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Author Topic: Battletech-Mercenaries now has a Clan game  (Read 900 times)

Alan Grant

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Battletech-Mercenaries now has a Clan game
« on: 20 January 2013, 10:22:47 »
Battletech-Mercenaries, an online Play-by-Forum or Play-By-Email Group roleplaying/writing/Collaborative Fiction game that has been around for several years, has traditionally focused on Mercenary Units. A group of players can build a unit, and earn C-Bills to build it up by In Character writing to complete merc contracts. This is an alternative universe game, where the Jihad didn't happen and the Second Star League survived up until 3085. Our game is now set in the year 3087.

We have now expanded our game with what we are calling the Clan Mod. Its a modified version of our mercenary game, but it allows players to create Clan Touman units, starting with a Trinary and growing from there, using the same infrastructure the mercenary units do, but entirely Clan. So you can be a Clan warrior, in the serve of your Clan, fighting for your Clan. Working to earn a Bloodname, participate in Bloodname House politics and the Clan Council, etc. This is brand new, and a great time to find other "Clan fans" and form the first Clan units in our game. It may be worth noting that the Cloud Cobras and Star Adders are in the Inner Sphere in our game, but the Hell's Horses are not. A variation of the Wars of Reaving happened in our timeline, and it is detailed and explained on our forum.

If this appeals to you at all, google "Battletech-Mercenaries" and you'll find us fast enough. (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link, but its very easy to find)

If you want to play Inner Sphere characters, we have plenty of mercenary units who are active as well. You can do both.

If you have any questions, shoot me a PM. We'd love to see some new faces in our fun little community.
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