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Miniature Assembly videos
« on: 27 September 2016, 23:48:43 »
Latest Video (2017-10-20): Sprint Scout VTOL:
Battletech Assembly Playlist:

Hi everyone!

I've bought a lot of mechs recently, from various places, and also stripped the paint off of a lot of my current mechs. During stripping, some of them fell apart in the SuperClean (purple stuff) bath and needed to be put back together.

Since I had to reassemble these anyways, I figured, why not record it and have a record for people to refer back to? There's a lot of times that mistakes can be made (I reversed the missile racks on a Longbow, and on a Catapult), and times where you just don't know where to begin, and times when even a thousand pictures can't tell you what way to glue it.

So I've created the channel Miniatures Assemble! up on youtube and will be posting videos every week (Friday) with how to assemble some of these models. The short term goal of the channel is to have it self-sustaining (meaning I buy a model every week, assemble it, and post the video for everyone), maybe even have IWM put a section on their site for assembly videos (here's hoping!).
While created primarily for Battletech (my first love), I am open to other games as well (I have some Rifts miniatures that I CERTAINLY will need to figure out and get assembly videos), but for now will stick with Battletech, as I have about 6 months worth of content mostly recorded, including an unseen series, and the WoB packs.
Let me know your thoughts and comments, if you have any mechs you would like to see, let me know (if I have recorded them I'll put them ahead of the schedule, otherwise I will buy new ones when cash flow allows).

Miniatures Assemble! Youtube channel:

Thanks guys!
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Re: Miniature Assembly videos
« Reply #1 on: 05 October 2016, 02:38:09 »
List of Mech assemblies:
Archangel C-ANG-O Berith:
Archer ARC-2R (Unseen):
Avatar AV1-O:
Awesome AWS-8Q:
Bane / Kraken (Unseen):
Black Knight BL-6-KNT:
Cataphract CTF-0X:
Catapult: CPLT-C1:
Catapult CPLT-K4 (Limited Edition):
Cerberus MR-V2:
Clan Elementals (28mm and 6mm):
Crab CRB-20:
Crusader CRD-3R (Unseen):
Devastator DVS-2:
Dire Wolf / Daishi Prime (Resculpt):
Executioner / Gladiator Prime (Original Sculpt):
Fire Falcon Prime:
Flashman FLS-8K:
Glass Spider / Galahad (Unseen):
Goliath GOL-1H (Unseen):
Goliath GOL-2H:
Grand Titan Vengeance T-IT-N14R:
Grigori C-GRG-O Rufus:
Hatamoto Chi HTM-27T:
Hauptmann HA1-O Prime:
Helios HEL-3D:
Huron Warrior HUR-WO-R4L:
Imp IMP-2E:
Jenner JR7-D (Original Sculpt):
Karhu Prine:
Longbow LGB-7Q:
Longbow LGB-12C:
Mad Cat Mk II Prime:
Maelstrom MTR-5K:
Malak C-MK-O Mi:
Marauder IIC 2:
Marauder MAD-5L:
Mercury MCY-99:
Mortis MS-1A (Limited Edition Jumping):
Nova / Black Hawk H:
Night Star NSR-9J:
Pendragon PDG-1R:
Phantom Prime:
Phoenix Hawk LAM PHX-HK2 (Unseen):
Phoenix Hawk IIC (Unseen):
Phoenix Hawk IIC 4:
Preta C-PRT-O Kendali:
Rifleman RFL-3N (Unseen):
Shockwave SKW-2F:
Seraph C-SRP-O Havala:
Silver Fox SVR-5X:
Snake SNK-1V:
Sprint Scout VTOL:
Stalker STK-3F:
Stinger LAM STG-A5 (Unseen):
Stone Rhino / Behemoth:
Tarantula ZPH-1:
Templar III TLR2-O Prime:
Thunderbolt TDR-10M:
Timber Wolf / Mad Cat Prime (Original Sculpt):
Timber Wolf / Mad Cat Prime (Resculpt):
*ERROR* Titan II TI-2P:
Trebuchet TBT-7M:
Venom SDR-9K:
Viking VKG-2F:
Vulture Mk III:
Vulture Mk IV:
Warhawk / Masakari Prime (Original Sculpt):
Warhammer WHM-6R (Unseen):
Warhammer WHM-X7 (The Lich):
Wasp LAM WSP-105 (Unseen):
Zeus ZEU-9S (Resculpt):

Touring Iron Wind Metals:
The Difference Between IWM 20-800 and 90-201/202 Hex Bases:

Mech Hauls:
2017-10-06 -
2017-05-24 -
2017-04-07 -
2017-01-07 -

Full Playlist:
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Re: Miniature Assembly videos
« Reply #2 on: 16 November 2016, 17:25:39 »
I've updated the list so it is now alphabetical.
Also, if you have any requests, please let me know, and I'll either pull that video ahead or get a hold of that model.
Thanks you guys for the feedback. I feel that I can and am doing this a lot better since I've started!
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Re: Miniature Assembly videos
« Reply #3 on: 27 March 2017, 21:35:01 »


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Re: Miniature Assembly videos
« Reply #4 on: 11 September 2017, 21:25:45 »
Okay everyone! I've updated the list. While the youtube list will always have the latest, I will try to make sure this list is more up to date from now on.
Now that I'm done with overtime, I'll be getting back to making these videos. I'm going to start slowly, try to keep to a one a week schedule.
I'll also be taking another trip to Iron Wind Metals soon, so I'll be having another big haul in addition to what I still have to assemble here.
I'm also looking into getting a new camera (Sony HDR-CX405) so that my work flow goes more smoothly, I don't have to rely on importing from a DV cassette, and I can sort out my episodes better. Also if you've noticed the voice quality improved, I did get a Blue Snowball microphone, and it's been working great!