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Author Topic: Forum Staffing Changes  (Read 1652 times)


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Forum Staffing Changes
« on: 04 February 2016, 21:01:37 »

As of today, I'm moving from the role of Forum Administrator to a newly-created function, Ombudsman. Hence the stylish new icon.

In this role, I'll primarily be responsible for taking over the final appeal review process formerly handled by the CGL Observer. This allows the Observer to spend more time getting product out the door. I will still remain under CGL authority. I won't be involved in day-to-day Admin functions (such as initial appeals).

Also, I'm a point of contact into the forum structure. If you've got a problem that doesn't fit into the normal categories, and you're not sure who should handle it, contact me - I'll find the right person.

* * *

This of course leaves a vacancy in the Adminisphere. Long-term BattleTech player, Jade Falcon fanatic and ice-hockey tragic JadeHellbringer has been elevated to fill the vacancy left following my movement. 

My thanks to all the forum management and site management teams I've worked with, as moderator and administrator, and to all the forum members who've made this place a unique and irreplacable part of my life. I'm still here, just in a different way.


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Re: Forum Staffing Changes
« Reply #1 on: 04 February 2016, 23:47:48 »
I want to throw in an enormous thanks to Worktroll for... god, everything he's done over the years. Much of what the admin staff has accomplished over the years has been behind the scenes- really, it's one of those things where the less of their work you see, the better things are going. And for several years now, things have been remarkably smooth under the thumb of our elder Australian statesman and his Spanish comrade. It's a big pair of shoes I'm tasked with filling, and it's not going to be easy to live up to that standard. (Fortunately, God & Davion is both an excellent teacher and keeps a cattle prod handy in case I step out of line)

It's been a pleasure to work with Worktroll, and I wish him nothing but the best as he moves into this new ombudsman territory- once he learns how to say the word, he'll be a great resource to the forums as always, I'm sure. In the meantime, I'm humbled and excited to take over the admin role here and hopefully won't burn the place down in the first week.
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