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Author Topic: Tabletop Scenario Setup?  (Read 1077 times)


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Tabletop Scenario Setup?
« on: 29 April 2016, 22:46:21 »
I'd like to set up a simplistic scenario for my buddy and I to play to. He's still learning the game, and we also have AS as an option to play out larger battles. Any advice on the scope, and/or magnitude, as well as timeline we can use for a scenario like this? I only have 3025 forces from AS packs and Intro box.
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Re: Tabletop Scenario Setup?
« Reply #1 on: 29 April 2016, 22:56:59 »
Size of game:
If you're going to play CBT, don't go beyond 4 mechs each.

If you're doing AS, keep it to no more than 3 lances each.

I'd recommend K.I.S.S.  I used to call them "Stand 'em Ups and Knock 'em downs" back when all me and my friends had were those cardboard cutouts of mechs from the then-current boxed set to play with.  This "scenario" is just a straight up fight... a basic mix of terrain and open space and no goal other than killing the enemy.  Things can be kept speedy in either system by calling the game at 50% losses.  Once you're both ready to tackle greater complexity.. add in scenario objectives and/or more kinds of units beyond Mechs.


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Re: Tabletop Scenario Setup?
« Reply #2 on: 09 May 2016, 20:13:13 »
one thing I would recommend for the first battle or 2 is essentially the kill em all scenario.  However before you get too many battles under your belt I would strongly recommend going to some non kill em all victory conditions.
things like:
capture the flag, or king of the hill type goals
an escape with as much as possible scenario.
start including forced withdraw rules, such as if main armament is disabled or multiple armor breaches have occurred the unit needs to start pulling back (out)

I would also recommend considering a "campaign" set of linked scenarios can be really fun as the damage you take in mission 1 affects your force in mission 2+ this also is in a lot of ways more "realistic" than just playing "rock em sock em robots"