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Author Topic: Listen Kill Missiles and Jamming Packages  (Read 1025 times)


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Listen Kill Missiles and Jamming Packages
« on: 29 April 2011, 23:00:18 »
I hope its okay to ask these questions here.

What was it the Listen-Kill Missiles were listening for and how were they jammed by the jamming packages?

If on board ECM can be upgraded to counter the L-K Missiles, why couldn't the missiles be upgraded to counter the ECM upgrade? I know they'd need to be upgraded again before long but before then they would offer an advantage. I don't know how accurate SARNA is but they have L-K Missiles being used from 3022 to 3040. That's 18 years of use. Upgrading them would give an advantage for a few more years. They're relatively in expensive compared to other options so price would be attractive to some. Did however the new jamming packages upgrade the ECM completely remove whatever the missiles were homing in on? Or did their being widely spread eliminate the option of upgrading them?

How does one find out which older mechs are without the new jamming package? Besides firing Listen-Kill Missiles at them. I'm pretty sure mechs built in the IS after 3040 would include the jamming package as well as older units in house armies. But that leaves a lot of older units without. How does one determine whether or not they're equipped with them?

At what point do Clan units include Jamming kits? Early units were built using IS technology, so I would think they'd be susceptible to L-K Missiles, along with their Star League units. Is that right?