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Author Topic: MechWarrior Clix units in a 1930/40's alternate universe - who gets what?  (Read 1364 times)


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Many moons ago in the General Discussion forum, I asked "3025 'Mechs in a 1930/40's alternate universe - who gets what?" (see'mechs-in-a-193040's-alternate-universe-who-gets-what/msg932887 if interested in the quite thoughtful responses), and now I'm wondering the same thing for the Clix game.  If the 'Mechs (and to a lesser extent, vehicles) from the clix game were available to various nation states in the late 1930's and early 1940's, which nation would field what? For the purpose of this discussion, I'm basing the rationale for "who gets what" on the looks of the 'Mechs rather than their clix statistics (if I was to run a game using these figures along side some N-scale WWII vehicles, I'd give the 'Mechs WWII/Pulp-19030's weapons rather than "Battletech" strength weapons - no matter how you convert it, a "standard" BattleTech PPC is going to do horrible things to any WWII unit!)

Obviously, not every clix 'Mech would find a home in the 1930's/1940's, but out of curiosity, which ones do people see marching down the Champs-Élysées, attempting to storm the beaches of England, smashing down the hedgerows of Normandy or island hopping across the Pacific?

My limited first bash goes something like this (limiting my units to non-unique 'Mechs, and one faction per nation):
Britain: Swordsworn - Firestarter, Hatchetman, Raider, Valiant
France: Bannson's Raiders - Arbalest, Gambit, Sun Cobra, Zeus
Germany: Stormhammers - Blade, Cougar, Hellstar , Rifleman (and all the Colossus 'Mechs for the very end of the war!)
Japan: House Kurita - Goshawk, Rokurokubi, Stalking Spider
USA: House Liao - Avalanche, Maruader IIc, Panther (in Sherman like numbers!), Vulture MkIV
USSR: RotS - Ghost, Jackolope,  Loki, Mangonel, Scourge (in T-34 type numbers)