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Author Topic: Small Infantry Engagement. Assegai-K  (Read 899 times)


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Small Infantry Engagement. Assegai-K
« on: 15 April 2016, 12:39:57 »
Built a small scenario to play out over a few weeks and evolve from there to a larger game.

This particular match took place at the end of a canyon network. 150m wide, 600m deep with a small ridge in the middle. At the far end of the dead-end canyon is a storage facility, that is the defence objective.

The Assegai garrison consisted of 2 rifle squads, an MG squad and an LRM squad.
Their transport and strike vehicle was a Badger Tracked Transport. (D variant).
A Mobile HQ sporting an LRM 10 and basic amenities.
The infantry barracks is 300m south of the storage facility closer to the entrance of the canyon.

At 0700 assailants of unknown origin entered the canyon network from the south.
Video footage shows two vehicles one identified as a Packrat T5. The other is of unknown origin. (Reportedly a Tracked APC equipped with a single LRM 5)

The first salvage of SRM and LRM munitions from the two vehicles do little other than to announce their intentions. Assegai infantry move into positions within the barracks to return fire.

Two squads of Mechanized infantry disembark from the unknown APC and move into the building engaging Assegai forces as SRM's from the packrat continue to pound the front of the barracks. Sandoval's squad begins to take casualties.

The Assegai Badger moves around from behind the building aiming to disable the Packrat as the mobile HQ moves south from the storage facility into firing range.
The unknown APC appears in the Badgers sights first and the LRM support begins to rain fire.

The Packrat breaks off from the combat and charges the mobile HQ, Assegai LRM infantry reposition and the Badger breaks off to give chase as the firefight inside the barracks continues. Wantanabe's MG Squad retreats deeper into the barracks behind barricades as she takes heavy casualties.

The Packrat is able to disable the mobile HQ before the LRM squad and Badger are able to disable it, turning to make short work of the unknown assailant's APC.

With the last of the assailants APC's being disabled the mechanized infantry squads break off and begin retreating at speed.

During the brief firefight in the barracks Assegai lost 14 infantry, taking 8 of the mechanized infantry. Further requests for a larger and more permanent garrison have been put forward.

(it will be interesting to see how this little fight continues between me and a friend. we're slowly going to ramp up the BV value of our forces as escalation)