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Author Topic: (Answered) Repair/replacement of Chameleon LPS, & other "one crit per loc" equip  (Read 576 times)


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Chameleon Light Polarization System (TO pg300)
Blue Shield Particle Field Dampener (TO pg296)
Null-Signature System (TO pg336)
Void-Signature System (TO pg348)

"A hit to any of the <respective systems'> critical slots (or the destruction of any hit location containing one) destroys the entire system."

"Destroys the entire system", as in each critical must be repaired/replaced? Or just the section's critical-slot that was damaged.

Additionally, if a critical-slot was damaged and is deemed repairable (per StratOps "Repair and Replacement" pg177), can this re-enable the entire system?

Furthermore, assume a limb were "blown off" (with critical-hits result of 12+) or otherwise lost in combat, and the surviving unit were able to flee or survive combat, but the limb/location was not recovered:
1) Must a new "critical-slot" worth of the system be re-installed to restore functionality?
2) If assuming an arm were lost: Can the system be restored to normal operating conditions if the limb was absent? With, or without "repair"?
3) If a limb-location equipment-critical were damaged and either deemed unrepairable or undesired (due to resources or time, etc), could the arm be removed, and, barring #2, the system-functionality resume?

An SLDF EXT-4C deployed to Kiev during the Liberation of Terra receives a critical AC/20 strike that devastates the right arm, causing the limb to fall off. The EXT pilot withdraws, and returns for repair.
Can the unit be repaired with a new limb? Or must it have a completely identical limb with the Chameleon-equipment pre-installed... Were no such equipment to be available, can the system be 'cauterized' without the arm, and returned to service with a functional Chameleon LPS?
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These systems are so sensitive that damage to them causes catastrophic failure. Any damage is considered Destroyed and would thus have to be replaced, not repaired.
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