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Author Topic: After action report w/ PICs  (Read 3844 times)


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After action report w/ PICs
« on: 01 September 2013, 23:44:49 »
I convinced one of my friends to help test my campaign rules to see how they work. Swordsworn J100, Mobile HQ, and MASH unit was used for proxy transports. Only their movement, to-hit, and hit points stats were used and thus did not count in the points. This is a player vs OPFOR set up where the player(s) are supposed to win. Primary object is to destroy the transports and bonus objective was destroy all enemy combatants.

Browncoats Merc Unit (Player): 600pts to use from a specific lot to pull from. Light and Indy mechs only
Swordsworn Transport Escorts: 450pts vehicles and 1 indy mech

The fledgling Browncoats mercenary unit was contracted to intercept and destroy a precious cargo being transported by Swordsworn from a remote base to the Yangtze spaceport. The following is the after action report filed to our office.

The browncoats deployed the following assets at the junction of RT 1021 and RT 296, powered down and waited for the Swordsworn to reach the intersection before springing their trap. They were briefed that the transports would run the moment trouble was spotted.

Browncoat forces consisted of:
E094 Crimson Hawk
FP090 Panther
F120 Jorges Koffler (MiningMech MOD B)
F064 AgroMech MkII MOD

L055 Condor Tank
CA057 Fulcrum Heavy Hover Tank
AOD131 Zibler Fast Strike Tank

CA029 Purifier Battle Armor
CA130 Miko's Blades Ni (Gray Death Battle Armor)
CA132 Miko's Blades Yoh (Purifier Battle Armor)

Swordsworn forces consisted of:
L088 MiningMech MkII

D027 VV1 Ranger
D059 Demon Medium Tank
D124 Sgt. Alec Denner (Demon Medium Tank)
D126 Sgt. Leo Riordan (DI Schmitt Tank)
FP060 MHI Amphibious APC

D009 Hoverbike Squad
D009 Hoverbike Squad
D009 Hoverbike Squad
D009 Hoverbike Squad
D013 Purifier Battle Armor
F012 Laser Team
L031 Clan Battle Armor

We may have chose poorly when we signed the Browncoats. They only managed to destroy 1 transport (the other 2 escaped). They did however wound the Swordsworm military, not a single combat unit escaped. Browncoat casualties were moderate, they lost all their combat vehicles and a squad of Gray Death Battle Armor.

Swordsworn convoy blindly heading into a trap, The Browncoats wait powered down in the hills and woods.

The trap has been sprung. The transports separate and head for 3 different escape vectors (they can only exit the map on the roads). Swordsworn forces split to protect the transports while a Demon Tank and Miningmech attempt to intercept the biggest threat.

One of the transports re-routes as they would have to pass a gauntlet of hovertanks and a industrial mech to escape. The DI Schmitt throws up a wall of firepower to discourage pursuit. 

2 Hoverbikes and 2 out of 3 squad of Swordsworn infantry are mowed down in short order. Another Hoverbike and a Demon Tank take up rear guard positions for 2 of the transports.

The DI Schmitt makes short work of a Fulcrum and Condor hovertanks while Swordsworn's lightest vehicles manage to down another hovertank. However 1 of the transports and a VV1 Ranger have been lost.

The DI Schmitt has been rendered combat ineffective and attempts to flee. The Mining Mech pilot desperately tries to close to melee range with anything. The merc Crimson Hawk has been rendered combat ineffective as well.

The transports have all escaped or have been destroyed. The remaining Swordsworn escorts attempt to fight a fighting withdraw.

Slowly they are mowed down. The battlearmor squads stand their ground.

The Panther along with infantry support mops up the Swordsworn infantry while the Industrial Mechs finish off the Demon Tank.


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Re: After action report w/ PICs
« Reply #1 on: 02 September 2013, 00:00:20 »
I played the Swordsworn OPFOR. Since with my house rules all units get to move I was never once able to engage anything with my walking dump truck. All it managed to successfully do was transport some battle armor for me. At first I thought my unique DI Schmitt was going to be overkill as I destroyed 2 hover tanks and contributed to the Crimson Hawk turning into salvage but the unique Mining mech made short work of it. His Panther and the Mining mech racked up the majority of kills between them.


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Re: After action report w/ PICs
« Reply #2 on: 18 September 2013, 15:44:09 »
Looks like a neat game.  What were your observations re how the game functions?

I'm also going to be using MW figs, except in alpha strike. 

I've been looking at the stats for my mining and other "service" mechs and at the same time wondering about their uses in the clix game.  Until now I was keeping them only as mod-fodder, but it looks like they might make their way onto the table.  Luckily nearly all of them have a variant or similar type of mech that has some kind of ranged attack which seems to be the case in MW as well.

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Re: After action report w/ PICs
« Reply #3 on: 18 September 2013, 19:25:38 »
I'm using house rules which eliminated the "x number of actions" per turn rules. All units may move and fire per turn so my version is slightly different than the stock MW rules.

They're interesting to play. About half of the types are pretty slow 5-6 movement but are armored better than most light mechs for less cost. I'm a  big fan of the MiningMech MkII and MiningMech MkII MOD. The former while melee only can carry a capacity of 2 and is armored like a medium mech. The later is a good slugger against light mechs.

Where they shine is against slower treaded vehicles and infantry/BA. Here they can be used as support units to engage heavier armor while your mechs are free to engage enemy mechs.

If you have both better firepower at range and better speed they are dog meat. While most MODs have ranged attacks they aren't as affective as some light mechs and anything bigger.

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Re: After action report w/ PICs
« Reply #4 on: 08 September 2015, 12:54:22 »
Pretty cool stuff.  I was looking for a thread to post AARs of battles. I just taught my girlfriend's younger brother how to play and am giving him a whole slew of ROTS/HL stuff, so our playing group in Maryland might be up to 5 people now.  We had a lot of fun playing some matches and building random armies.  I took two pictures so hopefully I can upload them to here soon.

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Re: After action report w/ PICs
« Reply #5 on: 21 December 2015, 18:06:58 »
Out of curiousity, how is the campaign going?  How did you manage salvage for 'destroyed' units?
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