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Author Topic: Homegrown RPG/tabletop Rules  (Read 1530 times)


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Homegrown RPG/tabletop Rules
« on: 17 September 2012, 19:15:06 »
Digging through old things on my Google Drive, I found this, which I'd been working on a year or so ago.  It's basically an RPG/tabletop game focused around infantry combat, rather than tanks, ships, or 'Mech.  I never managed to get the scale quite right to actually play, but it's technically complete for infantry-only.

If anyone's interested in taking a peak, here are the docs I had:

Core Rules, version 0.1
An unfinished half-technical write up of some of the weapons available in the game.
A too-confusing table about how armor works, as well as basic stats for generic weapons.
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