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Author Topic: Idea for the dual cockpit rules mentioned in MWRPG Companion.  (Read 896 times)


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Just minutes ago I saw on the website a picture identical to the picture depicted on the front cover of MWRPG Companion.  That got me thinking: the rules for the dual cockpit printed in that book were never published in CBTRPG.  So I did some more thinking, how about modifying the dual cockpit rules only so that the dual cockpit gunner has, while dual cockpit pilot is piloting, full negation of his/her attacker movement modifiers like the additional crew option from Maximum Tech, and also have the 'MechGunner part of the dual cockpit mass only 0.25 tons instead of 1 ton (in theory, 1 ton is too much for a 'MechGunner, his/her cushioned seat, and controls; 0.15 tons should suffice - that's about the same fractional tonnage as an infantry person sitting in a conventional vehicle).  Currently the dual cockpit rules just allow:

a -1 piloting modifier bonus and a +1 defensive target movement modifier bonus when 'MechPilot is piloting; and a -1 gunnery modifier bonus when 'MechGunner is shooting

What do you all think? I'd like for the dual cockpit rules to be included in MWRPG4.  Who do I tell to make this occur?

The dual cockpit rules also apply a modifier based on the experienced compatability of the two 'MechWarriors using it; I don't have a problem with it.
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Re: Idea for the dual cockpit rules mentioned in MWRPG Companion.
« Reply #1 on: 19 October 2012, 22:47:30 »
The tools are already there.  Just have to know how to use them.

Where I differ on the typical approach of having one pilot responsible for each task and thus specialized in it is instead have one be the person who fights the machine(making the piloting and gunnery rolls) and the other person be the one who fights the battle(handles the sensors, communications, and all tactical/leadership related roles).


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Re: Idea for the dual cockpit rules mentioned in MWRPG Companion.
« Reply #2 on: 20 October 2012, 23:38:53 »
the problem is the dual cockpit mentioned in techmanual? is really a simplication of what was several pieces of tech.

as I see it there are really several specialized dual "cockpit" options

1 true dual cockpit systems this IMO should weigh an extra ton not 3 extra tons due to "shared resources" this system includes a second control station (ie full cockpit including displays, ejection seat, life support (upgrades) sensor tie ins etc. )

2 command cockpit
the command cockpit this is justifiably 3 extra tons, it includes most of the equipment you would get in a mobile HQ, enhanced C&C gear sensors, satelite uplink etc most of this is the extra 2 tons over the dual cockpit

I think there are a couple extra types but ....