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Author Topic: Spotlight On (all volumes)  (Read 1434 times)


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3028-3050 Random Assignment Tables -
Also contains faction deployment & rarity info and Quirk lists.


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Re: Spotlight On (all volumes)
« Reply #1 on: 17 March 2017, 12:13:50 »
Spotlight On: Stone's Trackers, I think I found an error:

pdf pg. 11, Under Abstract Combat System Combat Teams

The 3112 version has a unit type of "MX", which should be "CI". Per pg. 326 of IO, at least 2/3rds of the sub-units are the same type, "CI" therefore the whole unit should be "CI" not "MX".


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Re: Spotlight On (all volumes)
« Reply #2 on: 01 January 2019, 09:24:10 »
A couple of minor typos in Spotlight On: Holt's Hilltoppers:

PDF page 2, paragraph 6:

Text: The Hilltoppers’ founders felt it was a great opportunity to strike back against their ancestral enemies, but A liaison officer was integrated into their command due to their youthful status as mercenaries . When the Harloc Raiders sent a battalion to eliminate the mercenaries, the Hilltoppers prepared concealed positions in St. Ives-controlled city they were defending.

The A in "A liaison officer" shouldn't be capitalised, there's a rogue space before the full stop after "mercenaries", and I think it should be "in the St. Ives-controlled city" or "in a St. Ives-controlled city".

PDF page 3, paragraph 5:

Text: A secondary goal was to capture any personnel and salvage any usable materiel in the process, but the pirates discounted the tenacity of mercenaries.

I think this should be "of the mercenaries" or "the mercenaries' tenacity", as I think it's referring specifically to the Hilltoppers, rather than mercenaries in general.

PDF page 5, George Holt:

Text: George Holt is an ethnic Amerindian from one of the world Holt’s tribal groups,

I think this hsould be "one of Holt's tribal groups" or "one of the world of Holt's tribal groups".

PDF page 5, Sun Chang:

Text: The Hilltoppers had wiped out the other two lances of her company, leaving her Third Lance all that remained.

I think this should be "as all that remained" rather than simply "all that remained".

PDF page 12, Sidebar:

The sidebar begins "he continent of Riverland." I think at least a part of the sentence has been deleted.

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