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Author Topic: Hero Forge Custom Miniatures  (Read 1984 times)

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Hero Forge Custom Miniatures
« on: 29 September 2015, 04:31:36 »
Anybody look into these guys yet? They have a really great interface, and print out miniatures for D&D and stuff. With some eye-squinting, you can even make a miniature Mechwarrior or something.

For reference, here's a D&D Character I made using the site. Yes, it's a furry, and it's a dual wielding ranger. But this is just one of a fair amount of stuff you can make. They also 3D print the minis in four different types, and you can even make statues in plastic of your favorites. If you want to make strictly Btech RPG stuff, some of the sci-fi stuff looks Mechwarrior-esque. A bit cutesy looking in a way, but not awful.

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Re: Hero Forge Custom Miniatures
« Reply #1 on: 31 March 2016, 22:29:43 »
Cool man. Thanks for sharing!  O0
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Re: Hero Forge Custom Miniatures
« Reply #2 on: 31 March 2016, 23:38:08 »
Do read some reviews. I understand the "ultra detail" option provides the best surface for painting, but is very brittle - swords & wrists having a tendency to snap, and being hard to do much with to prevent this.

The lower-quality option works for "mook" pieces, apparently, but I think most people are planning on using this for "hero" pieces.

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