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Author Topic: Cavalli’s Cavaliere  (Read 32459 times)


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #480 on: 02 October 2018, 04:26:02 »
Amateur drone footage obtained by the CCAF. Audio has been pulled together from intercepted transmissions

The shot shows a broad, flat bottomed valley. A four lane highway runs down the middle of the valley, keeping relatively straight.

The valley juts up dramatically about a kilometre or so on ridge side of the road, the grasslands quickly giving way to steeply rising, thickly wooded forest.

The footage dips and surges forward along the highway until it slows down.

It is obvious a battle has taken place - and in parts is still going.

A dozen hover trucks are scattered across the road, some parked while others have been overturned onto their sides.

Smoke briefly obscures the footage before it’s restored.

Now a Scorpion light tank, painted in Capellan green rolls down the tarmac, it’s autocannon winking flames.

Mechs move among the chaos – painted in a patchwork of colours and hastily repaired armour plates.

Voice one: They’re all over us, we’re bugging out – these bastards can have the convoy!

Voice two: Dammit, Oscar Lead. You can’t leave those trucks.


After zooming above the smoke, the scene now shows the lance of Mechs carolling the remaining trucks. Several CCAF tanks lay burning on the highway as two Shadow Hawks and an Enforcer begin looting the trucks while a Locust stands guard.

Voice three: Unidentified Mechs, stand down! This is Sang-Wei Gibson, we’re moving to intercept you now. Power down immediately.   

The camera shifts, panning down the valley.

Four House Liao Mechs, backed by a lance of vehicles stride down the roadway.

-          Intercepted phone call
March 1, 3080

Voice one (heavily accented Asian accent, older): Larsen! You double crossed us, you’ll pay for-

Voice two (Slight FedSuns or possibly Taurian accent): I did no such thing. If anything, I double crossed Washington and his people.

Voice one: Enough of your games! Tell me-

Voice two: Alright, seeing as you need it explained. I reached out to a contact with Washington’s people, just like you told me too. But they needed a demonstration before they were going to trust me. So, I slipped them the location of that convoy

Voice one: Wha-

Voice two: And then, I told you guys the Coalition was planning on hitting said convoy. And then it was just a simple matter for me to warm up my Victor and join the fun. Now, you’ve got an agent inside Washington’s troops who has proved his worth. Exactly as you demanded.

-          Taigh Barrett
Well, call me a cynic but I never believed in Good Samaritans. Maybe I do now, though?

We got an anonymous tip off about the location of our stolen shipmen of Kallon equipmen. Turns out all the vehicles were loaded onto a merchant ship but it didn’t boost for orbit. Instead, the Dropship came down in the boondocks and is standing by to be offloaded by these so-called “Coalition” troops. This Good Samaritan filled us in on the details and suggested we strike in the next couple of days before Washington and his merry men make pick up.

It’s all very mysterious, but will get us back in Kallon’s good graces.

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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #481 on: 03 October 2018, 23:36:58 »

Well, talks about pay back being a bitch!

Our mysterious benefactor shot us a decent mock up of the Ti-Sho civilian space port out in the middle of no where. It’s supposed to be a civilian port hat takes the minimal overflow traffic from the nearby Kallontown port. No military, nothing of interest.

Except, our recon put a lance of Mechs, backed by an armoured company with infantry support, guarding it. Just a little suspicious.

And best of all; sitting on pad one was our missing Dropper.

At 0300 our BA, who had spent the night infiltrating to within metres of the perimeter, called in an artillery strike on supposedly empty warehouses. Except we had discovered they were full of AC and LRM munitions. The place was lit up like a bonfire as my two Mech lances came screaming across the open field, artillery dropping ahead of us.

I called on the Dropship to surrender and empty up their cargo bays. The only response I got was a flight of LRMs and a brace of lasers into my torso. So we lit it up - not aiming to destroy it, even after the Jihad and the tech upheaval of the 3050s and 60s, destroying a Dropship is still taboo. No, we blew a couple turrets and started in on the landing legs.

Meanwhile, Mo took his lance and squeezed the enemy Mechs up against our BA - now dug in among the ruined buildings.

After one dropper leg started to crumble, the ‘Coalition’ called back saying they were willing to talk.

All of Kallon’s Partisans were on board. We also grabbed the logs and code books to turn over to Kallon. Seems like they have a traitor - a highly placed one who was actively working with the Davions of all people. Seems destabilising Nangking - be it Liao or Stone ruling it - is good for business.

That intel got us cleared and as a good faith offer, Kallon even sold us a pair of Ontos tanks at a discount.

But seems lighting up half a space port without even a by your leave has pissed off the Cappies. We probably won’t be showing our face in Liao space for awhile - they even escorted us to the jump point with a couple fighters.

Funnily, while we were desperately burning away our scopes picked up another ship. Seems the traitorous Kallon exec was also desperate to get the hell off world.

We’ve heading to New Canton - there is what passes for a hiring hall there. Hopefully we can get work quickly - this whole cloak and dagger fun has been costly.

- Taighe Barrett

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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #482 on: 07 October 2018, 20:28:17 »
Cavalli’s Cavaliers TO&E as of March 3080

1st Demi Company

BKX-8D BattleAxe CPT Taige Barrett
GRF-4R Griffin Lt (Jg) Octavius Cavalli
AWS-9M Awesome Yasmin Keyes
BCN-3R Buccaneer Raita Mbugua
Black Hawk-KU (alt-A) Rex Manahi
GRF-6CS Griffin  Bruno Allegra

2nd Demi Company

MAD-5M Marauder LT (Sg) Moses Cavalli
WLF-2 Wolfhound Lt (Jg) Bjorn "Big Bear" Kramer
Firestarter (OmniMech) Primary variant Kylie-Leeza Smith
DV-1S Dervish Electra Reva-Singh
COM-7S Commando Sharni Kharti
CRD-6M Crusader Dillon Mosiro
Air Cavaliers
TR-13A Transgressor  Lt (Sg) Mira Fowler-Jenkins
TR-13A Transgressor Eryn Calosso

Cavalli’s Revenge - Lt (Sg) Roxane Kramer
1st Infantry platoon (Mechanised field artillery - Small Arms, semi-portable autocannons, 1 towed Thumper)

2nd Infantry platoon (Mechanised field artillery - Small Arms, semi-portable autocannons, 1 towed Thumper)

Lt (Jg) Hamish Basara
Purifier BA Squad
Longinus BA Squad

Saladin’s Skirmishers - Lt (Jg) Saladin

Ontos (Light Gauss)
Ontos (Light Gauss)
Phalanx Support Tank
Phalanx Support Tank
Zhukov (WoB)

Chief tech: Lt (Sg) Krystal Calosso
Weapons Master: Sergeant Major Jorge Calosso

Naval assets:
Invader-Class Jumpship ‘Ramses’ - CPT Axl Larson

Union-class Dropship - ‘Hobart’ - Commander Meredith Schmidt

Union-class Dropship - ‘Damnthing’ - Commander - Commander Fran Molloy
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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #483 on: 29 October 2018, 01:49:17 »
God bless Devlin Stone for toppling the Word of Blake - but he's sure not done mercs any favours! Work has seriously dried up.
We spent weeks on New Canton trying to line up a contract, but the pickings are slim and we were quickly racking up debt and bills.
Finally, we hashed out a deal to extract a corporate operative and some samples off Bernardo - just across the FWL border.

It's all very deniable: Seems our paymasters (who are Marik Commonwealth-based but desperate to hide that) were engaged in a little corporate espionage against EarthWerks FWL but got caught. Their agent has been languishing in custody for three months while they dither trying to hire mercs at cut price rates.

But it seems EarthWerks are now getting ready to move the agent to a more secure facility - read corporate black site where they can make her talk.
We are to swoop in, grab the agent and if possible crack open the EarthWerks site and grab whatever samples she was snooping on.
Easy, right?

Taigh Barrett

Bernardo is almost unique in high-tech planets with multiple manufacturing sites in that it survived the Jihad almost unscathed. The onworld 10th Marik Militia deterred raiders and pirates and the Word was happy enough to receive regular shipments of equipment from Kallon and EarthWerks in tribute.
However, the departure of the 10th Militia later in the Jihad left Bernardo vulnerable and it suffered several subsequent attacks.

WikiPlanet - INN resource, Jan 3081

Transmission intercepted by SAFE (Marik Commonwealth)

TO: Dela Cruz, Pieter
CC: Wing, Jefferson, Santos, Bradlee
SUBJECT: Bernardo Militia readiness


The deadline for presenting our readiness report to the Planetary Director is Friday, as you well know.
I’m still expecting certain reports from both of you and this is a gentle reminder to get them to me no later that 1700 today.

At this stage, I’m prepared to say that the Bernardo Legion (as we are now branded, following last week’s announcement) consists of four battalions spread across the planet.
With the final delivery from Kallon, we now boast two full Battlemech companies, which will be used to supplement our conventional forces.

Those new Mechs will be spread across  points on planet prepared to defend various crucial objectives.
As you know, the deal with Kallon requires us to supplement the security at a variety of their sites

The crucial part of the operation falls to my Demi-company. We’re going to ambush the Earthwerks convoy after it leaves the facility, snatch the prisoner and make a run for the extraction zone.
Our employers have managed to get the inside intel on the route and such and tonight we’ll be setting up in the El Ray Valley - we scouted it today and it’s this utterly huge valley with these towering rock formations. My plan is for our BA dig in, hit the convoy and then the Mechs will burst out of a steep sided wash nearby and smash the defenders.

In addition to some corporate goons driving Fleas, we know Earthwerks has hired some heavy armour, so we’re expecting some tanks.

Meanwhile, the captain is going to raid the facility the convoy just left. He’s going to have to move quickly so they don’t get a call for help off. Not only is there a militia post nearby, but if it the convoy gets a signal out when we hit it, we could be facing long odds.

Captain Barrett and his element are will drop fast and use a small town that skirts the facility on one side for cover. He’s hoping defences will be lighter there on account the locals don’t want mine fields and static gun emplacements in their backyards. He will then jump the wall and bring down the comm tower before snatching the samples.

This whole thing is going to take some precision timing.

- Moses Cavalli

We did it. If it's stupid and it works, it ain't stupid.
The kid's convoy ambush worked perfectly and as soon as he had the package he bailed.
My element came down on the facility like a thunder clap and quickly blitzed past the guards and grabbed the prototype.
We were on our way to the LZ when the local militia caught up with us - four pristine EarthWerks Mechs, which was nasty.
Those bastards pursued us for kilometres until we managed to finally throw them and link up with Mo.
All in all, a good result with no casualties.
Best thing, as we waited at the jump point to get out of Bernardo we got a message offering us a new job.
Seems the director of Orhensen wants to talk to us about some lucrative work chasing off some pirates.

Taigh Barrett

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #484 on: 09 November 2018, 00:50:33 »
From ‘Around the FWL - a brief look’
3087 edition, Marik Federal Press

[2941] Captain-General Samuel Marik was not above using subtle (some would say treacherous means) to win his battles for him. On the Liao front, the Marik scored a clever diplomatic coup when his agents convinced Vincente Sian-Marik, a distant cousin of the Marik line and Administrator of five worlds in the Sarna Commonality (Ohrensen, Ventabren, Suzano, Zion, Kyrkbacken) to sign a treaty transferring his allegiance to the Free Worlds.
Marik forces occupied these worlds in 2941, but not before the departing Liao garrisons made the Free Worlds League pay dearly for its cleverness. The Capellans conducted a brutal "scorched earth" operation that caused widespread destruction and saddled the Free Worlds economy with a major - and costly rebuilding effort.

[3025] One of the League’s youngest provinces, incorporated in 2941 by Samuel Marik, Ohrensen fought bitterly to maintain its independence. The result was a province culturally and politically related to nearby Zion (both regions being “liberated” in the same political gambit that centered on the defection of Vincente Sian-Marik from the Capellan Confederation to the FWL), but which retains control of its own political and economic affairs. As an added benefit, sundering the former Capellan worlds into competing provinces undermined Sian-Marik’s power base,

Brutalized by Capellan scorched-earth tactics during the secession period, when withdrawing CCAF forces razed almost a third of the towns on the main continent, Rossonia, Ohrensen received massive investment in the mid-30th century, though endemic corruption siphoned off much of the money that flowed into the region. The net result was a world (and province) with a functional industrial and economic infrastructure, but whose population subsisted in conditions well below the League norm. The criminal gangs that sprang up during this era came to dominate planetary politics on Ohrensen and neighboring Ventabren, though today these so-called firms hide their activities behind legitimate businesses.

Through divided by bitter infighting (which frequently leads to a high body count), these groups acknowledge an overlord, Director Loew, who serves as the de facto planetary and provincial leader. Loew’s enforcers maintain a semblance of order within the “thugocracy” (which the federal government regards as a civilian dictatorship), though recent years have seen growing conflict with Capellan criminal groups seeking to expand their operations into “traditional Capellan territory.” Only in the wilds of the Padderborn Highlands on Rossonia and on the wide-open continents of Ulm and Salva do the criminal gangs have no influence. Here, however, the gangs’ violence and intimidation give way to pure lawlessness that leads most farmers and miners to go about armed. The summary justice of these regions is a stark contrast to the peace-by-intimidation of “civilized” Ohrensen.

[3083] Reports published in late March 3079 indicate that Ohrensen was subjected to a raid by Word of Blake forces on the 6th of February, one of five worlds within the Duchy of Oriente to be raided in the space of a few weeks by a Blakist task force consisting of units from several divisions with WarShip support. The Blakists used nuclear weapons to destroy the defending Essex-class destroyer FWLS Schrack in the Ohrensen system before making a ground assault which badly damaged the 1st Marik Militia and destroyed the planetary HPG.

Current update: Following the almost total destruction of the 1st Marik Militia, Ohrensen considered itself an independent entity. The Blakist assault sparked a bloody round of political unrest, until Director Gustav Henderson, Director Leow’s handpicked successor and adopted son, managed to restore order.

The remaining 1st Marik Militia assets were absorbed into the Orhensen Security Forces and Director Henderson suppressed any pro-Oriente feelings among the population by a series of public executions and show trials. A hand was quickly extended to Ventabren, which joined in a political partnership dubbed the Orehensen-Ventabren Free Trade Alliance. Ventabren has long been a political dependant of Orhensen - mainly due to its shipments of grains and rice - and quickly fell in line.

Caught up in its own affairs, the Duchy of Oriente didn’t bother trying to regain the planets.

Director Leow had always held expansion plans and he passed those designs on to his adoptive son, who quickly embarked on a campaign to draw the old Ohrensen-Zion Province back together - pressuring neighbouring planets to fall in line under his leadership.

He had little success, with Kyrkbacken’s ruling count declining to meet envoys, while Suzano’s planetary congress voted to remain independent, with the option of later requesting admittance to the Duchy of Oriente.

Soon after, however, Capellan raiders stuck both planets - going after industrial and military targets. These attacks, plus the subsequent plague on Suzano, eventually saw the formation of the Ohrensen-Zion Province on January 30, 3081.

Critics did point out that before House Liao raiders even struck, both planets were suffering under Ohrensen’s draconian sanctions and tariffs on imports, which triggered the economic shutdowns on both worlds, along with widespread rioting.

Additionally, both planets quickly found themselves subject to Ohrensen’s style of leadership, which saw certain companies “nationalise” many of their critical industries such as public transport, water supply and  most of the media.

Count Neville Georgios of Kyrkbacken resisted these measures, even after his planet had voted to join the province. He briefly mounted a resistance campaign until defeated by provincial forces with mercenary support. He escaped to take up exile on the Lyran world of Solaris, until his subsequent murder in 3082.


In mid-3081, most of the worlds of the Province were incorporated into the Republic of the Sphere as part of OPERATION GOLDEN DAWN.

Initial fighting on Orhensen was heavy as security forces bitterly defended the capital and surrounds. However, on adjacent planets Republic forces actually received assistance from the general population and even defecting defenders keen to throw off the yoke of Orhensen.

Later, for political reasons the Republic assisted in the easing in of Director Mary-Ann Berkowitz into Orhensen’s leadership role. Berkowitz is a former close advisor to Henderson and the Yeow leadership before.

While her election had caused widespread unrest across several adjacent planets because of her ties, Terra considers it the best option for moving forward.


It feels like we’ve been travelling at a snail’s pace - but we are finally on the last burn into Orhensen.

We stopped at Asuncion along the way to recharge, only to have an outbreak or electrical faults throughout the Ramses. While Larson’s people spent 10 days hunting down the issue and fixing it, I gave the crew some shore leave.

While dirtside, I had an interesting encounter with a wandering Clan Diamond Shark merchant. Tallulah Horn is a former Elemental turned merchant who travels the stars looking for profit.

Unfortunately for her, her jumpship had also blown a helium seal - something we had the tools, people and expertise to fix, while she was left with a depleted crew.

I offered her a good deal and over a lot of drinks and she told me what she knew about our new employer.

Seems Orhensen has dreams of expansion amidst the chaos of the League’s fall and is not above some pretty underhand things.

It looks like there is more to this straight pirate hunting op than though. We’ll keep our wits about us.

- Taigh Barrett

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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #485 on: 09 November 2018, 18:36:14 »
What's their current TO&E look like? It's been awhile...

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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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What's their current TO&E look like? It's been awhile...


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Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Reply #487 on: 12 November 2018, 23:57:29 »
They really did their best to try and convince us we were actually going to be chasing pirates on neighbouring worlds. But it was just so damn obvious. And our liaison quickly changed his story - instead of chasing pirates, we were carrying out preemptive strikes to ensure neighbouring worlds didn’t attack Orhensen.

I don’t know if they get it. We’re mercenaries - we don’t care who we’re fighting if you pay us!

- Bjorn “Big Bear” Kramer

First Demi Company will ship out straight away for Suzano. Our first jump will take us to an uninhabited system within spitting distance of the target where we’ll repaint our equipment in House Liao colours to throw the blame on them. Orhensen is also hoping the threat of the Cappies will see its neighbours ready and willing to join forces out of fear.

Suzano boasts about a company of older Mechs, a couple tank regiments and plenty of infantry scattered about. There’s reports of some mercs too, but we’re not too sure.

Not like Orehensen - that blighted place has been hiring mercs and building equipment seemingly without stop since the League crumbled.

They’ve got a good battalion plus of Mechs - some planetary militia, some mercs ok long term contracts and interestingly a lot of equipment salvaged from the graveyards left by the 1st Marik Militia when they got wasted by the Word.

That’s on top of a decent amount of conventional forces and some mercs, including a battalion of heavy/assault tanks called Dread Treads.

I hate splitting our troops like this - but while we hit Suzano, Mo will lead half his troops to hit Kyrkbacken. The other half has been tasked suppressing a minor revolt on Orhensen.

Kyrkbacken seems pretty split along feuding, feudal lines - I’m hoping Mo can drop in, carry out a very quick smash and grab and get away with almost no real fuss.

That’s splitting our Mechs, BA, armour and infantry three ways - which i don’t like - but Orhensen has set a strict timetable.

- Taigh Barrett

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