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Author Topic: Master Unit List- Late Succession Wars has gone Beta!  (Read 2006 times)


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Master Unit List- Late Succession Wars has gone Beta!
« on: 12 February 2015, 22:16:43 »
Catalyst is proud to announce that the Late Succession War Faction Availability has been marked has been marked as Beta for the Late Succession War on the Master Unit List.

New Sub- Era-  In recognition that the Late Succession Wars covers the lowest point for technology in the BattleTech era and also ushered in the return of technology with the discovery of the Helm Core and other technology advances, we have separated the Late Succession War into two sub-eras. The Late Succession Wars- LosTech era and the Late Succession Wars- Renaissance. Check out the new era description for LSW-Renaissance at the Era Page on the MUL.

Now Beta means we've chewed on it to the point that we think it is good enough for you, the fans, to pound on it. It is not complete and we know it. That's where you come in. We want your feedback. Only with your input will it get to the state we'll be willing to mark it as "complete"*. So when you find that error we all know is there, please report it using the Master Unit List Errata  thread on the Errata board.

Catalyst would like to thank the tireless volunteer work of the Master Unit List team. Without volunteers like these, we'd never have been able to create this service for the fans.

Joel BC
- Catalyst

*- In BattleTech nothing is ever really complete. Even after being complete we know things will change. Complete just means we fell we've hit 99% or better.
-Joel BC-
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