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Author Topic: Artwork question - Aquilla  (Read 1239 times)


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Artwork question - Aquilla
« on: 01 April 2011, 18:05:39 »
Bonsoir and 'guten Abend',

I have a quick question on the artwork for the Aquilla.
In XTRO Primitives 1, the Aquilla's TRO entry uses the same art that was used for p. 13, Handbook Major Periphery States.
The record sheet given, however, uses the picture that was used in context with some spacefaring ghost story found within a publication
that currently eludes me; the latter of both bears somewhat more resemblance to the smaller vessels depicted on p. 13, HB:MPS, though.

So my question is:
Is it two completely different vessels shown on p. 13 HB:MPS, or is it both the Aquilla, just from, let's say, different production blocks?

Kind regards,
Cpt. Samoth Ze'ev
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