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The Kapteyn Universe - Book 1: Plans within Plans
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Author’s Note: This is an alternate timeline story set in 3022, which rewrites the lead up too, and outbreak of the 4th Succession War.  It is based firstly on the side bar on page 57 of the original House Marik Sourcebook, but quickly diverges into an alternate reaction by ComStar and the Kapteyn powers.  I had an epiphany that started with the question “What if…”.  What if Marik, Kurita, and Liao had struck first, before Davion and Steiner were ready, all manipulated by ComStar. The 4th War is now a very different beast, and what comes after has completely changed the balance of power in the Inner Sphere.

The results of the invasions were gamed out and the story of the alternate war slowly written as we progressed the results of the war, using a highly detailed version of Succession Wars/Inner Sphere in Flames.

Special Thanks: An enormous number of people have contributed to the Kapteyn Universe (KU), and I hope I have not forgotten any of them below:

Matthew “Blacknova” Alexander, Joshua “Knightmare” Perian, Jason “Panzerfaust150” Wiser, Michael “drakensis” Brown, Eugene “Centurion03” Klopper, Dan “Coriendal” Waugh, Glenn “Rainbow 6” Miller, Andrea “Magestric_Artbitch” Hamann, Xavier “Ice Hellion” Lugherini, Bruce “Kwic” Jensen, Jeremy “shwagpo”, “Manne”, “Epoch Rooster”, “Recon-5”,
Chris “Alex Knight” Marti, “Dragon Cat”, “Potenza”, “Dread Moores”, “Hessian”, Jason “VhenRa” Fraser, “Shadow Wraith”, Nathan “Valles” Baxter, Robert “Chaosextreme”
Johnson, John “Col. Chiang” Almond, Christopher Damour, Tony Crum, David “Slencgb”, “Red Pins”, Michael “DragonCat” Middleton, Matthew Stohner and anyone else we may have missed!

Book 1

Plans Within Plans

Chapter 1

Elmau, Bavaria, Terra.
15 September, 3022.

The oldest Successor Lord in the Inner Sphere seemed bowed over by the weight of his bitter experience, bowed by Civil War, the betrayal of siblings, and the loss of children.  Although still strong, his ever growing burdens were readily apparent to the other man in the room, a man whose bolt straight stature and strong physique bespoke of a man in his prime, who believed in not only in his current self, but his personal vision of his own destiny. 

Takashi Kurita extended his hand to grasp that of the other, the tired one, and for a moment, two of the most powerful men in existence stood toe to toe. The old man in a rose pleated, long sleeve jacket, and buff striped white stirrup pants, marking him out as a member of the Free Worlds Guards, whilst the stronger of the two wore a garb consisting of a high collared white tunic with orange stripes down its arms and centre, set against red striped black pants and high leather boots. 

“Captain-General Marik, it is a good to meet you at last.  We have much of importance to discuss.”

The older man, Capitan-General Janos Marik, thought for a moment before breaking their grip and replying.  “Yes Coordinator, we have much to discuss and many problems to resolve, although I am sure our meetings will be productive and beneficial.”

Takashi turned his head, showing the grey that was slowly encroaching upon his jet-black temples and looked out across the vista that the spartan and little furnished room provided.  “I trust your journey here was as pleasant as the vistas our destination provides.”

“Yes Lord Kurita, a most pleasant journey.  It has been many years since I last visited my ancestral homeland.  I must thank you for choosing this region for our meeting; I have many pleasant memories of it from my youth.  Will you be visiting your own people’s land whilst here?”

Takashi paused before answering.  “Should I visit the Land of the Rising Sun, I would be compelled by honour and duty to pay my respects to the Emperor, something that I am sure would become public knowledge in no small amount of time.  I do not wish either the Steiners or Davions to learn of our meeting so easily.”

Abruptly, Kurita turned, and, fixing the Marik with an expression that was half wry humour and half sadistic amusement, said, "It is probably time that we welcomed our third partner."  Before Janos Marik could reply, the pair of oak doors at the rear of the room swung wide, and Maximilian Liao walked into the room, his perfectly tailored uniform ablaze with military ribbons and decorations, some of them clearly won in the long wars between the Capellans and the Free Worlds League.

Marik glared at Kurita, then at Liao, then back at Kurita.  "What is he doing here?" he finally asked.

"He is here to negotiate peace, of course," Kurita replied, extending a hand to the small Capellan.  "He is here because he is an enemy of our enemy, Hanse Davion." He dropped Liao's hand and turned to face Marik once more.  "He is also a loaded gun, friend Janos.  It is better to take such weapons in hand and point them away from ones self, then to leave them for an enemy to pick up.  I'm sure you agree?" Liao flinched at the metaphor, but smiled, showing a row of perfect teeth.

"You would make this a necessary condition of our own alliance?" Marik asked.

"I would."

"And if I do not choose to negotiate with one such as him?"

“Then your realm will bear the brunt of the coming war and there will be little I can do to save you or your people” said a new voice behind Janos.

The Marik spun around to see the red robes of a ComStar Precentor and one he recognised as Myndo Waterly, Precentor Dieron, her gold hair framing her face like an iridescent halo, an effect he was sure she had taken much time to create.

“Save my realm? How do you propose to undertake such an action and more importantly still, what makes you think my realm will bear the brunt of any attack Precentor?”

“Should our noble friends here today, negotiate an alliance between each other, our mutual enemy, Hanse Davion will be hemmed in and his courses of action limited.  He would then be forced to compel the Lyrans to consummate their new alliance with a strike into, and through, your Terran holdings in an effort to unite the Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns.  I am also most sure, that given such a tempting situation and with no treaty as a break on his actions, Chancellor Liao would have little compunction in finishing you off.”

The Precentor smiled benignly at the Captain-General and the predatory smile on the face of Maximillian Liao only emphasised her point.  That little Liao bastard would do anything to reclaim what we have taken from his realm over the centuries.  Precentor Dieron is correct and damm her for being so.

Janos smiled and bowed his head in Myndo’s direction.  “As always, ComStar sees to the heart of the matter at hand with clarity that is ever omniscient.  Please excuse my rudeness, I did not expect so many to be part of our discussion.”

Myndo bowed in return “Please Captain-General, you have committed no wrong, my vehemence is fuelled only by the great threat that confronts us all.  Should Hanse Davion and Katrina Steiner pull their alliance together, we are all in grave danger, hence why the Primus has directed me to see that these negotiations are as fruitful as possible.”

The Precentor extended a hand to take in the stuffed couches that surrounded the low table in the room’s centre “Please gentlemen, make yourselves comfortable, we have much to discuss and only so much time to do so.”

The four sat themselves at the cardinal points of the table, none wishing to be too close to a neighbour.  Marik and Liao sat facing each other, something to be expected given the circumstances.

Myndo began speaking once all four were settled, slowly moving her gaze from one Successor Lord to the next.  “I wish to take some time to explain the course of action which must be followed by all here to ensure our survival in the coming years.  Should we falter on this path, our ends at the hands of the nascent Federated Commonwealth will be swift indeed.”

Takashi Kurita responded as the other two Lords nodded “Please Precentor, take all the time necessary.”

“Thankyou Lord Kurita.  As you are all aware, Hanse Davion and Katrina Steiner have concluded an alliance between the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth, which has been dubbed the Federated Commonwealth Alliance.  Each of you will already have seen some results of this alliance through the trade and intelligence exchanges which have strengthened both realms?” All three nodded in agreement.

“What you may not be aware of are certain secret clauses within the
F-C Alliance document, clauses that could spell the end of the balance of power in the Inner Sphere.”  The three men, despite themselves, all leaned forward, even the stoic Kurita.

“When the Alliance was signed in May, it provided for more than just trade and intelligence.  Secret clauses provide for the merger of the two realms into a single super-state that will be cemented by the marriage of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner upon her reaching her eighteenth birthday.”

“This would mean disaster!” Exclaimed Liao.  “We would be exterminated one by one.  Why has ComStar waited this long to tell the other powers of these provisions?  Have you taken sides against us?”

“ComStar still has not told you of this.  I have told you of this, and at great personal risk.  The Primus does not believe you yet need to know.”

Silence fell across the table.  “You mean to tell us that your organisation has allowed the greatest threat to the Inner Sphere’s future to come to fruition and then decided to take no action to counter it?” Kurita asked leaning across the table a skewering Myndo with a look that she was sure presaged the death of any other it could have been directed at.

Myndo paused, to steady herself.  “Yes, and at the same time no.”

“I sense there are deep factional politics at work in your organisation, are there not Precentor Dieron?” asked Janos.

“Yes Captain-General, there are.  There are many, like myself, who believe Primus Tiepolo has lost site of Blake’s blessed vision and is leading us down a path to disaster.  This faction has appointed me to be their head and ensure that your states are informed of events and provided with the means and methods to counter this coming storm.”

“That is all well and good Precentor, but how do you propose to live past this meeting? I am sure the Primus will view your actions and those of your allies dimly?” said The Marik.

“I will survive because he will not here of it.  ROM is loyal to Precentor ROM and Precentor ROM is loyal to me.”

“I see you ensured your path was secure before taking it, and if your intelligence apparatus is loyal to you through Precentor ROM, then you can report what you like of our meetings.  I feel some confidence in what we plan here now.” Said the Liao.

Takashi immediately retorted, “Do not be so quick to gloat Maximillian, short of a coup or the Primus stepping down for some reason, this will come to a head and when that happens, should Precentor Dieron’s faction come out the worse for it, we will be left out in the cold.”

“You are correct Lord Kurita, that what you speak of is a possibility.  However, measures are being taken, and can be enacted, which will assure that you will receive the full support of our order in your endeavours.”

Kurita frowned and looked into the distance, whilst his mind investigated a myriad possibilities, intently watched all the while by Marik and Liao. “I will accept your word for now.  However, should at any time I believe you have been compromised, I will ensure that the Combine will take no further part in your efforts.  So, what of your plan? What do you propose that will halt this Steiner-Davion demon?” asked Kurita.

Myndo smiled gracefully and looked up “In January of 3025, twenty-seven months from now, with assistance in the form of transport, intelligence, and mercenaries from ComStar, your three realms will launch a coordinated invasion of the Terran regions of the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth, ensuring that they have no chance of ever physically uniting their realms, and showing their alliance for the fiction it is.”
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Re: The Kapteyn Universe - Book 1: Plans within Plans
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Ahhhhhhh! So this is the KU :)  Where the Concord of Kaptyen actually sticks.
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Re: The Kapteyn Universe - Book 1: Plans within Plans
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Hehe, players, can't trust them, can't be an evil GM without them.
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Re: The Kapteyn Universe - Book 1: Plans within Plans
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Chapter 2

Elmau, Bavaria, Terra.
16 September, 3022.

Janos Marik stared out over the pristine vista of the Bavarian Alps as he awaited the others to join him for the day’s meetings.  He enjoyed the time here by himself, soaking in Terra’s fundamental beauty.  There was something about humanity’s mother world that brought peace to him when he visited.  Others had spoken of the same phenomena, with doctors coming to the consensus that despite humans having settled other stars for nearly 1,000 years, their bodies, controlled by their genetic code and shaped by a billion years of evolution on Terra, knew when they were home.  The Peace of Terra was the name for the phenomenon.  It was a great irony indeed; that whilst feeling this inner peace, Janos and the other Successor Lords present were planning for war.

Precentor Dieron’s announcement the day before had effectively ended the meeting, as she requested each of them to think on the proposal of pre-emptive war.  Janos was against it, against it until his own son Thomas, still part of ComStar and his secretly designated heir, visited him and convinced him of the necessity for the war and certain measures that could be taken to ensure the Free Worlds League’s future safety, and the Marik families hold upon power in the League.  Thomas’s plan was not only bold, but would force the ever-bickering League Provinces to fully support the Captain-General in their own enfeeblement.  That still left Liao, that scheming monster who had turned Janos’s own brother Anton against him in 3015, tearing the League apart in yet another Civil War.  Unless Precentor Dieron could hobble the little wretch, Janos had resolved that the League would take no part in the war.

The oak doors opened behind Janos and he turned to see Maximillian and Takashi enter.  Greetings were exchanged, forcibly with Liao, formally with Kurita, and all three bowed as Precentor Waterly entered the room.  All four sat quickly and the Successor Lords looked to Myndo to start proceedings. 

“I trust you have all had time to digest what I presented yesterday and again I apologise for startling you with the boldness of my plan, but I must stress that dangerous times call for dangerous methods.”

Marik spoke “I am sure we all agree with you Precentor, but I must make one thing plainly clear.  If I am to launch a war of aggression I must ensure certain conditions are met.”

Myndo nodded, causing the hood of her robe to fall from her head “Please feel free to air your concerns.”

“Thankyou” Janos began “The Free Worlds League is, as you well know, technically ruled by a Parliament composed of Representatives of the multitude of Provinces of the League.  I must either neutralise Parliament in some fashion, or gain sufficient additional forces and supplies to make their support irrelevant.  My son Thomas has a plan, one I can enact quickly on my return, but I will still require additional sources of supply and quite possibly additional mercenary troops to either support a full-scale invasion of Steiner space, or protect League worlds whose garrisons are at the front.  Secondly, due to seven centuries of mutual distrust, I need more than a paper agreement with the Capellan Confederation to protect my back.  I do not trust the Chancellor and I am sure the Chancellor does not trust me.”

The half smile, half sneer on Maximillian’s face was enough to conform Janos’s theory.  “Perhaps you should crush your Parliament and behave like a true Successor Lord?” snapped Liao.

“And give you an excuse to take advantage of the chaos that would ensue my Lord? Not likely!” Marik shot back.

“Enough bickering” declared Kurita “I am sure the esteemed Precentor Dieron has thought ahead to such matters and can explain her thoughts to us?”

“Thankyou Lord Kurita, I can.  ComStar will ensure that, should all three realms launch a coordinated strike, supplies will be furnished in a timely fashion, which will allow for extended combat operations.” Eyebrows around the table rose at this.  “Additionally, ComStar will provide mercenary troops to garrison vacated worlds on the Capellan/League border to maintain the status quo.  Any altercation, started by either side on the border, will see both realms suffer the effects of a border long communication interdiction, effectively placing the region in limbo.  We will encourage the smaller more belligerent Periphery powers to step up their own raids and assaults and lastly, but most importantly, ComStar will provide the means for all three realms to raise additional line regiments to support any assault.”

“What do you mean by ComStar providing forces and supplies?  Where will these come from? We all know you have a small military arm, but nothing that can conceivably support what you plan.  What dark secrets do you hide here on Terra?” Growled Takashi.

Myndo centred herself.  Now for the great lie.  Although like any lie it is based on a truth.  “As you know, when General Kerensky took Terra, many Rim Worlds troops surrendered were they stood.  It was never made public exactly how many surrendered or what equipment was taken from them.  Kerensky had the Rim Worlds material placed in storage, a storage that was left behind in favour of more modern equipment when he departed on the Exodus.  Seventy-five years ago, this cache of equipment was discovered in Antarctica by ComStar science teams and it formed the basis for equipping our small force of ComGuards.  However, the size of the cache was, and is, beyond anything ComStar requires.  I propose to use this underutilised resource to equip your armies to a level that will enable you to conduct effective offensive operations.  The equipment is roughly analogous to what your troops possess now, Kerensky having stripped any high technology items from the cache, and the limited support facilities here on Terra, such as munitions factories and the like, that survived the Usurper’s war, will be used to supply your forces.”

“A bold plan Precentor” muttered Liao “and what will your Primus, not to mention the rest of your order say when you drop that bomb shell on them? You expect us to believe that you can arrange for the First Circuit to swallow this nonsense.”

“They will because you will enable me to.” Shot Myndo

“And how so, little Precentor?  By first invading the Terran system perhaps?  Or would you like us to assassinate the Primus for you? If you have brought us here to tell us fairy tales I will return to Sian tonight!” Shouted Liao.

Myndo’s voice dropped to a whisper.  “Do not mock me Chancellor.  The Primus and the First Circuit will join us one way or the other, I will see to that.  The information I asked you to provide me will ensure my plan for this war will be followed.  With Precentor Sian eliminated as a rival, it will be easy to discredit Precentors Tharkad and New Avalon.  My vision protects ComStar by following the basic tenants of Blake’s blessed vision; this is apparent to any in our order who follow his word.  When Precentor Sian falls, the Primus will have no choice but to back me, or he too will fall.”

“What is this information of which you speak Precentor?” Asked Janos.

“Precentor Sian has been using his access to the HPG network to dabble in insider trading on the Sian stock exchange so that he can enjoy the comforts to which he believes himself entitled.  I asked the Chancellor to use his control of the exchange to bring information regarding Precentor Sian’s activities to this meeting in exchange for ComStar’s help.  As Precentor Sian was appointed by Primus Tiepolo and has been a staunch backer of him recently, the Primus must distance himself or fall with his man.  I will inform the Primus in advance of my intentions and ensure that not only does he allow my nominee the rightful place of Precentor Sian, but that he provides a whole hearted backing of our plan.”

“You seem smugly confidant that the Primus will back your play.  He can merely wash his hands of Precentor Sian and choose to block your plan should he wish.”

“No Lord Kurita, he cannot, for he has been the recipient of several rare and precious gifts from Precentor Sian, all acquired through his elicit dealings.  The Primus’s hands are dirty and he will know it.  He will have only two options: back me; or go down with Precentor Sian.”
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Re: The Kapteyn Universe - Book 1: Plans within Plans
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Chapter 3
Hilton Head Island, North America, Terra.
20 September, 3022. 

 “You have been playing games Myndo, have you not?” Myndo froze.  What does he know?  Primus Julian Tiepolo looked across his desk, his dun coloured robe seeming to merge with the wood. 

How appropriate that you make it appear that you can merge with the very scenery itself. “I do not play games Primus, my time is far too valuable for that.”

“Oh but you do Myndo and you always have.  You are a master of the games of politics and power and it was for that very reason that I took you as my protégée.  It seems of late however, that you have begun to play directly against me.  I always expected you to get to this point; in fact, I would have disposed of you eventually if you had not.  I had not expected you to be so bold so quickly, but of course, you have never been one for tolerating that which you disagree with.”  The Primus placed his elbows on the desk and interlaced his fingers, resting his chin upon them as he stared over the top of his old fashioned glasses, his bald head shining in the half light of his spacious office.

“If my actions are like games to you Primus then we are in graver danger than I believed!” Myndo snarled.  “How many times have I tried to warn you of the danger of the Federated Commonwealth Alliance?  You continue to try and justify your actions as a balancing act, but you have overbalanced the scales and they require ComStar’s firm hand to bring them back into order.”

The Primus immediately retorted, his own voice growing in volume “Precentor, your tirades on this subject are beginning to grate.  Your vision of ComStar is one I am beginning to believe is dangerous and one that goes against the words of the Blessed Blake himself.”

Myndo steadied herself.  “I go against Blake’s teachings? How can you even insinuate that? I am not the one who has allowed the two most powerful states in the Inner Sphere to unite.  The same two states who view our order with more disdain than any others.”

The Primus stood, fixing Myndo with a harsh stare.  “I took the action I deemed necessary as Primus to ensure the continued survival of our order.  This alliance would have happened regardless of our actions.  I saw it in our interest to have a hand in its formation, so that we were fully informed of the Steiner’s and Davion’s intentions.  What would you have preferred me to do? Would you have preferred that ComStar stood idly by whilst this super-state came into existence?”

Myndo spoke with a forced and measured calm as she pointed a finger at the Primus.  “I would have preferred you to act like the Primus of our Blessed Order, instead of Hanse Davions lap dog!”

The Primus’s face grew red as he answered “I am no man’s lap dog!” He paused.  “I grow tired of you accusations.  Do you wish face me down in the First Circuit?  Is the time of our confrontation at hand Myndo?  If it has then I think your ambition has finally overreached itself.”

So you force my hand old fool.  How narrow your view of my capabilities.  Myndo smiled “I think it is time we discuss the games I have been playing.”

“I see no need now Precentor.  I know you have informed Marik, Liao and Kurita of the marriage clause.  No doubt it galvanised their support for the alliance we wish them to form.  Of course, the need to use this information so soon shows me that you are not the negotiator you would have us all believe you are.”  The Primus sat, obviously planning to go on.  Myndo however spoke before he could continue.

“That was merely one action I took, and the one of least concern to you.  The action I took regarding Precentor Sian is of far more importance.”

The Primus’s eyes narrowed.  “What of Precentor Sian.  I trust Villius to undertake his duties in the correct manner as he always has.  I appointed him to his position based on his standing and his support for the true path we must all take.”

Thank you Primus.  You have made my task so much easier.  “I have Primus, in my possession, certified records from the Capellan Confederation that prove, beyond a shadow of doubt, that, as you put it, your most trustworthy Man in Sian, has been interfering in the Capellan stock market for his own personal advantage.”

The Primus quickly stood again “What it this outrage you have fabricated?  You have never liked Precentor Sian for his support of my polices, support that has often hindered your own plans of late.”

Myndo took great pleasure in the course the conversation had taken for she knew she held all the cards in this little game “This is no fabrication on my part Primus.  These documents come from the Chancellor himself.  We are lucky that the Chancellor is more circumscribed than Villius Tejh, as this outrage could stain the credibility of our Blessed Order for years.  A Precentor interfering with the working of a sovereign stock exchange.  What would the other Great Houses make of this?”

The Primus moved to the ceiling length windows of his office and looked out across the view towards the sunset, contemplating his reply.  “It seems, if this information is correct, that we must cut Precentor Sian loose.  Quietly of course.” Myndo nodded.  How quickly you move to cover yourself Primus “As Primus I will have to find a suitable replacement for him.  What does Chancellor Liao want in return?”

Myndo smiled inwardly as she prepared to pull the rug out from under her old mentor “Primus, the Chancellor simply wants that which I want.”  The Primus turned to face his Precentor “Chancellor Liao is happy for ComStar to deal with Precentor Sian in any way we wish, as long as you do two things.”

The Primus nodded to Myndo “And pray Precentor Dieron; what might his requests be?”
Myndo crossed her arms into the sleeves of her long robe before answering.  “Firstly, the new Precentor Sian will be someone he can trust, someone selected by me” Myndo held up a hand as the Primus prepared to interject “And secondly; ComStar will support Houses Liao, Kurita and Marik in their impending pre-emptive strike upon the Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns in any way we can.”

The Primus’s eyes widened as he drew a deep breath “Are you mad Precentor?  You think that you can dictate ComStar policy to me?  You will face me in the First Circuit tonight and I will see that you are stripped of your rank and excommunicated for encouraging such outrageous demands from a House Lord!”

Myndo approached the Primus until she stood within inches of him, lowering her voice to a whisper.  “You will do no such thing Primus.  Unless of course you wish to fall with Precentor Sian?”

Sweat broke out on the Primus’s forehead before he spoke “What do you insinuate now Precentor?”

Myndo smiled at her superior “I also have information and evidence that clearly points to you being a direct beneficiary of Precentor Sian’s actions.  I merely have to mention this in the First Circuit and your reign as Primus will be finished.  I will be hailed as a saviour who stood up to ensure our orders purity when our own Primus had sold his soul.”

The Primus lowered his head.  “So you wish to be Primus and see the end of me?”

Myndo stood back a step “I wish no such thing old friend.”

“Then what is it you want?”

“You will back my candidate for the position of Precentor Sian, Alethea Lynch, and you will present the plan that I and the three House Lords have come up with.  You will receive our support and you can declare that this is just another step in your plan to keep the Houses at war and in balance until we are ready to lead mankind back to salvation.  There will be opposition, probably from Everson and Vandel, but you will maintain your dignity as Primus as they will believe you ordered this and have the support of my faction.  Additionally, you will place me in charge of organising the support for the three Houses and subordinate Precentors Sian and Atreus directly to me in regards to this.”

The Primus moved to his desk “And if I do not agree?”

“Your reign as Primus will end tonight.”

The Primus sat back, his shoulders sagging slightly as he massaged his left shoulder with his right hand “Very well Myndo, you will have your way.  But remember this: We stand apart now and I will no longer take action to protect you from your peers.”

Myndo sneered “I need no protection.  I am protected by the Word of Blake!”

With that Myndo turned and left the room striding down the hallway from the Primus’s office.  Don’t worry old fool she thought to herself, I still need you for now, as my base of power is not sufficient to win the Primacy should you fall.  However, whichever way this war turns out, it will be the last act of your term to see its conclusion.  Any success I will make my own and any failure will be that of your office.
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Re: The Kapteyn Universe - Book 1: Plans within Plans
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Chapter 4
Hilton Head Island, North America, Terra.
20 September, 3022. 

Primus Julian Tiepolo looked across the First Circuit chamber where each member of the First Circuit stood behind their crystal podiums, resplendent in their red robes of office.  Resplendent, apart from the looks of open shock on most of their faces.

The Primus spoke “I ask you again Precentor Sian.  Can you deny the charges of corruption I have laid before the First Circuit here today, regarding your illegal interference in the stock exchange of a sovereign power for your own material benefit?”

Precentor Sian, Villius Tejh looked stricken.  Part of the Primus felt sorry for his old friend.  Another part held nothing but contempt.  Contempt for his actions, and yet more contempt for being stupid enough to get caught and place the office of Primus in such danger.  Old friend, you are finished.  Please go with dignity, at least that way we can be lenient.

Precentor Tejh looked the Primus in the face and spoke as though from a thousand miles away “No Primus I cannot.” There was not a sound in the chamber as he continued, “I would tender my resignation immediately and throw myself upon the mercy of my peers in judging me.”

Before the Primus could reply Precentor Dieron spoke “Excuse me Primus for interrupting, but this news is deeply shocking and goes against all that Blake teaches us.  I for one accept Precentor Sian’s resignation, as he has demonstrated that he in no way fit to any longer hold his office.  However, Precentor Sian was long a dedicated servant of ComStar before his wayward actions and I believe that that service should be recognised.  I would suggest, and of course the First Circuit may not agree with me, that in light of his previous service and background, that Villius be permanently exiled to the Explorer Corps to serve out the remainder of his days in useful service expanding our knowledge of the known universe.”

Precentor Sian was not the only one to look at Precentor Dieron in surprise.  All knew her dislike of the man but only the Primus knew the true reason for her action.  You seek to make yourself appear a moderate here tonight and your actions just now will give you space to manoeuvre in the debate to come over your plans.  My plans now.  I must find some way, some hole in your plan, through which I can undo you and remove your new power from behind my throne.

Precentor Tharkad, Ulthan Everson spoke next “If Precentor Dieron wishes to make her statement a motion I will second it.  Villius was long a faithful servant of ComStar and should be given the chance to serve out his days atoning for his misdemeanours.”

Myndo spoke up “I do so make it a motion.”

“And therefore I do second it.”

The Primus looked around the chamber “Are there any dissenting voices?” When no one spoke he continued.  “Villius Tejh, for your action in interfering with a sovereign power for your own material ends you are striped of your rank as Precentor and demoted to Adept.  The usual sentence for such action would normally be death, but due to your previous sterling record of service within our Blessed Order, you are hear by exiled to the Explorer Corps Exploration Arm for active service beginning immediately.”  Villius merely nodded his head, his figure drained of all its once powerful presence.  “Guards, escort the Adept to his quarters and assist him in preparing for his journey.”

Nothing was said as the former Precentor was lead from the room.  Each person there realising how close each stood to oblivion, should their peers turn on them.

Once the doors closed the Primus looked across the room, Now for the next farce “I would throw open the room to nominations for Precentor Sian.”

Tiepolo had hardly finished when Myndo spoke up.  “I would first like to place into nomination the name of Alethea Lynch, currently my deputy on Dieron.  Her record and acumen speak for themselves and I can think of no better candidate for the position.”

There was a pause before Precentor New Avalon, Huthrin Vandel spoke up.  “I would place the name of Arkady Simonivich, deputy of New Avalon in nomination.  He too is of remarkable character and unimpeachable integrity.  He would bring honour and dignity to the post of Precentor Sian.”

Myndo smiled to herself.  Already you seek to cement what you believe as your rightful place as heir apparent to the throne.  You always have been a little too enamoured of yourself Huthrin.  Your humiliation should be most enjoyable to watch.

After a minute the Primus spoke again.  “As there are no more nominations I would place the names of Alethea Lynch and Arkady Simonivich to you all to vote.  Those supporting Lynch need raise their right hand, those supporting Simonivich their left.”

As the Primus looked at the raised arms of those before him he saw his nightmare scenario come to light.  A drawn vote.

Huthrin Vandel, an unholy grin spreading across his features looked to the Primus “You have the casting vote Primus.  Who do you believe will be the best in this role.”

Damm you Waterly! I have eliminated one supporter tonight and now you force me to alienate another. “I believe that, having known both candidates for some time, that the one most suited to the position of Precentor Sian is Alethea Lynch.”

It was all Myndo could do to not laugh at the look that contorted Vandal’s face.  I will remember this night forever, it has been such a pleasure.

The Primus stood to his full height. I have had enough of this.  “We will adjourn until the morning when Precentor Sian can join us.  Matters for discussion then will require the entire First Circuit.  The Peace of Blake be with you all.”

The Primus hardly heard their return, I need to rest, to think.  I must gain control of this disaster.
Dedicated to committing viciously gratuitous bastardy of the first order.

You know there is something wrong with the FWL, when Word's spell check changes Impavido to Impetigo and Zechetinu to Secretion.