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S.O.G. Campign (2) Everett, WA group
« on: 21 July 2016, 18:55:08 »
July S.O.G. campaign game. Gallery of game pics here ---->

No AAR this game but a technicians report. Credit to Ryan Yeh Pics credit to John Siddoway

Technician’s Report – SOG Damage

Adept XII-Zeta Alan Reggeti – Current Battle Damage Assessment of Charon’s Collectors

The unit Charon’s Collectors successfully reported back to our repair facility today.  After several hours of damage assessment, the following can be reported on each unit:

Ostscout – Tamara Jones
The Ostscout has taken severe damage.  It was unable to return under its own power to the base and had to be picked up and transported upon a Prime Mover vehicle.  The most egregious damage is that the entire left side of the Ostscout has been completely shot off.  Assessment of ROM footage indicates that the Battlemech was on the receiving end of a pair of AC/20 rounds delivered from a King Crab at point blank.  Luckily for the MechWarrior, her Ostscout has yet to be upgraded to an XL engine yet or else her ‘mech would have been destroyed.  Most of the damage was confined to the left side of the Ostscout however, the rounds from the AC/20 also overpenetrated and stripped the armor from the center torso as well and caused slight damage to the internal structure of the center torso.  The right torso and right leg have taken moderate armor damage.
It should also be noted that the Ostscout’s Battle ROM footage shows a rather curious disregard by the MechWarrior for the safety and function of the Ostscout itself as some damage to the ‘mech was self-inflicted due to a number of physical attacks made by the MechWarrior in high risk charge maneuvers.
Recommended course of action for the repair of the Ostscout is to do a complete rebuild on the left side of the ‘mech.  It is possible to restore it to nominal operation and similar functionality and performance as before within the next 30 hours as we do have all components in stock.  However, it is recommended as we will need to perform almost a complete rebuild to also replace the standard engine with an XL engine from our spare parts.  We currently also have enough endo steel available to completely replace all of the Ostscout’s internal structure as well as upgrading it to double heat sinks.

Wolverine – Antony Berkowski
The Wolverine is badly damaged.  The MechWarrior was unable to return the unit to the repair facility under its own power as well.  Most of the damage was thankfully contained to armor loss with some internal structure damage to both the left and right torso.  The Wolverine’s engine was damage during the engagement as well as its MASC system being damaged.  This damage however is relatively minor compared to the fact that the Wolverine’s right leg was snapped off.
Analysis of Battle ROM footage shows that during an initial activation of the MASC system, a freak electronic overload occurred and unfortunately managed to fry all the myomer within the legs of the Wolverine.  Unfortunately, this locked the legs of the ‘mech down and the MechWarrior choose to engage in a desperation move to use his jump jets to clear out of the path of an oncoming King Crab.  The MechWarrior was successful in avoiding the King Crab’s fire but unfortunately in attempting to land without any control over the legs of the Wolverine, the ‘mech landed poorly and unfortunately snapped off its right leg.
Recommended course of action is to reattach a new leg from spares and repair to full functionality.  Time to repair is estimated at 20 hours.

Stinger LAM – Mason Warrington
The Stinger’s right torso has been completely stripped of armor and some light damage was taken by the underlying internal structure.  Damage was relatively light however analysis of Battle ROM footage shows that the Stinger was highly valuable during the last mission as an indirect fire spotter.  While repair of the Stinger to normal functionality should only take around 6 hours, it is recommended to also overhaul its weapon systems.  By pulling both small pulse lasers and the single medium pulse lasers, we can install a NARC system with a ton of beacons available for the NARC launcher.  We could then install three standard small lasers into the Stinger to still provide it with some self-defense capacity.

Phoenix Hawk LAM – Felicia Warrington
The Phoenix Hawk returned to base in nearly pristine shape.  The only damage that it received was what looks to be a series of bullet strikes from a heavy machine gun to the rear center torso armor.  Repair of the damage armor plates should only take an hour.  However, recommendation is to also look into possibility of adjusting the armament of the ‘mech to remove the current weapons package as well as a single double heat sink and replace it with five medium pulse lasers.  If accepted, total replacement of armament should take an additional 10 hours to complete.

Firestarter – Rosy Palm
The Firestarter has only suffered armor damage although the left torso armor has nearly been stripped.  Another strike to the mech’s left torso would have barely been hindered by the remaining armor left on it.  The right torso also took a minor amount of damage.  Replacement of damaged armor plates is estimated at two hours.  MechWarrior has already stated that she has some additional ideas on how to upgrade the Firestarter.  Will investigate feasibility of the changes.

Dervish – Heywood Jablomey
The Dervish has taken severe armor damage with most of the armor upon the upper half of the mech having been nearly stripped off completely, including a major strike to the head of the Dervish.  The armor belt held across the Dervish but protection has been dangerously thinned on the left and right arms as well as the entire upper body of the ‘mech.  A number of LRMs have also been expended by the Dervish.  Replacement of ammunition and armor should only take around 8-10 hours.  MechWarrior has already pulled technicians aside to discuss feasibility of changing current systems within the Dervish.

Griffin – Thomas Ackerman
This Griffin has only taken damage to the armor belt with the right arm armor being nearly stripped.  While some expendables were burned, repair and restock of the ‘mech should only take 4-6 hours.

Griffin – Tahara Marukuro
This Griffin took no damage.  A number of LRMs were expended by resupply should only take 30 minutes.

Mongoose – Minamoto Takeo
The Mongoose has taken moderate damage to the left arm.  Repair should only take an hour.

Hermes – John Smythe
The Hermes has taken minor armor strikes to its frontal armor.  Unfortunately, it looks like a single medium laser strike from a Savannah Master manage to penetrate the Hermes’ rear center torso armor belt and cause minor damage to the internal structure of the ‘mech.  Repair should take only 3-4 hours to complete.

Final analysis – Charon’s Collectors has taken only moderate damage.  While the repair will likely take our technician team around 200 hours to complete all repairs and refit projects, any additional projects that the MechWarriors would like to have undertaken will increase the amount of time spent.  Before upgrading MechWarrior Jones’ Ostscout however, given the mechwarrior’s blatant disregard for the condition of her own ‘mech, it is recommended to evaluate the ‘warrior further before authoriszing the expenditure of resources to upgrade her unit to a new status.