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Author Topic: MW3 Backwards & Forwards  (Read 795 times)

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MW3 Backwards & Forwards
« on: 20 July 2014, 23:03:46 »
OK I cooked up a MW3 character, a Industrial Mech qualified Asteroid Miner, using MW3 (TC, Blue Collar, Spacer Family, Civi-Job then a bit of Travel and Ner do well), I like how he turned out so I remade him using MW2 and MW1, I'm wondering if it's even worth opening the ToW PDF and trying a rebuild using ToW, I've got a friend that wants to try and give ToW an other try (last few times we Rage Quited during character generation), I'm thinking a totally unambitious character, since every time I've tried to do something with Background, Story or Mojo ends up not working.

Edit: any tips how I'd go about re making him? I've got the Faction & Childhood worked out, but are there some new Education options? his thing is Mech Operation, 0g Opps, Geology (say Diploma level picked up on the job), Mine Engineering (also Diploma level picked up on the job), basic Mech Repair and tinkering, basic gunnery and rudimentary space mech tactics. there are some "Lifestyle" pick ups in the mix as well.
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Re: MW3 Backwards & Forwards
« Reply #1 on: 21 July 2014, 15:44:52 »

If you have access to it, AToW Companion offers conversion methods from all previous editions to AToW.



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Re: MW3 Backwards & Forwards
« Reply #2 on: 21 July 2014, 19:58:53 »
Don't have the companion, but the guy who is looking to run wants to start from scratch, so I was going to rebuild him using ToW.

quick scan of ToW shows the equivalent of some of the MW3 paths take the character in directions I don't want to go and tie up too much XP. even with a few changes I'm still pulling close to 2500 (including buying off dads that make me ineligible for some paths), two and a half thousand for Joe Below Average makes me nervous. espechily with some of the options I want that I'll have to buy with the points left.

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Re: MW3 Backwards & Forwards
« Reply #3 on: 24 July 2014, 21:18:01 »
Ok did a test run of the guy in ToW, just on a fairly short lifeparth I used 3010 XP of his 5100 (accounting for final age bonus) my life paths have left me with 595 flexible XP most of that open and I have 30 XP rebate from a package I picked up in my stage 3 path. I haven't raised stats to reach my prerequisites yet. Things do not feel promising, espechialy for me owning an Industrial mech at the end of it.

Paths where: Major Periphery (TC), Blue Collar, High School, Tech Collage, Ne'er-do-well. final age 22.

the MW3 version of the character i being audited atm But I'm holding on to the MW1 & 2 versions.

MW2 version (using Flexible Priorities & some house rules)

Race 0, Attributes 3, Skills 3, Advantages 2(+1), Mech 2 (-1)

Build          3    9+
Reflexes    6    6+
Intuition    5    7+
Learning   4     8+
Charisma  4     8+

Athletic   9+
Physical  8+
Mental    9+
Social     9+

Mech: Medium, Industrial

Advantages: Well Equipped 3
Disadvantages: Industrial Mech

Basic Tech Collage  Industrial Mech Operator/Miner (0g)

Pilot/Mech             3  5+
Gunnery/Mech       1  7+
Technician/Mech    1  7+
0g Operations       3  5+
CS/Miner               2  7+
SI/Geology            1  8+
Unarmed Combat  1  8+
Engineering           1  8+
Medtech                1  8+
Streetwise             1 8+

now he can't do everything his MW3 counterpart can do and in some cases where he can just not as well. but you get the idea of the character. a lot of his gear (that I haven't listed) has bean ported in from MW3.


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Re: MW3 Backwards & Forwards
« Reply #4 on: 28 July 2014, 09:52:53 »
If you're finding module build a bit too daunting feel free to use the point buy method instead.  Just putting your points where you want them makes character creation much easier and faster.