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Author Topic: Dark Age: Republic Worlds - Athenry  (Read 713 times)


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Dark Age: Republic Worlds - Athenry
« on: 19 February 2015, 12:00:42 »
Dark Age: Republic Worlds (3130) has a rather fascinating description of Athenry, with mentions of a ruined settlement predating known colonization on Athenry by a century being discovered on the Zubeckis Chain of islands during the [[Dark Age]]. It makes mention of the architectural styles and techniques of the ruins resembling that of Southeast Asian cultures of the 22nd century.

Athenry is shown as a settled system in the map in Handbook: House Marik that details the founding of the Free Worlds League in 2271, and that sourcebook was published in-universe in 3067. Does that mean that the lost settlements found on Athenry predate the presence of Athenry on the map in the Handbook by almost a century?

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