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Author Topic: Cheetah F-14-S Stats Change  (Read 1757 times)


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Cheetah F-14-S Stats Change
« on: 24 February 2011, 09:04:44 »
Starting from here in the Cheetah fan article, we discovered something interesting.  The F-14-S Cheetah's stats changed between RS3039 (which apparently matches AT2R before it) and RS3039U (which is consistent with the description in TRO3039, but breaks with the stats presented in the prior sources).  Just to make this more interesting, a check in Objective Raids dug out this:

Quote from: Objective Raids, page 132
The new F-14 Cheetah-S features the GM 250XL, five tons of armor, two Streak SRM-2 launchers, and one ton of SRM ammo.

It leans toward the AT2R/RS3039 branch of things.  So which source is right?

Page References: TRO3039 page 192, RS3039 page 234, RS3039 Unabridged page 314, AeroTech 2 Revised pages 132-133, Objective Raids 132.
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