Isabelle whispered looking out, around them in space there were several DropShips, several of designs and names that Isabelle knew by sight some deadly enemies but at peace here.  “Unbelievable.”

   “I almost say the same thing.”  Jennifer said quietly, “you are right, this used to be a Star League creation” she said beginning to explain a little of what this place was.  “The Cyclops formerly known as the SLS Cyclops was recalled from mothball to serve the SLDF during the Reunification War.  It was an unlucky ship, some called her a cursed ship, however she served with distinction during the conflict right up to the point when Stefan Amaris staged his Coup de etat against the Star League and Alexandr Kerensky decided that Terra would be his next target.  The Cyclops jumped beginning its long journey home when its core overloaded and killed half the crew and passengers.  A week later SLDF found her rescued the crew they decided that the Cyclops was unsalvageable removing what they could to repair other vessels in their battered fleet.  Suicide charges were set but never exploded, for the first time in its history the Cyclops was lucky.  Several pirate bands used it but none had an idea what to do, Mad Dog came along with a plan, taking control he stripped what he didn’t want and began down the path we are still on today.”

   “Amazing, it’s a Potemkin-class Troop Cruiser” Jennifer said finally seeing the vessel for all its worth under all the additions the pirates had added, one of the largest SLDF vessels in mass production capable of transporting twenty-five DropShips at once they were the backbone of transporting the Star League‘s massive Corps formations.

   “Not any more, it’s our base of operations and the one free port in this region.”

   “Well, Queen Briton, I can guarantee that my organisation will want to use this base for its operations and that your station will greatly benefit from out little arrangement.”  Isabelle said, within a week more ComStar vessels had arrived.  These vessels were under various cover names and false companies that all answered to this exploration firm Isabelle Cain claimed to work for.  In fact these vessels carried higher ranked Explorer Corps and ComGuard officers that could speak for ComStar and agree to Queen Briton’s terms they signed off on agreements that the people they sent to the station would cause no trouble and would pay over the odds with equipment and supplies for the exclusive use of three DropShip collars and for permanent residency of one DropShip at the Station for support personnel.  They also agreed to begin supplying the station with upgrades and spare parts that could fit a Potemkin-class Troop Cruiser, fortunately ComStar had always maintained one such vessel in their secret WarShip fleet, like the Cyclops a hold over from the Star League.

   With new supplies and capabilities opening on the station new partners quickly began to arrive as word spread of the station’s new capabilities and facilities the Cyclops Station experienced a new lease of life as business once again picked up for the Free Port.  Meanwhile ComStar had a base to strike out deeper into the Periphery in search of other mysteries of the Periphery.


Inner Sphere and Clans

   As per canon the nations of the Inner Sphere continue to rebuild from their decades of war with the Gray Death Legion’s discovery of a Star League Memory core fuelling rebuilding efforts.  For the Clans the Crusaders constant call for invasion of the Inner Sphere falls on deaf ears until the Outbound Light appears in the Huntress system.


WarShip True Vision (Congress-class Frigate)
Before Operation Revival Invasion Trials
Deep Periphery, Clan Fleets
22nd January 3049

   Following an encounter with the ComStar vessel Outbound Light over the Clan Smoke Jaguar Homeworld of Huntress deep in the Kerensky Cluster, the territory claimed by the Clans descendants of the original Star League Defence Force Exodus Army, the Clans were hit by a revelation the Inner Sphere was beginning to rebuild their armies and rediscover technology, soon they would be able to resist the Clans and the formation of the Federated Commonwealth super state, which covers half the Inner Sphere.  They soon realise that only way to ensure the Clans held the advantage in an Invasion would be to attack now.  Following a lengthy debate the invasion is planned to begin in 3050 with trials taking place in deep space between various Clans all vying for their position in the Invasion.

   The Clans were split in two camps the Crusaders and the Wardens.  The Crusaders wanted to invade the Inner Sphere crushing the Succession Lords and Periphery States rebuilding the Star League in their image, while the Wardens wanted to return to the Inner Sphere and present themselves as the reborn Star League prepared to guide, teach and serve the Inner Sphere on how to live honourably and in peace.

   The Crusaders with all of the most powerful Clans included within their number and the dwindling resources of the Clan Homeworlds won the disagreement and an invasion was planned.  Now in deep space all the Clans who wanted to join the invasion gathered ready to strike. Waiting for ilKhan Leo Showers to order the attack to begin, already they had swept aside several deep range and pirate colonies that had opposed their march towards the Inner Sphere.

   The leaders of Clan Nova Cat Khan Severn Lervoux and saKhan Lucian Carns are ready to submit the Nova Cats to the force and engage in trials to see when they would attack the Inner Sphere.  The Nova Cats had always been one of the strongest Clans and the two Khans wanted to keep them there, with the resources of the Inner Sphere supporting them the Nova Cats could maintain their position and become ilClan by conquering Terra while the other Clans fought each other.  However, just as they are ready to leave to join the other Clans aboard the Clan Wolf Flagship Dire Wolf, a Sovetskii Soyuz-class Heavy Cruiser, Oathmaster Biccon Winters arrives in system aboard the Nova Cat’s Flagship True Vision, Congress-class Frigate.  Within the Nova Cats the Oathmaster had always been the ‘third’ force within the Clan because they translated the visions of the Clan’s warriors and had visions of the Clan’s future.  The Nova Cats have always believed in the power of visions driven from the purity of their spirit, powerful experiences they had and a higher power that gave them the strength to see the future for a short spell.  Of all the Clans the Nova Cat’s belief in visions is the closest any have to a belief in a higher power or something beyond the material world, only the Goliath Scorpions belief in visions comes close and they use drugs to bring on their delusions.

   Biccon Winters informed the Khans that she has had a vision and it has told her that if the Nova Cats invaded the Inner Sphere they would cease to be as a Clan.  Following a heated discussion between the Khan’s, their Galaxy Commanders and the Oathmaster the Nova Cats chose to embrace their past as they look to the future and withdraw Clan Nova Cat from the Invasion Forces, despite widespread condemnation from the Crusader Clans and several outright threats from Clans Smoke Jaguar and Jade Falcon, however others soon realise this as their meal ticket into the Inner Sphere without the Nova Cats there is less competition for inclusion in the initial invasion and more chance they will have access to the resources of the Inner Sphere quicker.  Biccon reveals that the Nova Cats have a different path than the other Clans and now they must find it.

More tomorrow, I hope you enjoy
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Command Room
Columbus Base, Deep Periphery
3rd January 3059

   The tracker aboard the Rosslare had finally began it transmissions, the vessel’s jump-drive had obviously been offline for a couple of days before the Nova Cat’s had taken it to the final destination.  Precentor Padraig O’Bhaoil had expected to be able to give the Precentor-Martial information on a Nova Cat world in the Clan Homeworlds, instead they had the location of a system in the deep periphery near the Tortuga Dominions!

   What were the Nova Cats doing there, so close to a bandit kingdom and below the Tukayyid Truce line?  Transmitting the data Padraig imagined that the Precentor-Martial would have even more trouble believing the data than Padraig had, and he was the one who supervised the transmitter’s installation and programming the technology didn’t lie.  The Nova Cats were in the Tortuga Dominions, ready to strike the backs of the Federated Suns, the Inner Sphere had not faced such a grave threat since the initial Clan Invasion.

Davion Royal Retreat
New Avalon, Davion Mountains
Crucis March, Federated Suns
5th January 3059

   A day before the Righteous Fury, a ComStar registered Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser, had arrived in the New Avalon system via a pirate point and a Fortress-class Assault Ship had begun burning towards the planet.  The ComStar WarShip broadcast that Precentor-Martial Anastasius Focht was on the DropShip and he desperately required to speak to Commanding-General Victor Steiner-Davion, the fact they had called for Victor as Commanding-General made it clear that it was a matter for the Star League and not just the Federated Suns, something that would effect the entire Inner Sphere in time or right now when only time would tell.

   Two Davion Avenger-class Assault DropShips had met the Fortress just outside New Avalon’s gravity well and they had escorted the ComStar vessel to a secluded landing zone in the Davion Mountains.  From there a heavily armed convoy escorted by elements of the Elite First Davion Royal Guards Regimental Combat Team (RCT) had escorted Focht and his aides to a small cottage situated in a small clearing in the mountains. A Federated Suns RCT was one of the most effective formations in the entire Inner Sphere it combined, one Mech Regiment, up to twelve conventional regiments and aerospace support all permanently assigned together to form an effective combined-arms assault force capable of taking on a variety of different tasks.  The First Davion was one of the most Elite in the entire Federated Suns and was the most prestigious as it was responsible for the defence of the Davion Royal Palace, the Fox’s Den and New Avalon on a near permanent basis.

   Victor sat with several members of the Federated Suns High Command on the porch even though they were miles from the Davion High Command‘s normal seat of power deep within the Fox‘s Den under the Davion Mountain Range they could still determine every move the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS) made from here, this innocent looking cabin.  All the Federated Suns officials moved off when Focht approached “Precentor-Martial, ComStar has been warned about entering the New Avalon system in a WarShip, we may not field vessels of such mass or firepower however we have weapons capable of brining them down.”  Victor said raising from his chair and walking to meet Focht several metres from the cottage.

   “My apologies Victor, however, ComStar has come into worrying information that you need to be made aware of immediately.”  Focht said Victor had met Focht several times and as a strategist and a leader of combat troops he respected him so he ignored the Precentor-Martial’s use of Victor’s first name, technically Focht should have used one of Victor’s titles.  There was also some other ties between Focht and Victor however those were not for public discussion, perhaps in their memoirs when the other was dead.

   “What information?”  Victor asked, he knew Focht would not come here, in such grand fashion, without good reason.

   “We believe that one or more Clans have breached the Tukayyid Truce line and are ready to strike deeper into the Inner Sphere than anyone could have ever imagined.”

   “Where are they?  Have they breached the Lyran, Rasalhague or Combine borders?”  Victor asked naming the three nations with Clan borders.

   “None of those, or any other state.”  Victor gave Focht a confused/explain yourself look.  “In mid-December Clan Nova Cat cornered two ComGuard vessels in the periphery, however, they did not strike.  Instead the Nova Cat commander negotiated a trade for one of the ComStar vessels for two of their merchant vessels, he said the Nova Cats wished not to make enemies of the Inner Sphere.”

   “This is a good thing, at least some of the Clans are willing to negotiate and work with us instead of attempting to destroy us outright.”  Victor said, at least ComStar had met such people he had not been so lucky.

   “True we thought the same, however, we bugged the vessel we traded with the Clansmen.”  Victor’s face darkened ComStar’s action could endanger the peace they had brokered “we thought it could led us to another Clan Homeworld.  The results were not promising however.”

   “Where did the vessel turn up?”

   “A jump, perhaps two, outside the Tortuga Dominions.”

   “Tortuga” Victor whispered thinking of the Fox’s Teeth company en route to that very bandit kingdom.

   “Yes, you can now understand our rush to enter the New Avalon system” Victor nodded “if the Nova Cat force there is a recon force for the rest of the clan then we have nothing to worry about however if they are an assault, or invasion force your nation could be in grave danger.  Also if the Nova Cats are this far around the Inner Sphere it could mean that there are Clan colonies in the deep Rimward Periphery that we know nothing about.”

   “Could be, however, we have no concrete information Precentor-Martial.  The Star League Council has planned to move against the Smoke Jaguars and we know where their Homeworld is.  I have already deployed a unit to Tortuga.” It was Focht’s turn to look confused “Tortuga has been quiet we wanted to know what was going on.  They should arrive on Tortuga posing as a Pirate force wanting to join the Fusiliers in a couple of days, perhaps a week.  For now we will continue to prepare against the Smoke Jaguars, however I will move certain forces to protect our Periphery borders as well.  If the Nova Cats make their move against us then we will respond but for now they have struck no Inner Sphere world, harmed no Star League citizens the Smoke Jaguars annihilated an entire city from orbit, they are a greater threat.  Please keep the information on the Nova Cats a closely guarded secret, I do not want to panic the Federated Suns population with such information.”

   “Of course, we will all monitor the situation and pray the Nova Cats do not share their brethren’s wishes to see us all destroyed.”  Focht had spent time with the Clans before the Battle of Tukayyid, he knew that not all the Clans shared the so-called Crusader bent of the Invading Clans hopefully the quiet Nova Cat Clan was not one of the more aggressive Clans.

   Victor and Focht spoke for more than an hour then the ComStar Precentor-Martial left returning to the Righteous Fury before that vessel left the New Avalon system.  Victor returned to his High Command meeting, just before they broke up he turned to his cousin Marshal Jackson Davion “Jackson, I would like you to travel to Hadrian’s Command and have them step up the reactivation process on their charges.”

   “Why what has happened?”  Jackson asked, normally Victor would not explain such an extreme action but, Jackson was family so he answered.

   “There is a Clan in the Periphery near Tortuga, we could need a little extra firepower, in the next couple of months, take all the resources you need just get the job done Marshal.”

   “Of course, sire” within an hour Jackson had contacted the Department of Military Intelligence (DMI), the same command of the Rabid Fox, and within two hours he was aboard a MI3 (Electronic Information Gathering) DropShip on his way to the Federated Suns most secret base in the entire Federated Suns.

Hall of the Khans
Strana Mechty, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
8th January 3059

   In everyone’s lives there were firsts some you enjoyed and they enhanced your lives, others could spell the end of your life if they went wrong.  Standing up in front of his fellow Khans Thomas Perez looked around the room, he had faced them before however he had been a Star Colonel then and now he was a Khan, a peer, at least that was the theory.  The fellow Khans looked back at him judging his ever movement and rating every word.  “My fellow Khans, on 26th December on the occupied Periphery Colony of Gwithian Stone Rhino forces took over stewardship of this world, working under a contract with Clan Star Adder…”

   “Khan Perez, I know you are knew at this but the Grand Council does not have to be called every time your Clan makes a deal with another.”  ilKhan Lincoln Osis said, there was a couple of discreet laughing in the room mostly from the Smoke Jaguar saKhan.  The Smoke Jaguars would do everything to discredit the Stone Rhinos.

   “ilKhan, I was not bringing this contract to your attention or any of the other Khans as I was confident that your Watch and the other Clan’s Watch Agencies knew this already, I was just setting the scene for the facts.”  Thomas said now there was a little more laughter this time from saKhan Karl Devalis of the Nova Cats and the Wolf Khan Vlad Ward, Thomas made a note that once again the Khan of the Nova Cat Clan was not present.  “As I was saying Clan Star Adder vacated Gwithian the Stone Rhinos moved to secure the planet.  Almost immediately the Twenty-eighth’s Assault Cluster’s commander Star Colonel was assaulted by two Mechs and killed, these Mechs made no official Batchall or challenge.”

   “It is a dangerous area of space, Jade Falcon garrison forces are attacked on a regular basis, these people have no respect for our superior warriors, technology or our ways of combat.”  Khan Marthe Pryde, leader of Clan Jade Falcon, said her Clan controlled a sizable portion of the Clan occupied areas of the Inner Sphere.

   “We are well aware of the lawlessness of the region, Khan Jade Falcon, however these Mechs are the reason for my bringing this to your attention.  If I may direct you to the plasma screen” Perez said as a screen lifted up from inside the Stone Rhino desk, the building may be traditional but the technology used by the Khans was state-of-the-art.  The screen split into two sections one showed a running Mech which any warrior in the room could identify as an Inner Sphere Panther, the Mech looked in good condition and was unmarked other than some light damage on the torso and upper left leg.  The other half of the screen was taken up with a Vapour Eagle, this Mech was similarly in good condition.  “These are the Mechs that assaulted and killed our officer.”  Perez noticed saKhan Brandon Howell of Clan Smoke Jaguar raise and whisper something in the ilKhan’s ear, the ilKhan looked at the saKhan for a moment then addressed the Khans.

   “I have just been informed that these Mechs assaulted a Smoke Jaguar research and development station in mid-November of last year.”

   “Why was this council not informed?” Khan Cassius N’Buta asked, the ilKhan stared angrily at Howell for a moment then turned back to the Khans.

   “These forces destroyed the base and took everything, we assumed it was the Dark Caste and have been attempting to track down the culprits, we would have informed this council of their existence then.”

   “We were able to destroy the Vapour Eagle.”

   “Good for you, shame you could not bring down the Inner Sphere Panther too.” Khan Marthe Pryde said angrily.

   “That Mech has been modified, it was faster than a standard Panther and carries heavier weaponry.  However this is no the gem of the information we received.”  Perez said smiling looking at the Clan Burrock Khans “when we analysed the Vapour Eagle’s wreckage we found Clan Burrock insignia on the Mech’s armour and inside the Mech’s cockpit.  I would like an explanation.”

   “This Mech was obviously stolen from our Clan, we would never have dealings with the Dark Caste.”  the Burrock Khan said, there was a murmuring around the room “and if you make any such allegations Khan Stone Rhino, you will face me in a Trial of Grievance.”

   “I have no evidence, I only produced this to find out if such a Mech was missing or if you had seen these units before.”

   “We have not, and I have no available knowledge of a missing Vapour Eagle, if we were to recess for a few hours I could find this information.”

   “Hardly a reason to involve us all, Khan Burrock you will bring this information to Clan Stone Rhino Khan, if this is all I have a journey to the Inner Sphere to look forward to and will take my leave.”  Khan Vlad Ward said, the Khans of the Invading Clans spent most of their times travelling between the Homeworlds and the Inner Sphere, a six month trip each way.

   “It is this council is over, safe journey to the Inner Sphere Khan Ward” Kael Pershaw the council Loremaster said, the Khans began shuffling out.  Khan Peres smiled, the presentation meeting had not gone too badly.

Khan Thomas Perez Office
Clan Stone Rhino Hall, Strana Mechty
Clan Homeworlds, Kerensky Cluster
11th January 3059

   Thomas Perez had waited for three days for information from Clan Burrock but nothing had arrived, maybe the Burrocks thought the Stone Rhinos were too small to be recognised, if they tried this with the Wolves or Jade Falcons they would find themselves facing a Trial of Grievance, or Absorption by the larger Clan.  Now Perez was forced to make a choice martial his forces against the Burrocks and risk stretching his Clan too thin, or ignore the Burrock threat and show the Clans the Stone Rhinos were just playing at being Clan warriors.  SaKhan Kirsten Kotare entered the room silently and sat opposite him, she had been a member of the Jaguars once like him and had been one of the first to flow to his banner, however Kirsten was also a Crusader and often advocated striking the Inner Sphere first and the other Clans a far second.  “The Burrocks still have not answered our calls for information on the Dark Caste attacks.”

   “Did you expect them too?  I said we should challenge them when they did not answer straight away, but you wavered…”

   “Are you challenging me Kirsten?”  Thomas asked immediately recognising her tone and the direction the conversation was going.

   “Neg, however I believe that perhaps we should take another route in dealing with the Burrock threat.”

   “What type of other route is there?  We ignore them or we call them out for a trial.”

   “Or we use the Watch…”  She said

   “We have no Watch.”

   “Not true, my Khan” Kirsten said quietly “two months ago I and Loremaster Warren Corbett discussed the fact we had not formed a Watch and we chose to designate a Cluster as a Watch unit, the Twelfth Black Lancer Cluster.”

   “I did wonder why the unit made such a name change, and why they did so when you were there.  Why was I not informed Kirsten Kotare?”

   “It was a minor change in designation, the Cluster’s duties have not changed thus far, although we have plans to give them further training we have not yet begun.”

   “Then why would we use them, if they are untrained in Watch matters then they will not be much use.”

   “I was thinking of using them as a regular unit with a surprise in the tail.”


   “The Star Adders I believe have a small trading outpost on Tathis, we ask them if we can drop the unit onto Tathis with one of their trading expeditions.”

   “The Star Adders will want something in return…”

   “We offer them a quarter of the Tathis Mech production for the next year, they will settle for a third, we can afford to loose that much equipment.”

   “True, and another production plant would be helpful especially with the Stone Rhino program almost ready for production.”

   “Almost ready?”  Kirsten asked surprised Project Stone Rhino had only been started following the Stone Rhino’s independence from the Smoke Jaguars, the program aimed to deliver a totem Mech for their Clan, to give their warriors something to be proud about and rally behind, within a year.

   “Aff, the designers say that the tests have gone well and they are ready for the prototype stage.  Perhaps the Dark Caste/Burrock attacks were meant to be.”

   “You are sounding more Nova Cat every day” Kirsten said raising “I will make arrangements for the Twelfth Black Lancer to move out.”  She said before he could answer considering they were both former Smoke Jaguars being compared to one of the Smoke Jaguars main rivals was not a nice thing to say despite the Stone Rhino’s severing of the ties between the two Clans.

Burrock Controlled Territory
Mech Production Facility, Tathis
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Space
17th January 3059

   The Star Adders had agreed to shuttle the Twelfth Black Lancer Cluster to Tathis with their next trading convoy which left a couple of days later.  Six days later they had arrived on Tathis and the Stone Rhino’s were ready, saKhan Kirsten Kotare had decided that she would include her command star as part of the Cluster.  Walking her one hundred ton Dire Wolf forward Kirsten watched as her Star line up on her left, glancing right she noticed Star Colonel Jessica and her command star and behind them there were two more trinaries of Clan Stone Rhino’s troops.

   “Clan Star Adder force this is Star Colonel Drake of Clan Burrock, please explain why you are in our territory.”  A voice asked over the comm. as they approached, of course they were Star Adders Kirsten thought, why would the dezgra Burrocks think anything less.  “Star Adders please respond… all forces we have three under strength Trinaries inbound on our western approaches, thought to be Star Adders prepare for hostilities.”

   “This is saKhan Kirsten Kotare of Clan Stone Rhino, we are here to declare a Trial of Possession for the BattleMech facility and the nearby enclave in response to Clan Burrock’s dealings with the Dark Caste and the dishonourable attack on the Gwithian Colony.  My first bid for the Batchall is two Trinaries and two stars, all troops are rated as elite, this is my entire force and I am willing to send you are combat information, respond.”  Kirsten said as the Burrocks began to assemble, they might as well know who their executioners were.

   “saKhan Kotare, Clan Stone Rhino?  What are you doing here?  Why do you sully the Burrock name by linking us to the Dark Caste?”

   “I have no wish to talk Star Colonel Drake, I want your defending force or should we just count your entire force as a legitimate target?”  Kirsten asked as the Stone Rhinos fanned out in a battle-line, they were all ready for a fight.

   “My forces are three trinaries of Mechs and Battle Armour, two Stars of Combat Vehicles and a single star of conventional infantry.  I am willing to transmit their codex information” Drake eventually said, a Warrior’s Codex was a record of his or her history as a warrior, they included every fight they had been in and the result of the battle as well as a sample of the warrior’s DNA and Bloodhouse.

   “Transmit to my Mech.”  Kirsten said slowing her Mech’s speed, auxiliary monitors were filled with information on the Burrock defenders, they were green to regular at best typical garrison troops.  Kirsten opened a private comm. channel to Star Colonel Jessica giving her the data as well “Jessica, your bid including my Star?”  She asked giving Jessica the right to decide which of her warriors would fight today.

   “A single Trinary plus your Star and my own.”  She said Kirsten looked at the data again and at the update Jessica had sent her.

   “We bid a single Trinary plus two Stars.”  Kirsten said activating her general comm. system.  “I will send you an update on which warriors will fight.”

   “We bid away our conventional infantry and vehicles.”  The Burrock commander said, it was traditional for Clan commanders to find the smallest amount of troops he or she could defend with against an opposing force, the smallest force brought the biggest honour however if they lost they were seen as reckless and dangerous to the Clan.

   “I will deploy my Trinary as a Binary with both Stars remaining intact, overall two binaries of Stone Rhinos remain.”  Kirsten said reviewing the data.

   “We will deploy one of our Trinaries as a single Star and the other two at full strength.”  Drake said, he was bidding away the most green rated troops of his command protecting them from the Stone Rhinos assault.  The Burrocks still outnumbered the Stone Rhinos however Kirsten felt confident she could take them with the troops she had.

   “What do you think Jessica?”  Kirsten asked opening a comm. to the Star Colonel again.

   “I would not want to deprive any more of my people of combat, the Burrocks have bid away their most green troops, assuming they fight using Zellbrigen  it should be a fair fight.” The Star Colonel said Zellbrigen was the Clan traditional duelling rules of one-on-one combat, one MechWarrior against another in honourable combat, for Battle Armour five troopers of a point counted as one unit.

   “Agreed” Kirsten said swapping back to general comm. “Done, Burrock Commander select a battlefield for this trial.”

   “You are standing on a good enough spot saKhan Kotare, we will meet you and assemble one kilometre from your present location.”

   “Agreed, Seyla” she said ending the Batchall.

   “Seyla” Drake said in response.  Kirsten and Jessica separated out the forces that would fight in the battle, those warriors not included in the Trial would stand ready, Clan Trial Rules allowed a commander to recall his last bid into battle if he was desperate for the victory in Kirsten’s case that would be another full star of warriors.  The others would form a perimeter ensuring no-one interfered in combat.

   The two Clans forces arranged opposite each other Kirsten stepped forward and opened the comm. “I saKhan Kirsten Kotare of Clan Stone Rhino declare this Trial of Possession for the Tathis BattleMech facility and the Clan Burrock enclave to the south-east.  I bring two Binaries of troops to this battle.”

   “I Star Colonel Drake defend this facility, I bring two Trinaries and a single Binary of troops to this battle.”

   “Seyla” she said ending the Ritual of Battle.

   “Seyla” Drake said then after a moments pause a ninety ton Supernova charged forward and Drake spoke again “saKhan Kirsten Kotare I declare a Circle of Equals with you, may no other enter.”  As individual challenges and battle calls began to be called out across the battlefield Kirsten answered the Call and the two began to fight.

   The Supernova was a second-line garrison BattleMech most often seen in the Clusters of Clan Nova Cat, its armament included six arm mounted Extended-Range Large Lasers giving it massive long range striking power.  Unfortunately for the Supernova its heat sinks could not dispense that much heat and if the Supernova pilot fired all its weapons at once the assault Mech would overheat and be unable to fight for a short time, on the Battlefield even a short term of being unable to fight were deadly.  Drake was not an idiot, only four of the six lasers lashed out at extreme range two struck Kirsten’s Dire Wolf, striking the left leg meting away nearly a ton-and-a half of armour.  The Dire Wolf was the Clan’s biggest OmniMech and it carried a massive amount of firepower and armour, Kirsten was not worried about the hit.  Instead she stopped her Dire Wolf moving and placed her OmniMech’s legs squarely on the ground, targeting the Supernova she opened fire with the Left Arm weapons pod twin Extended Range PPCs lashed out and tore into the Supernova’s right leg, the Supernova stopped for a moment, obviously Drake had not banked on Kirsten piloting a Dire Wolf using the uncommon B Weapons Configuration.  As Drake’s Supernova began to move again Kirsten punched down on the second joystick trigger, four light Ultra-class Autocannons roared into life above Kirsten’s head, although the weapons did little damage individually they fired fast and together they could cause a lot of damage.  The autocannon shells tore into the Supernova, Kirsten made sure her weapons all struck the exact same point as before tearing into the right leg ripping armour clear exposing the structure.

   Drake returned fire with all six lasers, the damaged they dealt together was devastating, all six struck the Dire Wolf overloading systems all over the Mech, if Kirsten hadn’t been standing still the mighty assault Mech would have likely fallen under such an assault.  Kirsten checked her systems, one of the yet unused left arm pulse lasers was damaged possibly destroyed but otherwise her Mech was still fully operational.  Looking across the battlefield she could see the Supernova was not in such good shape, the Mech had overheated badly with the use of all six lasers, switching to Infer-red (IR) targeting mode she could see the Supernova burned white as it tried to fight back the heat.  “Wrong move” Kirsten whispered, using the time she charged forward taking the Dire Wolf on a run, accelerating up to around fifty-four kilometres per hour, the Mechs to speed.  Just as Drake began to regain control of his Mech she was in range for all her remaining weapons, Kirsten looked at the Supernova for a second then without another thought she triggered all her Dire Wolf’s weapons in a classic ‘Alpha Strike’.

   The left arm paired PPCs and single pulse laser tore into the Supernova’s torso stripping the Mech of two tons of armour.  The Ultra autocannons roared into life tearing armour all over the Burrock Mech as Kirsten ‘walked’ the autocannons over her target.  Finally the only weapon Kirsten had not used roared into life a LB-X class autocannon in the right arm fired, Kirsten had selected solid shot for the oversized shotgun and the shot out the Dire Wolf striking the Supernova’s head, although head-shot strikes were frowned upon she had not meant to strike the Supernova’s head so Kirsten felt no remorse.  The Supernova reeled under the hit but surprisingly it did not fall, instead Drake obviously knocked about by the attack maintained control of the ninety ton machine and kept it on its feet only retreating four of five steps in an effort to maintain balance.  Kirsten cursed as she saw the Warriors’ impressive display and watched as her weapons cycled, the fastest weapons were the single pulse laser and the over shoulder autocannons which she hammered down again.  As the weapons lashed out she noticed the Supernova lift off, the Supernova’s one real advantage over her Mech was its three powerful jump jets.  The Supernova leapt ninety metres left just as Kirsten’s autocannons and pulse laser struck the place the Burrock Mech had been standing.  “Stavag!”  Kirsten screamed twisting her Mech’s torso trying to track the Supernova, as the Dire Wolf’s torso twisted the Supernova fired all six lasers one more time.

   The blast of pure destructive power from the Supernova sent Kirsten’s Dire Wolf reeling, the entire left arm was separated from the Dire Wolf as the mighty OmniMech was sent spiralling to the ground, Kirsten slammed her nose against the control panel as the Dire Wolf hit the ground breaking her nose and covering her in blood, Kirsten screamed, not in pain but pure anger.  Now it was a test of speed, could Kirsten pick her Mech up before the Supernova had cooled?  Kirsten doubted it so instead she rolled the Mech onto its side crushing the right arm’s remaining armour but thankfully not damaging the autocannon there.  Then with every ounce of fight and energy she had left the she slammed down on the Dire Wolf’s weapons triggers, all four Ultra autocannons and the single LB-X-type autocannon fired in unison and to Kirsten’s delight everything hit the location she had planned on hitting.  Lying on its side the Dire Wolf’s weapons were in a direct line to the Supernova’s legs, the five autocannons tore into the already damaged right leg causing it to collapse.  Even if the Supernova hadn’t been overheated the Burrock Mech would have fallen under such damage, but as such the assault Mech fell without control.  Drake was unable to do anything as his Supernova’s head slammed into the ground crushing the cockpit as the weakened armour took ninety tons of Mech landing on it.

   Kirsten picked her Mech up careful not to damaged the right arm autocannon as she used that arm to lever the Mech up, it was possible to pick a Mech up without using the arms but it was time consuming and in the heat of battle no warrior wanted to waste time or show weakness and a prone Mech was a sitting duck literally.  Looking around she could see the battle was going well for the Stone Rhinos, over half of the Burrocks were already down.  Searching she noticed the Stone Rhinos had incurred one casualty however, Star Colonel Jessica’s Mech sat on the ground its head a burning mess.  Kirsten vowed on the death of the Stone Rhino Star Colonel that she would win today however just as she turned her damaged Dire Wolf around ready to challenge one of the Burrocks who had yet to fight an opponent a freak gauss slug from one of the other battles slammed into her cockpit beheading the Dire Wolf and consuming saKhan Kirsten Kotare death was instant and Kirsten had no time to react, just the way war went sometimes.

   A less disciplined command may have broken at this point however the Twelfth Black Lancer Cluster showed why they had been selected by the deceased saKhan to be Watch warriors.  Star Captain Lucian took command of the force, informed the Burrocks he was brining in saKhan Kotare’s last bid and the Stone Rhinos surged forward.  Six hours later the Burrocks surrendered to the remaining Stone Rhinos, six warriors, the remains of the Burrock Garrison Cluster were taken by Star Captain Lucian as Isorla, spoils of war and the Stone Rhinos moved to secure their position and hold over the BattleMech Factory and the nearby Enclave.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Oathmaster Biccon Winters’ Sanctuary
Nova Cat Delta Command Base
Barcella, Kerensky Cluster
21st January 3059

   The Nova Cat Enclaves on Barcella were like ghost towns now that the majority of the Clans civilians had left Clan space.  The Enclave on Barcella used to be the Clan’s Homeworld Capital, a hive of activity, now the only activity was Nova Cat Delta Galaxy security teams searching the enclave for stragglers and search teams marking up things the Nova Cats would be taking with them.  Soon the Nova Cats would abandon Barcella as well, their new home beckoned them.  Oathmaster Biccon Winters sat alone in her sanctuary on the top floor of the largest building in the command firebase, about six floors high, she often came here to meditate on the days goings on and wonder what the future entailed for her Clan.  When the recent Trade Convoy had arrived the Merchants had brought her a correspondence from Khan Santin West, he wanted her to join the Clan in the Nova Cat’s Periphery holdings, although he would be returning to the Homeworlds soon he wanted her on the Nova Cats new Capital.

   Biccon had decided soon after the Nova Cats began leaving the Homeworlds that she would not see the Nova Cat’s new home, and she had found a replacement.  There was a knock on the door breaking the silence “Enter, Star Colonel Jal Steiner, and have a seat.”  She said softly, although an Elemental by birth she did not have the deep voice many of the giant infantrymen had.  The doors opened, the light from the doorway flooded into the darkened room, Star Colonel Jal Steiner entered the room and sat down cross-legged across from him.

   “I received word that you were looking for me, Oathmaster.”  Jal Steiner said he had not even returned to Xi Galaxy, the message had caught up with him less than an hour after Zane’s Trial of Bloodright and a call from the Oathmaster demanded attention.

   “Zane was successful.”  She said in a slightly out worldly voice lighting a candle.

   “Aff” Jal said quietly, he didn’t know what was going on but, considering the Oathmaster’s hushed tone he decided quiet was best.

   “Good, I’m sure the Wolves are happy.”  She said, Jal Steiner had known Biccon Winters since his capture from Clan Cloud Cobra almost nine years before, and he had never heard her speak using contractions.  “Jal Steiner, your influence in the Xi Galaxy has been… dramatic.” Xi Galaxy had taken to the Rossei Cloister beliefs which mirrored the Nova Cats mysticism greatly, they had also changed their camouflage to a swirling mess of colour designed to show their devotion to their beliefs and to show an enemy they had no fear of anything.

   “All I did was show them how similar the Nova Cat’s belief in visions and mysticism is similar to that of the Rossei Cloister’s beliefs.”

   “They seem to understand it quite well and have embraced Nova Cat and Rossei beliefs full heartedly, perhaps even more so than any other group in the entire Nova Cat Touman.”  Biccon Winters said quietly.

   “Why am I here, Oathmaster?”  Jal asked he uttered the title with great reverence, the other Clans didn’t have an Oathmaster instead they relied on a Loremaster to guide them and to officiate Clan customs.  The Oathmaster of the Nova Cats was however special over all Loremasters, not only could an Oathmaster change the destiny of the Clan with one vision the Nova Cat post of Oathmaster was the first of its type in any of the Clans.

   “I am dying…” she said with but a whisper, it was a statement of fact from the Oathmaster almost as if she knew exactly when.

   “Dying, how do you…?”  He asked confused.

   “How does anyone?  The Nova Cats are moving on, they have found a new home and are embracing their future.  With this I believe the Nova Cat Clan requires a new Oathmaster…”  Her voice trailed off, the only way a new Oathmaster could be elected was if the present Oathmaster died or if they were defeated in the Grand Melee, an annual tournament that would decide who was the best candidate for the position.

   “The Grand Melee is not for several months” Jal said.

   “There is a rarely used clause, if an Oathmaster dies in office their personal journals are consulted and if a successor is named that person takes over until a Grand Melee can be convened.  I want to name you as my successor.”

   “I do not understand, I have not even undertaken a Rite of Vision of my own yet let alone watching over others and helping guide our Clan.”

   “That is another reason I asked you hear tonight, look into the flame and concentrate.”  She said, she would conduct his vision here and now, traditionally warriors chose when to do their visions themselves picking times in their life that suited them.  At Jal’s side was a small vineer pouch, inside were his collected souvenirs of battle, in a Rite of Vision these were sacrificed in an effort to conjure an image or a message that would guide their life’s or even their Clan’s path.  Jal closed his eyes as he drew the pouch forward then opened his eyes looking into the small flame.

   Suddenly without warning the flame expanded to three times its size, Jal could see an image in the flames.  Focusing on the image he saw a dead nova cat, as the image became more focussed Jal noticed that the nova cat’s paws were bloody, but there was no nearby enemies.  This image quickly faded and was replaced with another this one was of a nova cat full of life leaping through a star field, the nova cat landed on an island inhabited by what looked like human skulls the nova cat grabbed the skulls with its teeth and threw them from the island then began shaping the island in its own way, making a home.  As the nova cat began to feel comfortable a dagger appeared behind hit, just before the dagger struck the nova cat turned on the dagger and shredded it before tossing the remains from the island.  Seconds later a long sword appeared and struck the nova cat from a distance, the animal tried to defend itself blunting the sword but was struck down mortally wounded as it crawled away the cat was killed by a group of animals.  This disturbing image disappeared and another appeared this one featured a vigilant nova cat catching the dagger in its jaws but instead of destroying the small weapon the nova cat returned the dagger to the sword and both sides came to an understanding the nova cat bowing to the lowered sword.

   The image disappeared and the flame became smaller returning to normal “what do you make of that?”  Biccon asked Jal noticed that his vineers had mysteriously disappeared, neither of them had moved during the entire encounter.

   “The Nova Cats are in trouble” Jal said quietly “a dagger is nearing the Nova Cat’s Den, and when it strikes the Nova Cats will retaliate by destroying it.  The Sword will then kill the Nova Cat and the Nova Cat’s enemies will destroy us.”

   “And what does that mean, too you.”  Biccon asked, she had seen the images he had but wanted to know what Jal made of the images himself, she wanted him thinking of anything but the dead nova cat they had seen first.

   “The Nova Cat’s new home is the Nova Cat’s Den” he said, she nodded “the dagger…” he said thinking “the dagger is a small sword, the Federated Suns has been linked with the sword throughout its history.  The Federated Suns has sent a force, or will send, a force to the Nova Cat’s Den.  After they discover our Clan is there they will turn on it and destroy us, our enemies will strike us and kill us?”

   “What can we do?”

   “We have to capture the force, intact if possible and return it to the Suns.”

   “And who can do this?”

   “The Khan, I need to speak to the saKhan immediately” he said rushing out the door without another word.  Biccon smiled Jal Steiner would make a good Oathmaster, she extinguished the candle and moved to her bed for the last time.  Her Clan had discovered a new home and they were safe, but she would not see her Clan’s new home or their future, she had seen to it.

Hall of the Khans
Karl Devalis Personnel Quarters
Strana Mechty, Kerensky Cluster
21st January 3059

   “What the hell?” Karl was awoken by a constant beeping.

   “It has been beeping for the last couple of minutes, I did not know what it was so I left it.”  Sellen said rolling over to look at him, she was a saKhan she should have known what it was but Karl ignored the comment.

   “It is the priority comm.”  he said quietly slipping out of the bed, for once he and Sellen had remained in the bed.  Sellen sat up as he crossed the room and entered the adjacent office.  “Receive” he said the image of Star Colonel Jal Steiner appeared “Star Colonel, it is three o’clock in the morning here, this had better be good.”

   “I received a vision” Karl sat down, if any warrior came to him with a vision he would take note when a Star Colonel came to him with a vision at three in the morning he really took note.

   “Was the Oathmaster with you, Quiaff?” although any vision was taken seriously only ones officially recognised by the Oathmaster were completely followed, after all some visions changed the path of the entire Clan.

   “Aff” Jal said “the Oathmaster confirmed it “the Federated Suns are a danger to our home.”  He said Karl glanced over his shoulder and noticed Sellen was not in the bedroom, she had probably gone to the bathroom.  “I need to contact the Khan, our people are in danger from the sword, the only way we can defend our people is to capture the dagger.” Karl was in circles but Jal Steiner seemed intent in his belief, in a Clan of beliefs he would take her serious.

   “The Far Vision is in the Barcella asteroid belt, take a DropShip from Barcella Spaceport under my authority and rendezvous with the Corvette.  The WarShip should be able to reach communication range with the Khan within a couple of jumps.”  The Star Colonel immediately broke the link just as Sellen entered.  “You heard?”

   “I heard something about a sword, a dagger and a threat to the Nova Cat people, in other words trouble.”  Sellen said entering the office Karl raised to meet her and they locked in an embrace “you okay?”

   “I will be, with some more sleep” he said smiling he noticed the look on her face “let’s get back to bed.”  A small contraction in his voice gave away the tension in his voice, hopefully Jal Steiner had seen something in the Nova Cat’s distant future, at the moment the Khan was en-route to Clan space only the Galaxy Commanders were in the Nova Cat’s Den.  This could be delicate and he hoped his people in the Clan’s new home were ready, the entire clan knew that when the Inner Sphere found out about the Nova Cats in the former Tortuga Dominions that there would be trouble, that day had arrived sooner than they had expected.

Avalon Base, Avalon Valley
Strana Mechty, Clan Homeworlds
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Space
25th January 3059

   Khan Thomas Perez looked out over the Proving Grounds seeded to his Clan by the Ground Council, today they would be the scene of a Stone Rhino’s elevation to the position of saKhan.  Although it was traditional for a Khan to find a saKhan themselves following saKhan Kirsten Kotare’s actions in forming the Watch behind his back Khan Perez had decided to allow any warrior above the rank of Star Colonel, or the equivalent naval rank, to compete for the right to the saKhan post.  Beside him sat Khan Cassius N’Buta who had requested the right to be here, although Thomas had no idea why.  Out in the Proving Ground the Loremaster was beginning the ceremony that would begin the first trial announcing the combatants, auxiliary monitors activated in front of Perez and N’Buta giving them close up images of the action.

   “Khan Perez if I may I would like to talk to you about the Burrocks.”

   “They have enraged my Touman Khan N’Buta by killing our saKhan the Stone Rhino’s are calling for blood.”

   “I was wondering if you might hold off on attacking the Burrocks.”

   “Hold off, why?”

   “The Star Adders have acquired information about the Burrocks that will prove their actions involving the Dark Caste.  We will bring this to the council and call for a Trial of Absorption but not yet, if your Clan was to hold off its attacks then I could ensure that the Stone Rhinos were well rewarded for their assistance to the Star Adders.”

   “So the Star Adders would absorb or destroy the Burrocks and the Stone Rhinos would still benefit?  Quiaff” Cassius nodded “I could perhaps sell this to my people, but I would need something in return, another target perhaps.”

   “How about the Smoke Jaguars?  You can target three of their Inner Sphere worlds, if you take them you can hold them until the Star Adders have the resources to take custody.  During this time you can take anything you want from the Smoke Jaguar defenders and the planets themselves.”

   “Agreeable, I would like to take a chunk out of the Smoke Jaguars, upload the information and I will move my Clan to deal with the Smoke Jaguars.  Deal with the Burrocks.”  As they had been talking Star Colonel Elizabeth Radick had won her first trial, the first of eight she would win that day and the saKhanship of Clan Stone Rhino.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Hall of the Khans, Grand Council Meeting
Strana Mechty, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
4th February 3059

   At the next Clan Grand Council meeting Khan Cassius N’Buta wasted no time in bringing forward information on Clan Burrock’s involvement with the Dark Caste.  By near unilateral vote Clan Star Adder were given complete rights to a Trial of Absorption against Clan Star Adder with only Clan Blood Spirit voting against the Star Adder claim.

Clan Burrock Territory
Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
14th February 3059

   The Star Adders assaulted the Burrocks ten days later on a wide front.  In orbit over the Burrock capital the Burrocks small WarShip fleet was eliminated quickly the vessels barely putting up a resistance, the Warriors of the Clan claiming they had no idea of their Khans dealing with the Dark Caste and death or Absorption by the Star Adders was better than remaining as Burrocks.  On the ground the Adders quickly moved on the Burrock holdings on all six worlds the Burrocks held territory.

Star Adder Territory (Formerly Burrock Territory)
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
23rd February 3059

   On the 16th February during the Absorption Battles between Clan Burrock and Clan Star Adder Clan Blood Spirit attacks the Star Adder and Burrock forces.  Following this the Burrocks remaining in battle and undefeated by the Star Adders assault the Blood Spirits.  Following seven days of heavy fighting the remaining Blood Spirit forces are driven back to their capital holdings on York by the combined Burrock/Star Adder forces.

Freedom’s Price, Scout-class JumpShip
Filtvelt, Nadir Point
Crucis March, Federated Suns
24th February 3059

   “This is not the best way to begin a mission.”  Ross McKinnon said quietly thoughtfully, the old pirate JumpShip had sprung a seal and vented nearly all its oxygen into space.  Thankfully no-one had been hurt or killed and there was a reserve that had kicked in and the DropShip had been able to help replenish the JumpShip’s supply however this was not the best way to start a mission.  The incident had been reported to command and they had directed a nearby Challenger Systems JumpShip to their location, Challenger Systems were long term contractors with the AFFS and had brought the Congress-class Frigate to the Federated Suns during the Star League-era and currently brought them Monolith-class JumpShips from their small shipyard in the Panpour system.

   When the Challenger Team had arrived they had told the JumpShip captain that the problem was far worse than had originally suspected and that to be safe they would need two months at a shipyard, Ross had persevered with them and told them that the ship needed to last one mission and roughly six jumps (three there, three back) and then it could be dropped into the nearest sun.  The Challenger Team leader, a Dr Keith Penshaw, had grumbled about something and using the HPG on Filtvelt had gotten clearance from AFFS High Command to hold the Fox’s Teeth for six days as his team did as much as possible to make the ship safe.  Leftenant Rachel Montgomery, the Rabid Fox commander entered “this is not the best way to start an operation” she said echoing his very words “six days stuck in this tube is not my idea of productive time.”

   “You have an idea?”

   “The Rabid Fox always have ideas Captain.”  She said with a dazzling smile “the local Filtvelt Garrison can do more if they move about, we could give them a release.  Let them check out the other planets around here make sure we are not walking into anything nasty on Tortuga.”

   “We will only be here for six days”

   “If we land on Filtvelt it is six days there and back plus some ground time.  If you were to comm. them then they could take off tomorrow and we could begin the burn out of here tonight.  It would give us some time to see how our people work together and work out some of the kinks.”

   “The good Doctor could have extra time on the deck too” Ross said, the mission was already running late there was no reason why he couldn’t take some liberties with his orders.  “I’ll contact ground base and we will figure something out, have our people ready to leave in four hours.”
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Far Vision, Vincent Mk 42-class Corvette
Unnamed System, Deep Periphery
25th February 3059

   Star Colonel (Oathmaster) Jal Steiner was nervous, sitting in the rear of the Far Vision, one of Clan Nova Cat’s Vincent Mk 42-class Corvettes he looked out into the blackness of space.  Two days ago they had received a message from saKhan Devalis reporting that Biccon Winters was dead by an apparent suicide.  Her will and testament had said she wanted Jal Steiner to take her place and she had confirmed his vision however many onboard the Far Vision were wary of Jal Steiner because he was not a warrior born of the Nova Cat Clan, he had been the last one to see Biccon alive and they were following his vision which outlined deep trouble for the Nova Cats.

   The Far Vision was an old ship, that had once served the original Star League like many of the Clan’s WarShips, and so it featured windows on the main bridge giving for spectacular views of the surrounding space.  Newer bigger vessels had their Bridge or Command Centre deep inside the WarShip affording the command crew greatly increased protection, this was not what worried Jal Steiner however as he looked into the nothingness ahead of the WarShip, the corvette was pointed away from the only interesting thing in this system the massive star at its core.  Behind the corvette between the WarShip and the star hung the massive JumpSail nearly invisible against the blackness of space.

   The only way a vessel was able to travel between the stars was by collecting energy from the stars of solar systems, with the JumpSail, and using that collected solar energy to power their massive Kearny-Fuchida Drives which would use the power to rip a whole in space and in an instant cross the blackness of space to the orbit of another star and then the process would start again.  Some vessels, most Clan WarShips and some priority JumpShips, carried a Lithium Fusion Battery which allowed them to store a second charge allowing the vessel to make two jumps at the price of one.

   When saKhan Devalis had said the Far Vision would need to make two jumps to reach communication range Jal had assumed that he meant a single double-jump using the Far Vision’s Lithium Battery.  The corvette’s commander had put him straight however, the Far Vision would have to make two double-jumps which would take a total of four days.  At the end of the second double-jump the vessel would be in extreme range of the Occupied Periphery Colony of Nouveaux-Paris, the newly built HPG on Nouveaux Paris colony would have to transmit a message to the WarShip Chronicle, which was deploying an HPG Booster in the Deep Periphery far from any colony or trade route.  This Booster would then have to transmit a message to the Khan’s WarShip, the Thunderbolt, using maximum power just to reach the vessel which was somewhere near the Outworlds Alliance.  The Thunderbolt would then have to travel for four days to reach communication range with New Barcella within the Nova Cat’s Den.  In total they would have to wait eighteen days to communicate with the Clan’s new Homeworlds.

Clan Burrock/Star Adder Territory, Clan Space
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Homeworlds 
27th February 3059

   Clan Star Adder have defeated all Clan Burrock forces, all Clan Burrock’s remaining warriors, equipment, resources and civilians are absorbed wholly by the Star Adders making Clan Star Adder the strongest Clan in the Homeworlds, even with many troops in the Inner Sphere, and one of the strongest Clans overall.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Clan Star Adder Territory
York, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
8th March 3059

   Following their disastrous defeat during the trials between Clan Burrock and Star Adder Khan Karianna Schmidt leads her Clan Blood Spirit wholly to York, their capital holding, keeping only the Strana Mechty holdings out with York.  During several bloody trials the Khan leads her Blood Spirits to victory evicting Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Snow Raven forces from York securing the entire world for her Clan.  In orbit the Clan’s four WarShips also take up defensive positions securing the planet meaning anyone wanting to land would have to have a full assault force with them.  Even with their entire force there the Blood Spirits still look very weak to the outside eye, and the Blood Spirits have many enemies.
ISF Listening Station Zulu 4
Avon system, Clan Occupation Zone
10th March 3059

   The Draconis Combine Internal Security Force technicians monitoring the Clan forces received a comm. from several of their agents a new Clan, the Stone Rhinos, had entered the Occupation Zone controlled by Clan Star Adder and Clan Smoke Jaguar three days before.  These forces had hit Smoke Jaguar holdings of Richmond, Idlewind and Rockland.  In several bloody trials the Stone Rhinos had secured the systems completely destroying the Smoke Jaguar WarShip Razor Cat, a Vincent Mk 42-class Corvette, although reports suggested a Stone Rhino vessel was also destroyed in the battle.  The Stone Rhino Clan was a complete unknown to their intelligence assets none of the ComStar data on the Clans said anything about the Stone Rhinos.  Using a Black Box transmitter they sent the data to the ISF headquarters for analysis.

   The Black-Box was like a miniature HPG capable of sending short messages over short ranges, the technology had been developed before proper HPGs had been developed the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance used the technology most however the Draconis Combine had several modules salvaged from the Federated Suns and Lyran Forces during the War of ‘39, after reverse engineering the Draconis Combine also fielded the devices in a limited quantity keeping Draconis Combine secrets away from ComStar but keeping Draconis Combine troops in constant, if a little limited, contact.
Nova Cat Watch Base
Tortuga Prime, Raider’s Roost
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
12th March 3059

   For many in the Nova Cat Clan Touman the Watch was seen as a joke, a job for the has-beens and the failures.  Which was why Canin Rosse’s request to join the Watch’s newly formed Special Operations Trinary was even more surprising a MechWarrior who had won his Bloodname just before his twentieth birthday, less than one year before, he had won his Trial of Bloodright before winning a Trial of Position, a sign to many he was a ristar, rising star, in the Nova Cat Clan.  When he had only defeated a single opponent in his initial Trial of Position some saw it as if he had peaked early however he was still in line to join one of the Nova Cat’s front line Galaxies perhaps even one of the Galaxy Command Trinaries or one of the Nova Cat Keshiks (Personnel Bodyguard of Khans and Galaxy Command units).  Instead he had requested assignment to the Watch Special Operations Unit based on the nearly abandoned Tortuga Prime.

   The Special Operations Watch unit was something that would probably never function as a ‘Special Operations’ unit because the Clans did not conduct back handed operations, there was no chance of winning honour if you didn’t face your opponent in a face-to-face fight.  The unit had only been created as a test project and now served the Nova Cat Scientist Caste in testing new designs and weapons, the warriors assigned to the unit would be lucky to ever see real combat, Canin Rosse had killed his career as a Nova Cat Warrior before it had ever begun.  Walking around on Tortuga Canin wondered if his decision to join this unit had been the right one, the Watch controlled the Tortuga Fusiliers main base of operations fifteen warriors inhabiting a base designed to house a full regiment.  A vision had pointed him to the Watch and to the Nova Cat’s new home so he had travelled here with the original Nova Cat expedition to the Dominions, the Watch Trinary had struck with Alpha Galaxy, however when Khan West had ascended to the Khanship he had said Tortuga would no longer be their capital and moved the Clan’s civilians and almost all the military forces to a new world which would be their capital.

   Now the Watch had been forgotten once more sent to Tortuga to guard the people who had decided to remain, mainly original Tortugan inhabitants.  The Tortuga inhabitants had ignored the Watch and the Nova Cat civilians despite the Clan’s attempts to repair damage done in the invasion and from the insurgent forces.  Canin thought it was fine if they wanted to ignore the Nova Cats, he wanted as little to do with them as possible as well.  Canin did not know why he had asked for this assignment only that this was where he had to be within the Nova Cat Touman, for the good of himself and his Clan.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Freedom’s Price (Invader-class JumpShip)
Lucky Chance (Union-class DropShip)
Nadir Point, Tortuga Prime
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
18th March 3059

   At last the mission was beginning Ross McKinnon was aboard the captured Lucky Chance DropShip and burning towards the Pirate World known as Tortuga Prime the world at the centre of the Tortuga Dominions and one of the worst planets in the entire periphery.  Through some clever navigation they had arrived one day ahead of their delayed schedule, a small mercy for a destroyed schedule.

   As the DropShip burned in system moving away from the Freedom’s Price, the captured pirate JumpShip, the vessel’s commander watched the vessel disappear.  Now all they had to do was wait here for a week, perhaps more, and remain undetected.  Originally the vessel would have jumped away however given the vessel’s recent history and damage the plan had changed and the vessel would now remain in the system.  “Well how crowded is it?”  He asked Tortuga Prime was the Tortuga Dominions main system, at least one of the Tortuga Fusiliers estimated three operational JumpShips should be in system.

   “Captain our sensors read nothing at the zenith point either.”

   “Nothing?” the ships commander said quietly “where are the Fusiliers?”  He asked quietly recent raids on the Federated Suns periphery borders had dropped by almost sixty percent.

   At the other side of the planetary star the Nova Cat Fredasa-class Corvette Spirit Sight observed the JumpShip’s arrival and the DropShips burn in-system.  “Allow the DropShip to travel in system, prepare forward weapons and a firing solution against the JumpShip, I want them disabled not destroyed.  As soon as we come around the sun send an message to Tortuga about the DropShip inbound.”  The Fredasa accelerated forward moving into the JumpShip’s six o’clock position behind the main jump said, the vessels forward weapons came on-line the weapons officers targeted the Corvette’s conventional weapons on the JumpShip, they wanted it captured not destroyed.  The Nova Cat Khans wanted all vessels entering the Tortuga system captured, if they were pirates they would be executed, if they were explorers or ComStar they would be imprisoned on Tortuga until something could be done with them and if they were Federated Suns they would be interrogated for information.  The JumpSail would be hide them from the JumpShip’s basic tracking system right until now.  The Fredasa’s forward paired Gauss Rifles and quad array of Extended-Range Large Lasers, the Gauss Rifles hit the JumpShips rear section right on the JumpSail connections and the four large lasers ripped into the JumpShips main communication array restricting the vessel to short range communications only.  To ensure the vessel’s crew did not try and charge their K-F Drive with the vessel’s fusion engines the Spirit Sight helm officer moved the corvette in close, if the JumpShip tried to escape now both vessels would be destroyed.

   Onboard the JumpShip the ships commander and his crew only knew there was something wrong when the first impacts were registered and the JumpSail began to separate from the vessel’s hull.  “What the hell was that?  Tell the DropShip we are under attack!”  He said as four high powered lasers incinerated the JumpShip’s communications system.

   “Hull breach deck three, communications gone, jump engine destroyed.”  The ship’s navigator said just as the Spirit Sight moved into the front view ports.  “Clan WarShip dead ahead” he said looking out the view ports, although he could not tell the design class he knew it was one used by the Clans, they were in trouble.  The WarShip began launching fighters which surrounded the ship.

   “Evacuate Deck three and broadcast our surrender on the low-band tell them to stop firing before they blow us up.”  the commander said, he knew that there was no point in resisting a single Clan fighter let alone a WarShip supported by fighters.

   “What if they want us destroyed?”  One of the crewmen asked.

   “We’d be dead already.”  As it turned out the commander was right and Clan Elementals boarded the vessel soon after.

City Outskirts
Raider’s Roost, Tortuga Prime
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
22nd March 3059

   The DropShip landed on the outskirts of Tortuga Prime’s only city Raider’s Roost, although the planet had a spaceport there were reinforced landing pads all around the planet.  On the DropShips decent Ross McKinnon had noted that there were three DropShips at the Spaceport and a further four around the city, so someone was at least home.  So far there had been no communications from the ground or any space borne forces which was strange, traditionally at least one veiled threat was thrown at incoming forces from either people leaving or the ground controllers.

   Inside the city the Nova Cat Watch waited watching the Union land, the WarShip had informed them and they had days to secure this area of the city for the arrival of the DropShip all civilians had been moved and their properties boarded and protected as best the Nova Cats could, although none had been happy when they were ordered to move several had noted the Nova Cats were ‘gentler’ than the previous landlords, Fuchida’s Fusiliers would never have taken these precautions.

   The Watch were spread out surrounding the area five OmniMechs, mostly weighing seventy tons or more, flanked by ten Vehicles, of various weight, and twenty-five Battle Armoured Elementals, a full Trinary.  A Union could normally carry a company of Mechs, twelve, meaning the Nova Cats would outnumber their opponents however the Watch Commander had already said Zellbrigen would not be honoured against these pirates.  Although the warriors had been ordered not to go for cockpit hits, they wanted prisoners.

   Ross walked his old battered Centurion out of the DropShip, everything was quiet, maybe too quiet.  Behind him Rachel Montgomery and her Battle Armour were hidden in the shadow of the DropShip bay, although they were ready to assist the plan was for them to wait and only attack if Ross of the other MechWarriors were attacked, no point in showing they were not pirates.  “Okay people, we’re just scum here lets not be too accommodating.” He said walking forward protocol on Tortuga dictated that anyone landing reported to the Fusiliers and stated their business if Ross was going to the spaceport he was taking his Mechs in full support, it wasn‘t below the Fusiliers to seize equipment and people from visitors to Tortuga.  The next Mech of his command lance, an equally ancient Catapult walked down followed by a Dervish and an Enforcer the only one not common in the area of space was the Catapult but they were either mercenaries or pirates so it wouldn’t be questioned.

   Sitting in his Timber Wolf’s cockpit Canin Rosse scanned each enemy Mech a fifty ton Centurion which looked like it had been extensively modified, followed by a forty-five ton Blackjack with massive laser arms, Canin looked at the other Mechs a fifty-five ton Dervish, with missile launchers but these were in the chest and the Mech’s arms had SRMs and lasers in the paddle-like arms the fourth Mech was an fifty ton Enforcer with an autocannon in one arm and a heavy laser in the other.  In Canin’s opinion he could take down all four alone, none were a threat to the Timber Wolf, this would be a slaughter.

   Over the course of the next few minutes eight more Mechs moved out and took defensive positions around the DropShip, Ross looked at his Mechs then to the waiting city, something was very wrong he could feel it.  “Command Lance your with me, Striker and Recon you have Homefort duties.  Move out” he said his command lance began to move out they got about one hundred metres before the trouble Ross had feared reared its ugly head, a seventy ton Summoner landed about two hundred metres from his Centurion, the Mech had obviously jumped down from a nearby building, from the look of the Mech it was in good condition and repair.  The Clan OmniMech was outfitted in its most common weapons configuration a PPC in one arm a heavy autocannon in another arm and LRMs over the shoulder, it was painted black with dark blue highlights on the Mech’s left knee and upper left torso was a strange insignia a black cat against a orange and red supernova, Ross had read every report on the Clans, this was not one of the original invading Clans.  Either someone had captured a Clan OmniMech intact or this was a new Clan right on the Federated Suns back-doorstep.  “McKinnon to DropShip prep for take off we could be in serious trouble here…”

   “Unidentified force I am Star Captain Mathis identify yourself immediately and your reason for being inside the Nova Cat’s Den.”  The Summoner pilot said over an open comm. channel behind him several more Mechs, vehicles and Battle Armour were arriving from what Ross could make out a full Trinary of Clansmen, they were in trouble.

   “DropShip get out of here, forget us, inform the Federated Suns of this threat.  We will buy you time to escape.” Ross said in his private comm. to the DropShip he noticed Rachel Montgomery and here people were on the ground, the Rabid Fox would stand with the Fox’s Teeth in what would probably be their deaths.

   “Understood” the DropShip commander said as the doors began to close “good luck… oh my god! Not possible…” he trailed off as the first of ten Nova Cat OmniFighters flew overhead at barely one hundred metres from the deck, if the DropShip took off they would be destroyed in a single volley from the combined firepower of the fighters.

   Sitting in his Timber Wolf’s cockpit Canin listened as the led enemy pilot identified himself as Ross McKinnon, a Captain in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns and Commander of the Fox’s Teeth.  Behind the Mechs Canin could see small black armoured troopers they were obviously a type of Battle Armour but Canin hadn’t seen them before, the capture of one suit alone would be an intelligence coup.  Mathis told them they were enemies of the Nova Cats and should be prepared for combat, Canin was shocked, the Nova Cats were supposed to capture Federated Suns troops not kill them.  “One, Four, we should capture them.  We have them outnumbered and outgunned, the stand no chance.”

   “Silence Four!  Just because you hold a Bloodname does not mean you can question my orders, I still hold rank over you.  Prepare to fire…”

   “Neg” Canin said accelerating his Timber Wolf forward as Mathis powered his weapons, just as Mathis fired Canin’s Timber Wolf walked over the line in fire.  The Summoner’s LRMs, LB-class Autocannon and PPC struck the Timber Wolf causing some heavy armour damage to the left torso and leg but nothing critical.

   Sitting inside his Centurion preparing for the assault from Summoner Ross McKinnon was shocked as the Nova Cat Timber Wolf crossed the Summoner’s firing line and turned its back on the Federated Suns troops “hold your fire everyone, let’s see what these Clanners are up to.”  He said as the two Nova Cat warriors began to talk on an open comm.-link.

   “ROSSE!” Mathis screamed into the comm.-link “what do you think you are doing!?  Remove yourself from the firing line pending a Trial, you are not fit to fight in this Trinary or this Clan!”  Mathis continued on an open frequency, everyone could hear them.

   “Neg, Star Captain Mathis, by order of the Khan we are to take all Federated Suns troops prisoner, not kill them on sight.  They posse no threat to us and with our fighters and WarShip in the air they cannot escape.”

   “I have made my choice, they are a clear an present danger to our Clan‘s position on this world.  Stand down and get out of the way.”

   “Neg, Star Captain Mathis, you are looking for personal honour and combat not what the Clan needs.  I challenge you to a Trial of Position for your rank and command of this Trinary.”

   “You cannot challenge me, you have no grounds.”

   “You are unfit to command this unit as you are refusing to carry out the Khan’s orders.  Captain McKinnon, I am MechWarrior Canin Rosse, do you accept my offer of your unconditional surrender?  You have my word your people will not be mistreated.”  Canin said still on an open comm. if he could secure the Federated Suns troops surrender that would win over the rest of the Trinary quickly and weaken Mathis position.

   “We accept your offer Rosse, we don’t want to be your bondsmen but we don’t want to die either.”  He said ‘defend your men’ he thought, this Canin Rosse seemed to be his best bet at survival.

   “Perhaps I can guarantee neither happens.”  Canin said quietly then turned back to his commander “Star Captain, I have secured their surrender, you owe me a trial.”  Canin said the Star Captain had other ideas however and opened fire with autocannon, PPC and LRMS, amazingly only the LRMs struck home causing armour damage on the left arm and leg still nothing to threaten the Timber Wolf‘s impressive armour protection.  “Fine, this is a Trial of Position, may no other enter” Canin said quickly as he triggered both his Timber Wolf’s twenty-tube LRM launchers, the forty missiles engulfed the Summoner’s chest.  Not giving Mathis a chance to recover Canin opened fire with his Mech’s arm mounted Extended-Range Large and Medium Lasers savaging the other Mech, the Timber Wolf was a far superior Mech to the Summoner its only advantage over the Timber Wolf was the five Jump Jets in its legs and torso, something Mathis hadn’t used in this fight, and something Canin would give him no chance to take advantage of.

   The Lasers exposed holes in the Summoner’s armour created by the LRMs causing heavy damaged, Mathis stumbled his Summoner forward unable to control the Mech, Canin took advantage and triggered both LRM launchers again engulfing the Summoner in fire, the seventy ton Mech went down fast not moving.  “You are defeated surrender.”

   “Never, these Spheroids are as good as dead.”

   “Then so are you” Canin said walking around the Mech stepping on the Summoner’s cockpit crushing Mathis.  “Watch Trinary, this fight is over I declare myself victor any who wishes to challenge this step forward.  When no-one stepped forward Canin turned back to the Federated Suns troops, the Fox’s Teeth.  “Fox’s Teeth, you are now guests of Clan Nova Cat, follow us or be destroyed.”  Without further argument Ross and the Fox’s Teeth moved in line behind the Nova Cat Mechs the Vehicles followed and the Rabid Fox Battle Armour was escorted by the Elementals.  On the way back to base they received a download from the Khan’s WarShip which had just entered the system, none of the Federated Suns troops were to be killed before the Khan spoke to them.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Nova Cat Watch Base
Raider’s Roost, Tortuga Prime
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
23rd March 3059

   Big decisions demanded consequences, that was the way the world went around, Canin Rosse had know this for years and taking out Star Captain Mathis the way he did had kept Canin alive following the Trial however as soon as the Federated Suns troops had been corralled and held in custody Canin himself was taken into custody by the units two remaining Star Commanders, if Canin had taken Mathis prisoner there would not have been a problem but Canin had killed Mathis following the fight and in many warrior’s eyes that was crossing the line of honour.  Now Canin Rosse’s fate laid with Khan Santin West who had landed on planet a little over an hour ago.

   Khan Santin West entered the small office and Canin rose from the small seat he had been sitting on.  “MechWarrior Rosse what the hell do you think you were doing?”

   “Star Captain Mathis wanted to execute the Federated Suns troops, I challenged him to honourable combat, he refused and attacked.  I intercepted the attack, challenged him again, which he refused, and then defeated Mathis in the following battle.  We then escorted the Fox’s Teeth and the Rabid Fox troops to this base.”  Canin said filling Santin West in on the events, he noticed the Khan take specific notice of the two special names the units used obviously they were significant but that the Khan didn‘t listen to the details of what had happened, it was like he knew what the events were and what had happened many within the Clan believed that Santin West was blessed with visions as many other Nova Cats were Canin had never believed such talk a Nova Cat warrior would be lucky to receive one vision let alone the two Santin West claimed to have received.

   “And Mathis is dead” it wasn’t a question but Canin answered anyway.

   “The Star Captain told me that the prisoners were as good as dead if he survived.  The only way we are going to survive here is if we are careful.”  Canin said quietly “if we kill the Federated Suns Special Forces Team and the Federated Suns comes looking for it our forces will be annihilated by the Inner Sphere, with little territory in the Homeworlds we cannot survive.  If we were to return the team to the Federated Suns then perhaps we could find a way to co-exist.  Because Mathis was against this plan I eliminated him from the equation, I stand by my decision.”

   “Not the Clan Way, MechWarrior, the Clans take what they need to survive or they die.”

   “That is the way of the Clans in the Homeworlds, this is the Inner Sphere, we live with them or we utterly destroy them.  If we try to take from the Federated Suns without completely establishing ourselves here in the ‘Den, they have far more resources than us and can call in the rest of the Inner Sphere for support, the other Clans will not help us.  We would die.”

   “I agree, Star Captain” Santin said to Canin after a few moments, promoting him without another word Canin Rosse was the perfect man to help Santin West take the Nova Cats forward although some may challenge this promotion and question Santin‘s methods the Khan knew that only Nova Cats within the Watch would be a threat to Canin as no warrior would willingly move into the Watch.  “The Inner Sphere is a far more dangerous place than the Homeworlds.  Here in the Periphery I believe we can do what we want but if we were to take liberties with the Federated Suns, the closest Successor State, then we would evoke the wrath of the whole Inner Sphere.  We need to be careful.  Where are the Federated Suns forces?”

   “We have them secured in the old pirate base inside one of the canteen areas.  We have secured all exits, although they have tried to escape several times none of them and no Nova Cat personnel have been harmed.”

   “Good work, Star Captain, we will leave them for a few days.  Continue to feed them and ensure they are joined by the DropShip crew and are given their proper uniforms from their vessel.”

Proving Grounds, Nova Cat Territory
Barcella Alpha Plant, Barcella
Clan Space, Clan Homeworlds
28th March 3059

   ‘I shouldn’t be doing this’ saKhan Karl Devalis thought he felt out of place, the Khan had been supposed to be brining this new unit into the Touman but was stuck on Tortuga.  The rest of the Clans knew that the Nova Cat Khan had been planning on overseeing this ceremony however for some unknown reason saKhan Devalis had instead taken over the duties, now every Clan was asking questions about where the Nova Cat Khan and the majority of the Clan were.

   Today however the Nova Cats were answering no questions, instead they were providing the rest of the Clans with something else to think about.  Today Clan Nova Cat debuted the Nova Cat OmniMech, a new heavy design that had been in development for three years, although not the heaviest or fastest design over half of its seventy tons was dedicated to weapons and equipment.  On the field were three Nova Cat OmniMechs outfitted in several different weapons configurations, opposite them were three opposing Mechs common with the other Clans and with the Inner Sphere.  “Allow this Trial to be fought with honour and skill” Karl said into the communication system “begin.”

   The three Nova Cats selected their targets, under standard clan battle tactics and Zellbrigen the Mechs would fight one-on-one battles.  The first Nova Cat was outfitted with what the scientists planned to be the Primary weapons configuration two Extended-Range PPCs in one arm and three Extended-Range Large Lasers in the other, this gave the Mech massive ranged firepower and no chance of running out of ammunition.  The only problem with the Mech was that it could not vent all the heat produced by the weapons fire meaning that if a warrior fired without thinking they would shutdown their Mech from excessive heat.  The MechWarrior at the controls targeted a charging eighty ton Gargoyle Assault OmniMech popular with Clan Wolf.  The Nova Cat opened up with it’s three lasers which burned armour over the OmniMech, the heavier assault Mech stumbled under the fire the MechWarrior stunned by the assault the moment lapse allowed the Nova Cat to fire both its PPCs removing the Gargoyle’s left arm.  The Gargoyle pilot returned fire with its remaining ranged weapon a medium-class LB-class autocannon, the autocannon shells tore up the Nova Cats torso but did little critical damage due to the Nova Cat mounting most of its weapons in the arms and due to the OmniMech‘s thick armour.  The Nova Cat seemed to weigh up the Gargoyle for a moment then in an instant all five weapons on the Nova Cat blazed at once striking both the Gargoyle’s left and right leg, both legs lost all armour in an instant and the pilot lost control of the Mech following the loss of almost four tons of armour.  The Gargoyle slammed into the ground, the Nova Cat walked over to the downed Gargoyle but did not fire, this fight was over another volley from the Nova Cat would be a death sentence to the Gargoyle pilot something that may happen on the field but never when it was Nova Cat against Nova Cat.  “Impressive, however the Gargoyle is not what I would call an impressive design, it is too under armed for an assault Mech.”  Karl said to the led scientist “also the Nova Cat pilot was obviously an extremely good shot.”

   “He took the Gargoyle down in three volleys, that OmniMech is ten tons heavier than the Nova Cat.”

   “As I said impressive, although not as impressive as it would have been against a more capable opponent” he said, the Gargoyle was not the most impressive OmniMech fielded by the Clans still the Nova Cat had done well “next please.”  He said, the Nova Cat’s performance was quite impressive and the OmniMech had been able to cope with the heat quite well, although the finally volley had pushed the design to its limit, Karl was sure.  That kind of ranged firepower would make the Nova Cat a powerful sniper/support design.  However the slow speed of the design would be a hindrance the Nova Cat only had a top speed of sixty-five kilometres per hour compared to speeds over eighty-five kilometres per hours with most Clan Heavy OmniMechs.

   The next Nova Cat walked forward, instead of attacking another Mech however it was joined by an eighty-five ton Warhawk, the same type of Mech Karl piloted.  Ahead of the two Mechs was a series of targets of decreasing size and increasing range, the Nova Cat and Warhawk began taking out the targets in sequence Karl noted that the Nova Cat was able to hit its targets at a longer range than the Warhawk although the Warhawk did more damage, the Nova Cat was using four Extended-Range Large Lasers while the Warhawk used four Extended-Range PPCs.  The final targets were behind a barrier and the Warhawk was forced to move around one hundred metres to hit the target effectively.  The Nova Cat launched itself skyward on jump jets, its lasers lashed out in mid-air destroying the target moments before the Warhawk destroyed its target, the telling fact was the Nova Cat landed a mere two metres from its starting point and the Warhawk was nearly one hundred-and-twenty metres away.  “Again I am impressed although I am curious why did the you use a Warhawk?  The Targeting Module on the ‘hawk gives it quite an advantage.”

   “The Nova Cat Alpha uses a targeting computer module as well as Jump Jets and lasers.”  Karl nodded the Nova Cat’s ground speed matched the Warhawk’s and the targeting computer matched the assault Mechs module, the only advantage the eighty-five ton Mech had was the PPCs were more powerful than the lasers, which was countered by the laser’s superior range.  The Warhawk also mounted Long Range Missiles as a back up and for indirect fire support but the Nova Cat made up for that by using jump jets something Karl had always found lacking in the Standard Warhawk OmniMech, which was why he had personally modified his own OmniMech to allow for the incorporation of Jump Jets if the situation required them.  Although it was not an easy modification to make Karl was pleased his techs had been able as it gave the Warhawk unparalleled uses with little sacrificed for the vastly improved capability.

   “A very nice combination.  What of the third configuration?”  He asked seeing another Mech enter the field a newly captured Draconis Combine seventy ton Avatar.  “Why a Inner Sphere design?”

   “This is one of their newest OmniMech designs.  The Diamond Sharks were able to acquire one from the Star Adders, we were able to acquire it for research purposes.”

   “Why compare this Mech to a Clan Mech?” In Karl’s eyes anything Inner Sphere was inferior to their Nova Cat counterparts the new Inner Sphere OmniMechs were included in this assessment.  The Avatar looked like a bigger version of the Clan-built Mad Dog, or Vulture, to Karl the OmniMech did not impress him and even though it was heavier than the Clan Mech it was still inferior in speed and weapons.

   “The Avatar has the same ground speed as the Nova Cat and the Avatar Beta Configuration is designed to do the same as the Nova Cat Beta” he said Karl’s reaction “we have no idea how this is possible, however, as this test will prove how inferior Inner Sphere technology is to that of the Clans.”  The scientist said as the two Mechs began firing the Nova Cat fired a total of ninety Long Range Missiles per salvo while the Avatar fired only seventy and finally the two Mechs rounded off with laser blasts from medium lasers, the Nova Cats struck with more power and range.  “Our Mech has better endurance than the Avatar, there is better heat dispensation capabilities on the Nova Cat and back up weapons are superior as is the armour protection.  The only two things the Avatar is able to do is match out new Mech’s speed and each of it‘s missile launchers have advanced fire control.”

   “Well I am impressed it will make a worthy addition to our Heavy Mech stars, although the use of an Avatar here today was perhaps a mistake.”  Karl said noting several scientists of other Clans watching and at least one high flying Aerospace Fighter.   “I am glad to welcome the Nova Cat into our Clan‘s Touman, congratulations doctor it is an impressive design.”

   “Thank you, saKhan, it is a shame the Khan could not make it.”

   “He will see the capabilities of the Nova Cat in time.  What of the Nova Cat‘s sister design?”  He asked when the Nova Cat Development project had begun two designs were planned to come out of it, the first would be the Nova Cat, pride of the Touman, the second would be its back-up and together they would command Nova Cat units into the future.

   “Still in development, saKhan, we are looking at having a working prototype before the end of the year.  The Nova Cat is ready for production.”

Comments welcome
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My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Nova Cat Watch Base
Raider’s Roost, Tortuga Prime
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
1st April 3059

   ‘As jail cells went this one isn’t half bad’ Ross McKinnon thought quietly it was a large recreation room possibly a canteen of some sort, the whole company was still together as were the Rabid Fox troopers and the crew of the DropShip.  The Nova Cats had provided them with their uniforms from the DropShip and given them plenty of food and water on demand.  So far none of the Federated Suns personnel had been interrogated and the only Nova Cats anyone had seen were the Elementals who guarded each door and the techs when food was delivered.  “We can’t find anything boss.”  Rachel Montgomery said walking over to Ross, the Rabid Fox troopers prided themselves at being able to get into or out of anything, since their incarceration the Rabid Fox troopers had prized open a dozen panels in the floor, the roof and each of the walls they had found nothing.  “Whoever built this didn’t build it to allow people to get out.”

   “Great, well I guess all we can do is sit and wait, at least the companies not bad.”  He said smiling at Rachel.

   “Whatever you say boss but I’m not good at waiting.”  Rachel said returning his smile he hadn’t noticed just how beautiful she was before, military life had kept him single for years, maybe it was time to begin to consider something else, but not right now after all this was over if, no when they were back on New Avalon, he promised himself he’d get to know Rachel Montgomery better.

   “I’m not sure any of us are… why the hell are the Nova Cats here?  As far as I could tell there are no remaining pirate forces in system but the Clanners have a little over a Trinary here on planet, at least visible to us.  How the hell could they take an entire regiment of pirates with a Trinary?  Clan tech is better than ours and certainly vastly superior to the pirates equipment but still a Trinary against a Regiment?”

   “They could have pulled a Turtle Bay, I heard one of the troopers mention a WarShip in orbit.”  Rachel suggested Ross thought about it for a moment then dismissed it the majority of Raider’s Roost looked no better now than it had when he’d been here four years previously some damage both nothing extensive.  Orbital Bombardment, even surgical strikes, left a lot of mess Ross had seen the scars left on some worlds centuries after the original attack and stills of the devastation on Turtle Bay in the Draconis Combine after the Smoke Jaguar attack.

   “The planet look’s the same as last time I was here four years ago” Ross said he noticed Rachel’s questioning glance “my first job with the Teeth, only we weren’t known by the name back then.  Just a simple company giving the pirates a very bad day.”  He said with a smile on his face, an easier time.

   “I think that might be all the forces they have on planet.  After we landed and the Nova Cats took you away we scanned all the DropShips on planet, see what we could get away with,” the DropShip commander said moving over “all the vessels on planet bar-one are completely powered down and uninhabited.  The planet is barley inhabited maybe three hundred soles remaining on world.”

   “Tortuga has over eight million soles where are the rest of the population?”  Ross asked quietly.

   “Unknown, but the Aerospace…”

   “Omni” Rachel corrected, “the Clans use mostly re-configurable Fighters much like their Mechs.”  Clan technology was so far in advance of their Inner Sphere it was staggering and although they looked similar to standard models there was a distinct difference.

   “Whatever” the captain said dismissing it, he couldn’t give a damn what they were, he was a Mech commander not a fighter jock “anyway the fighters we saw ascended to orbit instead of landing.”

   “They could have been waiting in orbit saving fuel just in case you tried to run” Rachel said.

   “Maybe but we were held for more than twelve hours before they brought down the DropShip crew, how many aerospace fighter pilots do you know that have waited in orbit for more than six hours let alone twelve.  No new DropShips?”

   “One, but it carried some heavy looking guns and didn’t look like a carrier vessel of any type, more like an assault or scout ship.”  Just at that moment the doors opened and in walked two Elementals the suits without their SRM launchers although Ross couldn‘t be sure it looked like heavy machine guns were mounted in their arms, they were purely anti-Infantry troopers.  Each warrior stepped to either side of the doors and stood to attention, two more Elementals walked-in and crossed the room and took up positions across from the door guards from their positions they could cover the entire room with their machine guns and didn‘t have to worry about hitting each other due to their thick battle armour suits.

   “Something’s up, get your people ready.”  Ross said levering himself to his feet moving across the room to the MechWarriors, if they got the chance they would try to break out.  Just then another Elemental entered, this warrior wore no armour and was only little taller than a regular man instead of a mountain like most Elementals.  Normally Ross would have taken him for a tall man however he had a massive upper body that someone could only gain through the genetic engineering used to create the Elementals.  His uniform had only the Nova Cat crest on it’s left breast and no indication of rank, at his hip he wore a pistol of some type and a dagger and in his mouth was a smoking cigar under a bushy moustache.

   “I am Khan Santin West, leader of Clan Nova Cat.  Who is in charge here?” The new arrival said Ross was shocked.  Although he knew little about the Clan culture he knew that inside individual Clans a Khan was as powerful as the First Prince of the Federated Suns, if the Nova Cat Khan was here the Federated Suns was in grave danger and possible immediate attack.

   “At the moment you are” he said defiantly “but normally I’m in charge.”  He noticed the Nova Cat Khan smile briefly as Ross continued on “I am Ross McKinnon, Captain, commander of the Fox‘s Teeth, an independent company of the Seventh Crucis Lancers RCT, of the Federated Suns.”  Ross said stepping forward he expected the Elementals against the walls to grab him and drag him away but none of the Elementals moved.  Santin West stepped forward and extended his hand Ross met the man‘s grip and felt his hand nearly crushed by the Elemental as they shook.

   “Nice to meet you Captain, I assume your people have been treated adequately, Quiaff?”  He asked, almost immediately he noticed the Captain’s confusion “they have been treated well?”  He asked again clarifying his question.

   “Well enough Khan West, however, we are slightly confused why is your Clan here and where are the Tortuga Fusiliers?”

   “Our Clan is here and throughout the nearby systems to build a new home for our people.  The Tortuga Fusiliers are dead and the population of Tortuga have mostly joined the Nova Cat population on our new Homeworld, New Barcella.”  Khan West said Ross' head was spinning as he listened to the Nova Cat Khan, Rachel must have noticed because she stepped forward.

   “If I may Khan West?  I am Leftenant Rachel Montgomery commander of the Rabid Fox Platoon assigned to Captain McKinnon‘s company.”  She said West released Ross' half crushed hand Rachel noticing Ross massage his hand braced herself only to find the Khan had a delicate touch as he shook her hand.

   “Glad to meet you lass” Khan Santin West said, he was amazingly informal with them and spoke to them as equals not a captor to his prisoner very, very strange Rachel had heard of warriors captured by the Clans being made into their bondsmen forced to work as labourers until the captors deemed them good enough to join their Clan, they never returned home but the Nova Cats had never done that never even mentioned it once.

   “When you say the Fusiliers are dead you mean here on Tortuga, you drove them off?” West shook his head “you destroyed them completely?”  West nodded once “and the population have joined you on New Barcella, which is where exactly?”

   “Hidden from prying eyes.”  West said quietly, as far as he was aware no-one had ever discovered the world the Nova Cats now called New Barcella, with eighty percent of all Nova Cat civilians there, he was not ready to give up that location yet.  “Understand me when I say the Nova Cats are here to make a new life I mean our entire Clan.  At present we have approximately seven Galaxies of ground troops with full support and between twenty and twenty-five WarShips spread over eight worlds as well as over ten million Civilian Soles.  The Nova Cats are here to stay permanently.”  Both Ross and Rachel shared a glance, if the Federated Suns ever found out about this then they would wish they had not.  No Inner Sphere State could answer a threat of that kind of firepower, not even the strongest Successor State which for a long time had been the Federated Suns, and given the Nova Cats had their civilians with them they would fight as if every fight was their last, anyone who attacked them would pay a hefty price.  “Now, to the reason I have come here today.  The Nova Cats have no wish to cause the Federated Suns or any other state trouble, at least for the time being.  We are looking to open a dialogue with your leadership.”  Ross and Rachel shared another glance both wondering if they were in koo-koo land, or if the Nova Cat Khan was.  “To start with we have set aside an entire building of this compound for your exclusive use, no Nova Cats will bother you during your time in this building.  Now I must warn you there are no weapons in this building and that the entirety of Clan Nova Cat’s Alpha Galaxy just landed on planet.  In orbit there are two WarShips and one of those has naval-class autocannons locked onto that very building so escape will be suicide, also all DropShips on planet are within weapons range of those vessels and the WarShips are under orders to shoot first and ask questions later in the event of an unauthorized take-off.”

   “Why give us our freedom if we cannot leave the planet and there is no chance of escape?”  Ross asked, saying those words made him feel wrong the Fox’s Teeth had never been beaten in battle, he didn’t like feeling helpless.

   “You will have full access to this base and its personnel as well as the city beyond, not many people still live there but there are regular Nova Cat patrols that move through the city ensuring the remaining civilians are living a decent lifestyle.  We want to show you that the Clans can create as well as destroy and that we are building a life here not staging for conquest.”

   “Show us New Barcella and we might believe you, a whole new world you have colonized instead of conquered, that would be nice to see.”

   “In time…” West said turning to the door “Star Captain Rosse, take care of these people please, I must begin the long trip to the Homeworlds.”

   “The Homeworlds?  The Clan Homeworlds?” Ross said “Khan West, if I may be so bold to say” West nodded “if you want to prove you are peaceful take me to the Clan Homeworlds, I will act as a bondsmen does to you no-one will know.”

   “I am afraid that is not possible Captain.  We found several transmitters in all of your equipment and your personnel effects, the Inner Sphere’s capabilities in covert operations is obviously far in advance than that of the Clans.  I cannot risk you having an implanted device or training on how to operate long range communications, anything that will give away the location of the Homeworlds.”  Ross understood the Khan’s words and was tempted to say the Inner Sphere already knew the location of one Homeworld and was planning an assault.  “Perhaps once trust has been gained.  The Star Captain will cater to your needs.”  West said leaving without another word, Ross looked at Rachel and shrugged his shoulders it had been worth a try another Clan officer entered as the Elementals and Khan West moved out, this left the Clan Star Captain alone with nearly three dozen Federated Suns personnel Ross made no move so no-one else did.

   “I will show you to your new quarters.”  The man said, he was perhaps twenty years old, four years younger than Ross, but held the same rank, or at least an equivalent one to his Federated Suns Captaincy, and his voice was familiar he noticed Rachel thought the same thing.  As they walked Ross nodded to Rachel who moved alongside the Clan officer.

   “Star Captain Rosse, don’t think I’m coming on to you or anything but do we know each other?”  She ventured it was the worse line in the book but the only thing she could think of.

   “Coming on to?” Canin wondered out loud then shook his head dismissing it as unimportant, he turned to Rachel briefly “Aff, we have met” Canin said continuing to move forward.

   “When and How?”  She’d fought few battles against the Clans and never against the Nova Cats perhaps he hadn’t been born within the Nova Cat Clan.

   “We met on the field of battle, when you landed on this planet.”  Rachel shot a glance at Ross “understand I did this out of following orders not out of any feeling I have towards you or your unit.”  Rachel dropped back to Ross' level behind Canin.

   “Won’t be inviting him home to the parents then.” She said in a low voice to her astonishment Canin looked over his shoulder smiled then continued forward ‘bloody Clanners’ she thought.

   Their quarters were spartan and nearly none of the computers/electronics worked but it was far better than the canteen they had been held in.  There was running water an area for storing and preparing food.  The Nova Cats also stuck with their promise with no-one baring Star Captain Rosse being anywhere near, when Ross asked him if they could be alone the Nova Cat Star Captain moved off leaving the Federated Suns personnel completely alone.

   “Better get comfy people, this building might be ours but it’s surrounded on all sides by some heavily armed guards, they’re keeping their distance and we’re being left to our own devices but they’re there.”  One of the Rabid Fox troopers said returning from a quick recon of the building.

   “Rachel, Set up a guard watch that rotates ever four hours, the rest of you find a bunk and get some shut-eye, we will figure out what we are going to do in a couple of days.”  Ross said, no point in rushing things, none of them had a decent nights sleep in the canteen a proper rest would put things in perspective.

   Crossing the courtyard again Canin re-entered the command building Khan West was there “My Khan our guests are settling in.”

   “Good, keep them comfortable and afford them all considerations.  If you have trouble deal with it how you feel is appropriate.  You are in command here on Tortuga until I return.”

   “What about Alpha Galaxies commanders?”

   “They are coming with Alpha Galaxy an me to the Homeworlds.  The only change to my plans are I will be taking only the Thunderbolt, Blood Oath and Bond with me to the Homeworlds, the rest will remain to maintain the threat of orbital bombardment if necessary.  There is a civilian engineering detachment due on Tortuga in three days, its security detail can support you if necessary.  And the WarShips in orbit have fighters and their weapons trained on this base.”

   “The only way they can help is by flattening this base.  Another test for the Watch Quiaff?”

   “What better way to prove yourselves than to prove it with one of the most Elite unit’s the Inner Sphere can offer.  Good luck Star Captain” Santin West said then walked off, less than an hour later the Sacred Rite took off and left, soon after the Thunderbolt left orbit rejoining the other WarShips, three of the vessels left the system while the other three remained at the Zenith and Nadir points and the Spirit Sight remained in high orbit over the base.  Canin was left wondering about the Khan’s comment ‘one of the Inner Sphere’s most Elite?’ from what Canin had seen the so-called Fox’s Teeth and Rabid Fox were anything but elite.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Hall of the Khans
Stone Rhino Hall, Strana Mechty
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Homeworlds
5th April 3059

   “Your Stavag troops should not be in the Inner Sphere!  Your Clan never even existed when we decided to invade the Inner Sphere!  You have not fought trials or gained the right to enter the Inner Sphere!  Why have your troops taken three Smoke Jaguar Worlds?”

   “We are there by request of another.”

   “Explain!”  Lincoln Osis screamed Thomas smiled, the Smoke Jaguar Elemental seemed to get smaller and smaller as the days went on.

   “Khan Cassius N’Buta contracted several of the Stone Rhino’s Clusters and WarShips for a modest price, originally this was for Periphery Garrison duty only however this has changed and now we are being moved forward.  The Stone Rhinos in the Inner Sphere are officially under Star Adder colours and command, so my Clan has broken no rules or laws.  Anything else ilKhan?”

   “Yes, my Watch officers inform me your Clan has built an Omni-QuadMech is this true?”

    “Aff, the Stone Rhino is our Clan’s newest design.  Would the Smoke Jaguars be interested in trading for it or fighting a trial for the design.”

   “Only a Trial of Annihilation.  It like your Clan is an affront to our culture.  Not that it matters Perez, in just over a month your grace period is over and your entire Stavag Clan will be dead.”  Osis said over his shoulder as he stormed out the office, Perez smiled sending a message to Khan N’Buta concerning the ilKhan’s anger over the situation.

Mechbay, Nova Cat Watch Base
Tortuga Prime,
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
10th April 3059

   The Federated Suns personnel had been on their best behaviour working with the Nova Cats in everything from relief missions to the city, to decommissioning the DropShips left over by the pirates to some hand-to-hand combat exercises.  Today Ross McKinnon had awoken to find a message left by Star Captain Canin Rosse although younger than Ross he had found the Nova Cat Star Captain very insightful and interesting they two had already spent at least two nights drinking till dawn exchanging stories and Ross had taught the Nova Cat Star Captain how to play poker, apparently the Clan training program did not include card games.  The message said only one thing - come to the Mechbay - up until now the Mechbay had been off-limits to the Federated Suns personnel however as Ross stepped out he found a Nova Cat tech who agreed to take him into the bay just in case someone was looking for one of the Federated Suns personnel to make a mistake.

   The Mechbay was a massive structure with several metres clearance over the Mechs held inside allowing the techs to have towering cranes and winches inside making refit of Battle and OmniMechs easier and faster.  Some Mechbays were built into mountains for extra protection and on a planets surface they were one of the most valuable things a commander could have, although you could use a DropShip’s Mechbay a purpose built Mechbay was better equipped and roomier.  Inside the Mechbay Ross saw several of the Rabid Fox troopers demonstrating a pair of Infiltrator Mk I suits to a group of Elementals and techs, in the back the Nova Cat scientists were with the Federated Suns techs looking over an Elemental Battle Armour suit.  The Nova Cats were just giving them the intelligence that would have taken years of expensive reverse engineering to unlock, so far the Nova Cats had allowed them to maintain their rank structure and left them fully autonomous and now they were sharing scientific secrets, maybe the Nova Cats did walk the peace path.

   “Captain over here!” Canin shouted, the Nova Cat Star Captain was descending from what looked like Ross' Centurion, closing Ross wondered if the Mech could ever be called a Centurion again.

   “What have you done to my baby?”  Ross asked looking at the Mech that had been his ride since joining the AFFS, the fifty ton machine looked nearly completely different.  The Autocannon on the right arm looked longer and more lethal, the torso mounted Long Range Missile launcher had an extra five launch tubes attached making a total of fifteen, there seemed to be a enhanced rangefinder laser attached to the launcher as well and the centre torso lasers were both facing forward instead of one forward one back.

   “One of the scientists thought your tech looked a little out of date and asked if they could tinker about with it, I did not have a problem with it so I okayed the project, your Command Lance has been fully enhanced and the rest are nearing readiness.”

   “Enhanced how?”  Ross didn’t like hearing his unit’s tech being called sub-standard as every one of the Mechs was less than five years old, but then compared to the Clan technology the unit probably did look a little dated.

   “Well we do not have an on-planet factory so we could not do anything structurally or with the engine so you are stuck with factory specs on speed and skeleton strength however the weapons we have up-gunned a little.”  Canin said stepping closer to the Mech Ross followed “the LB-type autocannon on the arm is nice and flexible weapon, low heat and nice punch but we gave it a proper gun a Gauss Rifle now you can head-cap the biggest assault Mech at about a maximum range of six hundred-and-sixty metres.”  Ross felt his mouth uncontrollably drop open, he’d seen Gauss Rifles in operation an they were lethal to the heaviest design but Inner Sphere models were not practical on Light or Medium designs like the Centurion, weight demanded the design made too much compromise, now the Clans had put one on his Centurion like it was nothing.  “The techs wanted to put a Extended-Range PPC on it instead and give you proper firepower but that would compromise the Mech’s cool running so I over-ruled them.”  Ross nodded the Clan Extended-Range PPC was perhaps the most lethal weapon known to man with range and strike power in abundance unfortunately it produced an equally massive heat spike on any Mech it was mounted, the scariest sight Ross had ever seen was a Smoke Jaguar Warhawk outfitted in its Primary Configuration for the first time.  The Four Extended-Range PPCs mounted on that beast were absolutely lethal, no question on the Mech‘s or the Weapon‘s power.  “The LRM launcher has been upgraded to a fifteen-rack and an artemis fire control system has been added giving you a heavier more accurate bite at long range.” Canin said indication to the left torso “both the Rifle and the Launcher are fed with two tons of ammo each which has been protected by CASE” Canin said CASE stood for Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment, if a Mech’s ammo bay was breached by weapons fire the CASE tech prevented the subsequent explosion totally engulfing the Mech killing the pilot.  “Finally we upgraded the two lasers to Extended Range variants and swapped both forward.  Better range and better punch up front a proper back up when you run out of ammo.”  Ross smiled ’and every time I fire them and move the Mech’s heat will sky rocket so much for keeping this a cool-running Mech’ he thought quietly.  “we also upgraded your heat sinks to double strength”  Ross nodded double heat sinks got rid of double the heat hence their name, Inner Sphere double heat sinks were far bulkier than their Clan counterparts which was why they had been left of the original design Clan tech had allowed them to be fitted, their inclusion would restore the Centurion‘s cool-running.  “Oh and with the saved tonnage we stuck some more armour on the back, you can take a laser hit to the back now and still have some armour if your lucky.  What do you think?”

   “It looks nothing like it did before but I like it, not that it will ever see combat under its true colours.”  Ross said glancing at the Federated Suns insignia on his jumpsuit.

   “Why not?  What would you do if I said that you could take that Mech and your company out there and fight under full Federated Suns colours again.”

   “I mean proper combat, not an exercise.”

   “No exercises Captain.  Four hours ago the WarShips detected a JumpShip entering the system it dropped four DropShips and they are inbound, none are Federated Suns registered as far as we can tell.  I asked the WarShips to drop out of sight and deal with the JumpShip once they were gone.  Now if we can get your company upgraded then we could give the pirates a little surprise, say a company of Federated Suns Mechs meet them on the field of battle and then we give them a little bite from behind as well.”

   “You would trust us with armed Mechs?”

   “Why not? You are in the middle of the Den, on a near deserted planet with roughly eight Galaxies of troops in the surrounding systems.  Also your JumpShip is disabled and we have WarShips capable of destroying any DropShip with a single shot in system.  Even if you took out my Trinary you would have nowhere to go but your own graves.  Before we enter combat I will inform the WarShips of our plans, when it returns it will get a specific code from me or it will destroy the surface of this planet and every DropShip it detects.”  Ross nodded, when it was put that way he could see why the Nova Cat Star Captain would allow it but why under Federated Suns colours instead of Nova Cat or even a pirates, Ross decided that it would wait as the thought of being back in a Mech took over.

   “Agreed, how long do we have?”

   “Seventy-Two Hours approximately, and in that time we have eight Mechs to finish and twelve Mechs to paint up, your toy-robot Battle Armour could do with some painting too but I will leave that up too you.”  Canin said smirking, every single Nova Cat had made a comment about the inadequacies of the Infiltrator Mk Is design, compared to the Elemental the Clans did not class the Infiltrator Mk I as a Battle Armour design just a play toy.

   “The Rabid Fox like their black, but I’ll talk to Leftenant Montgomery and see what she thinks.  Lets get to work then.”  Ross said shaking Canin’s hand.

Khan Thomas Perez Office
Stone Rhino Hall, Strana Mechty
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Homeworlds
11th April 3059

   Sitting opposite his saKhan Elizabeth Radick Khan Thomas Perez had a Cheshire-cat smile on his face “what is it? Thomas”  In the short time she had know him she had gotten good at predicting when he wanted to say things even when they were blatantly obvious like now.

   “I have seen a potential gain for our Clan.”

   “What potential gain would this be?”

   “Dagda.”  He said naming one of the Pentagon Worlds, the first worlds settled by Aleksandr Kerensky’s army before Exodus Civil War and the founding of the Clans by Nicholas Kerensky.

   “What about Dagda?”

   “The Nova Cats hold approximately two percent of that world.  They have nearly abandoned it, reports suggest that only two Trinaries defend that world.”  Thomas said, it made a very tempting target indeed.

   “Why would we want it?”  Two percent of something was nothing compared to what other clans held, the Stone Rhinos could potentially gain the territory but a bigger Clan would likely move in and take the territory from them just as quickly.

   “Well the Smoke Jaguars have a small town nearby to Nova Cat territory and the reports I have read suggest that the Nova Cats have no interest in the world.”

   “It is the Homeworld of the Nova Cat, their Clan’s totem they will defend it.”

   “They have nova cats on other planets, as do all Clan Totems, in-case they loose position on a certain world.  If we were to take the Dagda territories we could hit the Smoke Jaguars as well an really ruffle up the ilKhan.”  Thomas said, realising that the stone rhino was only bred on Strana Mechty, something his clan would need to rectify for the species to survive, although it was unlikely anything would happen to the Stone Rhinos on Strana Mechty is was not below the other Clans to attack another Clans totem through genetic means as a way of demoralising a Clan‘s warriors.

   “What is on Dagda that the Smoke Jaguars would care about?”  Elizabeth asked Thomas Perez paused at that then he realised that Elizabeth Radick was not a former Smoke Jaguar, she had been a Wolf before being captured by the Stone Rhinos and proving her real worth.

   “The Smoke Jaguars try to hide it but they have a back-up Genetic Respitory on Dagda and an Aerospace training Sibko there.”  The Sibkos were the lifeblood of the Clans, they held the future warriors of each Clan before their first Trial, if a Clan lost control of their Sibkos then they would loose the best their training programs could offer in home-grown warriors.  “If we capture the Nova Cat territory we could capture those targets as well, it would boost out own Genetic pool and give us a group of future warriors to raise perhaps another full cluster.”  Thomas said “and it would piss-off the ilKhan a lot perhaps even pushing him to weaken the Inner Sphere forces to battle us.”

   “We should be careful my Khan, the Smoke Jaguars are still far bigger than us and have more allies.  And our main ally just absorbed another Clan, one that had been around since the Foundation, what would stop them going after another Clan?  Especially if it was the weakest of all the Clans.  Also our grace period is almost over, in one month the other Clans will see our position and strike back.”

   “We will be fine where is your Wolf fighting spirit?  The Star Adders will take control of the Inner Sphere worlds in the next two weeks, three on the outside.  Our troopers will return home with massive amounts of material gains and we will be able to reinforce out periphery gains as well.  Our future is secure.”

   “My Wolf fighting spirit is just fine Khan, however, a Wolf also picks its targets carefully and only strikes when the odds of success out-weigh the odds of failure.”  She said cautiously, she knew what was a good target and what was not, soon they would see if this was a good idea.
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Nova Cat Watch Base
Tortuga Prime
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
12th April 3059

   The four DropShips made landings at the spaceport and immediately deployed their troops seizing the spaceport and the surrounding streets.  Ross sat in his Centurion’s cockpit waiting for the word, a small light lit up on the control panel, Ross punched the control “your Fox’s Teeth ready Captain McKinnon, Quiaff?”  Canin Rosse asked through the comm. system.

   “Affirmative” Ross answered, he’d heard the Nova Cat warriors talk now and understood their interrogatives.

   “Good, they are still unidentified however we estimate they have a battalion of Mechs supported by vehicles and infantry.  No fighters detected and one of the DropShips is a civilian design.”  Ross sat up straighter why would someone have a civilian DropShip on a raid against a pirate stronghold.


   “Aff, it looks like a Monarch-class no armaments, should not be a threat.”

   “A Monarch is a civilian liner, we could have civilian dependants involved here.”  Ross said thinking he didn’t like attacking if there was a possibility of a strike against a barely armoured civilian vessel full of civilians.

   “If they get dug in at the Spaceport we will not have a chance of prizing them clear without a major fight and possibly WarShip support.  I am willing to attack with just my men Captain but I would rather we stuck to the plan.”

   “Neg, I have an idea.  We send the Rabid Fox in behind them to secure the back area of the spaceport and the Monarch, their Battle Armour should be able to deal with standard infantry.”  He didn’t mention the Battle Armour’s grenade launchers were useless against any armoured targets, something the Clansmen had pointed out at least a dozen times already.

   “Alone the enemy Mechs will eat them alive.”  Canin said not insulting the Battle Armour directly but inferring that even the Rabid Fox troopers, who had impressed several of the Elementals, would be overpowered by any BattleMechs in their Infiltrator suits.

   “Aye but if I move my command Lance to the gates and ask them to surrender they will take notice, if they don’t bite I will try to drag them out of the spaceport.  If they don’t bite the Rabid Fox will withdraw and we will launch a full out assault.”  There was silence over the comm. for several minutes as the Nova Cat commander weighed up the options, Ross hoped that Canin Rosse was one of those Clansmen who wanted to protect the Inner Sphere and not destroy it.

   “Agreed, we will try to save the DropShip, I will move my Battle Armour behind the main perimeter walls, if they break free from the port my Elemental’s will be in a prefect position to assist you.”  Unlike the Rabid Fox Infiltrator Mk I Battle Armour the Clan Elemental Suits were more than capable of taking out a Mech.

   Twenty minutes later Rachel Montgomery had her twelve battle armoured Rabid Fox troopers in position below and around the Monarch the suits stealth armour had hidden them from the enemy sensors, their improved sensors had already proved there were over four hundred soles on-board - the ship was loaded to more than double capacity - if it hadn‘t been for the Infiltrator’s improved scouting capabilities they would never have known about the ships precious cargo.

   Ross McKinnon moved his command lance to the main gates and opened a comm. channel to the Spaceports newest owners.  “I am Captain Ross McKinnon, Fox’s Teeth Company, Seventh Crucis Lancers Regimental Combat Team, Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.  Identify yourselves and why you are on Federated Suns controlled ground.”  For the duration of this battle Canin Rosse had agreed that Tortuga Prime would be a Federated Suns world.

   “Federated Suns?  This is the Tortuga Dominions!  You are not in charge here Captain, now drop the act and send out Twyla Sumeral, we need to talk about ownership of this god forsaken rock.”

   “Neg, this is Federated Suns held territory, Twyla Sumeral is dead and I demand you identify yourselves.”  Ross said, as a light autocannon burst flew past his cockpit the enemy pilot had been a good shot firing at near extreme range and still only missing by a hair “son-of-a-bitch” Ross cursed firing his Mech’s newly fitted Gauss Rifle, the Mech shuddered slightly under the launch impacting the led Mech, a hunched over eighty-five ton Stalker, square centre in the chest.  Because the Mech’s head was low on the body the Gauss slug ripped through the cockpit killing the pilot and dumping the Mech to the ground marking Ross' easiest ever kill.

   “What the hell…” someone said as the other Mechs and vehicles froze, Ross acted.

   “Rachel secure that DropShip best you can, I want nothing near it.  Command Lance continuous fire, drop as many as we can.”  With that all four Mechs of the command Lance opened fire together.  Subaltern Franklin Thomas’s Dervish fired twenty Long Range Missiles into an enemy Phoenix Hawk, Ross supplemented that with fifteen of his own LRMs, the forty-five ton Machine staggered under the attack but did not go down returning fire with a wildly shot large laser blast.  Subaltern Louise Geddes weighed in with her Enforcer’s dual firing Ultra series class-10 heavy autocannon and large pulse laser flooring a sixty-five ton Exterminator, a second burst from the autocannon took that Mech out of the fight permanently.  Finally Subaltern Lewis Bradley launched his Blackjack into the air firing his paired Extended-Range Large Lasers taking the leg off a fifty-five ton Shadow Hawk flooring the Mech, as the Blackjack landed he triggered both six-tube streak SRM launchers peppering an enemy Raven with twelve short range missiles, the light Mech went down hard as its armour gave way in several places.  “Okay fall back people, let them come to us.”  Ross said backing his Mech off, the Command Lance continued to fire taking down another two Mechs as they walked backwards, the enemy troops decided that charging them was a better idea than hoeing up and waiting to be pecked off piece by piece.

   As the enemy force began clearing the spaceport Ross watched in horror as the Nova Cat Elementals stood like statues, his mind raced thinking the Nova Cats had suddenly decided to abandoned them but then just as he flicked his comm. system to transmit ready to call in the rest of the company the Nova Cat Elementals acted.  Swarming and destroying four enemy Mechs in less than a minute.  The enemy troops panicked slightly, Ross' command lance took advantage opening fire with another volley taking down another two enemy Mechs with combined fire.  The loss of two more Mechs drove the enemy Mechs crazy and they charged away from the Elementals and from the Command lance straight into a crossfire between the Fox’s Teeth’s scout Lance and the Nova Cats Vehicle Star.  Several more Mechs fell however this time there was a price Leftenant Stella Carter’s thirty-five ton Firestarter was torn to pieces by an eighty ton Awesome and a forty-five ton Hatchetman beheaded the Subaltern Calvin Rodriguez’s Commando killing both pilots two of the Nova Cat‘s Svantovit Infantry Support Hovertanks were destroyed in the cross fire.  The enemy Mechs charged on into the city firing wildly as they went however trouble was not far away, Canin Rosse and his command star supported by the Fox’s Teeth’s heavy lance comprised of 6 Heavy Mechs and three assault Mechs put the breaks on the invaders.  Six Mechs including the assault-class Awesome and were felled in their combine fire several of the enemy vehicles raised their weapons to the sky and shutdown their weapons systems showing they were ready to surrender however the Nova Cats continued to fire, Ross realised as far as the Clansmen were concerned that these invaders were as good as dead unless he did something.  “Nova Cats, this is Teeth One, they are ready to surrender hold your fire.”

   “Teeth One, this is Watch One, Neg this is a Trial of Annihilation, they invaded our realm like honourless dogs.  If you step in our fire you will be considered enemies of the Nova Cats as well.”  The Nova Cat fire had lessened as they spoke and the invading force had ceased firing almost completely, their fate was in the hands of Canin’s and Ross' discussion.

   “Watch One, for the duration of this Trial Tortuga is Federated Suns territory.  As I have the decision regarding their fate and I say we take prisoners, Quiaff?”  Ross said carefully using the Clan interrogative there was dead silence for several minutes as Canin thought through his options, the Clansmen inside him said he should continue to fire but a deal was a deal Ross was right.

   “Aff, they are your prisoners Captain, were do you want them?”

   “We return the equipment to one DropShip and the pilots and vehicle crew to another DropShip.”  Ross said thinking on the fly, the DropShips could try to escape but the Nova Cat WarShips would destroy them so they made the perfect temporary prison.

   “Agreed, enemy force move out or you die.  If you power weapons you die, if you stray from the path you die.  Move out” Canin said over an open comm. the surviving reinforced battalion of vehicles and Mechs moved out under the guns of the Nova Cats and the remaining Fox’s Teeth.

   At the spaceport things hadn’t gone so well the twelve Rabid Fox troopers had assaulted what they thought was a small number of infantry only to find an entire battalion of infantry.  The Infiltrator Mk I’s armour had protected them from the murderous return fire but now they were pinned down inside a small hanger their grenade launchers were keeping the infantry at bay but ammo was beginning to run short.  “Keep low people, hopefully the Mechs will be back soon and we can drive eliminate these fools.”  Rachel said just as a wall exploded trooper Claire Rennie was caught in the explosion and when the other troopers rolled over her body they found half the suit armour had caved in killing the young trooper.

   “They better come soon, that was a towed PPC boss, one shot will kill any of us.”

   “Great” Rachel said looking through her suit’s view-port the room was filled with boxes.  “Get behind the box’s and away from the walls.”

   “We won’t be able to cover the doors”

   “We’re dead if we stay here” she said, the remaining eleven troopers moved behind the boxes and into cover positions just as another PPC blast ripped into the building collapsing another wall narrowly missing one of the Rabid Fox troopers “hell.  Teeth One this is Black Box One, we are pinned at the spaceport do you receive?”  Rachel asked, since the beginning of the engagement there had been near silence on the comm. channels, it was like they were completely alone.  Just then the back wall of the building exploded.

   “Holy Shit!  We got incoming!” One of the troopers screamed as all the Rabid Fox turned towards the new attacker.  Just then ten Elementals walked thorough the hole.

   “You Boxes need support?” Star Commander Justin Winters asked as the Elementals entered the room.

   “Just a couple of infantry out there, they have set up support weapons.”  Rachel said as another PPC blast ripped into the building.

   “Very good, this is how you use Battle Armour.”  Justin said turning to the Elementals after about thirty seconds five Elementals of the assembled star (twenty-five) stepped forward and into the breach setting up a safe zone outside the building by firing everything they had, Short Range Missiles and Laser blasts tore from the Elementals weapons ripping into the enemy infantry however the return fire killed four of the five troopers, the rest of the Elementals charged forward covered by the first five troopers.  Once outside the remaining Elementals walked slowly forward firing their weapons cutting down every assembled enemy trooper Rachel led her remaining troopers out of the building to find utter carnage.  On the ground there were over two hundred dead infantry troopers and five dead Elementals, four from the breach-head force and one from the rest of the troopers, the Spaceport control building was a blaze and the Elementals were moving towards the assembled DropShips, all four vessels were beaming their immediate surrender on all channels.  Rachel ran up beside Justin Winters.

   “Why did only five troopers breach the building?”  She asked over the private command channel.

   “They were all aging troopers, this was a chance for them to die with honour and in battle before they become to old for front-line duty.”  Justin said Rachel suddenly felt quite sick, the Nova Cats had sacrificed four troopers lives just because they were becoming too old to fight, according to what she had read the Nova Cats looked after their old troopers but still it seemed like a cold arbitrary way to end life.

   “And what of the surviving trooper?”

   “Elemental trooper Kirsten will be given the chance of a Trial of Position.”  Justin said, because she had risked her life to forward the goals of the unit and survived she had proven she was still useful to the Clan, Rachel wondered if she would ever understand the Clans.

   Just then the enemy Mechs and vehicles began re-entering the spaceport grounds Rachel was ready for another fight but behind them she could see Star Captain Canin Rosse’s Timber Wolf and Captain Ross McKinnon’s Centurion and she relaxed.  The Mechs and Vehicles were herded into the landed Fortress-class DropShip, two points of Elementals moved in as well and, after a could of minutes the pilots and vehicle crews were led out and into another DropShip, a Gazelle.  Over the next several minutes the crews of the other vessels were headed into the Gazelle leaving only the Monarch untouched.  “Did you discover what is inside the Monarch Leftenant?” Justin asked Rachel over their shared comm.

   “Aff, Star Commander.”

   “Good, at least your Battle Armour is not totally useless.”  Justin said moving out Rachel thought he was just being an arrogant Clansmen but then realised the Clansmen had just given her Infiltrator a complement, Inner Sphere Battle Armour was around two hundred years behind Clan Battle Armour and a Clansmen had just seen a use for an Inner Sphere Battle Armour design.

   After several hours of interrogations the survivors had revealed everything, the enemy force was a mercenary company that had been thought destroyed during the initial Clan invasion nine years before.  They had in fact escaped into the deep periphery only to get stuck light-years from everything.  Able to finally find their bearings they had planned to enter the Inner Sphere via the Federated Suns after brining down the Tortuga Fusiliers and presenting them to the Federated Suns as a sweetener, mainly to save them from being cashiered by the Federated Suns.  According to the survivors the Monarch was filled with the units civilian dependants, something the Clan Elementals had confirmed while onboard.

   As the Trial was over their fate was in Canin Rosse’s hands, initially he had wanted to execute them all as a threat to all that invaded the Nova Cats new territory however following a long talk with Ross McKinnon things were being to change in the Nova Cat commander’s mind.  “If you put them against a wall and execute them you will be proving only that the Nova Cats are no more civilized than the rest of the Clans and that you are a threat to the Inner Sphere as long as you are here.”

   “I didn’t plan on putting them against a wall, Captain, they would be given a Trial against our forces.  If they won they would be allowed to live, if they lost they would be dead already.”

   “Their Mechs are very basic designs, Star Captain, it will be an execution and what of the civilians they cannot fight against your men.”

   “What would you suggest I do?” Canin asked after several minutes Canin answered.

   “Tortuga is nearly deserted however there are still some inhabitants.  Give the mercenaries and their civilian dependants a choice either they fight a Trial of Execution” Canin shook his head not amused at the name, there was no type of trial, “against your men or they become citizens of Tortuga under Nova Cat stewardship and try to make something of this world.”  Ross said, Tortuga was a barren wasteland with little more than five hundred people living there since the Nova Cats had arrived, the inclusion of the mercenaries would give the planet a chance of surviving as an inhabited planet instead of just being a testing ground for new Nova Cat weapons of war.

   “I will give them this chance Captain.”  Canin said leaving the room.  Although none of the mercenaries liked the idea of giving up their weapons none liked the idea of facing the Nova Cats again either, eventually the mercenaries agreed and they were released along with their civilian castes.  The Nova Cats offered them supplies however the former mercenaries only took what they could carry in the five flat-bed trucks they had inside their DropShips, the former mercenaries set up camp in several streets on the other side of the city far from any Nova Cat patrol.

Trial of Possession
Stone Rhino Territory, Dagda
Pentagon Worlds, Clan Space
14th April 3059

   Thomas Perez had been right about the Nova Cats on Dagda, almost as soon as the Stone Rhinos landed and declared their intentions for the Nova Cat territory the Trinary of troops walked out of their base and the Nova Cat commander asked to speak to the Stone Rhino commander.  After an hour of discussion the Nova Cats had accepted a four Stone Rhino BattleMechs and a single Stone Rhino Quad-OmniMech in exchange for their territory, the Nova Cat force had then left the planet without a fight.

   Khan Perez’s Overlord-class DropShip landed outside the firebase, the Nova Cats had left virtually nothing in the base, they had obviously been planning to leave for a while and were looking for an excuse, perhaps giving them a Stone Rhino for the base hadn‘t been a good trade, then again it also gave the Stone Rhinos a perfect opportunity to strike the Smoke Jaguars.  As the Stone Rhinos moved through the base more troops exited the Overlord, the Khan’s DropShip carried an entire Cluster of Mechs and Thomas saw a need to use this force.  Looking out across the plains he could see the Smoke Jaguar territory he spied for take over.  Estimates placed an entire cluster at the base and the town nearby, a single cluster to protect a major training facility and a town over twenty percent of the planet, the Smoke Jaguars were far to complacent in their defences or were chasing the dream of the Inner Sphere by neglecting their Homeworld positions.  Either way that base would be Stone Rhino by nightfall.

   The Jaguars Galaxy Commander broke the Trial into two halves one for the base one for the town.  The first trial for the base was drove down to a single star verses star battle Khan Perez wondered why the Smoke Jaguars had lowered the batchall so low but the Stone Rhinos fought and won the battle only to find a group of abandoned buildings, the Smoke Jaguars had obviously abandoned this base several months before.  The Trial was a lot larger and harder with the Smoke Jaguars fielding a full Trinary ground troops with a star of fighters in support, the Stone Rhinos fielded a full Binary of Mechs, a Star of Artillery and a four pointed star of aerospace fighters.  In a twelve hour battle the Smoke Jaguars had eventually caved as three Stone Rhino, Quad-OmniMechs broke the Smoke Jaguar line by shattering their assault Star.

 Observation Lounge
Dock Alpha One, New Syrtis WarShip Shipyards
Capellan March, Federated Suns
16th April 3059

   Standing in one of the carnivorous gravity decks at the New Syrtis WarShip Shipyards Victor Steiner-Davion was transfixed inside the bay, beside an under construction Fox-class Corvette, was the Kerensky’s Blues a Clan-built Fredasa-class Corvette.  This vessel was not under Clan control however instead this vessel belonged to the recently returned Blue Star Irregulars Mercenary Command.  Formerly under the control of Clan Jade Falcon the Kerensky’s Blues had fallen to the Blue Star Irregulars and the Hell’s Black Aces Mercenary Aerospace Regiment in 3055.  The Irregulars had kept the Kerensky’s Blues as part of their payment, now with the Federated Suns withdrawing their house forces from the Lyran Alliance the Blue Star Irregulars had also been recalled.  With them they had taken the Kerensky’s Blues which the Federated Suns had promised to renovate as best they could.  “It’s a shame we couldn’t postpone the assaults on the Smoke Jaguars and Star Adders for a couple more months, having that beauty along would be helpful.”  Morgan Hasek-Davion said from the bar in his hand was a small glass of scotch, the Terran variety not the Northwind.

   “We should be ready to launch again by the end of the year Marshal, in time for Bulldog if not the initial Birddog Operations.”  Colonel Lwai said “although returning us to the Federated Suns only to be thrown at the Smoke Jaguars is a strange way of gratitude.”  The Blue Star Irregulars commander like most of the Inner Sphere new nothing of Morgan’s real target - Huntress, Homeworld of the Smoke Jaguars.  As far as the rest of the Inner Sphere was concerned Morgan controlled the back up force to Victor’s Task Force Bulldog.

   “Actually I have other plans for your Irregulars, Colonel Lwai.”  Victor said breaking his eyes away from the Fredasa’s curved armour.


   “I’m sending you back to the Lyran Alliance/Jade Falcon border with three other mercenary regiments and three Federated Suns RCT making a total of six Mech regiments plus support.”  Victor said quietly.

   “Sire, forgive me I don’t understand why return us to the Federated Suns if all you plan to do is send us back to the Lyran Alliance.”

   “Several reasons, Colonel.  First is your regiments have been stuck on the Clan border for years and deserved a break.  Second we are returning all Federated Suns personnel and afflicted Mercenaries to the Suns for rest and refit before we make our next move.  Thirdly when you return to the Lyran border it will be under Star League Defence Force contract not Federated Suns or Lyran Alliance.”  The Colonel shot Victor a glance, the Blue Star Irregulars had been Star League before the Exodus of Aleksandr Kerensky’s Army, they had chosen to stay and try to defend the principles of the Star League.

   “First Price, we have been afflicted with the Federated Suns for centuries, why turn us away with a flick of the wrist?”

   “I have not turned you away Colonel, officially you will be under a year contract with the Star League with an option to become full time Star League Defence Force warriors.”  Victor said he noticed the Colonel’s eyes lighten at that obviously it appealed.  “Unofficially you will still be under Federated Suns Contract, when the year is up your people will return to the Federated Suns with a land-grant waiting, assuming you agree to these terms?”  Victor asked producing a small data pad handing it to the Colonel, who read it carefully the Federated Suns rarely handed out land-grants to mercenaries, unless they were in disputed territories such as Outreach for the Wolf’s Dragoons, but Lwai read it a couple of times if they chose not to rejoin the SLDF then they would be given a permanent Homeworld in the Federated Suns and a world to build on their already impressive size.  If they chose to join the SLDF they would also receive a permanent base world protected under the orders of the Star League.

   “This is a very generous contract, although the terms are quite high.”  The Colonel said.

   “Not really if you think about it.  The Clan technology your regiments have is high cost to maintain despite the higher damage levels they hand out, we are offering the highest Inner Sphere substitutes.  For Clan BattleMechs and OmniMechs we are willing to offer two or three Inner Sphere designs in return, up to and including the latest OmniMech designs.  Your command could raise the Avatars of Painful Death from the grave the Jade Falcons sent them to.”  Victor said he noticed the Colonel wince, the Blue Star Irregulars had once had three regiments of Mechs, now with the disbanding of the Avatars they were just two with full support of each.

   “I will need to contact the other senior members of the Irregulars, First Prince Davion.  I cannot give away so much hard won gains just on this offer.”

   “Of course the offer will be open indefinitely.  And either way we will fully renovate the Kerensky’s Blues ensuring you are ready for your next spell on the Clan border.”

   “I thank you again First Prince, if you will excuse me.” Victor nodded and the Colonel left the room.

   “That was quite an offer.”

   “The benefits outweigh the costs Morgan, any mercenary would jump at the chance.  Even if you bring back an entire Regiments worth of Clan tech from Huntress it will be damaged by long battles against your forces.  This way we get fully operational Clan weapons and hopefully some Clan bread Omni and BattleMechs we can take to NAIS and reverse engineer, soon the Federated Suns will have OmniMechs that can rival that of the Draconis Combine.”  So far the Federated Suns had concentrated on upgrading its vast amount of BattleMechs however the other Successor States all had their own OmniMech programs up and running and the Federated Suns had been forced to buy from them giving potentially hostile nations capital that could be used against them.  “Also while we are repairing and renovating the Kerensky’s Blues we can have a look at how the Clans build WarShips improving future Federated Suns projects such as the Durendal or any other project.”  He said thinking of the planned Federated Suns Destroyer that had never gotten off the paperwork although as he thought of it more the Federated Suns had another option which would likely sink the Durendal project permanently.

   “The warrior comes of age, your father would be proud” Morgan said laying his hand on Victor’s shoulder.  Victor had always been a MechWarrior and battlefield commander first, a politician and leader a distant second.  This had won him massive support in the militaries of the Federated Suns and the Lyran Alliance however it had broken the Federated Commonwealth by giving his sister Katherine the chance to take the Lyran half of the realm.

   “No he wouldn’t Morgan, his dream was the Inner Sphere, the Federated Commonwealth was the beginning of his dream realised now it is dead.”  Victor said looking again out the window at the Fredasa - the Clans really did know their technology.

   “The Star League could be a vessel for that dream.”  Morgan said, the idea of using the Star League to forward his own goals had already come to Victor a couple of times but he could not let that happen.  If he used the Star League then others would and it would be worthless and tarnish the honour of the first League turning the Clans even more against them.

   “No, I will not use the Star League more than I have.  Things will go the way they were supposed to from now on.  If others use the Star League in the wrong way then we will be able to take the high ground against them.”

   “You think others will use it?”

   “Aye, if Katherine or Sun-Tzu gets hold of the First Lordship then we will have trouble.”  Victor said putting one of his family members in the same sentence as Sun-Tzu Liao was hard but Katherine was trouble, that he was sure, if he had to her downfall would be his next war.   For now there was the Smoke Jaguars and Star Adders.

   “Any news on the Fox’s Teeth and Tortuga?”  Morgan asked, he had been on Defiance for the last six months with Serpent it was possible he didn’t know about the Fox’s Teeth current status however unlikely, he was still the Federated Suns Marshal of Armies.

   “Nothing out of Tortuga at all, no raiding parties, no grand announcement of McKinnon’s capture not a word.”

   “Anything on ComStar’s claim?”  Morgan asked, he knew of ComStar’s claim that the Nova Cats were in Tortuga but had a tough time believing it, what would a Clan want with the Tortuga Dominions or anything in that region of space.

   “Nothing.  Jackson is at Hadrian’s Command and he says things are ahead of schedule, even though things here and at Galax are over a year behind because of it.”

   “I think having Hadrian’s Charges to defend New Avalon will make us all feel better, from what ComStar has provided on the Nova Cats they are a powerful naval Clan.”

   “Aye, what ComStar has provided…” Victor said Morgan detected something in his voice, the Prince had always been quite vocal in his support for ComStar and his friendship with the current Precentor Martial.

   “What is it?”

   “I’ve been thinking about ComStar’s past.  They have manipulated the Inner Sphere for centuries then they have a realisation, a group splits from their cause and they decide to provide the Inner Sphere with anything it asks for.”

   “And that’s a problem?”  Morgan asked looking around “Fredrick knows what he is doing and I don’t think he would do anything to betray us or even Katherine.”  Morgan said mentioning Victor’s cousin, rarely did they speak about it but Anastasius Focht was actually Fredrick Steiner Victor’s distant cousin.  Fredrick had been thought dead during the Fourth Succession War but in a deal made between Fredrick, Theodore Kurita and ComStar he had become ComStar’s Military Warlord and successfully stopped the Clans on Tukayyid becoming a hero across the Inner Sphere.

   “Perhaps it is beyond his control.   Think about it, if we had turned Serpent against Tortuga and found only pirates there Sun-Tzu would have stirred up the Taurian Concordat and Magistracy of Canopus saying that the Star League was looking to conqueror the Periphery for the Inner Sphere which would have ignited another Reunification War which would have devastated the Star League and the Federated Suns, perhaps the Free Worlds League if the Canopians decided to punish them as well.”

   “The rest of the Inner Sphere would devastate both periphery realms…”  Morgan said quietly seeing ComStar’s strategy to destroy two Successor States and the two most powerful Periphery realms.

   “And anyone that didn’t get involved would still have the Clans holding down their forces allowing ComStar to do what it wanted, Fredrick disappears and ComStar easily seizes the Free Rasalhague Republic - things spiral out of control ‘the breakaway’ Word of Blake return to the fold and the Inner Sphere is in serious trouble.”  Victor said outlining the doomsday scenario he had been thinking about, he noticed his Marshal of Armies eyes widen as he explained what he though could happen if things went wrong, very wrong.  “We cannot act against Tortuga unless we find proof of trouble there, the Fox’s Teeth whatever has happened to them are on their own.  Once Serpent and Bulldog are over with maybe we can look at the Tortuga situation but make it a Federated Suns operation only, complete deniability if things go wrong or we find nothing.”

   “Hadrian’s charges?”  Morgan asked the charges had more than enough firepower to defend New Avalon or be used offensively and no-one knew anything about the Federated Suns Special Reserve.

   “Perhaps but for another day, you need to get back to Defiance and I need to begin meeting with Bulldog’s commanders, it is time we brought the Smoke Jaguars to their knees, good luck my friend.”  Victor said shaking Morgan’s hand the big man smiled.

   “Thank you sire and good luck to us all.” both men turned to the Fredasa one last time  “and Victor, your father would be a very proud man.”  He said as both men left the observation lounge.  Fourteen days later the Blue Star Irregulars signed the contract with the SLDF and the Federated Suns and the long process of rebuilding their units began.  The Irregulars would keep hold to roughly two companies of Clan machines for command Mechs and the rest would go to the Federated Suns, in all around six companies of Clan machines and over two thousand tons worth of weapons and spares, in return the Irregulars would get around double as much of the most advanced Federated Suns tech including several brand new Rotary Autocannons, a purely Federated Suns invention that could fire six shots in the time it took a regular Mech to fire one.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Wow, so much detail and in depth information.

Definitely fleshes out alot of the scenes you described in your earlier thread.

Awesome really, just awesome.
Made by HikageMaru

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Wow, so much detail and in depth information.

Definitely fleshes out alot of the scenes you described in your earlier thread.

Awesome really, just awesome.

Glad you like it, it's all like this until 3085 so plenty more to come ;)

Command Integrated Control Centre (CIC)
CSWS Invisible Truth (Cameron-class Battle-cruiser)
Defiance, Crucis March, Federated Suns
1st May 3059

   Standing at the back of the bridge of the Invisible Truth Morgan Hasek-Davion watched the ComStar crew carry out their duties as the eight hundred-and-sixty ton Cameron-class Battle-cruiser approached the Nadir point of the Defiance system.  “Sir, all ships in position ready for jump on your command.”  Commodore Allan Beresick said walking across to Morgan it had been Precentor Beresick until a few months ago, and probably would be again following Serpent, but for now Beresick was commander of the Task Forces naval contingent.

   “Very good, Commodore inform the Flotilla when we are ready to jump and start the clock.”  Morgan said  Looking at the screens he saw eight WarShips, twenty-two JumpShips, one hundred-and two DropShips and countless thousand ground troops were ready to begin their year long trek into the deep and journey to the Clan Homeworlds.  The longest strike behind enemy lines ever in the history of man, not counting the Wolf Dragoons undercover spy mission against the Inner Sphere since they worked for the Inner Sphere and eventually turned away from the Clans helping the Inner Sphere stop the invasion.

   “Signal the fleet, Ready to jump” Beresick said then with a moments pause “jump in sequence” the order was given first were the Ranger, a Lola III-class Destroyer and the Starlight and Emerald, two Essex-class Destroyers they would be the forward recon force of the fleet and would hold off any enemy force if one was encountered.  The rest of the force jumped in small groups soon after beginning Serpent’s year long journey to the Clan Homeworlds.

Observation Lounge, Gravity Deck
FSS Intrepid (Fox-class Corvette), Nadir Point
Luthien, Draconis Combine
13th May 3059

   Standing aboard the FSS Intrepid Commanding-General Victor Steiner-Davion watched as several JumpShips disappeared jumping to nearby systems.  Entering the Clan Occupation Zone’s via pirate points and drop onto the occupied planets setting up resistance cells and preparing for the initial invasion to begin in seven days.  Named Operation Bird Dog this none of the units involved were bigger than company in strength and each was armed with the latest Clan and Inner Sphere OmniMechs.

   “Soon the Clans will see what they have awakened, the Dragon and its allies still have a strong bite.”  Hohiro Kurita said, his presence onboard the WarShip marked a special point in history, he was the first member of the Draconis Combine royal family ever to be on a Federated Suns WarShip, at least as a guest and not a prisoner.

   “The Star League Defence Force is where the Clans originate from they will understand that the Inner Sphere means business.”  Victor said, he just hoped that the Ghost Bears, Wolves and Jade Falcons did not join the fleet or things would turn very bloody quickly.  It was worrying enough that they were taking on two possibly three Clans if news of the Stone Rhino involvement was found to be true.

   “I have total confidence in the people selected for this battle and the person chosen to led this battle.  Victor, the entire Draconis Combine is behind you.”

   “And hopefully behind me also” another said from behind, approaching was Anastasius Focht ComStar’s commander and deputy commander of this Operation, and Kai Allard-Liao, Duke of St Ives.

   “Of course, we are behind ComStar Precentor Martial, we have total confidence in your troops also.  Duke Allard-Liao I assumed you were involved with Bird Dog.”  Hohiro said turning to Kai, he was the youngest one here and also perhaps the most gifted MechWarrior in the entire Inner Sphere, a former Champion of Solaris VII he was also a strong friend to Victor.

   “I am, Coordinator, I just came to see the Commanding-General and to wish him luck.  I’ll see you on the other side Victor.”

   “And you Kai, keep safe my friend.”  the two shook hands and Kai left the command deck of the Intrepid.

ilKhan Lincoln Osis Office
Hall of the Khans, Strana Mechty
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Homeworlds
18th May 3059

   Unfortunately for the ilKhan the Smoke Jaguars were not taking their revenge on the upstart Stone Rhinos as he had planned, and the Smoke Jaguars had still failed to find the Nova Cats new Homeworlds.  Instead the Smoke Jaguar’s Inner Sphere Occupation Zone was in turmoil with at least a dozen Inner Sphere companies stirring up problems on several worlds.  Thousands of tons of supplies had been destroyed and two Inner Sphere worlds had completely revolted over Smoke Jaguar occupation.  The ilKhan was having to commit more and more of his Clans troops to crowd control instead of planning strikes against the Star Adders or against the Inner Sphere.

Operation Bulldog Wave One
Smoke Jaguar/Star Adder Occupation Zone
Draconis Combine
20th May 3059

   The Military might of the Inner Sphere turned on the Clans like a whirlwind striking the Draconis Combine Mustered Society (DCMS) ground forces alone targeted five of the Clan occupied worlds Hyner, Port Arthur, Tarazed, Kiamba and Asgard.  While SLDF units from throughout the Inner Sphere targeted a further nine controlled by the Star Adders.

   The Star Adders put up a far stronger resistance than the Smoke Jaguars and the SLDF were thrown from all but two of the worlds.  Two ComStar WarShips, the Strength Through Adversity a Lola-III class destroyer and the Hammerstrike an Essex-class Destroyer were destroyed over Teniente by the Star Adders at the cost of the Vicious Fang, a Fredasa-class Corvette and the Pompeii, a Volga-class transport.

   The Draconis Combine lost two vessels the Night of Agony and the Swiping Claw both Inazuma-class Corvettes over Tarazed while disabling the Smoke Jaguar Fire Crest, a Congress-class Frigate long enough for SLDF Battle Armoured Marines to board the vessel overpower the crew and secure the Fire Crest as an SLDF vessel.

   Three days into Bulldog the First Sword of Light Regiment of the DCMS had secured Hyner destroying the Third Jaguar Cavaliers in the process.  Port Arthur, Tarazed and Kiamba fell within a week to DCMS troops with support from the Wolf Dragoons, Clan Wolf (in-Exile) and ComStar.  Only Asgard put up any resistance however it too fell by the 27th May.

   The other seven planets previously targeted were hit again by the SLDF/DCMS forces however the fighting bogged down and Wave One did not end until June 4th by this point the SLDF had captured all Wave One worlds but at a cost - six regiments worth of BattleMech troops destroyed mostly by Clan Star Adder forces.

I'll try to post a month at a time, hope you enjoy
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Clan Hell’s Horse Territory
Eden, Pentagon Worlds
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
14th June 3059

   Throughout the Clan Homeworlds in both the Kerensky Cluster and the Pentagon worlds there had been reports of increased bandit activity and bandits using a mix of inner sphere and clan technology as well as new types of Mechs and armour never seen before.  Three days before a Hell’s Horses research colony had been sacked, over a dozen scientists had been taken and three years worth of work had been taken.

   In response the 412th Strike Cluster of Kappa Galaxy had been deployed to hunt down and destroy these dark caste dezgra, dishonoured.  The 412th was mainly a garrison unit with combat vehicles, Elementals and standard infantry as the norm supported by a single star of light Mechs.  The Three trinaries searched for two full weeks and found nothing in Hell’s Horses territory.

   Gaining rights to search nearby Wolf territory they were crossing Radick Bridge which crossed a canyon into Wolf territory when the mysterious raiders attacked.  Instead of attacking the Hell’s Horses directly they attacked the bridge’s supports on the Hell’s Horses side with their Battle Armour forces while combat vehicles kept the Hell’s Horses cluster back.  On the Wolf side a star of Mechs led by an Inner Sphere built Panther attacked and destroyed four of the five defending Wolf Mechs and pushed the other Mech over the edge of the canyon.  With the Hell’s Horses cluster pinned on the bridge the raiders detonated charges around the support of the bridge dropping it into the canyon killing everyone of the Hell’s Horses troopers.  The Raiders did not even bother to take salvage from the battle instead they launched several volleys of missiles into the canyon ensuring there were no survivors then left the area without another word.

   In the Clan council Clan Hell’s Horse and Clan Wolf came to blows over the loss of the Hell’s Horses Cluster as the truth over the 412th’s destruction was deliberated.  Only gun camera footage salvaged from one of the destroyed Wolf Mechs proved that the Wolves did not attack the Hell’s Horses troops.

Harvest Trials, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
1st July 3059

   In an effort to boost troops assigned to the Inner Sphere Clans Jade Falcon, Wolf, Smoke Jaguar and Ghost Bear begin to fight a series of trials against the Homeworld Clans.  Every one of these Harvest Trials decides the fate of several hundred troops of the Homeworld Clans, if the Invading Clans win these troops become members of the Invading Clans weakening the Homeworld Clans but strengthening the Clans.  If the Homeworld Clans lose the Homeworld Clans gain something from the Invaders - mainly resources from the Inner Sphere or Warden troops.

Operation Bulldog Wave Two
Smoke Jaguar/Star Adder Occupation Zone
Draconis Combine
4th July 3059

   The leaders of the SLDF Coalition met aboard the Clan Wolf (in-Exile) WarShip Werewolf, a McKenna-class Battleship.  The Werewolf had not gotten involved directly in the fighting and was unofficially there to support the SLDF forces just in case something went seriously wrong.  The Clans were barely restrained with the Wolf (in-Exile) Clans adjournment from Clan Society and the Homeworlds.  If the Clans believed that the Wolf (in-Exile) Clan was helping the Inner Sphere annihilate them one by one the Wolves in the Lyran Alliance would find themselves under heavy attack.

   “Wave One was a success, we captured all our targets and the Smoke Jaguars are barely putting up a fight as we expected Bird Dog destroyed large swaths of their support structure and the infighting between the Jaguars and Star Adders has taken much of their fight.”  Marshal Arden Sortek of the Federated Suns said, Arden had been Victor’s friend and ally for years, he’d known his father Hanse Davion before and that loyalty had transferred, however the two were also close friends as well, a bond created through combat. In recent years Arden had served as the Federated Commonwealth, then the Federated Suns, representative to the Star League Defence Force Advisory Council.

   “The Star Adders are putting up a far stronger fight than expected however.”  Kai said, his First St Ives Lancers had lost an entire Battalions worth of their troops, a full third of their strength, although Battlefield salvage would give them back roughly two companies of equipment warriors were harder to come by.

   “How much of a delay are we looking at?”  Victor asked

   “We are looking at a week delay until most regiments are close to combat readiness” Hohiro Kurita said.

   “A week at least, two of our WarShips have been sent back to Terra for major overhaul.  It will take a few days for us to reorganise the fleet to cover our ground forces more effectively.”  Anastasius Focht said, the loss of two WarShips in wave one had made ComStar far more cautious not to mention ComStar were seriously worried about security of the Terran shipyards as well.

   “So we will post-pone Wave Two for ten days.”  Victor said pushing the timetable back slightly was not great but it gave the troops time to re-arm and refit, his own Tenth Lyran Guards RCT had lost only a company but other troops hadn’t been so lucky.

Operation Bulldog Wave Two
Smoke Jaguar/Star Adder Occupation Zone
Draconis Combine
15th July 3059

   The next wave began on the new schedule with SLDF and DCMS forces surging forward once more.  Turtle Bay and Almunge were left undefended by their Clan Occupiers and fell without battle to DCMS forces.  Avon however was another story.  In orbit they found the destroyed twisted remains of an Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser and a scuttled York-class Destroyer/Carrier showed the Inner Sphere that the Clans had fought long and hard over this world and would continue to do so.

   Cutting back on the amount of worlds targets in this wave Victor Steiner-Davion moved his own Tenth Lyran Guards RCT, the First and Second Genyosha and the Twenty-second Benjamin Regiments of the DCMS, the Northwind Hussars, Wolf’s Dragoons Spider Battalion and three ComStar Divisions to Avon ensuring victory for the SLDF forces.  The DCMS Second Genyosha was forced to retire from battle with heavy damage and the Northwind Highlanders lost nearly a full battalion of troops however the most devastating losses was the Twenty-Second Benjamin Regulars Regiment which were destroyed nearly to the man and the Ninth ComGuard Division which was folded into other units following the loss of their commander.  Later it would be decided that the Division would remain deactivated for the foreseeable future.

   Caripare another Star Adder/Smoke Jaguar world fell in fourteen days in orbit a Fredasa-class Corvette, the Broken Claw, belonging to Clan Smoke Jaguar was disabled.  The Smoke Jaguars quickly withdrew from battle instead of being destroyed.

   Byesville and Hanover were both hit by heavy SLDF and DCMS forces and quickly captured as the Smoke Jaguars withdrew quickly and the Star Adders fought honour duels for their territory - this was only possible following an intervention by Khan Phelan Kell of Clan Wolf (in-Exile) who informed the Star Adders that the SLDF wanted to fight honourable battles limiting damage to both sides.

   Yamarovka, Virentoften, Nykvarn and Labrea were tough battles not a single Smoke Jaguar warrior escaped these worlds fighting to the death a total of two Galaxies.  Six clusters of warriors, nearly fifteen hundred Clansmen and women died on these worlds taking with them Kinston’s Rangers, a Capellan Regiment on Nykvarn and the Sixth An Tang Legion, a Draconis Combine Regiment on Labrea.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Werewolf (McKenna-class Battleship)
Smoke Jaguar/Star Adder Occupation Zone
Itabaiana, Draconis Combine
25th July 3059

   When the Werewolf had entered the Itabaiana system on the 22nd July the two Star Adder WarShips defending the system moved to engage, however, Khan Phelan Kell informed them he wanted to speak with Khan Cassius N’Buta only and if the Star Adders attacked they would be met with deadly force and the entire Clan Wolf (in-Exile) Touman would mobilise against them with the Star Adders treated as dezgra.  The Star Adder Khan arrived the next day with the Absolute Truth, a Nightlord-class Battleship, the vessel was as powerful as the Werewolf.  The Star Adder’s were taking no chances, although the other two WarShips did jump away to assist other worlds.

   “My Khan, the Star Adder Khan is willing to talk.”  One of the bridge techs said on the bridge Phelan Kell crossed the bridge and activated the communication system, Khan Cassius N’Buta appeared “Khan N’Buta, thank you for answering this call promptly.”

   “Khan Ward, may we speak privately?”  N’Buta asked raising a headset over his head Phelan did the same.  “Khan Ward, I wonder why your Clan is here with these Spheroids.  This is a battle between them and us why are you here?”  He said, Phelan noted he still used Phelan’s official Bloodname and not his Inner Sphere family name.  Officially Phelan although born in the Inner Sphere had been able to win a Bloodname, the Ward Bloodname due to a strong link between the Kell and Ward families during the Star League-era.  When he had been sent to the Inner Sphere with the Wardens of Clan Wolf by then-ilKhan Ulric Kerensky the Clan grand council had stripped him of the Ward Bloodname, Ulric had already foreseen this and as ilKhan had created the Kell Bloodhouse, although no other Clan acknowledged it and there was only one member.

   “My Clan’s mandate is to protect the Inner Sphere.  The Smoke Jaguars were willing to use orbital bombardment to control the Inner Sphere, and once the Tukayyid Truce is over the Clans will assault the Inner Sphere en masse once more.  This fight is designed to show the Clans that if you assault the Inner Sphere en masse and if you use weapons that even the Inner Sphere have outlawed then you will pay the price.”  Phelan said he could see Cassius N’Buta think about it for a moment then dismiss it.

   “So you would destroy another Clan just to prove your point?  That the Inner Sphere is not scared of the Clans any longer.”

   “No, the Inner Sphere will always be afraid of the Clans.  We would do this to prove there is a line that the Clans cannot cross, and if they do there is a price.”  Kell said “let me put it this way Khan N’Buta, the Inner Sphere does not want to fight more than one Clan in this battle.  The Smoke Jaguars are the target, they always have been, I am here to offer your Clan honour battles against the Inner Sphere factions.  If you win you will be able to maintain your foothold in the Inner Sphere, if you lose you will leave, Safcon will be guaranteed to all your troops.”  Cassius looked at Phelan and realised something.

   “Khan Phelan Kell” he said using Phelan’s birth name for the first time “you are here without the Inner Sphere’s knowledge, Quiaff?”

   “Aff” Phelan said, there was no point in denying it, he had come here on his own without support and without informing the rest of the SLDF force.


   “It was the honourable way to do it, would you rather negotiate with a surat like Victor Steiner-Davion?”  Phelan asked he tried to keep as much venom in his voice as possible while he spoke about his cousin like that but it was not easy it surprised him in the past such venom would have come so easy.

   “Neg, I am honoured that you would personally come here and inform me of your plans.”  He noticed Phelan’s confusion “do not try to deny it Khan Kell, you have your own plans for the Inner Sphere.  You play their saviour now but the Wolf that Ulric Kerensky saw in you is not dead, it is just biding its time.”

   “Perhaps, do we have a deal?”

   “Neg” Cassius said Phelan’s heart sank, this had been for nothing.  “I have a better idea, you want to do this the honourable way, Quiaff?”  Phelan nodded “then your command trinary meet mine on this systems planet in six days.  If you win the Star Adders will withdraw from all worlds the Smoke Jaguars gifted to us and will withdraw from all words we hold in the Inner Sphere without battle.  If I win the Star Adders will not only resist but actively start hunting down these Stavag Spheroid dogs.  And your forces will withdraw from battle.”  Phelan was silent for a moment, perhaps talking to Victor about this would have been a good idea.  He thought quietly, a chance to throw the Star Adders out with one battle was too much to pass up however, all he had to do was win.

   “Agreed.  I will transmit my command’s equipment and codex information.”  Phelan offered, it was Clan tradition.

   “Aff, and I will transmit mine.  It is good to see the Exiled Wolves have not lost their cunning in the Inner Sphere.  Now lets see if they still have their bite.”  And with that he was gone, the Absolute Truth began to turn and head for the planet.

   “Helm officer, follow the Absolute Truth to the inhabited planet of this system.  Communications find me Victor Steiner-Davion.”  He said raising from the console.  The Werewolf began to follow the Nightlord, two of the most powerful vessels ever created by man travelling through the deep they looked relatively harmless.

   Within minutes the Werewolf HPG operators had found a ComStar vessel in communication range of Victor Steiner-Davion and set up a link between the Commanding-General’s command and the Wolf flagship.  “Commanding-General” Phelan greeted, Victor seeing Phelan still wearing a headset picked up one of his own.

   “This is quite a surprise Phelan, is there a problem?”

   “Possibly.” If I lose, which isn’t going to happen, he thought “I just talked with Cassius N’Buta, Khan of Clan Star Adder.  We arranged an honour trial that will decide the Star Adders involvement in all future battles.”

   “Give me a location and I will have the best troops I can there as soon as possible.”

   “Neg, Victor, the trial is Khan N’Buta’s command Trinary against my own.  If I win the Star Adders will cease all resistance on the planets they are fighting and withdraw to the worlds they hold solely.”

   “And if they win?”

   “The Star Adders will intensify their resistance and they will begin launching full counter-strikes.  And my forces will withdraw fully from Bulldog.”

   “You better not lose, Phelan, or your Wolves could find themselves in trouble in the future.”  Victor warned Phelan making sure that Phelan realised that if he lost and the Star Adders resisted the whole Bulldog Operation could fail and thousands could die, infuriating the Inner Sphere enough for them to turn on Clan Wolf (in-Exile) in the Lyran Alliance.

   “I know what will happen if I fail, and that will not happen.”

   “Good luck my friend.”

   “Thank you Commanding-General, Werewolf out.”  Phelan said and the techs cut the communication system, Phelan headed out to find his command Keshik, time to tell them the weight of the Inner Sphere was on them.
Smoke Jaguar Counter-strike
Pesht Capital City, Pesht District
Draconis Combine
28th July 3059

   With the Star League Defence Force troops resting from combat just before the start of Wave Three of Operation Bulldog Clan Smoke Jaguar made one last desperate throw of the dice launching their own counter-offensive not only at worlds they had lost but also at new targets.  Five worlds of the Draconis Combine came under fire Pesht, a district capital, McAlister, a major supply base, Matamoras, Meinacos and Lonaconing.

   Here on Pesht the Smoke Jaguars had not even looked to engage the SLDF troops instead they had gone to ground almost immediately in cities across the planet and were fighting close-quarters battles across the planet using scorched-earth tactics in a desperate attempt to break the planets will to resist.  The DCMS Elite Seventh Sword of Light Regiment and Ryuken-san were joined by the First Kell Hounds Regiment First Battalion and Clan Wolf (in-Exiles) Second Wolf Legion Cluster while in orbit a pair of Smoke Jaguar Vincent Mk-42-class Corvettes, the Simas Osis and the Vulture Beast, faced off against ComStar’s Lola-III Destroyer, the Blake’s Vision, and Clan Wolf (in-Exile’s) Valiant, another Vincent Mk-42.

   On the ground at Pesht the Kell Hounds and Wolf Legion stood up to the Smoke Jaguars while the two Elite DCMS regiments surrounded the Smoke Jaguars and annihilated them to the man, eighteen city blocks and nearly ten thousand civilians were killed in the fighting.  In orbit the two Smoke Jaguar vessels were disabled in a short but bloody battle with the Blake’s Vision destroyed and the Valiant loosing its K-F Core and unable to leave the system, Clan Wolf (in-Exile) was already looking to salvage one of the disabled WarShips for compensation because everyone else was heavily involved in battling the ground forces no-one stopped the Exiles salvaging the Corvette.

   On McAlister the Smoke Jaguars did considerable damaged briefly holding the world before the Davion Heavy Guards of the Federated Suns, First Genyosha of the DCMS and First McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry of the Capellan Confederation arrived and crushed all Smoke Jaguar resistance.

   On the other worlds the SLDF was able to contain the Smoke Jaguar force stopping major damage and stopping the Jaguar counter-strike.   

Operation Bulldog, Star Adder Occupation Zone
Plains of Itabaiana, Northern Continent
Itabaiana, Draconis Combine
31st July 3059

   Walking his Linebacker OmniMech over the battlefield Khan Phelan Kell surveyed the destruction.  Following six hours there was little left of either the Star Adder Trinary or his own Keshik.  Wolf and Adder medical teams and security Elementals had arrived and were evacuating any survivors.  Phelan glanced at the downed ninety ton Kingfisher, the Mech of Khan Cassius N’Buta.  Phelan normally piloted a light Mech but because of the Star Adder’s choice of Mech he had picked the heavier sixty-five ton Linebacker, a popular OmniMech inside the Wolf (in-Exile) Touman.

   The fight had gone well for the Wolves, the entire trial had been fought using full Zellbrigen duelling rules, with both Clan forces respecting each other and fighting until they risked shutdown of their Mechs.  Cassius N’Buta had signalled out Phelan early on damaging the Wolf Mech’s left leg impairing the Mechs movement, however the lighter Wolf Mech still had the edge in manoeuvrability and Phelan had been able to keep to massive Adder Kingfisher at long range as he sniped away at the assault OmniMech with PPCs and LRMs.  Even when the Kingfisher had been able to close it had been easy for Phelan to finish off the Adder Mech with a full alpha strike.

   Dismounting from his Linebacker Phelan pulled on some coveralls and walked over to the Adder Mech Cassius N’Buta was leaning against the assault Mech’s left foot as a medic attended to his injuries.  “That was well fought Khan N’Buta, you did your Clan proud today.”  Phelan said Cassius shooed the medic away, this would concern only them.

   “And you Khan Kell, you did your Clan well today as well.  If I had beaten you I believe you would make a grand Adder Warrior, however we have seen what happens when a Spheroid joins the leadership of a Clan.”  Cassius said standing up, pain crossed his face and he reached up to his left shoulder with his right hand.

   “I am a Wolf warrior, Khan N’Buta, there is no other path for me.  This trial is at an end, you and your warriors are free to return to your Clan.”  Phelan said, he noticed Cassius surprise, traditionally the victor of a Trial could take bondsmen from the looser improving their Clan by absorbing superior warriors.  “If I take the Star Adders here today as bondmen to Clan Wolf then our agreement would not carry much weight at the ground council.  I am willing to allow you to take your warriors and your equipment and rejoin your WarShip in orbit, assuming our agreement stands.”

   “It stands Khan Phelan Kell.  Your people fought like true Clan warriors today, I cannot fault your prowess on the field.  I will order all Star Adders to withdraw from the worlds we hold solely and those held with the Smoke Jaguars as agreed.”

   “Seyla” Phelan said.

   “Seyla” Cassius muttered quietly.  Phelan nodded to the Star Adder Khan then headed back towards the Linebacker.  “Khan Kell!”  Phelan turned to look at the Star Adder Khan “this is not the end of the Star Adder Clan and its dealings with the Inner Sphere, we will be back.”

   “I would be disappointed if it were the end of the threat you pose the Star Adders are a powerful adversary.  I would hate to think you would give up on this fight so easily, we will meet in battle again this I am sure.”  Phelan said returning to the silent Linebacker.

   “And we are not completely gone yet either” Cassius said quietly smiling, although he had agreed to leave worlds held by the Star Adders he had said nothing about the worlds the Stone Rhino’s held in stewardship, the Star Adder foothold in the Inner Sphere was still intact even with the result of this trial.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Glad you like it, it's all like this until 3085 so plenty more to come ;)

Operation Bulldog Wave One
Smoke Jaguar/Star Adder Occupation Zone
Draconis Combine
20th May 3059

   The Military might of the Inner Sphere turned on the Clans like a whirlwind striking the Draconis Combine Mustard Society (DCMS) ground forces alone targeted five of the Clan occupied worlds Hyner, Port Arthur, Tarazed, Kiamba and Asgard.  While SLDF units from throughout the Inner Sphere targeted a further nine controlled by the Star Adders.

ummm, the DCMS has a thing against being called yellow.  ;D
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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ummm, the DCMS has a thing against being called yellow.  ;D


Absolute Truth (Nightlord-class Battleship)
Star Adder/Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone
3rd August 3059

   The evacuation of Clan Star Adder forces was going well with little trouble erupting between Clan forces leaving and Inner Sphere forces arriving, this had been made easier by the Clan Wolf (in-Exile) forces landing with the Inner Sphere troops officially taking the worlds from the Star Adders, Cassius hated to admit it but the Clan Wolf troops worked extremely well with their Inner Sphere counterparts.  Clan Stone Rhino’s Khan, Thomas Perez, had agreed to hold the three worlds his Clan controlled until all the Star Adders left then allow the Star Adders to return and reclaim them all easily, this allowed the Star Adders to for fill the trial requirements but maintain a foothold in the Inner Sphere.  IlKhan Lincoln Osis however had not been so gracious and ordered the Star Adder Khan to explain to the Grand Council why his forces were abandoning their positions.

   This had led to this HPG conference of the Grand Council.  The entire Wardroom screen was filled by ilKhan Lincoln Osis face, which looked redder than normal “Khan Cassius N’Buta in your own time please explain to this Grand Council why your troops are abandoning their positions and the Clan they were activated to support!”  Cassius failed to suppress the smile on his face.  “And please explain what you find amusing and why I should not declare a Trial of Grievance against your entire Clan.”  Cassius tried to re-establish his calm.

   “Three days ago my Command Trinary and the Command Trinary of Khan Phelan Kell of Clan Wolf…”  Cassius began only to be interrupted by Khan Vlad Ward, leader of the true Clan Wolf.

   “That Stavag dog does not represent Clan Wolf Khan Star Adder, surely you have made an error!”

   “Aff, I apologies Khan Wolf” Cassius said rephrasing what he was going to say “three days ago I met the freebirth Khan of the Exiles, Phelan Kell, in battle.  Phelan informed me that this Trial the Inner Sphere had launched against our occupation was directly targeted on Clan Smoke Jaguar and that if I wished I could excavate the Star Adder forces with a single trial.”  Cassius paused “I informed the Exile that if the Star Adders were victorious then the entire Inner Sphere would feel our retribution and that his Exiles would withdraw from combat, unfortunately the Exiles were victorious.”

   “So this is not a battle against all the Clans, Quineg?”  Marthe Pryde, Khan of Clan Jade Falcon asked.

   “Neg, they have selected the Smoke Jaguars due to their brutality and their use of Orbital bombardment to control their occupied population.  As far as the Inner Sphere is concerned this battle is to show that if we break the rules we will pay the price.  The Smoke Jaguars brutalized their population for centuries causing the Stone Rhinos to split, now they have done the same in the Inner Sphere and become a target of the Inner Sphere’s Retribution.  Since the Star Adders have been caught up in this fight they have given us an opportunity of Safcon, I as Khan of Clan Star Adder have taken it.”

   “It is as we have been saying Lincoln Osis, this is on your Clan’s head not ours.  We will not throw our forces at the Inner Sphere meat grinder just to save your sorry behinds.”  Vlad Ward said smiling leaning back in her chair.

   “I am the ilKhan of the Khans you will answer to my orders Khan Ward.”

   “Neg, we will not, the invasion of the Inner Sphere ended when the Clans failed at Tukayyid, we need no ilKhan.”  Marthe Pryde said there was a call from the Ghost Bear, Wolf, Stone Rhino and Nova Cat Clans supporting this call, the Smoke Jaguars would loose this debate.  Although the ilKhan fought his case, and his Clan’s case, for another six hours the decision was nearly unanimous.  The Smoke Jaguars would fight and live or die alone at the hands of the Inner Sphere.

Operation Bulldog Wave Three
Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone
16th August 3059

   With the Smoke Jaguar Counter-Assaults contained, resistance from isolated Smoke Jaguars contained on worlds already liberated and Star Adder forces moving out of the Inner Sphere without a fight due to their agreement with Clan Wolf (in-Exile) Task Force Bulldog moved quickly onto its third wave.

   This wave however was proving to be the toughest, the Smoke Jaguars had received reinforcements from their Homeworlds and the occupied periphery more WarShips had also arrived.  The first evidence of this was shown on the 12th August.  The Third Davion Guards RCT, the 208th ComGuard Division and the DCMS Ryuken-roku Regiment were tasked to take a supply dump from two garrison clusters of Clan Smoke Jaguar on the planet Luzerne, this assault already a month behind schedule used a pirate point in the system to enter closer to the planet however as the assault force entered the system they were confronted by two Smoke Jaguar vessels a Black Lion-class Battle-cruiser and a Fredasa-class Corvette.

   The Escorting DCMS Inazuma-class Corvette DCS Winds of Heaven, the Kyushu-class Frigate Draconis Rift and the Federated Suns Fox-class Corvette FSS Indomitable all broke into attack. While the Black Lion engaged the WarShips the Fredasa ignored them broke through the WarShip’s defensive line with its superior speed and engaged the three ground forces regiments DropShips while still in transit towards the planet over half of the troops were destroyed or disabled in space before they could even land with twenty-two DropShips disabled or destroyed in space by the Corvette, its fighters and DropShip.

   Although in the coming battle the Indomitable was able to destroy the Fredasa, all three vessels were able to force the Black Lion to flee after heavy damage the Winds of Heaven was destroyed in the encounter and both the Draconis Rift and the Indomitable received a pounding in the battle forcing both to withdraw from the system and the field of battle completely until major repair and refit operations could be carried out at a major shipyard.

   Upon hearing of this debacle Victor Steiner-Davion deployed another Division of ComStar, the Davion Light Guards and two Regiments of the DCMS Night Stalkers Regiments.  Unfortunately even with these reinforcements arriving the SLDF force found itself facing an entire Elite Front-Line Galaxy of Smoke Jaguar troops looking for blood.  The Battle of Luzerne would be the bloodiest of the entire Bulldog campaign with the Third Night Stalkers completely destroyed and both the Third Davion Guards and the 208th ComGuard Divisions both taking over fifty percent non-recoverable losses each, both units were stood down on Luzerne until the end of the campaign.

Main Briefing Hall
Werewolf (McKenna-class Battleship)
Turtle Bay, Draconis Combine
28th August 3059

   The rest of Wave three continued almost as planned however as Smoke Jaguar resistance broke down the Smoke Jaguar Commanders ordered a full withdrawal from the Inner Sphere leaving every single world in the Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone empty and four of the worlds completely untouched by battle, this enabled two full Galaxies of Smoke Jaguars to escape with two WarShips in support.  Commanding-General Victor Steiner-Davion called a meeting with all major commanders in the SLDF on-board the Wolf (in-Exile) flagship Werewolf to discuss the SLDF’s next move.

   “Here’s the situation.  With just two reinforced Galaxies of Battle Hardened troops plus WarShip support heading back to Huntress we have only one option.  We must follow the Smoke Jaguars to Huntress to relieve Morgan’s task force.”  Victor said there were several nods from around the table.

   “Forgive me if I am wrong, but Morgan has not even reached Huntress yet, could we not intercept his force and join forces?”  House Master Fah Li Shei of the Capellan Warrior House Dai Da Chi asked.

   “Morgan’s task force are in deep space, looking for them would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.”  Danai Centrella, heir to the throne of the Magistracy of Canopus said, her battalion had unofficially attached itself to Victor’s Tenth Lyran Guard RCT for the duration of this campaign.  Although the Magistracy was allied with the Capellan Confederation and that alliance was the only reason she was even here she had chosen to remain with the Revenants instead of returning to working with the Capellans.  Danai seemed not too impressed with the Capellan’s performance and certainly was not giving the warriors or their commanders an easy ride.

   “She is right, my vessels have the Exodus Road co-ordinates, however, Morgan’s fleet is travelling off the Road by several light years to avoid detection.  We would be shooting blind-folded if we went looking for Morgan in deep space.” Phelan Kell said, the Wolves (in-Exile) would never lead the Inner Sphere to Huntress anyway, they may have pledged to defend the Inner Sphere but like Wolf’s Dragoons they would never betray the location of the Homeworlds to an aggressor.  Phelan knew this meant he’d probably never see the Clan Homeworlds but to be honest what he’d seen and heard of them he wasn’t missing much.

   “We know Morgan’s target and that will be ours as well.  I will take only regiments that are available and at full strength.  If possible I want to take this fight to the heart of these Clanners.  We will relieve Morgan’s force then we head for Strana Mechty.”  There was a collective gasp across the room, the capital of the Clans was not originally even near the target list let alone considered as a viable target.

   “You want to invade Strana Mechty?  Victor, the Clans will annihilate any invasion force that enters that system.  Hell you could spark an invasion by ALL the Clans!”  Anastasius Focht said raising from his seat he knew the Federated Suns leader was an accomplished war leader and was always looking for bigger targets but Strana Mechty was too big even for the whole of the Inner Sphere.

   “I don’t plan to invade the system, Precentor-Martial.  From Huntress we should be in communication range of the Grand Council from Huntress.” Victor said glancing at Phelan who did the math in his head then nodded “we will send a message to the Grand Council challenging them to a Trial.  If we are victorious the collective invasion of the Inner Sphere ends.  If we loose well we know where we stand with them and the Inner Sphere will have to be ready for more heavy combat.”

   “A Trial of Refusal?” Phelan said quietly “it could work and would limit the casualties on each side.  If you challenged the Khans and their Bodyguard Keshik you could force them to fight an honour match, the SLDF has proven itself the Clans equal by destroying the Smoke Jaguar invasion force.”

   “What about the forces still in the Draconis Combine?”  Hohiro Kurita asked, there were still three worlds under Clan Stone Rhino control and one Smoke Jaguar world as well as small trinary sized Jaguar commands across the former Occupation Zone.

   “We will leave plenty of force to take care of them.”

   “Who goes?”  Kai Allard-Liao asked, it was obvious that as far as he was concerned he was in.  Over the next hour a relief force was assembled with the Tenth Lyran Guards and their attached Magistracy Battalion, the First Genyosha Regiment of the DCMS under command of Coordinator Hohiro Kurita himself, Kai’s First St Ives Lancers First Battalion, ComStar’s Invader Galaxy, the Free Worlds League Second Knights of the Inner Sphere First Battalion, the Capellan Confederation’s Red Lancer Regiment, the Free Rasalhague Republic’s Third Drakons and the Lyran Alliance’s First Royal Guards Regiment.  Would travel to Huntress then maybe Strana Mechty afterwards, escorting them would be four ComGuard WarShips, two Federated Commonwealth WarShips and two Draconis Combine WarShips.  Khan Phelan Kell would take command of the Inner Sphere mop-up operation.

   Victor sent a message to his sister Yvonne back in the Federated Commonwealth giving her regency on New Avalon and control over the Federated Commonwealth until he returned and Hohiro Kurita gave regency to his brother Minoru then Task Force Bulldog left the Inner Sphere in pursuit of the Smoke Jaguars.

Titan Shipyards
Terra System, Chaos March
30th August 3059

   Barley two full days after Victor Steiner-Davion led the Star League Army in pursuit of Clan Smoke Jaguar’s Occupation Force ComStar’s spectre from the past struck.  As the ComGuard attempted to run-down the remaining Smoke Jaguars and secure the Clan borders ensuring none of the other Clans attempted to take advantage of the situation the World of Blake struck ComStar hard and fast hitting the Titan Shipyards with the Blake’s Sword, freshly/secretly repaired at a Free World’s League shipyard, the Deliverance, an Essex-class Destroyer, and the Blake’s Redemption, a Vincent Mk-39 Corvette.  Defending the shipyards were the Alacrity and Resilience, two ComGuard Vincents, and the under-crewed Hollings York, a ComGuard Congress-class Frigate.  In the repair bays were another four WarShips, two from combat damage and another two still in mothball from the era of the first Star League.

   In a short battle the Alacrity was destroyed quickly by a broadside from the Blake’s Sword the enemy vessel‘s weapons tearing the light Corvette’s armour to pieces the ships magazines doing the rest completely destroying the vessel leaving no survivors.  The Hollings York was disabled the Blake’s Redemption by the Blakist crew targeting its engines and cargo bay doors causing loss in power and several explosive decompressions.  To add to the Hollings York’s bad day the Resilience joins the battle by firing Naval Autocannon and Capital Missiles into the frigate, the ComGuard Vincent then sent a group of marines over to the Hollings York capturing the vessel and the crew turned both vessels over to the Word of Blake commander.  With the end of this battle the Titan Shipyards and the entire Terra system were surrendered by the ComGuard to the Word of Blake.  With many of the Inner Sphere’s leaders out of the Inner Sphere and the remnants of the Smoke Jaguars still causing trouble for the SLDF there was little anyone could do about the Blakist’s move.

Hope you enjoy
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My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Nova Cat Hall, Hall of the Khans
Strana Mechty, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
16th September 3059

   Khan Santin West felt slightly strange, although he had been Khan of Clan Nova Cat for over a year he had never set foot in the Grand Hall of the Khans nor had he been in the Nova Cat Hall.  Walking through the main entrance he noticed the two Delta Galaxy Elementals snap to attention upon noticing his insignia.  Santin smiled and stepped into the Hall then turned around briefly “Warriors where is saKhan Devalis?”

   “His personnel Quarters, My Khan” one of the warriors said his voice enhanced by the Elemental Suits microphone and speakers.  “Would you like me to call him?”

   “Neg, I will find him myself.”  Santin said, no-doubt Karl knew he was on his way.  The Khan stepped away and into the building, the two Elementals exchanged looks then returned to their guard duties.

   As the Khan walked the corridors of the hall there was near silence, no surprise since other than the Khan, the saKhan and three techs/cleaners the hall was entirely abandoned.  While some Clans has their entire Command in the Hall during various duties the Nova Cats had never had that many in their Hall, or on Strana Mechty even, and now since the Nova Cats had moved most of their Clan to the former Tortuga Dominions the Hall had become nearly a ghost building.

   Stopping in front of Karl’s quarters the Khan knocked on the door once, there was no answer.  So West hit the door harder, hard enough to make the door rattle.  “I’m coming you stavag dog!”  Karl screamed from inside his voice sounded ragged and was full of contractions.  The door swung open Karl was dressed only in a towel and was covered in sweat.  “What do you want…!?”  He asked looking straight ahead straight at Santin’s forehead.

   “Hello, Karl, a bad time?”  Santin asked Karl looked down and realized who it was.

   “My Khan… I’m… I am sorry, I was not expecting visitors.”  He said standing there Santin looked at his attire with a questioning glance.  “I was sparing with a member of the Ice Hellions after the Council.”  He said, Clan Coyote had challenged the Nova Cats to a Trial of Possession over the Nova Cat OmniMech and failed to win the Trial when they had tried to salvage a Nova Cat from the Battlefield the rest of the Nova Cats had entered battle costing both sides nearly a Cluster each.  Clan Coyote claimed the Nova Cats had broken the rules of the Trial but the Nova Cats had proven that the Coyotes were the ones in the wrong and the Nova Cats had gained the Coyote‘s brand-new Advanced Tactical Missile (ATM) Launcher technology in return.

   “Well, I just came to inform you that I was back in the Homeworlds and that we should talk with the Oathmaster at the earliest convenience.”

   “Of course, Star Colonel, apologies Oathmaster Jal Steiner is currently residing on Barcella.  According to reports he hasn’t left Biccon Winters sanctuary in eight days.”

   “How is he in the position?”

   “It is interesting my Khan, sometimes Jal Steiner fit’s in the position like a hand in a glove.  Other times he is like a fish out of water… may I get dressed?”  Karl asked, he still was standing in just a towel.

   “Of course, we will meet in my office in an hour.”  Santin said looking past Karl for a moment before leaving, he noted that Karl lived in a squalor and that he wouldn’t be in charge of cleaning anything ever.

   Karl turned back into the room and looked a Sellen Cage still naked hidden partially behind a broken bed.  “That was close” Karl said climbing over the bed, “we got an hour.”  He said Sellen smiled and climbed back onto the bed, from now on they would have to be careful although relationships between members of different Clans was not banned and sexual relations between warriors was common, when leaders of Clans go involved there was sometimes trouble.

Biccon Winter’s Sanctum
Barcella, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
20th September 3059

   Upon hearing of the new Oathmaster’s actions Khan Santin West decided it was time to see the one time Star Colonel once more.  Both Santin and Karl travelled to Barcella while Alpha Galaxy troops deployed across Clan space, when they were deployed Delta Galaxy would withdraw to Strana Mechty and escort the next batch of civilians to the Inner Sphere.  This trip would also take the Nova Cat’s last scientists and an entirely disassembled factory to the Nova Cat’s Den, it would be the biggest Nova Cat move in months and the other Clans would notice it.

   Soon the Clan Homeworlds would be alight with the Homeworld Clans declaring trials over the former Nova Cat territory.  Travelling up the stairs of the command building of Delta Galaxy on Barcella Santin West had always wondered why Biccon Winters had chosen to have her sanctum so high off the ground, she had been an Elemental like Santin, there was no need to be this high off the ground in his opinion.

   Knocking on the door all the Khan’s heard was silence, Khan West was beginning to get annoyed, instead of waiting any longer he opened the door and stepped in.  Inside the sanctum the two Khans found near total darkness, but from what they could tell the room was completely empty barring the Oathmaster sitting cross-legged in front of a group of three candles.  “Oathmaster” West said addressing Jal Steiner’s lifeless form.

   “Khan West” Jal finally said still not moving “please enter, I believe we have much to discuss.”  The two Khans moved into the room, the door mysteriously closed itself behind them “please sit” Jal said in a hushed voice, both Khans sat opposite the Oathmaster, from what they could tell Jal Steiner wore a simple black jumpsuit with no rank insignia, Clan insignia or weapons.  Beside him was a small leather pouch which held his vineers.

   “Oathmaster…” West began.

   “Khan West” Jal interrupted “you believe that I hold this position wrongly.”  it was not a question Jal had gained the position without competing in the Grand Melee or in front of the Clan Council and since his ascension he had not said a word to anyone and barely left this sanctum.  “Biccon Winters believed that this position needed new eyes for a new future, but she knew that neither you nor the saKhan would accept her wish to resign or retire from being Oathmaster and that even if she did the rest of the Touman would still look to her instead of me for guidance.”

   “And with respect Oathmaster, they would be right to do so, Biccon Winters had been Oathmaster for over ten years.  She had been Oathmaster for longer than you have been a member of this Clan.”  West said, within the Nova Cat Touman the position of Oathmaster was always a respected one but Jal Steiner had not respected his Clan since accepting the position as Oathmaster, he had barely said a word.

   “Well Khan West I have a revelation for you to ponder.”

   “What is it?”  Karl asked, he had been silent up until now.

   “This year the fates of the Clan’s will change.”

   “Change how?”  West asked, despite his dislike of how Jal Steiner had reached his position, he was still the Oathmaster and deserved some respect.

   “The Jaguar will be fatality struck from the well travelled Serpent, the Bears have followed another’s path and have almost finished their great journey, but may need help at home, the Bulldog and Prince will rise and the war will end.”  Jal Steiner said quietly looking at the flame “now I am ready to rejoin our Clan my Khan.”  He said raising to his feet.

   “What?… you can not tell me things without meaning then wonder off!”

   “That is all I have seen, and all I wish to see.”  Jal said leaving the room, as the Oathmaster walked out of the sanctum the candles winked out one-by-one and the rooms main lights came back on.

   “He is certainly as creepy as any Oathmaster I have ever been around.”  Karl said giving the Khan a weak smile.  But the Khan was lost in thought “what is it?”

   “The Jaguar will be fatality struck from afar by the Serpent” the Khan said repeating the Oathmaster’s words. “He must mean the Smoke Jaguars, the only Clans that have a snake as their totem is the Steel Vipers who are far away and are more interested in the Jade Falcons and the Star Adders, who although are angry at sharing an Occupation Zone with the Smoke Jaguars are close not afar.  Do any of the Inner Sphere realms use a snake to identify themselves?”

   “Neg, the closest is the Draconis Combine, they use the Dragon although I have heard them referred to as Snakes before by House Davion bondsmen captured by the other Clans I think it is a derogatory term.”  Karl said.

   “Could the Draconis Combine strike at the Smoke Jaguars?”

   “According to intelligence reports alone the Draconis Combine could not strike the Smoke Jaguars the Clan invasion and the various little wars the Inner has fought has destroyed nearly their whole touman, military.  However, the Inner Sphere have reformed the Star League and have struck at the Smoke Jaguar/Star Adder Occupation Zones.”

   “When did this happen?”  West asked turning on Karl, he had been out of communication for nearly six months, even with their communication boosters the Nova Cat communications with the Homeworlds were still far from perfect.

   “The last few months, the Star Adders informed us that Khan Phelan Kell of the Wolves (in-Exile) had informed them the Inner Sphere was exacting penance on the Smoke Jaguars for mistreatment of prisoners and for the Orbital Bombardment of Turtle Bay.  The Steel Adders have withdrawn to three worlds on the edge of the Inner Sphere.”

   “The Jaguar will be fatality struck from afar by the Serpent” the Khan said repeating the words again “could the Inner Sphere strike the Smoke Jaguars here in the Homeworlds?”

   “The Homeworlds!  The Stavags would not be so bold, if they struck the Clans in the Homeworlds all the Clans would retaliate.  It would destroy the Inner Sphere.”

   “Would we?  The Clans are fragmenting, and we all see the Smoke Jaguars are rash in their actions, how many of the Clans would support the Smoke Jaguars?”  West asked thinking out loud then answered his own question. “The Wolves are more interested in holding their inner sphere territory and preparing the next stage of the Invasion drive toward Terra, the Jade Falcons and Ghost Bears are the same.  If the Star Adders have been driven back then they will not help the Smoke Jaguars.”  He paused briefly looking at the smoke raising from the candles “we would not help them, our oldest enemy, even if we could and the rest of the Clans would be more interested in winning the former Smoke Jaguar territories here in the Homeworlds than risking their warriors helping save the Jaguars.  I think the Inner Sphere is planning a strike on the Smoke Jaguars here in the Homeworlds.  The Inner Sphere will strike Huntress, soon.”  Santin said looking to Karl, there was stunned silence for several minutes.

   “The Bears have followed another’s path and have almost finished their great journey, but may need help at home,” Karl said repeating the Oathmaster’s second-line.  “We have moved our population in secret to the Nova Cat’s Den, could the Ghost Bears have done the same?  Moved their entire Clan to their Occupation Zone without anyone realising following the Nova Cat Path?”

   “You have been in contact with the Homeworlds more than me, could they?”

   “Our Watch reports have recorded the Bears winning Trials against the Snow Ravens and Diamond Sharks for JumpShips and DropShips but loosing territory at every turn.  Our reports suggest however their defences are as strong as ever.”

   “Are we so sure of that?  Look at what we have done or over a year, surely the Ghost Bears could do the same.  Have our Watch and Merchants in the Inner Sphere visit the Ghost Bears and enquire about possible trading opportunities.  We will see how they react.  And the Bears still control five percent of this world?”  Karl nodded “a Trial will see if they still have the heart to defend this territory.”

   “We are withdrawing ourselves, Quiaff?”

   “Aff, but Barcella is still our major holding in the Homeworlds.  I would like to keep a foothold here especially after loosing Dagda.”  Although the withdrawal from Dagda had been planned and the Clan got something out of loosing the territory without loosing much in return it hurt the Khan that the Nova Cats had lost the Homeworld of their totem animal.  “the Bulldog and the Prince will rise and the war will end” the Khan said repeating the last line.

   “I know nothing of the Bulldog but “the Prince” has to be Victor Davion we’ve all heard of him being called that especially by the Falcons.  Surely he has already risen?  He leads the Federated Commonwealth.”  Karl explained the other nodded in agreement “the war will end”  That can only be in reference to the Invasion of the Inner Sphere, but the only way for that would be for the Inner Sphere to destroy all the Clans…”  Karl said confused, although he could see the Inner Sphere destroying the Smoke Jaguars he could never imaging them destroying all the Clans, together the Clans were far too superior to the Inner Sphere in technology and support, the centuries of warfare that had plagued the Inner Sphere had taken their toll on the Inner Sphere’s armies.  If the Inner Sphere tried to stop all the Clans they would be signing their own death warrants.

   “Or they could strike at the head, killing the grand council or challenging the Clans to a Trial of Refusal could stop the joined Invasion of the Inner Sphere.”

   “The only way to stop the Invasion completely would be to kill the ilKhan.”

   “Not much of a waste if you ask me.  Karl we have work to do, prepare Delta Galaxy for the journey as planned but we will send the Oathmaster in command instead of you.”

   “The Oathmaster?  My Khan, Delta Galaxy is my command, I have been in command for over a decade.  I will not turn over command just because the new Oathmaster makes a prophecy.  I will fight for my right to command if need be.”  Karl said West understood his desire to command Delta, it was still the most powerful of the Clan’s Galaxies despite his creation of Tau Galaxy.  The Nova Cat’s Delta Galaxy was also one of the most prestigious units in the entire Homeworlds, over the centuries since its creation Delta Galaxy had never been deactivated and had always caused the opposing force heavy crippling damage.

   “Neg, saKhan, I will not strip you of command.  Traditionally the Oathmaster has held the position of aide to the saKhan in command of Delta Galaxy, Quiaff?”

   “Aff” Karl conceded.

   “Good, then the Oathmaster will command the Galaxy and take it back to the Nova Cat’s Den ensuring there is an element of our command in the new Homeworlds.  Your command Keshik will remain on Strana Mechty just in case the Inner Sphere comes, I will leave the Blood Oath at a pirate point in the system as support.”

   “The other Khans will not like that.”  The Clans rarely left WarShips in the Strana Mechty system, normally they arrived dropped their cargo and left ensuring no WarShip combat took place in the system.

   “But they will do nothing.  I will take command here for now and secure the Ghost Bear territory.  Not to worry my friend you will leave the Homeworlds by March if nothing happens, you have my promise.”

   “I will hold you to that my Khan, what of the new Oathmaster?”  Karl asked as they both raised to their feet, it was time to get to work, as they left the Khan answered.

   “He will do.”
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Harvest Trials
Clan Homeworlds/Pentagon Worlds
Clan Space
15th November 3059

   By this point the Harvest Trials launched by the Invading Clans against the Homeworld Clans have ended.  Each of the Invading Clans have gained several clusters of troops from their Homeworld brethren, mainly crusader warriors desperate to have a bite out of the Inner Sphere, or equipment to equip their toumans with new technology for their own warriors.  The only Invading Clan to really suffer from these Harvest Trials was the Smoke Jaguars who actually lost an entire Cluster of troops divided between the Blood Spirits and the Stone Rhinos and control of an entire Merchant DropShip squadron to the Diamond Sharks hampering their transport capabilities.

Battle of Trafalgar
Invisible Truth (Cameron-class Battle-cruiser)
Unnamed Star System, Deep Periphery
18th December 3059

   During their journey towards the Clan Homeworlds the Ranger, Task Force Serpent’s Lola III-class Destroyer discovered four Clan Ghost Bear WarShips escorting six JumpShips.  Unable to allow the Ghost Bears to make it to the Inner Sphere and warn the other Clans of the Task Force’s existence the Invisible Truth, Starlight, Haruna and Antrim all jumped in to join the Ranger in the battle.

   In the biggest Naval Battle experienced by warriors from the Inner Sphere in centuries that historians would call Trafalgar after the naval battle won by Admiral Horatio Nelson on Terra during the age of sail.  During the battle the four Ghost Bear WarShips were tied to defending their JumpShips and the heavier Inner Sphere force quickly began to gain the upper hand despite heavy damage caused to the Ranger in the early part of the battle.  The Serpent WarShips quickly encircled the Ghost Bears as the DEST troopers aboard the Haruna took two NL-42 Battle Taxis and boarded the Ghost Bear’s Fire Fang, a Whirlwind-class Destroyer.

   Commodore Allan Beresick noticed the battle develop the Inner Sphere WarShips were concentrating on the two Ghost Bear Whirlwinds and the Vincent Mk 42 while the Congress pulled back and hit them with capital missiles and autocannon from long range, Allan was ready to take the Invisible Truth against the Congress and crush the Clan frigate however at the corner of the battle he noticed something. The bridge techs magnified the image and the Holo-tank in the centre of the room zoomed in on the image a pair of small fast moving DropShips a tiny Claymore-class assault ship and a larger slower Hamilcar-class troopship, the only faction to share such disparate vessels were the Eridani Light Horse.  “Get the skipper of one of those ships on the phone now” Allan said looking at the ships, far from the battle they were headed for one thing, the Congress.

   “Sir, I have the Captain of the FSS Sharpened Blade.”  The comm. officer the Holo-tank updated showing the names of the two DropShips, the smaller Claymore was the FSS Sharpened Blade, one of the Kathil Uhlans escort DropShips.  Allan looked to one of the auxiliary screens to see Marshal of Armies Morgan Hasek-Davion’s face.

   “Marshal what are you doing aboard that ship?”

   “Protecting an asset” Morgan said as the Sharpened Blade made some strong evasive manoeuvres out manoeuvring a Clan Broadsword-class DropShip cutting the ship to pieces with a devastating strike, the Hamilcar then opened fire as well finishing off the Clan vessel.

   “Explain please, sir you are an asset as well.”

   “Aye, but on that Hamilcar carries Rear Admiral David Natale, commander of the Eridani Light Horse JumpShip and fighter fleet, he said he wants a WarShip and was going after one.”

   “The DEST troopers are at this moment taking control of one of the Ghost Bear’s Whirlwind class Destroyers.”  Allan said as the Ghost Bear Vincent Mk 42 exploded, the Holo-tank zoomed back out and then focused on the Ranger.

   “Commodore, the Ranger is ablaze on several decks, main batteries are out, landing bays destroyed.”

   “Have them withdraw from battle, weapons full covering fire for the Ranger, order the Ranger not to use here jump drives until we are able to check them out.”  Allan said turning back to Morgan “Marshal, as I said the Whirlwind will be ours any minute, the Light Horse can have her.  I cannot cover your advance, we have people dying over here.”

    “Understood Commodore but the Light Horse want their own ship, I support them.  Take care of your people I’ll take care of the Light Horse.”  Morgan said and the image disappeared.

   The Battle seemed to go into turbo charged mode with things happening all over the battlefield, first the Fire Fang, the boarded Whirlwind went completely dark with its weapons seizing their fire and the sensors being disabled.  Then the other Whirlwind exploded leaving only the Congress which also quickly went dark, the battle fizzled out as the Fire Fang then the Shining Claw (the Congress) both declared for the Star League Defence Force with Rear Admiral David Natale declaring himself commander of the newly captured Frigate.  The small JumpShip fleet now devoid of their defence force quickly surrendered and the fleet found themselves in a predicament, onboard the JumpShips and their adjoining DropShips were over three thousand civilians and on the two WarShips there were over five hundred captured Ghost Bear Warriors, the Star League force could not allow them to continue on to the Inner Sphere as they would inform the Clans of Serpent‘s target but killing nearly four thousand people in cold blood didn‘t sit well with the Spheroids.

   As overall commander Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion made the decisions, he offered the Bears a choice swear a blood oath to the Star League and be accepted as abtakha or be marooned on the nearest habitable planet.  Enough of the crews of both the Shining Claw and the Fire Fang accepted and they were added to the vessels crews as labourers keeping the vessels operational.  The rest along with the Ghost Bear civilians and several Stars of ground troops from their DropShips were marooned on a habitable world with the promise from Morgan that the Star League would return them to Clan Ghost Bear after the conquest of the Smoke Jaguars.  The Star League Armada then jumped away closer to Huntress with two extra WarShips.

   In another system it was decided because of the damage sustained to the Ranger, half her weapons were destroyed and over half of her fighter bays were out of commission, that the vessel would retire from battle and return to the Inner Sphere (roughly a three month journey to Columbus Base).  A volunteer crew was selected from the ComGuards on the other vessels and the Ranger disappeared on its lonely journey back to the Inner Sphere never to be seen again.

   In the meantime the Eridani Light Horse got to grips with command of a Congress-class Frigate with help from the remaining Ghost Bear crewmen willing to join them and from several members of the ComGuard crews on the three remaining ComStar vessels.  Delaying the fleets next jump by approximately one week.

Ending 3059, hopefully you enjoyed the expanded version of this AU
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Into 3060...


Clan Ghost Bear Hall
Hall of the Khans, Strana Mechty
Clan Homeworlds, Kerensky Cluster
2nd February 3060

   Khan Bjorn Jorgensson stood in his command room looking at various reports, the integration of Clan Ghost Bear and the native conquered population of the Free Rasalhague Republic was going well, the rest of the Clans, except the Snow Ravens, knew nothing about the Ghost Bear withdrawal from Clan Space the stage was set for the biggest announcement the Clans had ever experienced.  Loremaster Laurie Tseng entered the room just behind him “what is it Loremaster?”  He asked not moving an inch, he had known here for years and knew how she moved and what it sounded like.

   “My Khan, the last of our civilians have left Clan space, although there are reports that Gamma convoy did not reach the Occupation Zone it may be they have been delayed.  And the Nova Cats have secured our territory on Barcella, as ordered we offered only token resistance and collateral damage was kept to a minimum.“

   “Very good, have the convoy’s scouts search surrounding systems just in case there is a more serious problem.”

   “What about the Grand Council?  When do we inform the Khans of our actions?”

   “We wait until our civilians are safely away from any retribution and until the Snow Ravens have fully deployed to take advantage of the situation, we will not ignore our allies now.”

   “Of course my Khan, I shall inform Beta Galaxy to continue the withdrawal to Arcadia and Strana Mechty?”

   “Aff, but make sure we continue with out presence on all worlds, we will not give the other Clans any indication that we have left Clan space until it is too late.”

   “Aff, my Khan.”  the Loremaster said leaving the room.

Task Force Serpent Fleet
Unnamed System, Deep Periphery
14th February 3060

   Waiting to jump into the Huntress system and begin the conquest of Clan Smoke Jaguar’s Homeworld the fleet encounter something quite spooky, dubbed the Voice of Kerensky.  This radio frequency was sent by Aleksandr Kerensky, Commanding-General of the First Star League Army as they landed on the Clan Homeworlds and sent back to the Inner Sphere.

     “To all citizens of the Inner Sphere do I, Aleksandr Kerensky, send greetings.  Know that I have taken the remnant of the Star League Defence Force which has remained true to its purpose beyond the boundaries of the Inner Sphere, beyond the Periphery.  I have done this, neither out of disappointment with those whom we leave behind, nor out of spite or disdain, as some will say.  We have left the Inner Sphere because we love it too much to see it destroyed.  In the wake of the Usurper’s coup and the long, bitter fighting that has followed, I fear that my forces will be used to do incalculable, possibly irreparable, harm to our society.  We have sworn to ward the Star League and its subjects, not destroy it.”

   “Thus we have left the only homes we have ever known to place the destructive capability of this armada beyond the reach of those who would use it, not for defence, but for conquest.  Perhaps, with the might of our Mechs and ships out of their reach, the leaders who now grapple with one another will relinquish their dreams of subjugating their neighbours and learn to live in peace with them.”

   “Perhaps, one day, should mankind step back from the brink of the abyss, we, or our children, or our children’s children will return, to once more serve, protect and guide the Star League’s in mankind’s quest for the stars.”

   “Farewell.”  And with that the voice cut off, some of the troops saw this as a bad omen for the mission others saw it as a good omen, as the true Star League were going to stop the abomination Aleksandr’s son Nicholas had created.  Never the less during the time the SLDF Fleet are in the region dozens of copies of the message are recorded by various parties many intent on distributing them when they return home to the Inner Sphere exploiting this unique point in history for their own gain.  For the most part the commanders within the fleet allow this as long as it does not interfere with their duties, they see little need to stop people making money off of the Clans.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Jaguar Command Centre, Mount Szabo
Fang’s Mountain Range, Huntress
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Space
2nd March 3060

   On March 2nd Operation Serpent began with the first Inner Sphere troops landing on Huntress.  On February 28th the Kyushu-class Frigate Haruna jumped into the Huntress system at a pirate point beaming the Identification, Friend or Foe (IFF) Frequency of a Jaguar York-class Destroyer.  Then a Clan Broadsword captured from Clan Ghost Bear at Trafalgar brought the assault team in system, the assault team the thirty DEST troopers was dropped onto the Fang’s Mountain Range with a direct mission, capture or destroy the Smoke Jaguars command, control and space defence centre.

   Surprisingly the DEST troopers found the mountain top command centre lightly defended only guarded by twenty-five Smoke Jaguar Elementals, a single star.  Although the Elemental suit was generally better than the Kage Battle Armour used by the DEST troopers the Inner Sphere troops outnumbered the Elementals and were far more skilful.  Eight hours into the fight and the facility was secured, knowing they could not hold the facility indefinitely the DEST troopers set of explosives completely collapsing the mountain tunnels the base was built in.  The DEST troopers then headed East towards the capital, the plan being the DEST troops would stay hidden until the rest of the Star League force arrived and attacked the Smoke Jaguar defenders.

Nadir Battle Site/Ground Battle
Huntress, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
12th March 3060

   Task Force Serpent arrives in the Huntress system full heartedly once in the system they discovered the Smoke Jaguars had three WarShips, a Sovetskii-Soyuz-class Heavy Cruiser, the Pouncing Fury and a pair of Vincent Mk-42-class Corvettes, Bronze Jaguar and Gold Jaguar, Clan Smoke Jaguar, defending the system.  Against Task Force Serpent’s powerful naval contingent they were quickly overpowered however at the cost of the FCS Rostock, one of the Fox-class Corvettes assigned to the fleet, and heavy damage to the Starlight, one of ComStar’s Essex-class Destroyers.  Following this battle the SLDF ground troops move into the system and invade the Smoke Jaguar’s capital.

   On the ground the 151st and Twenty-First Regiments of the Eridani Light Horse attacks a major MechWarrior training centre near the planetary capital Lootera. 

   The Seventy-First Eridani Light Horse strikes the Smoke Jaguar’s Main Genetic Repository a gigantic pyramid structure. 

   The Rabid Fox Teams equipped with Standard Inner Sphere Battle Armour moves into the Eastern Mountains to watch over the Clan Jade Falcon Base, the Falcon Eyrie, and ensure that the Clan did not get involved. 

   The First Knights of the Inner Sphere, Kingston’s Legionaries and Warrior House Lu Sann engages the training base on the outskirts of New Andery.

   While the Northwind Highlanders, their infantry the First Ghurkha and the Royal Black Watch Company engages the defenders of the factory complex near Pahn City.

   The Eleventh Lyran Guards assaults a training base near the city of Bagera taking on the crop of the Smoke Jaguar‘s next generation and their instructors.

   The Second St Ives Lancers and the Fourth Drakons attacks a training base on the continent of Abysmal.

   Finally the First Kathil Uhlans seized the factory complex near the city of Myer and the Second Division of the ComGuards would seize the remains of the Szabo Command Complex and then act as a mobile reserve supporting any force that needed it.

   Some of the forces faced little opposition however the Kathil Uhlans took damage from a particularly strong defence force and calls in support from the Second Division as did the Second St Ives and the Fourth Drakons.

   The Northwind Highlanders encountered something entirely different - ProtoMechs.  A new combat unit developed by Clan Smoke Jaguar these super-Elementals or half-sized BattleMechs were something entirely new, some were as fast as BattleMechs and could take larger weapons than Elementals but they fought like Elementals ganging up on the Serpent warriors in points of five.  The Highlanders took heavy damage in the fighting but were able to take their target three days longer than was originally planned.  The Lyran Guards and Knights of the Inner Sphere are also attacked by heavy forces and after being repulsed three times, with casualties mounting the SLDF commander Marshal Sharon Bryan of the Lyran Guards was forced to call in orbital weapons fire support from the orbiting Shining Claw.  The two units however still took nearly seventy percent non recoverable losses in material and warriors either injured or killed.

   The Orbital Bombardment broke the Jaguar defenders who retreated waiting for reinforcements from other Jaguar holdings and the remains of their Inner Sphere Occupation Zone.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Ground Battle
Huntress, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
16th March 3060

   As the Star League Defence Force destroy all Smoke Jaguar factories, command centres, training bases and any facilities that could be used for military means by the clansmen the units of Task Force Serpent begin to refit their forces as much as possible preparing for the next trouble.  General Ariana Winson is killed when a Star of Clan Smoke Jaguar Assault Mechs charge the Eridani Light Horse command base near the Genetic Repository.  The Seventy-First Eridani Light Horse temporarily withdraw from the Genetic Repository however the Smoke Jaguars did not remain on site for very long abandoning one of the most sacred places on the planet, a very un-clanlike move that allowed the Seventy-First returned to their position.

   On Strana Mechty ilKhan Lincoln Osis convenes the Grand Council of the Khans and tries to convince the other Clans to intervene and help the Smoke Jaguars repel the Inner Sphere troops claiming that the Inner Sphere troops would not stop with one Clan.  The Wolves, Star Adders and Jade Falcons counter that by saying the Inner Sphere had already informed the Clans through the Star Adders that this was against the Smoke Jaguars not the rest of the Clans.  Once the Smoke Jaguars were destroyed the Inner Sphere would cease military operations against the Clans in the Clan Homeworlds.  They also point out that because the Clans were defeated on Tukayyid joint Clan operations are a thing of the past, the Smoke Jaguar Clan will stand alone.

   Following a call that the defence of Huntress would be down to the Smoke Jaguars the ilKhan, his command trinaries and the Black Lion-class Battle-cruiser Streaking Mist returned to Huntress.

Nadir Battle Point
Huntress, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
22nd March 3060

   The bulk of the Smoke Jaguar Occupation force arrives with a Liberator-class Cruiser and two Vincent Mk-42-class Corvettes and the equivalent of two Galaxies of ground troops in the Huntress system with full DropShip and Fighter Support.  The first battle of the Huntress system occurs in deep space with the three Smoke Jaguar WarShips attacking the Star League WarShips as soon as they enter the system, which allows the ground forces to get past the SLDF WarShip blockade and head for Huntress.  The previous Battle discipline shown by the Clans is gone from the Smoke Jaguars now they are just desperate to save their Clan and kill anything that they consider a threat.

   The Invisible Truth and Bordeaux both take heavy damage but are battle ready.  Also damaged, but not as heavily, are the Antrim, Haruna and the Fire Fang but all were still battle ready.  The most horrifying loss is ComStar’s Starlight already damaged in previous battles the destroyer rams one of the Smoke Jaguar Vincent Mk 42-class Corvettes.  The kinetic energy, previous battles and the impact destroys both vessels in a horrifying explosion, none of the crewmen on either vessel escape the follow on destructions.   To compound the loss of the Starlight the Emerald, the other ComStar Essex-class Destroyer is abandoned and scuttled due to heavy damage.

   Fortunately the SLDF vessels are able to rally their forces destroying the Smoke Jaguar Liberator and disabling the remaining Corvette.  In a move uncommon with the Clans the Smoke Jaguar crew aboard the Vincent set off their scuttle charges refusing to become bondsmen or have their vessel captured by the SLDF or an opportunistic Clan.

Ground Battle Site
Huntress, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
26th March 3060

   Warned that the Smoke Jaguars were inbound the Eridani Light Horse controlled Congress-class Frigate Shining Claw engages the incoming Jaguars.  Although the Shining Claw is able to destroy several DropShips and a large portion of the Jaguar fighter support it is unable to stop the bulk of the ground forces making it to Huntress and withdraws before damage from the swarms of DropShips and fighters could take its toll on the vessel.

   As the Jaguars were burning in system the Serpent’s Ground Force itself had been busy dividing into three commands Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion himself took command of the main force comprised of the Eridani Light Horse, ComGuards and Second St Ives Lancers and was tasked with defending the capital city Lootera, the main spaceport, the Genetic Repository and the mountain top Szabo command centre covering a large portion of the northern continent.  The second force the Kathil Uhlans, Warrior House Lu Sann, the Knights of the Inner Sphere and the Northwind Highlanders would hold the factories and the plains near Lake Osis to the southwest.  And finally the relief force consisting of the remains of the heavily under strength Kingston’s Legionaries, the Fourth Drakons and the Lyran Guards were left on the barren continent of Abysmal, previously used as a proving ground for by the Jaguars, the force was left with as many DropShips as might be needed to transport the whole force of any of the other forces needed assistance they could move rapidly to assist them.

   The following battles were devastating for both sides with the Smoke Jaguar commander Star Colonel Paul Moon informing the Star League forces that they were landing on the Plains of Lootera and that if they wanted to win Huntress in one glorious battle they would meet him there.

   Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion saw this as the chance to crush the last of the Smoke Jaguars and set up massive artillery forces around the area, the Smoke Jaguars however did not stop or even pause under the fire and charged straight into the northern army crushing the Second St Ives Lancers and the ComGuards before Leftenant-General Andrew Redburn, commander of the Kathil Uhlans arrived with the bulk of his own second force after abandoning the factories and plains to save the main force.  Standing side-by-side in their two captured Dire Wolf Clan Assault OmniMechs Andrew Redburn and Morgan Hasek-Davion help hold the line and push the Smoke Jaguars back to their DropShips and onto secondary landing zones.

   Unfortunately for the SLDF survivors during the battle Smoke Jaguar saKhan Brandon Howell, his command trinary, and the survivors of the original defenders of Huntress attacked the SLDF relief force on Abysmal shattering the Kingston’s Legionaries by killing their commander Colonel Samuel Kingston.  The Legionary survivors are folded into the other commands as they hold back the Smoke Jaguars with the aid of orbital weapons fire from the newly repositioned Shining Claw, saKhan Brandon Howell dies in this savage, desperate throw of the dice by SLDF forces which in turn shatters the morale of the Smoke Jaguars and drives them into full retreat.

Ground Battle Site
Huntress, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
28th March 3060

   Deeper in the Huntress system the Streaking Mist with ilKhan Lincoln Osis on-board the Streaking Mist, the last known operational Smoke Jaguar WarShip, arrives at a pirate point to avoid the SLDF fleet detaching all four of its DropShips with the last of Clan Smoke Jaguar‘s Touman, the Khan‘s Bodyguard and the Smoke Jaguar garrison of Strana Mechty.  The Khan’s four DropShips burned towards Huntress while the Streaking Mist heads for the SLDF fleet in one last act of defiance for Clan Smoke Jaguar’s navy.

   With the arrival of the ilKhan the Smoke Jaguars go back on the offensive attacking the remaining ComGuards at the planets main Spaceport near Lootera.  The Smoke Jaguars single-mindedness and target fixation on the white Mech’s of ComStar was their undoing however as the Eridani Light Horse charge the flank of the attacking Smoke Jaguars allowing the remaining Level III, roughly a battalion, of ComGuard troops to escape the bloodbath.  The Smoke Jaguars withdraw however they withdraw straight into the Northwind Highlanders.  The Highlanders hold the Smoke Jaguars firm and in a bloody close quarters battle more than a cluster of Smoke Jaguars are killed, however, this battle costs the Highlanders with Colonel William McLeod being killed when his Huron Warrior was destroyed by a charging Smoke Jaguar Masakari (Warhawk).  Captain Neil Campbell commander of the Black Watch Company take over command of the entire Highlander contingent at the behest of the other Highlander commanders, the captain take a field promotion in the Star League Defence Force to Major from Morgan Hasek-Davion.

   During this battle the Jade Falcons decided now would be a good time to declare a Trial of Possession against the Smoke Jaguars for the newly debuted ProtoMech technology the Rabid Fox troopers, who had sat waiting/watching while their friends died fighting the Jaguars, unaware the Jade Falcons were moving against the Smoke Jaguars acted.

   “Captain, the Jade Falcons are moving towards my position” Leftenant Samuel Ford reported his squad of Battled armoured troopers were hunkered down watching as an entire Trinary of Jade Falcon OmniMechs began to start up.

   “Understood prepare for plan alpha, do not engage the OmniMechs directly and keep out of sight as much as possible, we don’t want to piss off another Clan.”  Captain Roger Montjar said over the comm. from his position further up the mountain Samuel nodded Serpent was barely holding back the angered Smoke Jaguars another Clan would kill them and doom the Inner Sphere‘s effort to kill the Smoke Jaguars and end the Clan Invasion, this required some finesse.

   Samuel waited several moments then detonated explosives they had laid throughout the Eastern Mountains sealing the paths through the mountains but not harming a single Jade Falcon warrior.  The Jade Falcons opened fire with every weapon in their arsenal making the landslides even worse but not harming Samuel or any member of his team as they expertly climbed the mountain.  “Haa Haa!”  Samuel shouted in delight “Fox One, we got’em boss, alpha worked a treat!”  Samuel said into the comm.  There was no response “Captain respond” Samuel said looking into his HUD (Heads-Up-Display), he saw the Captain and his team on the HUD they had been crushed by a landslide created by the Jade Falcon weapons fire.  Samuel just hoped the Falcons had killed them before they were crushed by thousands of tons of rubble.  “Shit, all Fox units on me, now we go kill some Jaguars!”  He said taking command the remaining Rabid Fox then withdrew from the mountains and rejoined the main Serpent force near Lootera.

Nadir Battle Point
Huntress, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
31st March 3060

   The Streaking Mist engaged the SLDF WarShips with only its OmniFighters in support.  As the command WarShip of the entire Smoke Jaguar Clan the WarShip was the most elite in the entire Touman supported with the most elite fighters and the Black Lion-class Battle-cruiser was no push over on a normal day with rows of heavy Naval Autocannons supported by sever naval missile launchers.  Commodore Allan Beresick watched as the Smoke Jaguar Black Lion opened fire and with one volley destroyed the Antrim, the remaining Federated Commonwealth Fox-class Corvette, in the first volley naval missiles first striking then followed by heavy autocannons that ripped the armour of the corvette to pieces.  Not one escape pod or lifeboat exited the vessel and Allan made a mental not that the Antrim was a total loss, unfortunately it was not the first and it wouldn‘t be the last.  “Turn all guns on that vessel!” He ordered into the comm. which in turn was transmitted to all the SLDF vessels the Invisible Truth fired almost immediately hitting the Black Lion with its remaining Heavy Naval PPC, the Black Lion’s thick armour shrugged off the hit and continued forward as the captured Whirlwind, Fire Fang, fired with autocannons and Light Naval Gauss Rifles fired tearing up more armour on the massive Streaking Mist.  Follow up attacks from fighters and DropShips caused even more damage to the Battle-cruiser.

   Unfortunately the Streaking Mist nor her fighters stopped under the barrage and continued forward towards the Whirlwind.  Beresick expected to see the captured Ghost Bear vessel explode under the weapons of the heavy Smoke Jaguar weapons however the Streaking Mist turned at the last moment opening fire with a full broadside into the Bordeaux, the ComGuard Dante-class Frigate, at near point blank range.  The heavy naval autocannons tore into the Dante’s armour from stem-to-stern causing hull breaches all over the place emptying the vessel to space.  As he watched Allan knew that even with the pressure doors automatically sealing that there was little chance the majority of the ComGuard trained crew aboard the vessel would survive and he was helpless to help any of them. “kill that Black Lion now!” He screamed as the Haruna, Invisible Truth and Fire Fang all reached perfect firing position at the same time and fired together again.  A second barrage of fire on the Battle-cruiser was too much even for the powerful Clan vessel and it finally ended the threat posed by the Streaking Mist, the last vessel of the once proud Clan, was destroyed in an ever expanding ball of flame as its fusion engine containment let loose blowing the WarShip to tiny pieces that covered the entire battle area.  The Smoke Jaguar fighters continued to fight on until their weapons ran out of ammunition or they were destroyed, any fighter that remained untouched was captured but inside the techs found the Smoke Jaguar pilots dead by their own hands unwilling to serve with another Clan, the Star League or the Dark Caste.

   Allan Beresick sent a message to Morgan Hasek-Davion informing him that Clan Smoke Jaguar’s Naval forces were officially defeated.  Sitting in the command room of the Invisible Truth he wondered to himself at what a cost. All three of his remaining WarShips were heavily damaged and the area was covered in the wreckage of five other friendly WarShips and four Smoke Jaguar vessels which would endanger Space going vessels for days if not weeks.  Commodore Beresick recalled the Shining Claw from Huntress orbit seeing the need for more on-hand firepower robbing the ground forces of their heavy fire support, then again if the WarShips fell the SLDF ground forces would be trapped on Huntress at the mercy of all the Clans.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Jaguar’s Fangs Mountain Range/Plains of Lootera
Huntress, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
3rd April 3060

   Hearing of the recent assault by the Streaking Mist and seeing the damage the Smoke Jaguars were still capable of Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion took his remaining forces deep into the mountains concentrating his entire force in one place, even with space bound superiority the Task Force Serpent had gone from aggressor to the hunted.

   The SLDF troops travelled for days through the mountains, their forces little more than three damaged but over strength combined-arms regiments.  The Smoke Jaguars however knew their capitol world well and outflanked the SLDF troops by using a secret passageway through the mountains known only to the highest and oldest members of the Clan.

   Once in position the Smoke Jaguars attacked causing untold destruction, as far as the Smoke Jaguars were concerned this was their last battle as a Clan, this battle they won or they died.  The SLDF troops saw this battle as a one way affair as well, if they lost the Smoke Jaguars would destroy them in their anger no prisoners would be taken by either side.

   In a battle that could only be described as epic the SLDF and Jaguars fought for almost eighteen hours with many warriors fighting until their own Mech’s exploded under the intense wear-and-tear of constant fighting.  The Smoke Jaguars continued to push constantly causing the Serpent survivors trouble until about three in the morning on the 3rd April 3060 when the Smoke Jaguars disappeared and the fighting stopped giving the Serpent survivors respite.  Three hours later one of the Rabid Fox troopers that had been hidden in Lootera reported to the base camp, another Clan, the Stone Rhinos, had arrived - fearing the worse Morgan Hasek-Davion ordered Serpent to withdraw even deeper into the mountain range.

   Clan Stone Rhino had arrived in system through the same pirate point the Streaking Mist had used.  However as the Stone Rhino Khan landed it became obvious that the Stone Rhinos were not interested in helping the Smoke Jaguars as Khan Thomas Perez stepped from the DropShip in his OmniMech and challenged the Smoke Jaguars to a Trial of Absorption.

   The Smoke Jaguars, even with their Capitol invaded and under siege were unable to turn down such a challenge from another Clan met on the field of battle, both sides were near equal in strength.  “This is ilKhan Lincoln Osis of the Smoke Jaguars, we will defeat you today Thomas Perez and bring your rebel companions back into the Smoke Jaguar Clan, and together we will destroy the SLDF forces assembled.  I bring to this battle four full clusters.”

   “This is Khan Thomas Perez of Clan Stone Rhino, it if funny how things have changed ilKhan, Quiaff?  You threatened my Clan with annihilation, now I am absorbing the remains of your pitiful Clan.”  Perez said in reply “I bring three clusters of troops” he said by undercutting the Smoke Jaguars he would gain great honour for his Clan if successful, and even if he was unsuccessful the damage done to the Smoke Jaguars would take all the fight from them for the SLDF to finish them off easily ending the threat of the Smoke Jaguars forever.

   The two Clans began fighting the traditional Clan battle a stand up battle with long range duelling, some of the most elite troops either Clan could muster fought each other for twelve hours neither side willing to break, with approximately a two full Trinaries down on both sides a new element arrives on the scene.

   With their base on Huntress isolated and the troops unable to react the Jade Falcons went to the Grand Council with information that the Inner Sphere were fighting the Smoke Jaguars on Huntress and the Stone Rhinos had arrived and challenged the Smoke Jaguars to a Trial of Absorption during this Trial.  Following hours of debate in which the Smoke Jaguars and Stone Rhinos had pounded each other the Grand Council voted without them and in favour of allowing the Trial between the Inner Sphere and Smoke Jaguars to continue until one force was destroyed or absorbed.

   With half the warriors dead on the field the Nova Cat’s Thunderbolt, the Snow Raven’s Nightlord-class Battleship Snow Raven, Clan Wolf’s Texas-class Battleship Touman, the Jade Falcon Black Lion-class Battle-cruiser White Aerie and the Star Adder’s Absolute Truth arrived in system near the remaining Inner Sphere vessels.

   Following a brief stand-off of silence Commodore Allan Beresick was ready to offer his force’s immediate surrender, none of his vessels were ready for a fight with one of the Clan vessels arrayed against them let alone all five.  Just as he opened up communications to surrender the Clan commanders broke their silence and informed the Inner Sphere forces that they wanted to see the outcome of the Inner Sphere/Smoke Jaguar Trial of Annihilation and by order of the Grand Council the Stone Rhinos were to vacate Huntress.  The two Clans stopped their Trial almost straight away but not before one final twist of the knife by the Smoke Jaguars, a Smoke Jaguar Mech fired a PPC just at the end of the battle, the powerful energy weapon engulfed Khan Thomas Perez’s OmniMech cockpit killing the Stone Rhino Khan dead.  With the other Clans and the Serpent forces watching the Stone Rhinos were forced to take their salvage and ProtoMech technology and go, the Smoke Jaguars lived for another day.  Picking through the remaining salvage the Serpent forces salvaged a Stone Rhino Quad-OmniMech deemed as unrecoverable salvage by the two Clans.

   As the Serpent repaired their Mechs and prepared for the final onslaught from Clan Smoke Jaguar forces, however Clan Smoke Jaguar was barely keeping itself operational because of the damage the SLDF had done while in control of Huntress, virtually none of their manufacturing and repair facilities were on-line.  Finally the Smoke Jaguars marched from Lootera onto the Plains, the remains of Task Force Serpent stood at the other side of the fields ready to stand and die fighting the last of the Smoke Jaguars, shortages of supplies and medical equipment had forced them to come looking for their DropShips, mostly parked at the Spaceport.  Then to everyone’s surprise, and to the Inner Sphere forces, the miracle everyone had been waiting for happened.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Huntress, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
6th April 3060

   The Task Force Bulldog relief force commanded by Victor Steiner-Davion arrived in the Huntress system, seeing the Clan WarShips and the remaining Serpent WarShips standing side-by-side and not fighting made the Bulldog commanders hold their fire saving everyone from horrors of the biggest naval bloodbath in centuries.

   Seeing an opportunity to end the fighting everywhere Victor Steiner-Davion challenged the Khans of all the Clans to a Trial to end the Clan War once and for all.  IlKhan Lincoln Osis on Huntress refused and ordered the Clan WarShips to eliminate the Inner Sphere WarShips then help the Smoke Jaguars mop-up the remains of the Serpent forces on Huntress.  The other Khans on-board their WarShips saw things differently they informed Lincoln Osis that his Clan were now facing another six regiments of warriors in a Trial of Annihilation, and unless he accepted Victor’s challenge they would release the task force for immediate combat against the Smoke Jaguars.

   After consulting with his remaining commanders Lincoln Osis regrettably agreed to the terms laid down by the other Khans.  The Khans gave Victor’s task force fourteen days to repair the forces on Huntress then join them for a Trial on Strana Mechty.  The other Khans then left the system and returned to Strana Mechty, Lincoln Osis concentrated his forces in Lootera while the SLDF began caring for the survivors of the Serpent operation.
Refusal War
Various, Strana Mechty
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
20th April 3060

   Across Strana Mechty the scene was set for a series of trials to determine if the Crusaders invasion of the Inner Sphere would continue or be ended.  In a surprising turn of events the Warden Clans led by Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Nova Cat refused to compete claiming that they had no grudge against the Inner Sphere and that they would night fight to maintain a war of aggression.

   To limit damage it was agreed that a single company of warriors from each would compete from the Inner Sphere led by the most senior two people from each faction.  The Clans would field a Binary plus the two Khans of each Clan.  The side that accumulated the most wins would be declared winner.

   The first trial was the Smoke Jaguars led by ilKhan Lincoln Osis himself against the Tenth Lyran Guards representing the Federated Commonwealth with Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion commanding, backing up Victor was Leftenant-Colonel Archer Christifori, Leftenant-General Andrew Redburn of the Kathil Uhlans and Danai Centrella along with eight of the most elite Mech pilots in the Tenth Lyran.

   After a long fought battle on the desert plains of Strana Mechty the Smoke Jaguars were defeated with particular honour going to Archer Christifori who single handily destroyed three Smoke Jaguar Mechs, saving the trial from being a loss, before being badly injured when a Smoke Jaguar Kingfisher smashed into the side of the Colonel‘s Penetrator knocking it to the ground.

   The second trial took place in the forests west of Strana Mechty’s Capital, and the Capitol of the Clans, Katyusha City the St Ives Compact’s Elite First St Ives Lancers commanded by Duke Kai Allard-Liao against them were Khan Vladimir Ward, leader of Clan Wolf, and his command Keshik one of the best the Clans fielded.  In a massive battle, that boiled down to a duel between Vlad and Kai, which Kai won just, the two sides could not be separated and the trial was deemed a draw.

   The third trial was grudge match that needed to be settled or trouble would erupt.  The Star Adders, commanded by Khan Cassius N’Buta in his Kingfisher, against a Draconis Combine company from the First Genyosha led by Coordinator Hohiro Kurita.  In another tough battle the two sides dragged out a draw as the Draconis Combine lost almost all its Mechs but the Star Adders lost Khan Cassius N’Buta when a laser blast from Coordinator Hohiro’s Dire Wolf penetrated the cockpit killing the Star Adder Khan.

   Following two draws the trial was still only one Inner Sphere victory to none on the clan side after three trials.  The fourth trial was another grudge match although this one was a lot older than the Star Adder/Draconis Combine one.  This battle featured the Jade Falcons and the ComGuards the Jade Falcons, led by Khan Marthe Pryde in her Summoner, OmniMech were looking for blood from the ComGuards of Invader Galaxy looking to repay the ComGuards for the ComGuards defeat of Clan forces on Tukayyid in 3050.

   Blinded by rage the Jade Falcons charged in close negating their range advantage and were torn to shreds by the coordinated and controlled ComGuards.  The Warriors of Invader Galaxy had specifically been trained to fight like the Clans.  This victory took the score to two-to-nothing in favour of the Inner Sphere.

   The fifth trial was the Blood Spirits against the Free Worlds League’s Second Knights of the Inner Sphere under the command of Colonel Sir Paul Masters, commander of the First Knights currently still on Huntress with the majority of Serpent.  In a short deadly battle the Blood Spirits proved that although they were not the biggest Clan they were still far from docile eliminating nearly every Free Worlds League Mech before the end of the Trial.  This Clan victory took the scores to two-to-one in favour of the Inner Sphere.

   The sixth trial took place in the just inside Strana Mechty’s artic circle in the far northern reaches of the planet.  The Capellan Confederation against Clan Fire Mandrill, in another short but equally brutal battle the Red Lancer company of the Capellan Confederation handed the Clan Fire Mandrill binary, led by their Khan Amanda Carrol, another Clan defeat.  Three-One Inner Sphere.

   The seventh trial featured Clan Hell’s Horses against the Free Rasalhague Republic’s Fourth Drakons.  In the only trial to feature vehicle vs. vehicle combat instead of purely battle armour and Mech battles the Hell’s Horses superior technology edged the Clan to victory defeating the Fourth Drakons in a classic tank/cavalry battle.  Three-Two Inner Sphere.

   The eighth trial was important to this either the Clans won it or the Inner Sphere was victor before the ninth trial had even begun.  Clan Stone Rhino claimed the honour and the hopes of all the Clans.  Led by the newly risen Khan Elizabeth Radick the Stone Rhino’s faced a company from the Lyran Alliance‘s First Royal Guards RCT, the Stone Rhinos proved to everyone they were a Clan to be reckoned with by handing the Lyran force a resounding defeat losing only one Mech to the Lyran force‘s complete decimation.  Three-Three with one Trial remaining.

   The penultimate trial was Clan Ice Hellion against the twelve warrior of Task Force Serpent representing the Star League Defence Force.  Commanded by Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion supported by Major Neil Campbell, of the Royal Black Watch, the entire company was painted up in the colours of the Star League and displayed the Cameron Star with no nation symbols.  At the sight of this, and especially the Royal Black Watch insignia on Campbell’s newly repaired Highlander the Ice Hellions went crazy charging in with reckless abandon.  Following this reaction any strategy went out of the window and the battle became a deadly point blank battle quickly.  In a close run affair the battle ended when Morgan’s Dire Wolf brought down the Ice Hellion Khan’s Visigoth OmniFighter and Neil Campbell crushed saKhan Sellen Cage’s disabled Linebacker.  The Ice Hellion saKhan refused to surrender and continued to fire at Inner Sphere Mechs she could see so Neil Campbell crushed the Mech’s head under the foot of his Highlander ending the threat posed. Four-Three Inner Sphere with two draws, the Inner Sphere had defeated the Khans of the Clans in a Trial of Refusal and shown all the Clans that they were an adversary worth respect.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Refusal War
Hall of the Khans, Strana Mechty
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
23rd April 3060

   Following three days of trials by the Clans the leaderships of several clans had changed, some due to necessity with their leaders dying in battle, others through pure need for change.  Commanding-General Victor Steiner-Davion was allowed into the Hall of the Khans with Kai Allard-Liao and Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion as his escorts.  Victor reputed the Clan’s combined war of aggression against the Inner Sphere and called for an immediate end to Operation Revival, the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere.  IlKhan Lincoln Osis countered by saying the Inner Sphere forces had only been victorious with their use of Clan technology in almost every trial, Victor countered by saying that it was his belief that superior warriors had won the day a sentiment supported by the Clan Diamond Shark and Clan Ghost Bear Khans.

   Lincoln Osis challenges Victor to a trial involving Victor and Lincoln alone.  Victor chooses the location as the Hall of the Khans and the armaments as swords.  The two fight  Victor using his own Katana, gifted to him by Hohiro years before, and with Lincoln using a short blade.  For the first time ever blood is spilled on the floors of the Hall of the Khans as Victor expertly removes the ilKhan’s head ending the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere once and for all.  Victor addresses the Clan leaders and warns them that if the Clans come to the Inner Sphere again looking for trouble the Star League will answer them and that if the Clans commit crimes against humanity like the Smoke Jaguars did then they would pay for it with their deaths.

   Over the next several days the Clans agree to allow an Inner Sphere garrison to remain on Huntress in the capital Lootera with an official Star League Ambassador to the Grand Council, Victor selects Colonel Sir Paul Masters, who graciously accepts and becomes the first Ambassador.  For his first act Paul Masters informs Khan Bjorn Jorgensson of his marooning of Ghost Bear civilians in the periphery and saKhan Karl Devalis challenges Colonel Neil Campbell over the Royal Black Watch, although the real reason is Karl is angry at Sellen’s death.  Campbell defeats Karl and the issue is set to rest, for now.  The Inner Sphere forces return to Huntress and after a few days leave Clan space on the long trek back to the Inner Sphere leaving the First and Second Knights of the Inner Sphere on Huntress to guard the newly established Star League Consulate.  The post would change guard every three years with a new SLDF unit replacing the last, only proper full-time SLDF Units not mercenary or House units under SLDF Flag would be allowed to guard the Consulate.

Hall of the Khans, Strana Mechty
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
27th April 3060

   Khan Bjorn Jorgensson informs the Khans of all the Clans that Clan Ghost Bear have moved their abandonment of almost all the Homeworlds territory and the moving of their entire civilian population out of the Clan Homeworlds into their Occupation Zone, which from now on will be known as the Ghost Bear Dominion.

   Following this announcement there is widespread call for the Ghost Bears Adjournment over this however Khan Santin West, in conjunction with the Khans of Clan Snow Raven and Diamond Shark are able to sway the vote in the Ghost Bears favour saving the Clan from heavy damage and any serious retribution from the other Clans reminding the Khans that the Ghost Bears had only done what the Great Father and the Founder said they should eventually do - return to the Inner Sphere.

   The Survivors of Clan Smoke Jaguar are absorbed into the other Clans as a mass of trials erupts over Clan space, which will last for the next year, all about claiming all Smoke Jaguar and Ghost Bear territories at the same time Clan Nova Cat abandons its Circe holdings causing even more wildfire trails to be set off.  Clan Nova Cat saKhan Karl Devalis leaves the Homeworlds with the majority of the Mystic Naval Star, four of the six WarShips lowering the Nova Cat Homeworld WarShips to five vessels, also along are almost all the Nova Cat civilians remaining in the Homeworlds and more importantly the WarShips also carry copies of all genetic legacies held by the Nova Cat Genetic Repositories on Strana Mechty and Barcella.  This move alone signals the Nova Cats biggest step towards completing their move to the Inner Sphere, not only are they moving all civilians but they are taking their Genetic Legacies, signalling a complete withdrawal and an abandonment of the Clan Homeworlds by the Nova Cats.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Third Federated Commonwealth Corps RCT Command Meeting
Argos City, Glastonbury Continent
New Aragon, Federated Suns
8th May 3060

   Meanwhile back in the Federated Suns something was happening that would spoil Victor’s victory on Strana Mechty.  When he had officially ended the Federated Commonwealth and revived the Federated Suns Victor had given the warriors of the six remaining Federated Commonwealth Corps RCTs a choice remain in the Federated Suns and be reassigned, return to the Lyran Alliance and enrol with the LAAF or resign your commission and leave the AFFS.  The Third FedCom Corps had been a problem unit for some years, ever since they were thrown off Sarna during the Marik/Liao Invasion of 3057 a world they had formed a bond with during the years and was now on the brink of being captured by the Capellan Confederation.  Sarna and a nearby world, Sakhalin, had formed the Sarna Supremacy following the AFFC withdrawal and amazingly although surrounded on all sides they had found mercenaries and support from some AFFS Generals and the St Ives Compact and been able to resist Capellan take over.  Unfortunately they could not hold up forever, unless they got professional help Hauptmann General Charles Finnigan, the Third still retained their FedCom Rank structure, stood in front of his people “The First Prince made a choice, one which I respect, I could serve the AFFS and be proud.  However I know this unit and its desire to return to Sarna, my desire is to return to Sarna and defend the people we failed.  I will not stop anyone resigning or try to influence anyone else’s decision however I will be leaving as soon as it is viable.  Your opinions, speak now, nothing will be said.”

   “Sir” Leftenant General Fred Perry, commander of the Aerospace Brigade’s two wings spoke up “I have spoken to my people, many of them have spoken of Sarna and our failure, even some of the new recruits.  All of them agree that if you are going they are going and they are going to right past wrongs even if it means they will be labelled criminals and even though they could die trying.”

   “My people said similar things, although I will not be joining them, the AFFS is my home and I will remain.”  Leftenant General Shaw Perry was one of the most experienced officers in the entire RCT and the commander of the two Armour Regiments said, the loss of the such an experienced armour officer hurt but no-one said anything, he had made his choice.

   “Almost all our infantry will come I think perhaps a regiment at the most will remain, many of the Capellan March recruits want to fight the Confederation and see this as a perfect opportunity, the veterans want payback for our previous failures.”  Leftenant General Jessica Mao commander of the six infantry regiments said, that was a serious force and they included an entire Battalion of Battle Armour troopers outfitted in Cavalier and the new Infiltrator Mk. II Battle Armour making them a major player on any field of battle.

   “What of our Mech force?”  Charles asked his Aide Kommondant Pat Rutherford, the most junior member present.

   “A couple of the new pilots won’t come, they are straight out of boot and still ingrained in the AFFS Mentality.  So we will probably be minus a company or two on the Mech front but still two reinforced Battalions is a serious force, the Capellans will get a nasty shock.”

   “Right then it is settled, let’s do this properly.  Anyone wanting in on our little adventure into the unknown resigns from the AFFS and AFFC effective immediately.  They also check their kit onto a DropShip and we take off in six hours before anyone can stop us.  Shaw as the most senior person staying you will be in your right to demand we leave our equipment…”

   “Not going to happen sir, I am still a member of the Regiment whatever happens.”  Shaw Perry said breaking in.  I will get a message sent to New Avalon in a couple of days saying you took most of the regiment on manoeuvres and haven’t come back, the troops left behind will say the same.  You will be considered a rogue and a thief but there is little I can do about that.  And the High Command are unlikely to send a force after you so deep in enemy territory.”  The Sarna Supremacy was several jumps inside the Capellan Confederations borders, the Third would be in danger with every jump.

   “Thank You, Major-General Perry.”  Charles said walking around the table giving Shaw an on the spot promotion “and don’t worry about it being rescinded.  I promoted everyone a month ago” he said with a sly smile on his face “when I came up with this hair brained idea.  Anyone who looks at my logs will see that anyone that has remained carried out the duties of a superior rank to their full ability so no promotions will be rescinded although they may be resented by some of their pears they are Members of the Third in Heart at least and I am sure you can handle it.”  He said looking to Shaw who nodded before Charles turned to the rest of the command staff “Now to Sarna.”  Charles he said, six hours later almost all nine regiments of the Third FedCom lifted off in DropShips heading away to join their JumpShips, little more than a Battalion remained of the RCT.  Major General Shaw Perry as acting commander of the Third would report the that the RCT was missing in action three days later just after the JumpShips left.

   Although the AFFS declared the members of the Third thieves and rogues for taking their equipment and abandoning their posts no charges or bounties were placed on any of the troops by the High Command.  The remaining battalion of the Third Federated Commonwealth Corps RCT was similarly not charged with failing to protect AFFS assets from theft and was folded into the First New Aragon Borderers, the planet‘s home grown unit.  With Shaw Perry being made Regimental commander of the unit and the Borderers gaining permission to increase to RCT status.

Philip Drummond City
New Barcella, Primary Spaceport
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
12th June 3060

   As the massive egg-shaped Overlord-class DropShips dropped through atmosphere of the Nova Cat’s Capitol World towards their new capital city Oathmaster Jal Steiner, MechWarrior Zane Carns and MechWarrior Camilla looked out the view ports and each made an involuntary gasp, New Barcella was a beautiful world.  From this altitude all you could see was water and a tiny landmass in the northern continent, as the DropShip approached the ground the vessel orientated its nose to the sky allowing the vessel to land at the planets massive Spaceport, in the last year the Nova Cat civilians had done a wonderful job, the Rosse Spaceport was an expansive ultra-modern facility with bays for dozens of DropShips.  To make up for the limited landmass about half the facility was built over the water on reclaimed land.

   Stepping onto the tarmac the tree warriors looked around, just beyond the spaceport was the Nova Cat’s capital the Philip Drummond City, a sprawling metropolis named for one of the Nova Cat Founders, and home to nearly four million of the Nova Cat’s on planet population of six million population.  The Nova Cats had modelled the city loosely on the Capital city of all the Clans, Katyusha City on Strana Mechty.

   The City was at its core a five pointed star splitting the city into five sections, or quarters, of order and caste.  The Northern section was the Warriors, the Eastern section was dedicated to the Clans Scientists, the south-eastern section was Merchants section, while the south-western section was the Labourer’s section while the Western section was dedicated to the Clans Technicians.  From orbit the city looked like a massive Star crossed by several man-made rivers.  In time it was likely that in time the areas between the caste sections would be filled by habitats of all castes as the Nova Cat population grew but for now it was perfect.  In the centre of the city the Nova Cats were building a massive Neo-Gothic building which would tower over all others, this would be the Clan’s new Primary Genetic Repository once they transferred the Clan’s Genetic Legacies from Strana Mechty.

   To the far north of the City there was a massive one hundred kilometre national park, the Way’s of Seeing’ which extended right to the most Northern ocean coast.  This park is the most important thing to the whole of Nova Cat society, here was where Bloodname trials and the Oathmaster’s Grand Melee would take place, as well as being home to dozens of Nova Cats transplanted to New Barcella from their Homeworld of Dagda.  The Way’s of Seeing Park was for now guarded by an entire Cluster of Elementals taken from ever Cluster in the Nova Cat Touman and for now would be sealed until both Khans and the Oathmaster were on New Barcella then the Nova Cats held there would be released and the whole Clan would be able to enjoy this Clan treasure.

   The other four million Nova Cat civilians was spread out over the other six planets of the Nova Cat’s Den.  “Star Commander Carns, ensure our equipment is offloaded and stored somewhere appropriate.  I am going into the capital, I want to see the city up close.”  Jal Steiner said wandering off out of the regional spaceport in the Warrior Section.

   “Aye, Oathmaster, do you want an escort, Quineg?”  Zane didn’t think the Oathmaster would need an escort on the Nova Cat Capital but being part of his bodyguard Keshik he had to be certain.

   “Neg, I will be fine, keep out of trouble.”

   “Aff, Oathmaster, you too” Camilla said turning walking back into the DropShip, although she lacked rank or Bloodname her Smoke Jaguar arrogance sometimes showed itself through.

   “Camilla, I think we need another talk.”  Zane said walking up behind the former Smoke Jaguar, the recent news of the demise of her old Clan had not dulled her feelings or attitude much at all.

Celestial Throne Room
Zi-jin Cheng (Forbidden City), Sian
Capellan Confederation
13th June 3060

   When Sun-Tzu Liao found out Victor Steiner-Davion, Hohiro Kurita and Kai Allard-Liao had been out of the Inner Sphere fighting the Smoke Jaguars he began to plan his conquest of the St Ives Compact, knowing that this is his chance to attack when most of his major political enemies are gone from the Inner Sphere.  The Blackwind Lancers seem to be the perfect key for this lock and Sun-Tzu begins to turn the lock cutting back on all Chaos March activities as the Confederation prepares to crush the breakaway state.

Clan Occupation Zones
Clan Wolf/Ghost Bear Territory
14th June 3060

   Clan Ghost Bear initiate three Trials of Possession for worlds in the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone.  Following three fast brutal Trials Clan Ghost Bear emerges victorious and welcomes three new worlds into the newly christened Ghost Bear Dominion.  Clan Wolf remain completely silent following this with Khan Vlad Ward having eyes for only one goal not wasting forces in tiny Trials instead waiting for their long term target, the Conquest of Terra.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Here's July...

Chaos March
15th July 3060

   In 3057 the Free Worlds League had reclaimed half of the Sirius Concordance during Operation Guerrero however Thomas Marik refused the right to reclaim the other two worlds.  As a result Sirius and Procoyn fell into the Chaos March and under the influence of the insane Alexander Gyrn a former ComStar Adept.

   In 3060 the three Sirius Regiments acted against Free Worlds League Militia orders when reports of atrocities being committed on both worlds by a former ComStar Adept Alexander Gyrn.  Following a quick battle and victory General Helen Thrall overall commander of the three Sirian Lancer Regiments became de-facto Primus and Military Governor of the four Sirius Concordance worlds.

   First order of duty was to expel all ComStar and all Word of Blake personnel along with anyone thought to have links to either organisation.  This effectively cut the Sirius Concordance off from the Inner Sphere.  All three Regiments then began rebuilding their shattered worlds while keeping a look out for any FWLM incursions.  Helen Thrall dispatches orders to all her units that any FWLM unit is to be considered hostile but not fired upon unless they fire first or try to arrest the Sirian Lancers.

Deep Space Recharge Point
Forward Observation Deck
FSS Intrepid, Fox-class Corvette
19th July 3060

   Now totally clear of Clan Space and heading back to the Inner Sphere Commanding-General First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion stood in the main observation deck aboard the Intrepid, the Fox-class Corvette that currently served as his Flagship and the vessel he’d taken to Huntress then Strana Mechty to rescue Task Force Serpent and end the Clan invasion.  Beside his stood Federated Suns Marshal of Armies Morgan Hasek-Davion, his left arm bandaged heavily after a heavy fall during the final battle on Strana Mechty during the Refusal War, the two men stood in silence looking out over the depths of space.  This part of space was probably the busiest in known space at present and was filled with almost a dozen WarShip and well over a hundred JumpShips not to mention the hundreds of attached DropShips or the thousands of warriors.  Most were members of Task Force Bulldog’s rescue army while others were survivors of Task Force Serpent and the hell-hole that was Huntress, the members of Serpent were in a minority but also garnered the greatest respect of the entire task force.  Victor hadn’t asked Morgan of the Huntress Campaign, he hadn’t needed to, he’d seen the casualty list that had been enough the Smoke Jaguars had fought to their last breath and taken many warriors from Serpent with them, maimed dozens more and traumatised many more some would never leave that world because what had happened but Victor would make sure all were honoured for their sacrifices.  “Sire, what are you thinking?”  Morgan asked, seeing Victor was lost in thought.

   “I was thinking how long will it be until the next crisis.”  Victor said, his voice sounded slightly weary, Morgan could understand why.  Since the start of the Clan War Victor had been fighting constantly either the Clans or internal problems of the Federated Commonwealth.  Since his father’s passing in 3051, then his mothers assassination in late 3055, he had been in charge of the entire Federated Commonwealth as well and had been thrown into the political arena, something he was never prepared for something he had always put off till tomorrow then tomorrow was there in front of him.  Morgan had supported Victor as much as he could but he knew his First Prince regretted so much of the past because of mistakes he made through inexperience.  Then his sister had taken away half the realm, shattering his father’s dream, following the Marik/Liao Invasion in the late 3050s an invasion caused by another of Victor‘s mistakes.   Morgan silently wondered if his First Prince was not looking to the next crisis but his next mistake?  A thought he could not entertain.

   “Well, I can think of three possibilities.”  Morgan said quietly Victor nodded for him to continue.  “Number one, is unfortunately from the family, your sister Katherine.  She would do anything to gain the Federated Suns as well as the Lyran Alliance.  You weakened her position by returning all Federated Suns Armed Forces from the Alliance space but she may still try to use the dozens of Lyran born nationals in the army against you.”

   “Katherine will do anything barring a full scale invasion.”  Victor agreed, it was a shame his sister had turned against him, what would his father have thought?  “What’s number two?”

   “That there” Morgan said pointing out the window with his right arm at the DCS Takashi, the Kirishima-class Cruiser, the vessel presently served as the flagship of Hohiro Kurita, Coordinator of the Draconis Combine.

   “Morgan, I thought you were past such things.  Hohiro is a friend and the DCMS is hardly in a position to seriously threaten the Federated Suns and according to DMI reports it will be that way for the next five to ten years.  The Kurita family is not like the Liaos, they do not make silly choices over war and the Draconis Combine still have a Clan baring down on them in the Ghost Bears, which is arguably the strongest of the Clans in the Inner Sphere.”  Victor said, the Draconis Combine was still an enemy of the Federated Suns but the Smoke Jaguars had taken a lot out of them, they were little threat, and although the Draconis March in the Federated Suns could be a problem looking for an enemy to strike now the Clans were not breathing down the Inner Sphere’s neck Victor did not consider the Draconis Combine to be his biggest threat.

   “I do not mean the Draconis Combine, sire” Morgan said respectfully “I mean Hohiro Kurita.  He may be your friend and comrade-in-arms, however, your relationship with his sister could start a war between our realms or a civil war within our own.  It is not my place to say you are wrong to follow your heart but Omi and you can never be together as long as you are First Prince of the Federated Suns, and even if you were not First Prince you would still be shunned by society within the Combine and the Federated Suns because of the histories of our families.”

   “I know Morgan, there is little I can do about my feelings for Omi.  Hohiro knows where I stand on that subject, I spoke to Omi before I left for the Homeworlds.  I will not see her again.”  Victor said his voice full of regret, he loved Omi and possibly always would but their relationship could never blossom to anything permanent.  That had happened before and had come close to causing a major war between the Federated Suns and the Draconis Combine before the First Star League had stepped in the way.  The Star League of today could not step in and stop a full scale war between the Federated Suns and Draconis Combine and Victor would not push his nation against him or cause a war perhaps more devastating than even the Clan war by pursuing a relationship that could never work.

   “It may feel wrong now, but it will be proven correct in the long run.”  Morgan said quietly as the doors opened and someone else entered, if it had been a member of the crew or the Tenth Lyran or any of the surviving Uhlans on board they would have noticed Morgan and Victor and left, this person stayed in the room but at a respectful distance, both men quickly realised it could be only one person.

   “And the third possible crisis?”  He asked quietly so the new person could not hear.

   “Just walked in the door” Morgan said in an equally hushed voice “excuse me my lord but this old warrior needs his beauty sleep.”  Morgan said excusing himself passing by the newcomer.  Victor turned to watch him leave and pondered the Marshal of Armies words before looking at the newcomer, Danai Centrella.  Danai bowed deeply, despite her blood granted her equal footing to Morgan, if not Victor, she respected Morgan and she wanted to show him that.  The Marshal nodded his thanks before continuing out of the room.

   Although Victor was unsure of his feelings for her it was quite clear she liked him a lot and over the last year and a half the two had become very close friends although nothing had happened between them.  A relationship with Danai was almost as bad as one with Omi, although the Magistracy of Canopus had never been on a war footing with the Federated Suns, and Victor was sure that the only time they had ever fought was centuries before during the Reunification War with Davion units under SLDF colours.  The Magistracy had become very close to the Capellan Confederation lately and Danai was heir apparent for the Magistracy throne, although her sister Naomi was apparently quite capable as far as Danai was concerned.  Victor crossed the room and the two crashed down on one of the decks couches in deep conversation that lasted for nearly eight hours, Victor had turned one love away he was not ready to turn another possible suitor to the side with a casual thought.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Fox’s Teeth Block, Mess Hall
Nova Cat Watch Base, Tortuga Prime
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
12th August 3060

   Although they were not one of the main planets of the Nova Cat’s Den or a planet of the Inner Sphere Tortuga Prime had gathered a lot of information on the Inner Sphere in the last few months with the aid of the Fox’s Teeth, who were still technically the Nova Cat’s Prisoners.  From Tortuga Prime’s HPG, and the occasional bandit raid they had gathered a lot of information on the current state of the nearby Periphery, the Taurian Concordat and most importantly the Federated Suns.  The news coming out of the Federated Suns worried the members of the Fox’s Teeth and the Rabid Fox, the population were worried Victor was not returning from the Homeworlds and that they would be stuck with the inexperienced Yvonne Steiner-Davion, a woman who had never even been a member of the AFFS.  The only other people capable were Arthur Steiner-Davion, Yvonne’s younger brother a Cadet in the AFFS and Katherine Steiner-Davion, Victor’s opponent, leader of the Lyran Alliance and the woman who had broken up the Federated Commonwealth.  Technically there was a fourth option in Peter Steiner-Davion however he was in isolation at some monastery in the Lyran Alliance and out of touch with the people of the Federated Suns, although he was a seasoned combat officer.

   To make matters worse things across the border with the Capellan Confederation were degenerating with raids common and the Capellans slowly taking each world of the Chaos March, the unclaimed territory around Terra in the centre of the Inner Sphere.

   Ross sat across from Canin Rosse in the Federated Suns block of the Watch base, since the Nova Cat warriors were warriors first and not cooks, since they had been given more leniency on the base they had become the entire bases cooks.  “Things aren’t, sorry, are not” Ross corrected himself, the Clansmen did not like contractions, after all this time you would think he would remember.  To Canin’s credit the Nova Cat Star Captain did not utter a word.  “Things are not good in the Federated Suns, they think the Clans have stolen their First Prince, or their First Prince cares more about defending their former enemies than his own realm.”

   “I know little about the Federated Suns, other than what your people have taught me, but I have heard Victor’s name several times and each time it is mentioned it is in victory in battle.  He is apparently a great warrior, even for a Spheroid” Canin said, Ross smirked every time he heard the term the Clans used for citizens of the Inner Sphere he smiled.  “Victor will return from the Clans, this I am quite certain.”

   “And what of the Federated Suns?”

   “There is nothing we can do.”

   “Yes, there is.  You could release us, the return of the Fox’s Teeth would boost morale in the realm and the knowledge of your Clan here would focus the Federated Suns.”

   “And make us a target?”

   “I do not believe that would happen.  The Fox’s Teeth would never fight against the Nova Cats, you know us better than that by now? Quiaff?”  Canin nodded “with the Fox’s Teeth as your ambassadors the Federated Suns will not strike you just like that, not to mention the power of the Nova Cat Clan and the concentration of your forces.  If anyone came attacking the Nova Cats they would find an entrenched force, something no-one wants to fight.”  Canin nodded but it still looked like he was sceptical about the plan.

   “I can not authorise that, we need something from the Khan or the saKhan.”

   “Neither of whom are in the Cat’s Den, who makes the big choices when they are gone?”  Ross asked recently all the Fox’s Teeth had been shortening name and Canin had heard several Nova Cats do the same, he did not know if he liked it or not.

   “The Oathmaster returned with Delta Galaxy.  According to reports from New Barcella the saKhan will be back in the Den around December, the Khan in late 3061.”  Canin said then realised he had just used the shortened name as well.

   “Wait, all the Nova Cat leadership will be here in the Den, isn’t that dangerous, what if something major happens in the Homeworlds.”

   “It will not, besides when the saKhan arrives the Oathmaster will return to the Homeworlds” Canin said.

   “Can I go to New Barcella?”

   “We have been over this about a million times, you are a member of a potential enemy of my Clan.  I can not endanger our position until the time is right.”

   “Canin, I class myself as your friend, as many of the other members of my command do.  I promise you I will not compromise your Clan, can I show you something?”  Ross asked, that marked the first time Ross had used Canin’s, or any Clansmen’s, first name.

   “Aff” Canin said.

   “We need to be in space, and at a certain co-ordinate in this system.”  Ross said looking at Rachel who sat across the room she nodded, Canin followed his glance at the Leftenant then looked back to Ross.

   “I will call a shuttle down from one of the WarShips in the morning.  If it is a trick you die Captain, then I return here and kill all your men.  They will be given no chance to defend themselves and be executed like dogs.”  Canin was deadly serious, he was in no mood for a trick by the Spheroids who had become his friends but were still enemies of the Nova Cats.

   “It is not a trick.”  Canin rose to his feet and the two men shook hands before Canin moved to the exit, Ross had made a choice that would compromise Federated Suns intelligence for years but he didn‘t care his men came first.

   “You can come as well if you wish Leftenant.”  He said before walking out the door.

   “Indeed, Star Captain, I will be there.”  She said then moved over to Ross' position “you know what you are doing, Quiaff?” she asked using the Clan interrogative without thinking Ross looked at her and she realised what she had said “we need to get the hell off this rock before we are more Nova Cat than Federated Suns.”

   “I think it is too late for that Rachel.  The Nova Cats have allowed us to maintain our ways however we have been here for over a year, we know them almost as well as we know ourselves.  The Nova Cats want to set us free, I can tell, they don’t want to make an enemy of the Federated Suns.”

   “So you will tell them all the locations?”

   “Yup, We will all the locations we know.”  Ross said, the chances of them ever being able to put more to replace them were slim but it would be a massive step towards freedom and that was more important to Ross.

   “I just hope we are getting combat pay for all this, I might be able to retire after this little tour.  Not that I would mind you, but it would be nice to know I could.”

   “Wouldn’t be the same without you, Leftenant.”  Ross said touching her hand, Rachel twisted her own hand and placed her palm face up linking fingers with Ross, things between them were changing as well as their beliefs and even the Nova Cats wouldn’t understand them.

Chronicle (Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser)
Deep in Tortuga system
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
14th August 3060

   The shuttle had picked the three warriors up and taken them into orbit, in standard Tortuga Prime orbit the Chronicle, an Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser, had waited for them.  Ross had provided the vessel’s commander with information and coordinates in each of the former Tortuga Dominions systems and directed the Nova Cats to investigate.

   Almost twenty-four hours later Canin Rosse was in the gym inside one of the Chronicle’s gravity decks, he hated space travel and found the only way he could stop himself from throwing up constantly was to stay in constant motion and stay on the gravity decks as much as possible.  Because the vessel was moving it was not too bad as there was a semblance of gravity across the vessel, but as soon as the vessel’s main engines cut the gravity would go also.  Then there was a communication from the bridge “Star Captain Canin Rosse to the bridge, Star Captain Canin Rosse report to the bridge immediately.”  The vessel commander said.  Canin got off the machine and headed for the bridge.

   Arriving about five minutes later he found Ross and Rachel had been summoned from their secure quarters as well, behind them were two Elemental guards in full battle armour minus their SRM launchers which were far too bulky for use within the WarShip and too dangerous even if they were not bulky.  Even minus the backpack launchers the Elementals still looked uncomfortable in the confined area most modern Clan WarShips were designed to accommodate Elemental Battle Armour in all areas but the Aegis-class was a design that dated back to the first Star League and the Chronicle itself, as with all Nova Cat Aegis-class Cruisers, had served SLDF Commanding-General Aleksandr Kerensky‘s Exodus Army all those centuries ago.  “We have arrived Star Captain, what now?”  the vessel commander asked.

   “Captain, Leftenant, you heard the skipper.  What now?”  Canin asked.  Ross produced a small piece of paper and handed it to Canin, looking at the paper all he saw were numbers.  “What is this?”

   “Have your sensors modulated to this frequency and have communications broadcasting as much static as possible in the immediate vicinity.  This will lower the stealth systems of a nearby Davion communication’s satellite, I’m surprised no-one has come looking for it by now but obviously the War against Clan Smoke Jaguar has everyone’s attention.”  Ross said quietly the DMI were normally quite methodical about their check ups on the systems but this one had obviously slipped through the nets.

   “And once it is detectable?”

   “Its sensors will shutdown, the hard drive memory cores will wipe and then the satellite will self destruct.”

   “How do we capture it?”  The ships commander asked.

   “We cannot, sir, you have to be on a special vessel to access the files needed to safely deactivate the security protocols, the satellite has no communication gear of its own, only sensors.  Mission Standard Operations has a JumpShip with the code jump in at a pirate point every six months transmit the code, get the information and jump out before anyone can react.”

   “Transmit the code and make sure we are broadcasting as much static as possible.”  Canin said looking at the vessel’s commander who looked shocked that he was going along with them.

   “You cannot trust them!  They are members of a foreign nations army.”

   “I trust them, the people on the ground are dead if they lie and then the Federated Suns will have a whole new problem.”  Canin warned neither Federated Suns warrior made any move or looked away from Canin.  Five minutes later the Chronicle’s crew was ready and they broadcast the signal, a small satellite became visible on the sensors roughly fifty metres from the Chronicle then within thirty seconds its core exploded destroying the satellite.

   “No transmissions detected” the communications officer said.

   “Sir, we were able to scan the satellite it had no communications just as we had been advised.”  the sensor operator said, that did make the two Federated Suns officers look at each other, neither had expected the Chronicle’s sensors to be that quick, not that they were hiding anything.

   “Ross, are there anymore in this system?”

   “Unknown, that satellite was our link, it is the same one I have used a dozen times on previous missions to Tortuga.  I can show you where the rest of the satellites are in the other systems if you would like.  And Rachel can show your sensor operators how to scan for that specific model.”

   “I thought it had stealth systems.”

   “Your sensors are better than we thought.”  Rachel said.  No point in lying now, they had just betrayed the DMI and the Federated Suns by betraying the satellite network.

   “Transmit the information to the other WarShips, I want a full scan of the system.  Then take us to the next system, I want to disable this net.”

   “With them onboard?”

   “Aff, they have not betrayed us yet and their life is still forfeit if they do anything stupid.  We carry on, and with them things will go far quicker.”  Canin said, technically the decision was not his to make but the ship captain did not complain and the Chronicle began making jump preparations “thank you” Canin said to the two Federated Suns officers, the WarShip jumped on the start of a thirty day cruise round the former Tortuga Dominions disabling a total of eighteen satellites in the six systems.  The Nova Cats also checked the New Barcella and the Varnay systems just in-case there was anything there, they found nothing.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Chronicle (Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser)
Deep in New Gascony system
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
22nd September 3060

   The Chronicle was heading back towards the Jump point of the New Gascony system to recharge its jump drive after taking out the last of the spy satellites, not a single satellite had been checked in the last six months the Nova Cats had gotten lucky, when the WarShip Righteous Return, a Vincent Mk 42-class Corvette, appeared in the system via a pirate point.  The ship immediately sent over a shuttlecraft with an important visitor aboard, Oathmaster Jal Steiner.

   Canin was awoken in the early hours of the morning by a big enamoured elemental warrior “sir, you are needed in Gravity Deck Alpha immediately.”

   “What time is it?”

   “3am, sir.”

   “You are joking Quineg?”  Canin said sitting up he knew the answer already as the elemental looked completely confused by his question “alright tell them I am on my way.  Why have we no gravity?”  He asked noticing that nothing was dragging him towards the deck.

   “The main engines have stopped.”

   “Stopped?  What are we doing sightseeing?”  He asked irritated, the New Gascony system was inhabited by just over two hundred thousand people, the Nova Cats had looked through the system several times and found virtually nothing they could use there for military purposes but that the ground on New Gascony would be perfect for food production so ninety percent of the people on the planet were now learning to be farmers and the other ten percent of the population were scientists trying to come up with new methods of making better crops.

   Dressing Canin headed for the gravity deck in the zero-gravity environment, by the time he got there he was feeling very sick.  At the doors a pair of Elementals in full Battle Armour escorted him to the briefing room.  Walking inside Canin found Oathmaster Jal Steiner, Ross McKinnon and Rachel Montgomery in deep discussion.  “What is going on?”

   “Star Captain, please join us” Jal Steiner said, Canin crossed to room to the coffee machine and poured himself a strong cup then took up a position at the other end of the briefing room.  “Star Captain, as I have just been explaining to our Federated Suns guests I experienced a vision last night on New Barcella.”  That got his attention but Canin continued to drink his coffee, he’d need several more drinks before he‘d be fully awake.

   “As soon as I experienced the vision I contacted the saKhan and he authorised me to take this action, Star Colonel.”  Jal Steiner said looking at Canin who put the cup down “as of now you are promoted to rank Star Colonel Canin Rosse, and authorised to raise the Watch strength to full cluster.”

   “Congratulations” Ross and Rachel said immediately both looked totally surprised but genuine in their congratulations, this is not what they had been talking about.

   “Why?”  Canin asked, there had been no Trial of Position to gain this rank and as far as he knew the Watch would not be doing anything special.

   “Star Colonel, I do not know if you realise but when I became Oathmaster I also took over direct command of the Watch.”  Canin nodded officially the Watch were under the Oathmaster’s office, but that still didn’t explain why he was being promoted without trial or why the Watch were being raised in strength, although it did occur to him that this change would allow him to try out a new idea he had been playing about with recently.

   “I did realise, Oathmaster.  But why the promotion?  The increase in strength?  And why are you here?  What did the vision tell you?”

   “The promotion because you have been able to put your crusader ambitions and beliefs to one side to follow our Clan’s path.”  Jal said, Canin had been one of the more vocal cadets that the Nova Cats should have fought in the Trials against the other Clans to earn the right to enter the Inner Sphere during Operation Revival.  Since becoming a warrior he had been quieter and although he would still consider himself a minor Crusader he was also a minor Warden warrior following his time with the Fox‘s Teeth.  “The increase in strength?  Firstly because a promotion means a bigger command and secondly because it is time the Nova Cats begin acting in the Periphery, we have secured the Den, it is time to stretch our claws.  Why am I here?  The vision sent me here” he said an turned to the two Federated Suns officers “it sent me here to you.”

   “To us?”  Ross asked stunned, in all his time with the Nova Cats he had never understood the visions they experienced and believed in.

   “Aff, your nation although powerful is uncertain, it could turn anywhere for strength, it could strike us here or it could turn to its worse enemy.  My vision told me this, the only way we can defend our position here is if we have a strong ally beside us and the only way we can strengthen the Federated Suns is if we give them a gift and return some missing heroes.”

   “Us?”  Rachel asked.

   “Aff, I have discussed it with saKhan Karl Devalis who is on-board a WarShip en route to the Nova Cat’s Den.  He has agreed to allow me to carry out these orders.  Star Colonel, your unit will escort the Fox’s Teeth to the New Avalon system, and with you, you will take the Varnay-class Battleship Thunderchild.”

   “Varnay?”  Ross and Rachel both said at the same time, they knew that name, it had been a throne in the Federated Suns sides for centuries and had caused millions of deaths in a bloody civil war.

   “Oathmaster, the Thunderchild is the biggest find in centuries, we cannot turn over the vessel and surely you cannot mean use it in anger, the Nova Cat techs can not have restored it in such a short length of time.”

   “Neg, the vessel is still barely capable of making the trip but we can and we must turn it over to the Federated Suns.”  Jal Steiner said “we have not enough resources to upgrade the Battleship, and it will show the Federated Suns we mean no harm to them.”

   “Or it will tare the nation apart.”  Ross said, the two Nova Cats looked to Ross “the Varnay family are not popular in the Federated Suns.  If it is made public knowledge that the flagship of that family exists, it could cause trouble lots of trouble, it could even spark another Civil War.”

   “Then what would you suggest?”

   “We enter the New Avalon system in two places, one WarShip, a large Nova Cat one enters at the Nadir point in clear view and turns over the Fox’s Teeth.  Then once a dialogue has been established we take the Thunderchild to one of the Federated Suns shipyard’s quietly out of the limelight.”  Ross said “I have codes that should get us past the New Avalon Jump Point defences.”  The codes were out of date but should still work, at least Ross hoped they would.

   “Fine, take them to the WarShip holding area.  Take the Severn Lervoux, her presence alone should be enough to give anyone a second thought about attacking.”  The Oathmaster said Canin smiled and the Oathmaster raised and left the room, the Severn Lervoux was the Nova Cat’s newest WarShip, the newly refitted Avatar-class Cruiser had been re-commissioned and codenamed as a Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser, the Nova Cats honouring one of the earliest leaders of the Clan.

   “Understood, we will return to Tortuga and collect the other Fox’s Teeth, the Severn Lervoux can join us there.”  Canin said, no point in revealing what assets the Nova Cats had in the Varnay system he certainly decided not to tell the Federated Suns people the system‘s name following what he had heard about the Varnay family.

Hustaing, Capellan Confederation
Sian Commonality
26th September 3060

   Under the influence of a Capellan Agent the St Ives Blackwind Lancers Regiment go rogue and cross the St Ives/Capellan Confederation Border and struck at the world of Hustaing, because they had been led to believe Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao was on planet.  In fact the only person on planet was Duchess Isis Marik, the Chancellor’s fiancée.  The Blackwind Lancers briefly secure the world but following a push by Capellan forces the Lancers begin to crumble.  Although they are able to overpower the Duchess’s Death Commando Guards and decimate Warrior House Hiritsu Battalion securing Duchess Isis Marik.

   Instead of bargaining for her safe return Sun-Tzu shows his true feelings for the Duchess and drops the Third McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry Regiment onto the planet along with the Dynasty Guards Regiment with orders to crush all enemy opposition.  The Blackwind Lancers are soon on the back-foot and in full retreat.
Star League HPG Conference
Inner Sphere
29th September 3060

   Following attacks against her nation from another Succession State, and one that was part of the Star League at that, Duchess Candice Allard-Liao requested a Star League Emergency Conference via HPG, only First Lord Thomas Marik, Elected-Prince Regent Christian Mansdotter, Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion and Duke Minoru Kurita answer.  Looking at the screens Candice could see the other Succession Lords she realised that this was not a true conference with so many of the Inner Sphere’s leaders missing or not bothered to attend, but she would pled her case anyway.  “My fellow lords, three days ago the Blackwind Lancers broke the Capellan Border and assault Hustaing for unknown reasons.  During the fighting they were able to safely secure most of the word and drive back its defenders however the Capellan Confederation has driven off all JumpShips and DropShips and they are unable to leave.  I have sent a recall order and they still refuse to allow the Lancers to leave.  If you were to allow my troops to come home, the Blackwind Lancers will be stricken from the roles of the St Ives Compact and all survivors will be dropped one rank.”  She said it was a tough thing to do but it was the only way she could think that would safeguard her people and her nation.

   “Duchess Allard-Liao, forgive me but, it was your forces that crossed the border illegally.  If they are now trapped then it is your responsibility to rescue or reinforce them.”  Minoru Kurita said quietly, so quietly Candice had to strain to hear the young Kuritan Duke.

   “Duke Kurita my forces have paid a heavy price for their actions, and will pay a heavier one when they return, but we will have gained nothing from this.  If I reinforce them then this Star League will be faced with its first full scale war between two states.”

   “Without Star League forces on hand there is little we can do.”  Christian Mansdotter said, the entire SLDF was either in the Clan Homeworlds or still in the Draconis Combine fighting the remnants of Clan Smoke Jaguar and apparently Clan Star Adder forces on some worlds.

   “The First Lord has the power to badge house units as Star League to hold the peace.”

   “Something I will not do, the only forces close enough are of Lyran or Federated Suns in origin, neither of whom the Capellans will hesitate about firing on.”  Thomas Marik said, Candice reached for another piece of paper, her final throw of the dice.

   “In the first strikes the Blackwind Lancers engaged a Capellan Warrior House, the Hiritsu, and some Death Commandos.  Under their protection they found Duchess Isis Marik.  She was injured and is now under the care of the Blackwind Lancers, the Capellans are out for blood, I cannot guarantee Isis safety.”  Candice saw the pain on Thomas’s face, he had other children but Isis was still his daughter even if she had chosen to stay with a man who cared nothing for her.

   “There is nothing this Star League can do, now we all have affairs of state to take care of.  Excuse me.” Thomas Marik said and cut his line, the other Succession Lords each gave their condolences, although Yvonne pledged that the forces inside the St Ives Compact under her command would remain for the foreseeable future helping secure the Compact.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Hustaing, Capellan Confederation
Sian Commonality
1st October 3060

   Hearing of his daughter’s plight Captain-General Thomas Marik launches an audacious raid against the Capellan Confederation.  Led by the WarShips Karelia, a Zechetinu-class Corvette, and the Menelaus, a Agamemnon-class Heavy Cruiser, the First and Second Free Worlds Legionaries and the First Free Worlds Guards Regiments cross the border.  Two days later all three regiments drop onto Hustaing and go too work destroying both Capellan Confederation Units on planet while keeping the Blackwind Lancers at bay without attacking the Lancer base camp.  The two WarShips maintained positions in orbit keeping all Capellan DropShips military or civilian at a respectful distance.

   Following eight hours of solid fighting and a near complete sterilisation of the planet of all hostile Capellan Confederation forces the Blackwind Lancers turn Isis over to the Free Worlds League forces without firing a single shot unwilling to fight people they do not consider enemies to the St Ives Compact.

   The FWLM units and their WarShip support then escorted the Blackwind Lancers out of the system back to the St Ives Compact while they escorted Isis Marik to Solaris VII, although Thomas did not want to see her dead he doesn’t want her back in the Free Worlds League either.  From Solaris VII Isis used her access codes to bank accounts in the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation and caught a one-way travel pass to Luthien, capital of the Draconis Combine. It was time to look up an old friend.  Following the border breach, invasion of one of his planets and assaults against his forces Sun-Tzu Liao lodges a formal complaint against the St Ives Compact and the Free Worlds League with the Star League Council.  When this gets nowhere he is unwilling to push the matter against either state, instead returns forces to regaining the worlds lost in the Chaos March.

Clan Wolf Occupation Zone
Inner Sphere
27th October 3060

   Following an agreement between the Khans of the two Clans the Hell’s Horses assault three Clan Wolf worlds seizing them in three fast relatively bloodless Trials.  The idea behind it is Khan Vlad Ward is using the Hell’s Horses greed for the resources of the Inner Sphere and their hatred of the Ghost Bears against them creating a barrier between the Ghost Bear Dominion and the Wolf Occupation Zone.

Capellan Confederation
Inner Sphere
9th November 3060

   A failed assassination attempt against Capellan Confederation leader Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao, the perpetrator is never identified although the Capellans blame it on the Federated Suns, St Ives Compact, the Free Worlds League and the Star League.  Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao orders his Maskirovka Intelligence Agency to purge the security at the Forbidden Palace and throughout the Forbidden City cumulating in a total of six hundred-and-forty-two Capellan deaths.  He also orders Chaos March agents to increase their work and agents on the Federated Suns of Tikonov to increase their activities.
My three main Alternate Timeline with Thanks fan-fiction threads are in the links below. I'm always open to suggestions or additions to be incorporated so if you feel you wish to add something feel free. There's non-canon units, equipment, people, events, erm... Solar Systems spread throughout so please enjoy

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