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Author Topic: Gencon 2014--"King of the Hill: The Lonely Mountain" [pic heavy]  (Read 1046 times)

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Hello everyone.  This is a report of the game that I ran at Gencon on this past Thursday, 8/14/14.  This game was a standard free-for-all with a twist--Smaug!  As an added bonus, whomever got the killing blow on Smaug got to keep the mini.  [My never ending thanks to IWM for their fantastic prize support.]

I decided to create Smaug as an LAM for the flight characteristics.  The rules I used were from the RS3085 and IO beta print posted months ago by Randall Bills.  Ok, I will admit that the LAM that I created was not legal but I followed as much of the rules as I could ;).  The following pics chronicled the battle.

1] Here are 3 pics of the mountain and Smaug starting on the summit.  [Incidentally, Smaug's target was determined each round by a d20 roll.  Each player was assigned a number for card initiative.]

2] 4 pics.  Smaug makes his presence felt but is killed by a critical hit to his uncased LT Streak LRM ammo bin.  [4th pic is his record sheet.]

3] The game settled down as the players climbed to the top of Erebor.  The "Hulk" Atlas [AS7-S3] reached the top early and fended off many attempts to dislodge him, loosing his entire LT & LA w/2 engine hits in the process.  More on him later.

4] The "Hulk" takes a breather for a bit before the final push.

5] After movement on the final turn, Erebor's peak is a crowded place.  During fire phase, the "Hulk" finally succumbs, His Gauss Rifle is hit and explodes.  The pilot suffers his 5th and 6th head hits and dies.

6] Through it all, the Hunchback remains standing and we come to the physical combat phase.  The Hunchback successfully performs a charge and topples the AS7-K from the mountain for the win.  The Hulk's player was awarded second place as he played a great game.  He is 9 years old and the son of the Hunchback's player.  Great family gaming right here in Indy.

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Re: Gencon 2014--"King of the Hill: The Lonely Mountain" [pic heavy]
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Bravo! And I liked the "twist." O0
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