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Author Topic: Rules on posting forum links (and in userbars/signature lines)?  (Read 1191 times)

Alan Grant

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I've skimmed around and can't find it. What are the rules on posting links to other websites in the contents of posts and in your userbars/signature lines?
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Charlie Tango

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Re: Rules on posting forum links (and in userbars/signature lines)?
« Reply #1 on: 19 April 2011, 21:42:48 »

It's in the Rules.

Pretty much as long as you follow Rule #10

Do not offer to sell/trade anything on these forums. Do not offer to buy/trade anything on these forums.
Do not post links to active E-Bay auctions or similar content. It is acceptable to link to completed auctions.
Do not post links to online businesses without first gaining permission from a site Admin. It is acceptable to post links to online or FLGS or other resources to assist fellow posters in locating items, as long as the other rules are followed.
If you are unsure whether your link is acceptable or not, please contact a site Admin.

or Rule #12

This message board will not be used for trading, obtaining, making available or selling of unauthorized or illegally obtained copyrighted materials. Therefore it is strictly forbidden to post any link, make reference to, or mention the ability through any manner, the acquisition of or sharing of ANY Copyrighted Material obtained through unauthorized or illegal means, from any location be it on the Internet or not.

What kind of a link are you wanting to post?
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