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Author Topic: The Rasalhague Dominion: Friend of a Friend (but not your Friend)  (Read 81309 times)

Tyler Jorgensson

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Re: The Rasalhague Dominion: Friend of a Friend (but not your Friend)
« Reply #1110 on: 16 August 2019, 19:20:51 »
Nice: yeah considering taking out a $5,000 dollar loan to donate and just ya know flee the country afterwords... Shipping to some random PO Box in some random country. Lol.

I will say that prior to that my Ghost Bear Cluster has grown: up to one Mixed weight Supernova Mech Trinary, one mostly Assault Trinary, and one mixed vehicle/mech Star now. With the Kickstarter and one more purchase I would of had a complete (Vehicle Nova/Mech Binary) Trinary and my Assault Trinary would be complete as well.

Woulda been nice.

And the last game I did play between my Nu-Grizzly and a Nightsky versus two Nova Cats: a Nova Cat and Shadow Cat, resulted in an overwhelming victory. Totally gonna outfit the last Trinary in my eventual Cluster with some Second Line Rasalhague forces including a Berserker commander ;)

Foxx Ital

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Kek this should be fun. If you have been a ghostbear/rasalhague dominion fan (I'll know who you are if you try to cheat..) I'm accepting megamek top for challenge coins over the next week. Limit is first 5.
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