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Author Topic: [READ FIRST] BattleCorps Fiction Boards!  (Read 4552 times)


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[READ FIRST] BattleCorps Fiction Boards!
« on: 25 January 2011, 13:55:21 »
This new resource is a great place for fans to learn a little more about the fiction offerings on the website.

Please feel free to browse and comment on any of the stories.


For those that don't know, BattleCorps is a subscription-based website, delivering professional-quality fiction for BattleTech! We operate under license from The Topps Company, Inc. to support BattleTech and thus everything we publish (unless marked) is canon. We deliver professional-quality fiction from award-winning authors, new and fantastic art, and provide a community that includes unparalleled access to authors and artists for the BattleTech Universe.

1 Month - $9.95
1 Month Recurring - $8.95
3 Months - $26.95 ($8.98/month)
3 Months Recurring - 24.95 (8.31/month)
6 Months - $44.95 ($7.49/month)

Click Here to Join the Corps!


Members who don't see a particular piece of fiction can check the BattleShop to get access to back-fiction that may have been released prior to becoming a member. This is only for existing members, and new fiction will automatically show up on your fiction page after checkout.

Click here to go to the BattleShop and get more great fiction!


We want you back!

Every week is adding more and more fiction to it's rosters with old favorites like Blaine Pardoe and Loren Coleman, and new favorites like Steve Mohan and Jason Schmetzer.

We've made renewing easy with our account management tool available from the main page of Just click the link and enter your username and password. Best part is, all the fiction you had as a member, will be there awaiting your return!

Alternatively you can click here to go straight to the page!

As always, feel free to email us at with any questions, or if you need assistance with your account. We strive to get back to every email within 1 to 2 business days, though sometimes at high volume times it can take longer.

-The BattleCorps Crew
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