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Author Topic: Techs- Leveling and skill sets  (Read 573 times)

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Techs- Leveling and skill sets
« on: 13 February 2013, 19:59:06 »
The forums have had a few discussions about how to level techs.  One of those topics I started regarding Clan techs and how well they can work- same as one about how to train up on 'new' technology.  For medical personnel its easy to figure out what training would be needed to progress though our techs do not have that access.  I want to throw out a few ideas I think I will be using for my own mercs, something along the lines of tech trees in some of the RTO games.

AsTechs-  No specialties or abilities, just your basic wrench turner.  Their origination could be from some backwater vehicle mechanic shop, Joe Bob's AgroMech Hanger, or some other basic background.

Techs- Now starting to get into the military side of mechanics.  Specialization and training was done to get to this level.  I would say they would have training in extremely broad aspects of military technology such as Fusion Engines, ICE Engines, track/wheeled/hover/myomer motive systems, weapons, standard armor, standard internal structure, gyroscopes, avionics or BA life support.  They will have completed two specializations before be coming a regular tech.

Veteran Techs-  Moving on to more specialized training and skills.  Weapons would break down into energy, cannon and missile weapons.  Fusion Engines would open up XL, LFE, and perhaps Clan XLs- or that could be elite.  Standard armor and internal structure would open to FF armor and Endosteel internals.  Three additional specializations would be required to become a veteran techs, which means at this level five specializations for a tech.

Elite Techs-  As I said perhaps Clan XL Fusion Engines, perhaps Clan versions of weapons.  LFF and HFF armor.  Compact Engines, Compact Gyros, Heavy Duty Gyros . . .

Specializations could be attained through training of course, or perhaps the 'dissection' of the advanced gear a few times.

The advantage of assigning a tech with the specialization related to work on a repair or modification would be either some difficulty or time modifier, although perhaps a small one.  Or maybe the missed roll would not damage the equipment.

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Re: Techs- Leveling and skill sets
« Reply #1 on: 13 February 2013, 20:02:12 »
Train your greenies on OmniMechs, to get that -2 bonus and make them de facto veterans.