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Author Topic: Desired Traits in Protagonist's Mech? (Input Sought)  (Read 968 times)


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Desired Traits in Protagonist's Mech? (Input Sought)
« on: 29 October 2016, 19:21:48 »
I've been pondering something for a while, storyboarding up various characters in my head, and decided to get some input from folks here.

Let's say you're reading a BattleTech novel, or RPG campaign excerpt, or so on. What sort of traits are most interesting to you in a protagonist's ride? Are there any traits that are undesired, such that you would find the character (or combat narratives involving them) boring or less appealing?

I'll provide a specific example: Imagine a Free Worlds League pilot (circa 3150) in a line regiment such as the Steel Guard, Free Worlds Guards, or Oriente Hussars; someone reasonably well equipped and expected to go up against the front line of foes; Liao, Wolf, Steiner, etc. Would you find any of the following a compelling, or boring, Mech for such an individual if you were reading about them? Why?

Avalanche OmniMech (in any of its Inner Sphere tech configs, mostly)
Mad Cat III
Thunderbolt TDR-10M
Carronade CRN-7M
Mad Cat Mk IV aka Savage Wolf
Juliano (any of -5A, -5B, or -5C. If a specific variant strongly influences your response, please specify which one)
Mad Cat Mk II 4 (specifically the 4 config, not the others)

Basically it's a poll, I admit. I'm curious to see what you have to say on it, and thanks for your thoughts!

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Re: Desired Traits in Protagonist's Mech? (Input Sought)
« Reply #1 on: 04 November 2016, 18:00:33 »
The Carronade is nice simply because it's a unique unit for a protagonist. Rare, combat-capable, and rarely mentioned? Deal.
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Re: Desired Traits in Protagonist's Mech? (Input Sought)
« Reply #2 on: 05 November 2016, 10:58:51 »
Jumping ability, because the hero has to get to the difficult spots.

LRMs or SRMs, so the hero can have a surprise in that salvo that the enemy isn't expecting.

Standard armor because it is easier to shape/repair than ferro-fibrous.

XL and Endo-steel because the hero has to have shiny toys.

Double Heat sinks so the hero can have more options of shooting.

A long-range energy weapon so the hero can harass as needed.

As few different ammo-based weapons as possible (so if she loses one SRM-4, she still has another).  An example of that used recently was a tank with IIRC a pair of SRM-6 in the turret, and an SRM-2 for inferno (total of 14 missiles capacity).  A hero version of it would have seven SRM-2, to ensure that every weapon uses the same type of ammo.

The hero's Carronade should be changed so it would remove the Silver Bullet Gauss and replace it with either another Gauss Rifle or an energy weapon.  Two Gauss Rifles with the same ammo mean either can use it if one arm gets blown off, while an energy weapon means the hero can make harassment attacks as needed.  One way would be to explain that the Silver Bullet Gauss has had capacitor trouble and had to be removed.  However the only replacement is an old-style PPC (because we always like the hero to be the underdog against a powerful rival).  The hero uses that combo against the enemy of the week.