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Author Topic: Transport bays in DCA PWS Squadrons  (Read 1079 times)

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Transport bays in DCA PWS Squadrons
« on: 10 October 2013, 18:12:23 »
Are the battlearmor transport bays in Nekohono'o's and Taihous assigned to PWS squadrons routinely filled by DCA marines, or routinely left partially open to double as transports for DCMS battlearmor?  (or perhaps partially filled by DCA marines, but mainly because there aren't enough marines to man every berth in every PWS squadron?)

Ditto for ASF cubicles in Okinawas and Vengeances that are assigned to PWS Squadrons.  Normally full up on DCA pilots/spacecraft, or normally partially full to accommodate fighter units who's primary job is supporting DCMS forces?  (or likewise, perhaps partially full on ASFs only because there aren't enough to go around after meeting DCMS needs?)

I guess the questions boil down to a third question.. are DCA PWS Squadrons designed to support/transport ground forces, or are they purely 'space navy' forces?  And if it's the latter, is the DCA well-enough equipped with 'light' forces like ASFs and Battlearmor marines to completely fill their dropships?
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Re: Transport bays in DCA PWS Squadrons
« Reply #1 on: 10 October 2013, 22:25:49 »

Routinely left open for troop transport, but depends on the mission at hand. Most factions wouldn't have enough fighters to routinely devote them to maximum aero-naval formations, and since most action is on the ground, you want more aerospace devoted to ground-support roles than aerospace action.


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