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Author Topic: Question about Merc contract rolls  (Read 520 times)


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Question about Merc contract rolls
« on: 06 November 2015, 13:31:32 »
I am building a spreadsheet that does contracts from AToW: Companion. My question is if something says the contract is for 3 months like assassination, do you get paid for each month even if it only takes you a month to complete the contract? The book reads real loosely. With it saying that if it takes you less time to complete the contract you have to wait to get paid until the contract is up to be paid out, not necessarily if you get paid for all the months anyway.

Also there is no chart for percentage of payment before and at completion of 10% now and 90% when contract is complete kind of thing. Is that assumed, I don't own the previous Merc books does anyone know how it worked there?