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Author Topic: Rule 2 changed  (Read 2282 times)

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Rule 2 changed
« on: 09 January 2016, 08:25:29 »
Hello! We have modified slightly rule 2:

Hate speech of any form is not allowed on the forum. Excessive use of swearwords in member posts is also not allowed. Links to websites or web-content with swearwords is allowed in member posts if the poster provides a content warning along with the link. This link exception does not protect any posted link that conflicts with other Forum Rules. For example, links to websites with adult content, or content that infringes any intellectual property will receive a warning.

This forum has a language filter in place designed to catch words we object to. Filtered words are automatically replaced with ****** upon posting. This forum does not tolerate posters bypassing the language filter. Self-censoring will result in a poster being issued an official warning. If a poster is unsure whether or not a word will be filtered by the forum’s filter prior to posting, we suggest using the Preview function (located next to the ‘Post’ button) to determine if a questionable word is filtered or not. Forum Moderators will warn for any self-censored word, even words that would pass the forum’s language filter.

Examples of Self-Censoring Include the Following:
Typing: @$$ or @ss rather than ‘ass’

To sum up, links to websites  with swearwords is allowed if the poster provides a content warning along with the link.  This only covers swearwords, other kind of contents (adult, obscene, against intellectual property) are not allowed.

The complete set of Forum Rules, including the changes made to Rule 2 can be found here:
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