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Author Topic: The Terribles, as seen through the eyes of Tears  (Read 511 times)


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The Terribles, as seen through the eyes of Tears
« on: 28 July 2014, 23:54:33 »
Everything is ****** up, it's all ****** up. Who are these ****** people? Where the ****** am I? I dont even remember how I even got here. I know I popped a couple of pills I found in an alley a few days ago, I thought they were stimulants,  but I'm too mellowed out. I feel like my arms are turning into water. I can't even lift them. Is this my drink? What was I supposed to do today? ****** ****** ******, something important  was happening today, but I can't make my brain work. It feels like its leaking out of my ears. Why is my face wet? Is it blood, am I bleeding, did I get in a fight? No Its drool, drool and ******  snot. I feel like I recognize the people sitting to my left. Or right, is that my right? Am I sitting up straight? ******, I'm going to vomit, if I vomit I'll probobly be kicked out. Okay, I'm going to stand and walk to the bathroom and vomit, and then walk back. If I make it to the bathroom, I'll be fine.  I can talk to the guy at the end of the bar, I'm pretty sure he sells. Do I have any money? If I have some money I can buy something to wake me up. MY BAG!!! ****** where is my bag?! There should be something in my bag. ****** where is my bag! ******, I need to move! If I dont get up now and I puke then I'm going to be thrown into the street. If I'm thrown in the street, ****** punk is going to cut me and take whatever I have. The bar is going to take my bag, and I will be ******. Are those people talking to me? I can't hear anything, I'm ****** up. ******, its happening, I need to move now, I can feel it coming up. I have got to move,  move ****** move. Here we go.

This floor is cold.

Is that vomit?

meanwhile in the real world, aboard the dropship "Good Intentions"

"Yo battelyn, why is tears gurgling in a fetal position on the courner"
"Why does this surprise you domvil, he is all ways doing weird things"
"You have made a great point"
The ships intercom sparks to life in a shower of fried circuitry.

"Battelyn,  Domvil, this Vape, im on the bridge and the computer is saying its time for final apporach, where is our dear junkie pilot?

Domvil answers the intercom, braving the fire hazzard.

"Domvil here, I belive the illustrious pilot has hit the purple bottle of pills again"

"****** it domvil he puked on my foot,  domvil space him right now"

"Well tears just puked on battelyns foot so he mag not be alive much longer"

Sparks fly from the intercom.

"Well that is just dandy dommy boy, cause now we are all gonna die"
Vorpak and algee enter the cargo bay and look upon the drug overdossed form of tears.

"That is about par for the course laddies, Domvil, Battleyn, Vape,  Algee, prep for hard insertion, let it be known this day, that the vorpak of taurian blood, assaulted the very dirt of a davion world with his blood"

"Vorpak, hitting the atmosphere of a planet at 4 gees of accleration means we bounce off and fly into deep space dead as a door nail at a closed whore house"

"Way to kill the glory algee, way to kill it"

The Terribles
To a police precinct near you
Check the wanted posters for times and places

Episode 1
"Drugs, Warriors and the Word of Blake"

Tears, the drug addicted jarnfolker
Domvil, the feral coyote
Vape,  the vaporizer
Algee, the belter enforcer
Battleyn,  the thug noble
Vorpak, the worlds greatest detective