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Author Topic: The purple standard is passed on ... Paul stepping down as site admin  (Read 2864 times)


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Paul, who has been part of the forums since before they existed, has served the CGL and Battletech communities in many roles - moderator, forum admin, CDT organiser, CSO organiser, BT writer, and more. Most recently he's been the site administrator for the BT forums - taking arms against rampant spammers and malicious hackers, duelling overweight tables and patching patches, and basically keeping the site framework which we all take for granted working.

Paul's decided to step back from the Site Admin position. As such, you'll be seeing him move from the Purple Battlemaster to either Volunteer or Writer, or possibly Hawaiian Shirt Battlemaster in the near future.

We owe Paul both for keeping this and previous incarnations of the forums running, and for recovering from the Bad Things which have happened over the years. That's leaving aside his many other contributions to the forum community - Paul was the force behind hosting Fan Grand Councils on these forums for many years, and also was the major force codifying the forum rules from those inherited from Warner Doles' original fansite.

Paul, many many thanks. Whether it would be the same place if you hadn't been running it is moot - this place wouldn't be here now except for your efforts in this regard.

Paul's stepping back of course left us with the need for a new site admin. I'm pleased to say that Knightmare has agreed to step up to the challenge. Knightmare has strong SMF forum experience, and is currently undergoing the initiation rituals associated with change of Battlemaster icon.

Cheers, Paul! Welcome, Knightmare!

On behalf of the forum management.
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