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Author Topic: Life Path costs  (Read 1113 times)


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Life Path costs
« on: 18 March 2011, 22:59:23 »
Do all life paths add up to the posted cost, or is there a discount/etc figured in?

For instance, I believe that you get 160 xp of skills/atts from the Lyran affiliation, but it only costs 150 xp.


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Re: Life Path costs
« Reply #1 on: 19 March 2011, 01:08:29 »
The modules in AToW when you add up all the positive and negative XP allocations will work out to their listed cost.  Any error in this first check to see if there is already a reported errata for and if not feel free to post it.  The exception is the affiliations.

The affiliations are priced on the assumption that even though it is technically optional that you will select a sub affiliation.  If you do select a sub affiliation then again unless there is an errata it will add up to the listed cost.

In the case of the Lyran affiliation accounting for the negative traits without taking a sub affiliation it still actually costs the same 150 XP but your character would only actually have received 90 XP worth of actual XP allocations.  And double checking the math when including a sub affiliation you do receive 150 XP in total allocations for all sub affiliations according to my copy of AToW.


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Re: Life Path costs
« Reply #2 on: 21 March 2011, 19:53:59 »
There is a discount given in the form of a rebate when you are paying for the cost of field skills during stage 3.   And the cost for field skills (because the number of skills varies per field) is not included in the life modules for that stage.  So those have to be accounted for on their own.

Other than that one exception, for ALL the modules things should add up.   I've found a few math errors, and suspect others have as well, so do check for Errata, especially if you have an older PDF.   MOST of the stuff we found (other than some errors I noticed recently in one of the merchant modules for stage 4)  got corrected in the printed book, and the most recent PDF which should be the same as the book.
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