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Author Topic: So your Khan has granted you the right to create a new unit  (Read 487 times)

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So, you Khan (Your choice of Clan) has given you the resources to create a new unit.
You may choose the size of the unit:  One Mech (seeker??), Star, nova, binary, etc upto Galaxy
You may choose the warriors - Do you accept freebirths, former bondsman from other clans, new trueborn warriors slated for greatness, or warriors who are past their prime??
Equipment - All omni's or do you purposely seek some second line mechs.
Preferred missions - Hatred towards another clan? Breach any stubborn defenses?  Speed?  Raiding hence energy weapons?  etc etc.

For example, based on the Clan Invasion kickstarter options:
I want to create a unit with 6/9/- minimum movement  (So a nice selection of clans jump out - Wolf, WIE, JF, maybe Diamond Sharks, and maybe Nova Cats.  I don't know if the 6/9 movement is fast enough for the Hellions.)
So, my unit will consist of: Linebacker, Black Lanner, Grendel, Shadowcat, Stormcrow with a second star consisting of Viper, Conjurer, Battlecobra, Vapor Eagle, and a Horned Owl and one star of elementals who would normally be attached to the first star.
In this case, maybe the unit would be assigned less than honorable missions such as eliminate resistance forces, bandits hunting, or conduct watch operations to include headhunter attacks behind enemy lines, etc.  The Hellions sound good here.  Again, the 6/9 might not be truly fast enough.
First Nova:     Unit commander in the Linebacker with all of the others trueborns who have issues with authority or maybe a bondsman from another clan.
Second star:  a loyal clan warrior in the viper (drunkard maybe but still loyal to the clan/commander) and freebirths to fill out the second star.
I am not a roleplayer, but I would be willing to expand the pool of available mechwarriors in this situation to add some cheap fiction fun to this unit.

All other Clan units that I would create would be the generic trueborns, omni-mechs/elementals, veteran and at least reliable or maybe fanatical to the clan.


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Re: So your Khan has granted you the right to create a new unit
« Reply #1 on: 12 October 2019, 03:42:11 »
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Re: So your Khan has granted you the right to create a new unit
« Reply #2 on: 16 October 2019, 14:51:10 »
Considering that my new clan happens to be an AU, and my canonically one is still unknown (it's Stone Lion )...

I'll have to recreate the Touman of Jade Wolf to even this out!

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Re: So your Khan has granted you the right to create a new unit
« Reply #3 on: 16 October 2019, 15:56:19 »
  It depends what I'd need to depose that foolish Khan...