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The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
« on: 01 March 2018, 12:01:58 »
Here is my home game mercenary faction, I'm posting it in Chronological order and as originally presented (to have a backup in addition to sharing) but it gets better as time goes on.

Begin from February 2015


01/18/3061 Location - Westerhand, Capellan Confederation

The planet of Westerhand is a dismal place a place where hard luck mercenaries go for a final chance before being forced out the Inner Sphere to the Rim in order to join the other pirates.  The group of mechwarriors gathered don't even have a name just a bunch of also-rans from the Chaos March with broken mechs and dreams gathered from the WANTED ads with a promise of repair and potential salvage after a dangerous mission in the Capellan Confederation.  However the serene presence of Shonsa Kiang Shi Fang caught their attention not only was she beautiful, raven black straight hair, graceful curves accentuated by the Imperial Green Qipao she wore, the only thing that stopped a few of more anxious among them was a pair of bodyguards with Daos and Assault Rifles escorting her.  She beckoned them to sit at the table in the conference room and triggered the blinds while dimming the lights.

"I am glad that you accepted my gracious offer, I need your help. Two weeks ago, the mercenary unit 'Titanfellers' attacked a small holding of mine in the Periphery, the planetoid Creshan.  They attacked the defense team with a lance of Battlemechs and a reinforced company of armored vehicles and are keeping the remnants under armed guard in one of the habitats. 

The Titanfeller's Commander Capt. Jacovi Tun and I have a bad history and this has to be the reason he attacked the colony, it's hardly worth anything to him.  I need a group of mercenaries to remove his command from the planet, they don't need to be utterly destroyed just weakened enough to sue for peace. 

Unfortunately I cannot offer you a large monetary payment but I do have sufficient connections to get your mechs repaired and am willing to insure your mech's value should it be damaged beyond repair."

"Well if this isn't a paying job what do we get out of it."

"You will be allowed to salvage one of the Titanfeller's mechs from the field should they be incapacitated, any others will be claimed by my people.  I will be the one who decides how your unit will operate during this undoubtedly short campaign.  Your unit will be transported on a my dropship to the planet and I will cover all repairs and incidental expenses incurred during the length of the assignment.  You will get another mech and another chance with the high likelihood of additional work in the future if you do well."

"It would be good to get back in the fight Shonsa, I accept your offer."  The gruff nearly dispossessed mercenaries were just the kind of people she was looking for and they accepted the contract.


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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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A group of down and out mercs meet their beautiful employer.
What could go wrong.
Nice start. O0
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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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A group of down and out mercs meet their beautiful employer.
What could go wrong.
Nice start. O0
Nothing, I'm sure she a nice women

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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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Here we go...
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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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01/22/3061 Location – Keystone, Westerhand

Victory City still loomed large across the way from Keystone Bay to the industrial center and spaceport of Keystone.  The roar of dropship engines could be heard distinctively through the Mech Bay where a rag tag group of mercenaries from across the Inner Sphere were joined with a work crew of Capellans and Taurians.  Inside the hot and ramshackle Hanger sparks flew from welding torches leaving behind a acrid burnt metal odor, the intermittent and distinctive whine of pneumatic tools and alarms from the Buster XXI IndustrialMech filled the air.  The technicians were dressed in burnt orange work overalls with bright yellow helmets and communicated to each other in hand signals over the cacophony.  The Mercenaries were dressed in well-worn uniforms from the LAAF, AFFC, and FWL. Like Shonsa Kiang Shi Fang, who was dressed in much more utilitarian clothing, they wore earmuffs and their own helmets as they walked over to the main office that overlooked the hanger bay.

They walked in and went up to the supervisor's office where they stood eye to eye with a Devastator still raw metal and awaiting it's paint job, battle scars visible on it's opposite torso.  Shi Fang sat down opposite the Mechwarriors, “It is a very impressive mech Conner”

“Ah, it was right up until Capellan guerrillas broke him during GUERRERO, been saving up to fix him ever since.”

She curled her hand up displaying jade green nail polish before stretching it out again, “I hope you don't take it personally Mr Law.”

Conner crossed his arms, “I'm a mercenary I try not to take things personally, bad for business.  Enemy becomes Employer and so on.”

“I knew we wouldn't have any trouble.  We will be leaving in two days, so I wanted to give you a chance to address any lingering reservations you might have before you are on my ship.  We won't be turning around.  If you have any problems I can find other employers for you to pay off the repairs already conducted.”

One of the two brown skinned brothers from Islamabad, Ejay, spoke up, “We looked into your Captain Tun, he has a big bounty on him from the Chancellor.  Any chance we get a share?”  His brother Ejib nodded his head.

Kiang Shi Fang looked pleased, “I knew I found the right people for this job.  Yes Jacovi Tun does have a 'big' bounty and I am going to claim it but no you don't get a share.  You already are getting one of his mechs and will have a fresh mech and a solid reference at the end of this mission assuming you do well.”

She eyes Conner, whose Devastator repairs were very expensive, “I'm not doing it for the money anyway these Titanfellers have been nothing but trouble.  You surely noted the reason that he has a such a large bounty is because he is wanted for five War Crimes committed during his time in the Chaos March.  Not a very good example from your Federated Suns.”

The remaining three were a roughly middle aged Latino with graying hair but who still kept in great shape and a Merc couple from the Free Worlds League both brown haired and wearing matching gray and purple fatigues who looked toward the brothers. 

Ejay put his hands up defensively, “Hey we never bought into the Federated Suns being the best of people.  We are all Mercs here...a decent Mech split between us will go a long way to help my brother and least dodge our creditors a little bit longer.  We're still in.” 

The other's nodded in agreement, it would be good to get back into the fight and even though their mechs were now guarded by the Shonsa's Guards (to prevent them from taking the repaired mech off-planet without paying, it's happened) if her intel was good this would be a cakewalk.

“That's good to hear, I am going to check with the supervisor, he has requested some things that I did not expect.  I don't want any delays, this mission is time sensitive.” Kiang Shi Fang left and one of the Mercs watched as she walked out with one of the Taurian Techs.  A Marauder, Stalker, Thunderbolt, Helios, and Devastator loomed large in the Hanger, still undergoing repairs and rebuilds to bring them back into shape for combat.

Morgan Patnum, one of the League couple, “I don't know if I trust her Celfina.”  The other half of the couple replied, “You never trust a Capellan or turn your back on a Lyran, that's just dumb.  However, it will be nice to be back in the fight after that mess on Small World...”  Morgan looked over at her, “You're still going to blame me for that, that's not fair Celfina.  How was I supposed to know that the guard wasn't on our side, you said you took care of it.”

“No I said I was going to take care of it, you didn't listen like always.”
  Morgan and Celfina continued their conversation much to the awkward unease of the rest of the mercs.  Conner looked over at the others, “Drinks?”

Bryan Hunt, the Latino from the Southwest League looked at him, “You buying?”

“I wouldn't be working for the Capellans if I had that kind of cred.”
  The other's looked over at each other, nodded knowingly, and quietly left.

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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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Nothing, I'm sure she a nice women


What could possibly go wrong, eh?
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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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04/03/3061 04:17 Keystone Spaceport, Westerhand

The Union Dropship Hei Hua Long finished it's approach toward Keystone, it's imperial green painted stripes still bright having been repainted before it left the planet.  Westerhand's Sun lingered just under the horizon of Keystone Bay as the drop-ship decelerated and landed safely on it's landing skids, the ferrocrete still steaming as the fusion thrusters powered down.  The ground crew approached as four mechs stepped off the dropship.  A fifth mech, the Devastator, was being carried on a heavy tracked transport to the mech bay across the harshly illuminated tarmac, it was mostly undamaged but was lacking a head, a victim of a lucky hit from the Titanfeller's Von Lucker.  A small convoy of Pit Bull trucks were following it and the lance to the Mech Bay. 

A Caesar caught up to them, bare metal making the repairs obvious, the rest was still in Titanfeller livery, a flat brown-green with a steel-gray T and F at right angles to one another the short edges of the F being a stylized tank track.  The mech walked awkwardly over the Tarmac, it's pilot a rookie with only the few months of their contract term for training but it too safely made it within the Mech Hanger, although it nearly collapsed a section of catwalk after disregarding the warning signs.  The other merc mechs were immobilized in diagnostic mode but Ejib knew that they would have turned to face him, “Sorry Guys, I think I need more practice”

Ejay's voice came in over the short range radio frequencies, “I love you, but I totally agree.  That might be our ticket home after all.”

Chief Tech Codie Williams came in over the radio, his heavy Taurian accent always attracting the attention of the multinational mercs and he always sounded like he was drunk, “Cut the chatter guys, I've got to put a new head on this Devastator and that's gonna be a bitch.  So get out of my hanger, I've work to do.”

Bryan Hunt chimed in, “Alright Chief, have at it, we'll give you some space.”

The remaining Mercs gathered in a nearby restaurant afterward leaving the Mech bay, it was breakfast so there were eggs, bacon, coffee, and hash a plenty.  After living on powdered eggs, rice, mystery meat, and a uniquely bitter stew these past months they were happy to have decent food once again and the money to pay for it.

Ejay had elevated himself as the guy in charge mainly because he had the biggest mech now that Conner was dead.  “Fair share split between us, Conner's Mech and share are going to his brother Donovan.  Kiang Shi Fang apparently notified him of his brother's death once we returned to Confederation space.  He was on Northwind and apparently wants to be a Merc as well, not as experienced but a solid pilot nevertheless,” he eyed his brother who pretended not to notice.  “Anyone got something to add?”

Bryan Hunt cleared his throat, “I think we should sell the Caesar, settle the debts that can hurt our mechs or kneecaps, buy a few other mechs, hire some staff, and keep kicking ass.  Those guys didn't know what hit 'em when we showed up.”

Morgan and Celfina nodded in approval, “We're in.  Got plenty of opportunities here, not as expensive as Outreach or restrictive as Galatea.  Long arm of the Commie law can't reach us.  I'm happy to keep mercing with you guys.”

Ejay looked over to his brother, he was in they didn't have much better options on Islamabad not after the enemies they made. “I guess we just started a new Merc group and it ain't even ten o'clock.  Still got a long day ahead of us if we make it official.  Ejib and I will stop by the hiring hall, register, and check out the contracts; Morgan and Celfina you check the market to see what that Caesar will get us and what's for sale; Bryan why don't you see if Codie is looking for a new job and what his price is, the man stinks of moonshine but he is a wizard with the wrench.”

Westerhand Hiring Hall four hours later

The Westerhand Hiring Hall was large, not as large as the Merc Mart on Galatea or Harlec Central on Outreach but impressive nevertheless, a pyramid of glass and steel.  The inside however was less exciting it was too bright Westerhand's sun shined much brighter than those on Outreach or Galatea and the windows created numerous mini-greenhouses of the lobbies.  The inclinator was fun though, each one of the four worked their way up the superstructure of the facility which while filled was hardly the press of it's bigger brothers.  Large jade green banners with Chinese writing hung over the central lobby and there was a wing for the Free Worlds League, Aurigan Coalition, Magistracy of Canopus, and Taurian Concordat.  There were no banners hanging for the Combine or Commonwealth in this hiring hall which was oddly fine with the Federated Suns Expats.

The two men sat on sterile steel benchs backs sweating as the sun beat down on them even through the blinds in this suffocatingly small office.  “Ejay Bakshi?”, The Capellan clerk stumbled over the exotic name. Ejay had already forwarded most of the essential documents but the Capellan Confederation was a onerous bureaucracy and everything especially mercenary documents had to go through four different forms in two different places which took forever it seemed.  Ejay whispered in Hindi to his brother which had brought him a bowl of some kind of noodle while they waited, “No wonder Hanse Davion almost crushed them nearly thirty years ago.  I have to wait four hours to register to even get a chance to fight for them here.”

Ejib nearly coughed out the broth as Ejay walked up toward the plain black haired clerk wearing a jade green uniform.  A strong contrast to his saffron yellow jumpsuit with his father's former business logo on it's back. “Mr Bakshi, we have everything we need except a name for your unit.”  He quietly cursed having not thought to discuss the name of their fledgling merc unit over breakfast, “I have to choose that now I guess?”

“Yes unless you want to wait another three days to resubmit the paperwork.”  He sure as hell didn't want to do that but blanked before coming up with a name, “Mercs Unleashed”

The clerk quietly typed on the terminal, “Mercs Unleashed.” 

Ejay could hear the printer power up, “Mr Bakshi your paperwork is complete, please sign here.”  The man produced the print-out and Ejay signed it handing it back to him, “Congratulations.  Thank you for choosing Westerhand, Mr Bakshi, I wish you much good fortune.”  The phone on his desk rang and rapid fire Chinese followed, “A Kiang Shi Fang has requested an audience with you at her residence, here is the address.”  The man produced a small note with an address on it handing it to Ejay.

Ejay looked at the clerk confused, “Already?”

“Yes sir.  Please move along as we have other clients to process.”
  The Clerk waved his hand to dismiss the mercenary.

Ejib was still eating his noodles as his brother returned, “What was that about?”

“Can you walk and eat? because we have a house call to make.”

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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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ooh all set up and legal by lunch,
they could be out of business by sunset  :))
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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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Paperwork, in the future it will still be a pain. :D
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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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04/03/3061 17:13 Location – Kiang Shi Fang’s Residence, Westerhand, Capellan Confederation

Ejay and Ejib Bakshi exited the lime green taxi, it was an ugly vehicle but it was distinctive on the street.  The neighborhood they had ended up in looking out over Keystone Bay and Victory City but far on the outskirts and atop a series of sea cliffs, each house had a wall in front of it some were merely decorative others eyesores some a mix of both.  The address they had been given led them to a carefully manicured hedgerow behind a solid shoulder high concrete wall.  Wrought iron bars reached up and made it nearly impossible to climb and even if you could; you would end up in the wicked thorn bushes of the hedge. 

They walked up to the metal door that led inside, a pair of guards challenged them before allowing admittance.  As they entered the courtyard they were struck by the magnificent garden where peacocks wandered around under the bushes, and the elegantly simple residence that lie within.  An elderly gentlemen gray but still vital in a green outfit exited the house and approaching them, bowing slightly, “Greetings Brothers Bakshi, I am Shen, the caretaker of this residence, please follow me.”

The man walked them around the house on the cobblestone path through a twisting maze of a garden until they arrived at a sheltered area.  Kiang Shi Fang watched them enter from the hot tub. Her wet black hair gracefully falling over her chest concealing it from view, “Shen you should have told me we had guests.  I would have worn something.”

The old man bowed slightly, “Apologies Shonsa, they did not call ahead.  I will fetch your robe.” The man departed heading toward the house and around the other garden walls.

She looked over at them swimming so that she was against the near end of the steaming hot tub, “You seem to have caught me with my pants down as it were Mr Bakshi,” laughing, “please call ahead next time as I did not expect you quite so soon.  Have a seat over there, I will be with you shortly.” She motioned toward the nearby garden wall.  Ejay walked over to the wall and saw the patio table and chairs though he was careful not to stare at Kiang Shi Fang his younger brother though looked and was given a death glare.  They had spent two months on the dropship together but neither had never seen her quite this “exposed.” 

Shen returned bearing a robe and moments later he and Kiang Shi Fang rounded the corner, the woman with a towel in her hair.  “Tea?”  Both men nodded and thanked her, Shen returned with the tea service and a dish of sugar cubes and small pastries.  Kiang Shi Fang deftly took a sugar cube in her chopsticks and placed it in the green tea while the brothers kept theirs unsweetened. 

Ejay looked at her intently she was no ordinary Capellan noblewoman, they didn’t have planetoid colonies on an airless rock in the middle of nowhere, “Were you just waiting for us to register officially this afternoon?”

She took a gentle sip of her tea working the cup with practiced ease, “Well I didn’t expect you to work quite so quickly, most mercs have at least a week of hedonism in them before they need to skip out on a contract again.  Apparently two months of working together has truly inspired you to continue and like I said before I have plenty of work if you are interested.”

The elder brother was quick with a response, “You’re not just some ordinary noblewoman then are you?”

“Of course not, people would have to be a fool to think me so.  I’m a ‘talent scout’ typically I don’t go on operations though I am perfectly capable during one.  If you make it through the first challenge more opportunities await and you have impressed me thus far.  I would be happy to keep you in my employ.”

“So much so that you already have a contract drawn up for us.”

“Well of course, you seem awful eager to get off this planet Mr Bakshi, I am honestly a little upset.  One day in and then gone again.  Sure you don’t want to stay a little while?  Take in the sights.”

“What if we don’t wish to remain in your employ?”

“Then I will be more upset but our business was conducted as agreed and I’ve no wish to have unhappy mercenaries, far greater chance for misfortune to myself or the mission. You have a reinforced lance of functional battlemechs and I either have work for you or know someone who does.  In fact I have someone in mind I only ask that you speak to them.  They do work off the books, but it is quite lucrative and they come highly recommended.”

“We’ll consider it.”

“That is all I ask.  Shen please hand these men their new unit’s present.” The old man had remained silent and unnoticed by either brother during their conversation in fact they were surprised to see him when he presented them with an envelope tied with ribbon.  Ejib untied it cautiously, five VIP tickets to Mistress Tessa’s Pleasure Circus dated for tomorrow, ticket value 3000 Yuan (roughly 1500cb or a Mechwarrior’s monthly pay) were enclosed along with a full catalog of the acts, schedule, and address of the venue.  Ejib was engrossed in the tantalizing catalog while Ejay kept looking at Shi Fang, she seemed unphased “Would you like to stay for dinner Mr Bakshi?”

“No I think I’m good for Chinese today.”

“Pity.  Have a good evening then.  When you go there please tell them Jade sent you.  Shen please escort these men out and inform Li that I will be there in ten minutes.”

He bowed slightly again, “Of course Shonsa, please follow me Mr Bakshi.”


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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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Enjoying this muchly. Good stuff - keep it up.

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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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04/04/3061 16:58 Location – Hanger and Pad #517, Keystone, Westerhand

All five Mechwarriors of Mercs Unleashed were dressed in trendy new clothes, their unit coffers flush with cash after the sale of the Caesar this morning.  Nearly ten million c-bills were left in the pool after they put in the cash transfers through the Word of Blake operated HPG to their debtors to settle some of the outstanding debt that they were fleeing but not all of it.  An older Vandenberg Mechanized Archer 2R was already bid for and Ejib keyed as its pilot but the sale hadn’t gone through yet, they would know by the end of the week.  The other three million were going to be used to restock, stack some pay, and offset the start-up fees that were required to license and operate a Private Military Company.

Now though they were riding on a bus from the ferry terminal toward the spaceport, the colorful dropships of Tessa’s Pleasure Circus (A Princess, Monarch, and Mule) clustered around a set of hangers on a stretch of ferrocrete nearby as police managed the flow of traffic.  Hours were sunset to sunrise although they did have a Breakfast buffet if you managed to make it through with enough points after a night of partying and gambling.  A big top tent and amusement rides were assembled in between these five points.  Their luxurious bus was filled with other Mercenaries as they were the only people capable of buying a VIP ticket to the event but did not likely own a car.  The Mercs Unleased team was seeing if any were interested in joining, but the typical responses were “Mercs Unleased, that’s a dumb name” or “You guys are too small right now, you should join us.”

Celfina looked over to Morgan, she was wearing a silvery dress that barely could be called such while he was dressed in a fashionable blue suit “I’m excited.  How about you dear?”

“You know I won’t look,” she let out a fit of laughter, “You better look because I am gonna.  Don’t worry though, I will still love you in the morning….probably but tomorrow night maybe not.”  Morgan’s face blanched although she kissed him and whispered something into his ear that made him red.  He looked at her, “really?” she nodded. “Well now that changes everything, I’m excited too Cel.”

Bryan Hunt decided on a charcoal suit, Ejib picked orange, while Ejay picked red with a distinctive fedora to match.  The bus motored up to the VIP entrance, a bare chested giant of a man stood off to one side of the gate taller and larger by a significant margin than the other security, bigger than anyone the shorter than average Mercs Unleashed team knew or had heard about.  A Smoke Jaguar Tattoo and Laborer brand adorned his dark skinned arms and bright intricate tattoos weaved along his torso, a recent addition to accentuate his musculature.

Bryan let out a whispered “An Elemental?”  The Canopian man checking tickets jogged over to them, “Don’t stare, it makes him angry.  That’s John, our resident Elemental, you’ll see him during the strong man act later.  John say hi to these people.”

A deep bassy rumble came right from his diaphragm, “Hello”

“See totally normal, now if you will just follow me and leave John to his duties.”

His deep voice came from behind “Goodbye, enjoy the show,” it terrified the others but Celfina lingered eyeing the impressive specimen until Morgan grabbed her hand.  The party worked their way back to the ticket booth, the man who introduced himself as Baron looked over their passes which were different than the others, “Where did you get these?”

Ejay spoke, “Jade sent us”

The man's tone changed, “We’re always happy to have Jade’s guests join us,” he snapped a wristband on each of them and handed them a small stack of the funny money used within the circus.  “Do you see that man over there?”  He pointed to a black haired man wearing a coat, hat, gloves, and sunglasses even as the sun began to set, “go introduce yourselves to him and he will show you to the Extra Special VIP Booth.  Best seats in the house for the main shows.”

The party walked up to the man, “Baron told us to talk to you.”

“I know, Jade sent me your profiles beforehand.”  He lowered the shades a moment and a chrome blue eye looked at them joined by a natural blue one.  Morgan, Celfina, and Bryan recoiled in fright, as Leaguers they instinctively hated cyborgs, Ejib and Ejay were merely surprised.  “I knew you were here as soon as you walked off the bus.”  He replaced the shades and tipped his hat to Ejay, “Follow me.”

The mystery cyborg worked his way through a series of temporary barriers that led up to the scaffolding that made up the main stage.  They could hear the sound of the casino on the other side of the bleachers one of the three gambling dens that were part of this pleasure circus and smell the perfume and cologne of the staff in their changing rooms.  The cyborg said something quietly into the radio on his shoulder in a language they didn’t understand.  He continued on until they were at the foot of a metal stairwell leading up into the balconies, a key-carded door was nearby.  “That is door 4A it leads to an express route that connects the casinos.  You can open any A door in the circus but don’t bother anyone or I will kick you out.  Up there is your booth.  Enjoy.”

The man walked out into the door which let a burst of the cacophony of slot machines and table games before closing again.  Bryan followed, “If you’re looking for me check the bars first.  I’ll call you if I get lucky and need a pickup,” he shrugged his shoulder, “or bail.”  Morgan and Celfina were next, Celfina pulling her husband along, “Strip club!”  Ejib looked at his barely twenty year old brother, “You can go, don’t do anything stupid.”  He pumped his fist and ran out the door, “Yes!  See ya bro.”

Now that his companions had departed, “Might as well take in the view.”  He walked up the sturdy metal staircase to a box hanging suspended from the ceiling, far above the normal booths with several monitors that were synced with the massive view screens.  It looked like it might even be the control booth but he could see that off to the side of the stage.  The booth had sixteen seats and two tables luxuriously appointed with a private wine cooler and bar, a touch screen in the back was glowing softly in the dim light, he figured meal service.  A woman sat in one of the seats her red hair against the white leather chair,  “and here I thought it would be a lonely night.”

Ejay was surprised not expecting someone else to be there, “I didn't know that Jade sent us an escort as well.”  A hearty chuckle emanated from the woman who stood up, her black evening gown flowing elegantly over her curves sharply contrasting her pale skin, green eyes lifted in bemusement.  “I assure you that had I chosen that particular profession I would be the best in the Inner Sphere,” she reached up and he reached his hand out before she poked him in the nose, “and my rates would be far to high for the likes of you Ejay Bakshi.  Unfortunately for you I am merely a spy, Commander Felicity Grey, MIM.”


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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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Tessa’s Pleasure Circus, I'm shocked that there is a MIM spy onboard..
Much like Captain Renault was shocked to find that gambling is going on at Ricks
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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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04/04/3061 19:37 Location – Tessa’s Pleasure Circus, Westerhand

After eating at the restaurant and talking shop Ejay Bakshi and Felicity Grey moved on to the casino, both of them were at the craps table, a thick stack of chips in front of Ejay courtesy of Felicity's recommendations.  Ejay was still facing the table while she leaned back and moved close.  There was a shift change in process so they were the only ones at the table right now as the pit boss and his people checked the cash box.  Ejay fiddled with the brightly colored chips, “How do you know so much about casino games?”

She raised an eyebrow, “Seriously?  My home base is Herotitus but there are agents in every pleasure circus.  Supposedly the Directors leave the Medical and Development teams untouched but that is just what I've heard.  The first and sometimes longest assignment for most of us is observation in one of these troupes, our training is quite extensive and...immersive.”

He turned and faced her, “What was your performance art?”

She waved her hands as if to brush that away, “Not me I was a diplomatic agent.  It didn't work out, I don't play well with others.  Now I just do field ops with my team.”

“Seen any of your other friends?”

She looked around the floor, “Not that I can tell, but their boss likely told them to give my people and I a wide berth.  We only share enough to avoid getting in each other's way.  You will have to be careful with what you say here though.”  She looked at the dome camera above them, “they watch everything.”

She smiled and put her hand around his shoulder, “Well it has been fun Ejay but I have to find some other entertainment.  There is a Regulan over your right shoulder that has been following us for some time now.  She's pretty enough.”

He began to turn,”Don't look, she's jealous but confused at exactly what we are, is looking to make a score but not bold enough to make a scene.  I've been messing with her most of this time and if looks could kill I'd be a dead woman many times over.  So you're going to have to make the scene and wait a little while.”   She gave a crude smile, “once she's sure I'm gone she'd be more than happy to blow on your dice, or well anything else you'd like.  Be careful with those Regulans have a tendency to be...extreme, personal experience you'll just have to take my word on it.”

Priya Katribi looked over from her lonely table at the bar, her fashionable sari draped over her legs as she watched the table where that red headed scank was still clinging tightly to the guy she wanted.  So many times she wanted to go up there and beat that bitch up but didn't want to get kicked out; she had paid good money for this ticket.  Just then he yelled and she stormed off in a hurry Priya watched her as she disappeared, the craps crew returned and the man was ready to play another round.  She looked into her compact, fixed her hair, and reapplied her lipstick, “Looks like it's my lucky night.”

The Arena was filled to capacity the three view screens behind showing the promotional image of “Mirror the Marvelous Canopian Catgirl”, green cat’s eyes with a stylized Venus symbol.  The main stage consisted of three circular sub-stages set out into the crowd with level bridges between them.  The void space was where the band played.  The rear of the stage had a series of stylized buildings and the floor was springy.  On the catwalk above dozens of riggers and crew were checking to ensure that everything would go smoothly. 

Ringmistress Tessa arrived with a group of performers to great fanfare and a little samba dance act, her beauty, moves, black leather corset, and open red skirt still turned heads even in her late 50s.  She had worked in a Circus before striking out and now her troupe was one of the largest traveling acts in the Inner Sphere but had never performed in the Capellan Confederation before.  “Hello Westerhand!  I am Ringmistress Tessa, your grateful hostess.  Thank you all for coming out this evening.”  The subtitles in Chinese were put up on the screen behind her.

A drunken mercenary heckler yelled from the stands, “Take it off!”  Without losing a beat Tessa pointed and a pair of security men grabbed the heckler and began pulling him out of the Arena.  Others filled in the space.  “How very rude, I will be sure to personally teach him some manners.”  A “Woot!” was heard in the crowd, “Back to the act that you have all been waiting for.  Mirror is getting ready right now to headline our show.  After which begins our late night programming that I'm sure you're all eagerly anticipating.”  she let the last two words roll for a while and gave a swing of her hips to accent them, “You’re all excited to see her perform right?”  She put the microphone out and a mild cheer erupted from the crowd followed by an jolt of surprise as the view screens came to life, green cat’s eyes moving as a chibi version of Mirror appeared on the view screen materializing like the Cheshire cat from the black screen eyes first.

“Tess are we almost ready? I can’t hear the cheer even with my cat ears.” The chibi version’s ears twitched and moved as if to hear the crowd better, “They don’t seem very excited to see me.  What if they don’t like me?”  The Chibi Mirror’s eyes went full Tareme and the creature looked like it was about to cry.

“Don’t worry Mirror I’m sure they are just getting warmed up.  Westerhand, Mirror traveled all the way from Vixen to perform for you.  You are excited to see her right!”  A much loader cheer erupted which caused spider webbing in the view screen like it was made of glass and the volume rose.  Eventually it shatters with a massive sound effect and the lights cut out.  Chibi Mirror grinning before her body dissipates followed by her eyes.

A lone spotlight appears on an elderly man playing a Guquin behind the center stage slightly elevated from the floor.  Some of the stage lights come on as two red and gold banners unfurl from the ceiling reading “Xin Sheng” in large golden calligraphy.  A petite and exotic woman with brown hair and cat ears lands from one of the unfurling banners.  With practiced grace she dips into a low four point stance before rising to a high one handed stand facing away from the crowd displaying the sign for “Cat” in brilliant silver on the back of her green Wushu silks.  She pulls her legs into a split before rolling out doing cartwheels from the right hand stage to the center, landing on one leg arms tight, she leans her cat eared head out to the crowd.  Several sections of the crowd applaud and yell as she transitions into a handspring toward left stage somersaulting and landing in a split raising her arms along the plane of her legs. 

More applause as the other sections of the band come alive with the sounds of traditional Chinese style music courtesy of the Sian Cultural Conservatory.  As the music becomes more layered her movements grow more complex crescendoing into parallel bars, impressive leaps from the buildings backstage, and trampolines and spring boards built into the stage floor, she scurries along walls, balances on slacklines and tightropes, performs aerials on the Chinese poles and utilizes every prop in a well-rehearsed three dimensional acrobatic dance routine.  All the while the camera carefully follows her as she moves along with masterful strength and agility.

In her final routine on the Chinese pole she threw a little sugar on it, abandoning gymnastics for a short pole dance to tease her later show before dismounting.  Canopian and Capellan dancers come in from the side stage and throw her a pair of fans which she catches in front of and behind her while spinning.  Opening the intricately crafted items in a en pointé worthy of any prima ballerina.  She holds the pose before shifting sideways touching her foot to the back of her head (dancer Yoga pose but hands free), her cybernetic tail unraveling from around her waist to move on its own before waving rhythmically, following the undulations of her body.

Shortly after that she joins the other dancers in a coquette pose fans closed.  The music changes tone to a quieter but intricate melody that sped up as she and her co-performers move the fans through the air, spinning in elegant patterns and shifting the sides of the fan in unison.  A large cylinder surrounded with display screens lowers from the ceiling, a trapeze bar originating from a hatch beginning to lower to the stage floor.  With a quick motion and musical flourish Mirror tosses her fans out to her co-performers and vaults off another into the trapeze, circling until she is hanging from her legs as the bar is pulled back up waving until she disappears inside. 

A five minute countdown timer appears on the displays which slowly turn into a translucent look through to Mirror within, showing her removing her costume the clarity of which is slowly increasing.  The stage crew below hard at work setting up for the second part of the hour long act.  The Xin Sheng banners are pulled up and ones with the Magistracy of Canopus flag and Tessa's corporate logo unfurl.
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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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Five minutes later the cylinder was on the stage floor nearly transparent now and the screens were pulled up to reveal Mirror in a strappy outfit within a go-go cage.  The band picked up the beat as she started belly dancing while the other dancers gathered around, her tail following in precise synchronicity with her movements.  Eventually the door opened and she joined the others in a high energy dance medley that kept going for the remaining half hour. 

META – Can’t describe the whole thing watch some Latin, R&B, and Rap music videos and take it to eleven for a half hour.

As the time drew near Mirror unhooked the straps of her top holding it in front of her while teasing the crowd then she winked and the lights went out.  When they came back on a moment later Mirror was gone and a load groan was heard from the crowd as Ringmistress Tessa returned to stand in the center of the assembled dancers with a whip wrapped around her waist, hands clapping “What an excellent performance as always.  Ladies and Gentleman, if you want to see more of Mirror…and I’m sure you do stick around to watch her show at two AM.  The first show in our late night programming block begins in ten so stick around if you dare.”

Up in the box the Mercs Unleashed team and ARC Team WILDCAT were equally disappointed but excited for the closing show.  Ejib chief among them having taken a major liking to the star performer, “I can’t believe Ejay missed that.”  Felicity looked over and said in a hushed tone, “I’m sure he has better things on his mind right now but I’ll tell you a secret,” she leaned over and whispered something into his ear causing him to perk up, “Really?” to which she nodded.

Twenty minutes later Ejib Bakshi used his VIP pass to get backstage stopping in front of Mirror’s door, the plain white door was only identified by the Venus symbol.  He took a deep breath and knocked. 

A few moments passed before she opened the door nonchalantly nude looking different without the cat ear headband.  Ejib could see numerous tattoos on her bare skin, Egyptian hieroglyphs mostly but a few other symbols popped out most of which were cat related.  He could tell she had showered due to the smell of her flowery soap and shampoo.  Without her makeup she was just very pretty instead of drop dead gorgeous like she was on-stage.  Her eyes were still catlike which meant they weren’t contacts but implants and her tail waved gently behind her.  “Can I help you?”

He took a second to compose himself, “I would like you to scratch my back.”

She gave him a wicked smile and a predatory look, “You know what you’re asking for right?”

Ejib paused a moment in doubt, however he was already here and she was just so there, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”  He passed her a wad of c-bills which she quickly counted before looking him over. 

“Purrfect,” a well-manicured hand grabbed his orange tie to pull him into her room.  He looked around to see a costume and prop truck, mirrors on most walls, a brass pole, stretching machine, inversion rack, table, chairs, and sofa.  She closed and locked the door behind her, “Let’s get started.” 

Fifteen minutes later, Ringmistress Tessa and her assistant were escorting a handsome young man toward Mirror’s room.  His body language showed he was overcome with some manner of drug and was being led by the young woman to his side.  Tess stopped short seeing an orange tie on Mirror’s room.  “I’m sorry young man, it appears that Mirror already has an admiring fan in her room, Clara please make sure he gets a ride home.  I’ll ensure someone is nearby when Mirror goes to Makeup and Wardrobe.”


“Sorry, the two words are just so intertwined in my head, her second show doesn’t need a wardrobe.”

META - Mirror’s 2AM show is, far too…artistically erotic to describe on the forums lest the mods mob me.

04/05/3061 09:11 Location – Graham Plaza Hotel, Victory City, Westerhand

Ejay Bakshi stepped out of a bright red sports car with Principality of Regulus diplomatic plates onto the wide circular drive of the hotel.  His black suit and hair were messed up, red tie and hat missing, lipstick marked visible and hidden portions of his body, and many muscles hurt.  Priya gave him the 'call me' sign and blew a kiss his way before speeding off, her veil flying behind her in the early morning sky.  He walked up to the doorman who waited to open the door, “Rough night Mister Bakshi?” Ejay rummaged through his pockets pulling out his comm-pad and hotel key, “I have to get off this planet before that woman kills me.”

“I wish you good luck sir.  Miss Katribi has quite the reputation.”

“That would have been nice to know before I spent the night at her place.  Have you seen my brother Bruce?”

“He came in last night on a small ambulance, they wheeled him up to the room.”

“What!  Who wheeled him up?”

“Tessa’s people, at least that’s what the night guard told me.”

“Well that explains why he didn’t pick up.  Have a good morning Bruce.”

“You as well sir.”

Ejay keyed the hotel suite and walked into his little brother’s room.  The young man wasn’t wearing a shirt, his pants had been changed out for shorts, bandages covered a part of his back, ice packs and a heating pad were nearby while a small pill bottle and booklet were on the nightstand.  Wraps covered one of his legs and he had a variety of welts and bruises all over, “Oh man bro I was hoping you were going to show up soon.  I have this really bad itch but I can’t make my muscles move, I’m just so sore.”

He walked over to him and crouched down, “What happened?”

“Things got a little out of control.”
  He moved his head with a pained expression, “Is that lipstick on your collar?”


“Way to go”

“Look I’m going to take a shower but I hope she was worth it Ejib.”

He smiled wide, “She was”


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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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04/09/3061 15:47 Location – Office 158A, Westerhand Hiring Hall, Westerhand

Joe Leeson walked in to the Mercs Unleashed office rented at an exorbitant hourly rate, he wore plain gray fatigues and the two men inside were wearing saffron yellow jumpsuits some logo in a language he didn’t understand was stitched in.  The one behind the stainless steel desk, covered in papers, old coffee cups, and an ashtray, stood up and extended his hand to him.  “Hello Mr Leeson, I am Captain Ejay Bakshi this is my brother Ejib.”  The younger man waved momentarily pulling himself from the computer set up on the rickety folding desk behind his brother Joe noticed he was sitting on a small refrigerator.  The shades were pulled tight against the glaring sun and office smelled of fragrant tobacco, the hustle and bustle of the low rent offices in the bottom of the pyramid was momentarily shut out, “please have a seat.”  Joe sat down in the poorly upholstered blue chair.

“I understand that you are looking for a job.”

“Yessir, I have mostly intact Phoenix Hawk 3M and three years of experience operating it.”

The man pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lit one looking his way as smoke curled into the vent above, “Mostly?”

“It’s missing a few pieces.  I have a complete spec sheet for your technical staff here, right from the DI.”  He pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed it to Ejay, “Ejib scan this and send it over to Codie.”  Ejay passed it over his shoulder.

“Sure thing bro”

“I assure you all the numbers check out for the right people.”

“I’m certain of it.  I read the record you sent ahead of time, another one of the young deserters gone errant following Guerrero.”

“I trust that is not a problem Captain Bakshi.”

“You’ll be in plenty of familiar company, got a couple of Leaguers in the unit though I hope you can play well with others.”

“The only person I want a piece of is Katherine for leaving us all behind.”

“I don’t know if we can do that but it’s a paying gig and I like what I see but am in a bit of a cash crunch so I’ll call you tomorrow to see whether or not we have a slot for you.  I want to know how much it is going to cost me to bring your mech online.  We’re still fishing for some contracts.”

“Understandable.  I’ll be sure to check my Comm-Pad regularly.”

Joe departed closing the door behind and saw a cute girl in biking clothes with a bright yellow hat carrying a messenger bag coming his way.  He moved to block her path.  “Hi I’m Joe, what’s your name?”

“Mina,” she tried to work her way around him to the office but he kept getting in the way, “Can you get out of the way?  I’m kind of in a hurry.”

“What if I want you to take your time?”  She rolled her eyes before grabbing his forearm and slamming him into the wall with a load bang.  He was momentarily dazed and tasted blood in his mouth while she entered the Mercs Unleashed office.  “I’m seeing stars, I think I might be in love.”  He had to hang on to the wall for a little while as he walked until his equilibrium returned.

Back in the office Ejay was up, “Did you make that noise girl?”

“My name is Mina.  One of your mechwarriors got in my way.  I had to…move him.”

“You didn’t kill him right?”

She rolled her eyes again, “He’ll be fine Captain Bakshi.  Li asked that I give this to you and await a response.  I can answer most of the questions you have as she is quite busy right now.”  She opened the messenger bag to hand a manila envelope to Ejay who took it, opening it with his folding knife and looking it over.  Mina sat in the blue chair putting the bag in her lap and crossing her legs.  Ejib chimed in from the back, “Would you like something to drink while you wait?”

“I’ll take a Citrus or Mango soda if you have one, preferably with a straw.”

He returned with a soda and straw before returning to his work spending a little too much time looking at her.  Ejay looked over the contract and was punching numbers into a large calculator on his desk while writing on a piece of grid paper. “Ejib, did we get any word back yet from our contracting agent?”

He typed something on his computer, “Nope.”

“Take a look at this real quick.”
  The younger man stood up and looked over the spreadsheet.

“Yeah that could work. You sure about this though?  Felicity seemed to get us in more trouble the last time we trusted her.” He pulled his hand across his back, “My back still hurts from Mirror’s claw marks; I didn’t knew she actually was going to scratch my back.”  Ejay’s comm-pad chirped and he peeked, it was from Priya and it was not subtle.  “Shit!” He silenced the device and looked at Mina who was trying to hide her smile before taking another sip of her soda.

“Look I agree with you, but I really need to get off this planet and the numbers work.  Mina we’re willing to talk to your boss,” he looked over toward the comm-pad that was blowing up with messages. “Please tell me she is free tonight?”


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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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06/21/3061 04:48 Location – Above Lordinax, Occupied Lothian League

Commander Felicity Grey was dressed with a utilitarian gray jumpsuit red hair tied in a short ponytail swayed slightly in the low gravity, a small humming originating from the deck as the dropship transferred to a high polar orbit.  The rest of her ARC Team WILDCAT were in their winter battledress as were Mercs Unleashed and the MAF infantry soldiers on loan for the mission.  All were gathered around the portable projector currently set up in the spacious cargo bay of the Buccaneer dropship OAFT Ivana Naruu. 

Their Battlemechs were still on their transport cradles though the tech squad was beginning to prep them, a pair of Workhorse Utility vehicles and an Undertaker Heavy Transport were behind them.  Deeper in the hold a dozen Super Scorpion tanks (30t, 2 MG, AC/5, Ferro Armor) and crates of small arms, ammunition, and explosives were secured against abrupt acceleration.

Felicity pointed a laser toward the screen, “Here is your dropzone, it is a frozen meadow plenty firm for what we need.  Once off-loaded my team and I will go to our operations area and complete our mission.  Your job is simple raise hell with the local MHAF garrison until we are done, it should be about five days.  My sources tell me that the Second Legio’s Counter Insurgency commander was located here yesterday.” 

She highlights the area on the map, “The Marians are not known for their complex organizations or sophisticated COIN ops preferring atrocities so getting rid of this commander will be a triple strike at the threat to save the valuable lives of resistance fighters and their supporters. Afterwards I have reports of a prison work camp here.  I want you to liberate those people and protect them long enough to give them time to scatter and find safe haven among the resistance.”

“We will pick you up here once we are finished.  I have given you all a summary of the second legio’s organization table.  They are widely scattered and the resistance has been ensuring they cannot concentrate force on any one position without being vulnerable elsewhere.  If they come at you, guerilla fighters will come for them.”

The Ivana Naruu dusted off at Lordinax to discharge the Merc Unit that will be 3rd Cohort's nightmare for the week while we are on-planet.  We then proceeded to A-89, one of the resistance's larger hubs to begin our training and outfitting of them. 

I directed the Mercs to Ordo Vigilis COIN director Andrew Wilkenson who our reports said is establishing a new signals station with Blake tech.  The Mercs killed him during their raid, destroyed the station, and routed his bodyguard unit.  This should slow their progress in uncovering our sleeper agents and keep our stations broadcasting to direct the insurgency.

Wilkenson did broadcast a wide-band alert to forces in the area to converge and box the Mercs in but Legatus O'Crey was overconfident and didn't respond with sufficient force to hold Youngman's Mine Labor Camp.  The Mercs hammered the reinforced garrison and liberated the prisoners including a team of resistance armor crews.

The Mercs seem to be holding strong, if they keep up the good work we may be able to offer them additional contracts.  Our latest intercepts from the MHAF are very promising, Legatus Oliver O'Crey is throwing everything he has at the Mercs to protect his future career.  This will cause him to make bad choices, just the kind I need him to make.

Training of the Lothan Resistance proceeds smoothly, they are well-motivated and capable of performing basic tactical maneuvers and some complex skills.  Our team is working 18 hours a day training and drilling the resistance in all manner of skills.  Inform the MAF that I appreciate their loaned personnel, they are performing better than anticipated.

ARC will get it done

Cmd. Felicity Grey

ARC Team WILDCAT SIGINT Intercept forwarded to Merc CommNet
Origin – Blackwell, MHAF 2nd Legion, 3rd Cohort HQ

Watcher Breslan – At 10:14 yesterday we received a transmission from my colleague reporting an attack on the new listening post in the hinterlands.  The garrison at Youngman's Mine was alerted but they were overrun by the hostile force whom they damaged. 

Legatus O Crey - Current reports indicate that their force is under repair at that location.  Is that still true, Watcher?

Watcher Breslan – It is but they were reinforced with another group that had been attacking secondary targets and the Lothan League resistance is currently on the move harassing our forces.

Legatus O Crey – Principes O Mar how many units will you need to ensure the resistance can be kept in check.

Principes O Mar – I will be able to do it with our auxiliary century and several mechs.

Legatus O Crey – Inform Legatus Connerly of 2nd Cohort to reinforce us with any men he can spare, he owes me.  I will take the rest of my force to crush these impudent bandits once and for all.

ARC Team WILDCAT Final Debriefing 6/24/3061 TST
Author - Commander Felicity Grey
File Code -  U73-RIM-218
MIM Directory - OP:BROKEN SHARD, Arc Classification F87
Decrypt Key - 12-BO-71-IN

You engaged the majority of ii Legio's 3rd Cohort at Easton Pass with assistance from a group of Lothan Resistance fighters.  They managed to kill Legatus O Cray and several other centurion mechwarriors.  Most of the 3rd Cohort has been destroyed now which should reduce the attrition in the Resistance.  Congratulations on your hearty salvage a Guillotine, Hunchback, and Griffin will be fine additions to your unit.

Lothan Resistance this is Sean O'Rielly, son of the Caesar. I have captured your leader Elizabeth Lothan and am holding her hostage until your unconditional surrender.  Any attempts to continue this resistance will result in her death and severe punitive measures against your planets.  You have until the end of the month to lay down your arms and accept our Hegemony.



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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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08/11/3061 08:17 Location – Mercs Unleashed Office, Westerhand, Capellan Confederation

With a successful covert operations contract on the book and another reference Ejay Bakshi rented a nicer office on the second floor of the Westerhand hiring hall.  Mercifully Priya had seemed to forget about him during his few months off world just as he had hoped, her clinginess transferred to some other poor sap.  They had found pilots for the new mechs and another solo operator joined them bringing with him a Dervish.  With ten mechs and a group of support vehicles he was going to have to hire more staff to and increase the parts and tools needed maintain his command.  Three laser disks had been dropped off in his corporate box from a Paradiso Armor Works so he put one in and watched.

The video opens with a montage showing various tanks firing their weapons and maneuvering around a sand quarry, near and distant explosions blast your senses.

Narrator: "What you need is more Firepower"

The scene blurs our as the P.A.W. logo (A bow horizontal on top with a sword and spear crossed below)

The shot opens on a Latino man wearing a tan suit with stunning beach vista in the background

"Greetings all, I am Enrique San Marco, President of Paradiso and CEO of Paradiso Armor Works." 

he puts away an umbrella drink and stands up before turning over to a massive yard of vehicles with large industrial structures in the background

"I am pleased that you have decided to view our tape and am certain you will find something of interest from our Long War product line.  Through my nearly thirty years in Industry, I have found that many solutions are simply lacking for budget-conscious combat units.  Everything was simply larger, flashier, and more expensive so I came upon a solution."

He walks to an elevator which opens onto the tarmac below where dozens of tanks fresh from the factory are being warehoused

"That solution was to go back to basics; When we unveiled the Longspear Main Battle Tank in 3042 everyone laughed at us.  They thought there was no way this tank could be a game changer. 

All it took was a couple of foiled pirate raids and then people started to pay attention. After watching this video I am sure you will find that Paradiso Armor Works has a tactical combat solution right for you."

Narrator: "It all started with the Longspear Main Battle Tank, a simple but robust design composed of a Mydron Class X Autocannon with eight and a half tons of Starshield A armor.  The first six Blocks used imported weapons and equipment but now everything is made under license on Paradiso to ensure quality.

While lacking anti-infantry weapons this tank was designed to work with infantry and fellow armor according to combined forces doctrine.  The latest Block 18 designs use the Paradiso Power 180 Tri-fuel I.C.E. with the proprietary Lucid Dream Comm and Catseye Fire Control systems giving it great situation awareness and long legs.

The Longspear has no variants nor does P.A.W. intend to change that anytime soon, the standard design has been left unchanged but updated since it was first made."

Cut to montage of the Longspear firing on the move over a sand dune firing its cannon at a distant target which then explodes.  That explosion fades to reveal the Mongol tank as it begins to maneuver around the dusty plain.

Narrator - "After the Longspear P.A.W.'s next best seller is the Mongol Fire Support Tank, the base model is armed with six Delta Dart 5 Long Range Missile Racks but everything else is the same as the Longspear including the electronics.  These missile racks can keep firing constantly for nearly two minutes.

The Mongol has two variants the Mongol Short has four Harpoon 6 Short Range Missile launchers packing a mighty close range punch and the Mongol Rampage has fourteen Death Blossom 15s for a staggering 210 rockets giving the Rampage a truly terrifying first strike potential."

Cut to a montage of the Mongol Long firing its missiles and saturating an area with explosions while a Mongol Short launches missiles in a simulated city and a Mongol Rampage launches its full volley creating a massive smoke cloud which then cuts to the Longsword tank.

Narrator:  "The latest tactical vehicle in the line is the Longsword Close Combat Tank, this tank uses paired Mydron Snakekiller Lightweight Autocannon Vs and four Death Blossom 10s to own close range.  Everything is common with the other tanks and in fact all of these tanks are merely turrets that can be changed out with the proper tools and training.

The Longsword has two variants the Longsword Torch and Blitz combine the Snakekillers with a pair of Flame Tech 135-K Flamers in the Torch or a pair of LFN Linbald Machine Guns.  They are the perfect vehicle for forested or urban combat against infantry and fellow armor.  The Longsword's secondary weapons can be changed in any Block 7 or modern within an hour, allowing you the customer to adapt it to any close combat situation."

Cut to a Montage of the Longsword launching its forty missiles while firing its guns at a target building while a Longsword Torch moving through a simulated town sporadic gouts of flame firing out to deal with "targets" and a Longsword Blitz fires its Cannons and Machine Guns utterly destroying a platoon of targets on an open gun range.  The picture cuts out to a strange looking tank with no gun but with a massive grappling hoist.

Narrator:  "That is not all P.A.W. has recently added a new design, the Ranger Remote Armored Recovery Vehicle.  This modified Longspear turret contains the remote operation equipment and three Talon Grenade Launchers capable of firing various grenade payloads around the vehicle but typically smoke. 

The main feature is its Heavy Lift Hoist capable of lifting and dragging a damaged P.A.W. Medium Tactical Vehicle from the field safely while under fire.  It does this by connecting to the control suites (Lucid Dream and Catseye) and synchronizing them to the remote users.  Firmware 17.5.3 allow the remote system to synchronize with all standard communication protocols while 15.8.7 units must use the older SMCS (Secure Military Comm Standard) 109.21 protocol common to P.A.W. Tactical Vehicles."

Cut to a video feed being streamed to an operator you watch as the operator aims the lift hoist at a damaged Longspear, the unit connects before grappling the tank and dragging it along to safety.

The Longspear is dropped off and you can see all six of the P.A.W. Medium Tactical Vehicles lined up in a phalanx wedge position.  The camera fades out into the setting sun of Paradiso before returning back to Mr. San Marco

"I hope you have enjoyed our little informational video, please contact your local licensed P.A.W. dealer for our catalog which contains more information, we certainly welcome your business."
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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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planning on posting the vehicles?
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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
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planning on posting the vehicles?

I attached the base units to the post, couldn't upload the .saw files however which is kinda annoying

Next Disk

The video opens up to a Latino man in a tan suit walking along the beach.

"Greetings, I am Enrique San Marco, President of Paradiso and CEO of Paradiso Armor Works and Utilitech Industrial.  Now you may recognize me as the man who played Anton Marik on the telenovela Bloodlines or perhaps from a Forbes article about my life, but more likely you know me due to my long history with industry.  Well I am coming to you from Caponde Beach, a part-time training area for my crack contract garrison and volunteer defense force to show you something new.  When I founded Paradiso Armor Works in 3042 I made it the goal of that company to solve problems sort of a continuation from Utilitech.  That is why I build companies on efficiency and cost effectiveness with techs and crew in mind every step of the way. 

Considering you are watching this video you are likely a Supply Sergeant, Quartermaster Officer, or Procurement Agent for a large firm.  Either way we have a cost effective combat support solution for you.  With pleasure I would like to introduce you to the MULE series of vehicles."

Thirteen tracked vehicles crest over the sand dune in unison with the ocean glimmering behind them.  Several of the vehicles move off but some remain.

"All Modern Utility, Logistics, and Engineering vehicles or MULE for short are built using as many of the same parts as possible.  All of them run on rugged tracks supporting their 20 ton chassis and are powered by by a Paradiso Magna 100 Tri-fuel Engine allowing them to reach 83 kilometers per hour.  There are three model series available for purchase.

The Logistics Series, consists of the Cargo, Chow Wagon, Escort, Medical, Independent Cargo, and Freezer series.

The Cargo series have a ten ton internal cargo bay capable of accepting inner Sphere standard containers, Utilitech Synco™ 5 ton liquid storage cylinders, or loose palletized cargo.

Utilitech manufactures a wide range of Synco™ liquid-gas storage cylinders, coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and build thicknesses depending on your desired cargo.  Everything from Ammonia and Liquid Petroleum Gas to Cryogenic Hydrogen and Jet Fuel has an appropriate and industry standard tank variety available to you.

The Escort variant is equipped with four LFN Lindbald Machine guns, one on each side with increased armor.  You can rest easy knowing that the MULE escort has your back, side, or front.  These machine guns are operated behind a heavy duty bullet resistant window and bump turret allowing superior situational awareness while ensuring safety."

A MULE Escort speeds along the beach its four machine guns ripping through a series of targets while travelling at high speeds

"The independent Cargo is useful in small operations, it has an integral material handling crane capable of lifting ten tons while having a roomy seven ton cargo bay.  It can carry and off-load its payload without requiring additional vehicles or personnel or assist dedicated material handlers.  The Independent Cargo can be configured as a technical workshop by installing tool lockers into the frame, most Paradiso Armor Works heavy weapons are easily lifted with the medium weight crane already built it.

The MULE Chow Wagon is a personal favorite of mine, not only is it easily customizable depending on local tastes and capable of feeding 150 men for a week on its own internal Icebox™ Refrigerated storage with a built in LP storage tank but it comes with an Oriente Express Espresso machine."

Enrique shows off the stainless steel commercial-grade kitchen of the Chow Wagon and draws a cup of Espresso before moving on, "delicious

The Freezer configuration includes a Utilitech Synco™ liquid-gas storage cylinder, a chiller, re-circulation pump, and four BM-3K Coolant hookups with an additional seat for a Coolerman.  It is capable of simultaneously pumping into two heavy battlemechs within two minutes of deployment.  If the tank runs out it can simply be rolled off using the dump mechanism and replaced within a minute."

Two Paradiso Defense Force mechs, a Thunderbolt and Awesome, walk up to the vehicle and are hooked up and cooling within a minute, steam rises off the Freezer's relief valves as it cools the mech using water

"For your people we manufacture a Medical variant including a full field surgical theater and paramedic equipment as well as storage for supplies and room for the medical staff to ride along.  It has become one of our best sellers courtesy of our good relations with the Magistracy of Canopus Development teams, I'm afraid the nurses don't come with the vehicle however.

The MULE (Modern Utility Logistics and Engineering) series of vehicles continues with the Engineering and Utility lines.

The Engineering series consists of the Bridgelayer, Minesweeper, Minelayer, Hostile Environment Transport, Earthworker, and Wrecker series."

Cut to a larger desert training area with Enrique wearing Tan Fatigues and walking along a raised path while tanks and mechs maneuver

"The MULE Bridgelayer carries a heavy bridge allowing nearly any unit to cross rivers or other obstacles.  It carries four Talon Grenade Launchers to cover its advance and retreat on an active battlefield."

The Bridgelayer drives through a cloud of smoke and deploys its bridge over a trench which is then crossed by a pair of Longspears

"The MULE Minelayer can cover slightly more than a half kilometer with a variety of mines in four minutes, enabling you to deny your enemy ground.

The MULE Minesweeper uses a front-mounted mine flail or its rear mounted Harpoon 6 Short Range Missile launcher loaded with mine-clearing munitions to breach any minefield quickly and safely.  Again one of our best sellers courtesy of the MAF and CCAF."

The Minesweeper powers up its flail and explosions show the effectiveness of it, the vehicle then turns around and launches six missiles destroying more mines

"The MULE Hostile Environment Transport is a remarkable new design that is finally ready for use.  It can be sealed against any environmental hazard from extreme heat and cold to space or hostile environments.  The patented ZOX™ Air Independent Propulsion allows its Paradiso Magna 100 I.C.E Tri-Fuel engine to keep going where others fail using Liquid Oxygen or Hydrogen Peroxide and allowing for nearly 12 hours of continuous use.  It can transport fourteen people or 2 tons of cargo and is heavily armored with either an integral N.B.C. Positive Pressure or Closed Cycle Rebreather system.

The Tactical Earthmover variant includes a bulldozer blade with a rear mounted back hoe and increased armor protection.  Utilitech has long been known for our fine industrial vehicles and this is one we are proud of.

The Wrecker variant includes a rear mounted twenty ton lift capacity crane and a transport bay capable of being configured as a tool locker or passenger bay.     

The Utility series includes the Command Post, Expanding Van

The Command Post variant consist of a standard MULE vehicle and a folding radio tower attached to the right side.  Inside is the Hard Target™ Communications system capable of monitoring 15 remote sensors, operating four drones, satellite communications, and electronic warfare with appropriate software modules.

The Expanding Van configuration has comfortable if sparse quarters for four soldiers.  While not up to par with a five start hotel It beats sleeping in tents or under the stars.

Stop by your nearest authorized PAW dealer for a test drive and full selection of models and keep it moving trooper."


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Re: The Tales of Mercs Unleashed
« Reply #20 on: 18 March 2018, 23:18:36 »
I like the MULE family of designs
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