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Author Topic: IHDB (Interstellar Holovid Data Base)  (Read 443 times)


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IHDB (Interstellar Holovid Data Base)
« on: 05 November 2016, 17:31:06 »
So I've got a player in my upcoming campaign that is playing a former child actor turned Mechwarrior (The unit's captain no less.).  Out of a sense of obligation and fun, I felt compelled to produce an IHDB listing for him-

IHDB (Interstellar Holovid DataBase) for Gabriel _______

“Irian Breakdown”            Tommy
      RomCom starring Sudhanshu Pokharna as Gabriel Babganosh, a new arrival to Bernardo from Irian struggling to find his place as a new teacher in Janos Marik Elementary School.

“Home for the Holidays”         Student #2 (Non-speaking role)
      Gary Kissinger (Tim Jordan) is home on leave for the holidays, hoping to look up old friends and spend some time with his family in this romantic drama.

“Derby Drive”               Paul Eggers
      Bette is tired of always losing to the kids at the Kingsfoil School so she and her friends, Paul and Kathy, are going to build a derby racer to win the coveted Kingsfoil Cup.

“The Amazers!”               Mark “Mash-‘Em” Moody
      Comedy takes to the arena as once Top-Gun Mechwarrior Susan Poore (Nell Horvath) is ordered to coach a group of unruly kids and turn them into a championship robot-fighting league team.

“A Christ-Mech Story”            Derek Zimmer
      Derek dreams big!  All he wants for Christmas is a striking red 100-ton AS8-D Atlas for his very own. That’s ok, right?  Starring Gabriel ______ in his first leading role.

“Derby Drive 2- The Next Track”         Paul Eggers
      Bette, Paul and Kathy are back, ready to take on the job of winning the Lord Hanigan’s Racing Medal in planet-wide competition!
“The Skies of Atreus City”- Episode 4495      Wilbur Knapke
      Officers Karcz and Whithurst come across a runaway boy played by Gabriel _______ in the new episode of the award-winning holovid series.

“Cookie Charlie”            Charlie Belmont
      Charlie doesn’t do much.  He’s never been the popular kid.  He’s bullied.  A LOT.  That all changes when his grandmother (played by Rebecca Gudorf) awakens in him a love of baking.  Soon Cookie Charlie is the most popular kid in school, but do his new friends like him for himself, or his cookies?

“When The Winter Willow Breaks”      Julius Kaisar
      Julius has it all, looks, popularity, wealth but loses it all when he is diagnosed with a rare and difficult to treat brain tumor.  Gabriel _____ stars in this heart-breaking drama.

“MECKS!”               Tekky Teddy the Mechhauler (voice)
      Heartwarming and entertaining animated tale of plucky Trenchy the Trebuchet, who dreams of joining the Championship Games on Solaris, but first needs to win on Irian.

“Emily Brown- Top Banana”         Jerry Ssebugwawo
      Elizabeth Friedland stars as Emily Brown, the overlooked girl in EVERYTHING until she’s given the job of helping rich transfer student Jerry fit into his new school.  Suddenly Undercover Emily is the most popular girl in school- but does she want to be?
“Outdated”               Buster ‘Bob’ (voice)
      The evil ‘Goliath Corp’ wants to control the world and they will stop at nothing to do so.  Broadcasts from their heavily fortified Skybreaker Tower shut down all the Mechs on the planet, except for a forgotten few machines that are so outdated they can no longer be upgraded.

“Mecks 2- Championship Games”      Tekky Teddy the Mechhauler (voice)
      Trenchy, Callie the Catapult and the gang arrive on Solaris IV for the Championship Games.

“Soldiers of the Heart”            Dwayne Jacks
      Hard-hitting drama of child soldiers on the fictional world of Lanning’s Star, based on tales of child soldiers on Astrokaszy starring Gabriel _______, Sondra Freeman and Ladan Brado.

Irian News Interstellar- Tattle Tales(Interview)   Himself
      Actor Gabriel ______ announces his retirement from acting to enter the Princefield Military Academy


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Re: IHDB (Interstellar Holovid Data Base)
« Reply #1 on: 07 November 2016, 23:57:19 »
I like this a LOT!

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